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ceteris paribus, i'd either choose 1 of two options:

a. rent as cheap as I could, or
b. buy a little bungalow that fits my needs

after a year or two of option a, i'd probably choose option b.

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my broski told me to not get a graduate degree 'unless I was certain it'd increase my salary.'

well, I didn't follow his advice, so in the end I incurred more debt, suffered the wrath of more schooling, and didn't receive any direct monetary compensation for it. Oops.

I feel that some of the college debt students are saddled with is due to their own personal hubris.

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eastcoastbubbleboy says:

"Implicit advantage is that you know the house already, since you rent it.
You know its pros, its cons, and its recent history. That's good intelligence that most buyers don't have."

very true - an enormous advantage.

i'd love to have an opportunity to first rent out a property that i was seriously considering buying. seems like a good price, and 900sf is plenty for a single person - or a small family if you decide to rent it out.

btw...that's a lot of lawn you'd have to maintain!

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that dog don't hunt for me.

as much as i wanna beat the banks, i'd rather find a crappy room to rent in a crappy house than live with the parentals.

but i like your plan of attack!

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if you've done the math on it, and it's a good deal, then go for it.

but do you really need THAT big of a house? look how much empty space is in those pics. seems a bit too extravagant, and possibly wasteful? that place is gonna cost a fortune to heat, too.

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i'll plainly confess that i like watching this show for a number of reasons - i like seeing different floorplans and different cities, the profiling of the prospective buyers, and seeing what can go amiss when doing a real-estate transactions. if anything, it's helped me out with the lingo of real estate/property.

what i don't like about the show starts with sandra. sure, she's easy on the eyes, which is always nice, but she acts as if she's done the impossible after negotiating a real estate transaction. she's so smug.

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never a dull moment with tony manero.

i'm certainly not a fan of real estate agents. i've been listening off-and-on to brent gove's saturday radio show since ~2007. he was saying 2007 was a "great time to buy!", and yesterday he said right now is a "great time to buy!" he's just in it for the buck, and he ain't taking prisoners.

brent gove is one smug dude.

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totally agree. i love looking at floorplans, and wish every listing had one.

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it's too bad discover bank stopped out of their 3.0% CD the other month, but i'm sure you can find a bank that will offer 2.25% or two-and-a-half percent.

it's not much, but it beats a 1% savings account.

ing direct recently dropped their yield on their orange savings account to ~.85 percent.

dayum, gina!

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here's a good article re: groupon that turned me into a non-believer:

there's definitely a segment of grouponers are so into the bargain, they'll move on to the next groupon deal without necessarily becoming a repeat customer of the first.

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tony manero says:

"If I need to know that a restaurant is so shabby and repulsive that it needs to give half off deals to get people to slurp their swill, I check out the GRoupon listings and then call the health department and tip them off."


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clark howard says the first 5K of any investment money should be dumped in a roth ira.

then rid yourself of those student loans. TMAC54 is absolutely right.

lots of people like gold, but i'm dubious. sure, it's had a nice run (and has created a modern-era gold rush), but it'd have to hit the 2K/ounce mark to make real history. and if it does, then i have a lot to answer for. IMO, i think gold's value will stagnate for some time, and then slowly decrease.

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there are only three kinds of lies:

1. lies
2. damned lies
3. statistics

m. twain

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interesting thread. i like how you mentioned:

"The key is writing it down physically in the ledger," "print it out and stick it on the wall,"

and how you

"found this has made me extremely disciplined in actually saving that money and has developed a habit which I could now never break."

have you had to compromise on any part of your quality of life, though? for example, splurging a bit, buying some nice things, taking nice (or enough) holidays?

postscript - the median melbourne house price in 1890 was ~300K? criminy!

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You tell me college is expensive? For clueless poly. sci. and theater majors, perhaps.
Fisk says

You tell me college is expensive? For clueless poly. sci. and theater majors, perhaps.

so smug, yet so true.

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Bap33 says

dude .... not young ..... not hot ....... you owe my eyes $20

i'm with bap33. that was a low-blow, dude.

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it sucks that the golden state of california has state income taxes, but my best mate in florida pays no state income tax.

however, property taxes are much higher per assessed value in the sunshine state, so that puts my burden at ease a bit. yay

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bubblesitter says

Los Angeles Renter says

turning on the "printing presses" so to speak?
That's a bullying tactic by our own government,keep spending

i refuse to be bullied into spending my cold hard cash! i'm adopting bubble sitter's strategy.

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therapy says

According to Zillow, the house is worth $652,000 now, but the houses on the left and right are worth $1.17M and $989K.

i read in the book "real estate for dummies" that that's called the principle of progression - where you buy a house surrounded by houses that cost more than yours. this inadvertently increases the price of your house.

conversely, the principle of regression is opposite.

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suze orman is one smug lady.

one of her twitter feeds was on the predictions for 2012. she said something like:

" will hit $2800 an ounce. or not."

soooo smug.

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save yourself the grief - just buy a SFH with no HOAs and low maintenance.

HOAs are ridiculous. my cousin lives in a 1-bedroom condo in the bay area (pleasant hill, ca.), and his HOAs keep getting increased. last i checked, he was paying like 325. to make matters worse, he paid 160k for his unit (2008), and now they're selling his same unit for ~90k. he's been able to get a principle reduction.

he once told me that the board decided to put in a bunch of speed bumps (undulations) to stem the flow of traffic. so after dumping an obscene amount of money into all these new, unecessary speed bumps, driving through the condo has become burdensome, almost joke-like.

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gregpfielding says

Rent for another 3 years. You'll probably "earn" 75K a year in not-lost-equity by doing so.

good call, greggers. that's the plan.

for the past year, my roommate and i have been renting a nice 2/1.25, 1025sf apartment for $900. our lease is up, and we're renewing for 12 months @ $905. signing the lease today, yay!

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in 2005, my parents sold two properties (one in san pablo, ca, one in the sonora, ca). they did very well. but then to defer paying capital gains, they did a 1030 exchange and bought in elk grove, ca. it's become an albatross.

i thought about buying circa 2007 in elk grove, ca - it was a 3/2 SFH that was listed for 300K. that same house would probably fetch ~120K right now.

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i've only been renting all of these years, and i calculated that my monthly rent is

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timeshares are albatrosses. the carrying costs of owning a timeshare are ridiculous.

clark howard, my main man, is not a fan of them.

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yeah, heavenly village - nice area. right in the heart of SLT.

just use your money to rent a nearby cabin or something comparable, but don't get roped into a timeshare. the carrying costs just might erode your sanity, dude.

some people are donating their timeshares to charities because they're sick of em. and why are they donating their timeshares and not selling them, you ask? because no right-minded person wants to deal with a timeshare.

i went skiing two days ago at sierra-at-tahoe! boo ya!

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i've "lost" a little over 50K in the past ten years of renting, but i still feel i'm ahead. right now, my monthly rent is

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oh, wow. ellipsis!

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B.A.C.A.H. says

Probably, when they donate it to charity, it's not "marked to market" on their 1040 Schedule-A. What do you think?

you got it. there's a lot of concern over the efficacy and abuses of mark-to-market accounting. many say it's contributed to all this mess.

here's a good article on M2MA:

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i used to dollar-cost average the maximum contribution, but now just dump the max at the beginning of the year.

clark howard says that the first $5K of any investment money should be dumped into a roth ira.

i love when clark answers a call and asks in his nerdy voice, "how are YOU??!"

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at a 4.7% interest rate, you should look into consolidating to get a lower rate.

live frugally, max out the retirement accounts, and dump as much as you can to pay off that albatross of a debt. you'd "earn" 4.7% just by servicing the debt.

i think the majority of PhD programs are a scam. they're going to contribute to what some say will be the next bubble - the higher education bubble.

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i really like watching HGTV.

bubblesburst says

So all of you watching HGTV..keep in mind many of these shows aren't all "real".

and now you just took the jam right out of my donut.


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apartment life/renting is great - no repairs and no yard work, like you said. i love it!

if you can sell for a good price, and then can find a cheap place to rent, just do that.

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stockton? oh heck no.

the only thing good about stockton is it's proximity to the sierra nevadas.

but, really, once the CIF state wrestling championships left UOP, it was all downhill from there.

here's stockton for ya:

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in the article, it was great to hear that Fullerton-based Cheryl's realtor (R) told her not to buy the condo in 2006 because it was overpriced.

maybe realtors (R) aren't that bad after all?

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SFace says

Value is in the eye of the beholder. It's easy to say I'm single, I can sleep in my car and cost nothing. A house has no value to me. It's another thing when you have a wife, 2 kids and other. The value is worth a lot more when there are more heads involved.

i totally agree with SFace. well said.

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ya, i've all but given up, too, but am totally cool with it - for the time being. owning a little bungalow would be nice, seeing how i'm getting older and want a little slice of americana.

but i've grown content with being a renter. my rent is cheap since my place is like that house in the movie fight club, and i'm able to squirrel away my hard-earned nuts like no other.

all my family is in california, and i love this state. i was in yosemite last week hiking half dome! where else you gonna get that type of vista, eh? san antonio? balderdash!

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nice post.

lance armstrong sure can be arrogant, but he's a bad mother fucker on the bike. world champion at 22 with lungs and legs to kill for. his books are heaps awesome.

iron mike tyson was he heavyweight champion of the world at 20, still the youngest to do this - ever. knockin fools out cold!

i still enjoy watching his highlight reels of these blokes on you tubby.

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i can't stand the crap hollywood puts out these days. iron man 1 was good....iron man 3 was god-awful. at least guy pearce was in it. he's a pimp.

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peter schiff stated that he doesn't throw money away on food, and that's how you should look at renting - that you're not throwing your money away because you need a place to hang your hat. just like you need sustenance.

'nuff said!

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CDon says

Now if you can later regurgitate your food and sell it -- perhaps for an even
greater prices than which you bought it -- then yeah, nuff said indeed!


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RentingForHalfTheCost says

egads101 says

Shiller owns a home.

Most likely just because of pressure from his wife.

Just like Worm said: "In the poker game of life, women are the rake. They are the (sic) rake!"

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adam carolla...for prez

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my 29yo healthy buddy works as a busser/food runner making 8.00/hr plus tips with no bennies, which means he'll qualify for subsidies or possibly get obamacare for free.

if he has to pay even the meager amount of $81 USD a month, he might just forego it since $972/year is a fair bit steep for him.

he is exactly the type of person obamacare needs to have pay into the system to make it all work. without healthy people like him paying into the system, it fit will hit the shan in the not-too-distant-future.

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SIMPLE: don't have kids.

you don't need help being poor.

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how long is this gonna take? i'm eager to see house prices fall even further!

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i found vita chocolate coconut water at the .99 cent store. 3 litres for .99 cent. just buy this instead. delish and healthier!

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bfd. it's only like that here because the banks can artificially boost numbers by only releasing limited amounts of their shadow inventory at times. so, just like you learn in econ 101, the scarcity of something fuels demand, prices. it's a load of bollocks here, these numbers.

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you're a good man, clambo. thank you.

i like the idea of a balanced fund, and i'll have to look into it.

my problem all these years is that i'm a lazy bastard, so just putting the dough in a CD and being able to forget about it is a lot easier than taking the time to learn about something else.

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I'm just gonna wait till the FED raises interest rates, yeahhhh!

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the thing about NTG is that he explains things so well, and THAT is what sets him apart.

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that's why I pay $40 a month flat for semi-intermittent service from metro pcs. hello, hello, hello.....

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real estate IS a liability!

nuff said!

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I wonder what the statistics are for newby flippers and what percentage actually make good money off of it - and how many actually make little money/no money/lose money.

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every time I get on Zillow or redfin and "think" about the possibility about buying a house I read this excellent article. thanks Patrick

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bubble? burst? who the hell knows.

all indications/reports/forecasts say that housing is gonna go up. in my area, it's "supposedly" gonna rise 7.1% in 2017. dayum!!

but like all asset classes, they rise and fall. hopefully I can get in when it's on the downside :)

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Waitup says

hope you didn't read and obey during the 2010-2013 frenzy

thank gawd, no!

remember when Obama was offering that $8,000 tax credit in 2008 and 2009(?)? Well, I got mad because I "missed" the boat and missed out on a cool, free $8K.

Well, lo and behold, within six months of that credit expiring, the median house price in my area went down more than $8K. Dodged a bullet there!

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The median home value in Sacramento is $283,800. Sacramento home values have gone up 11.8% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 5.4% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Sacramento is $193, which is lower than the Sacramento Metro average of $213. The median price of homes currently listed in Sacramento is $269,900. The median rent price in Sacramento is $1,340, which is lower than the Sacramento Metro median of $1,575.

  AdamCarollaFan   ignore (0)   2017 Jan 12, 12:31pm   ↑ like (3)   ↓ dislike (3)   quote   flag        

because house prices decreased more than $8,000, which would have wiped out the $8,000 credit.

that $8,000 credit was just another way the government tried to prop up and "save" the housing market. they basically artificially inflated the market, so to speak. they should have just stayed out of it, as markets, all markets, go up and down and eventually correct themselves.

  AdamCarollaFan   ignore (0)   2017 Jan 12, 1:37pm   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

the median housing price (specifically, the area i was looking at) decreased further than 8K, though. at the time, housing was on the downward slope, and the government was trying to help. people were buying into it, though, which is their decision. i'm just glad i didn't, especially since life has changed since that time. i'm hoping to buy on the upward slope, but that will be difficult. i've already missed it (2011). it'll eventually go down again - just not sure when.

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hey, you wanna play with fire, go right ahead:

"An analysis RealtyTrac ran for MONEY showed that 12% of flips sold at break-even or at a loss before all expenses. In 28% of flips, the gross profit was less than 20% of the purchase price. Twenty percent is "typically the minimum that would at least cover rehab costs, carrying costs, and other expenses incurred by the flipper," said Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac senior vice president."

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well, this thread has been interesting to read!

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rando says

As long as all else is equal

AKA - ceteris paribus

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i'd live in one, but i feel i'd feel awkward af

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errc says

We. Never. Had. A. Housing. Bubble.

can you explain this, please?

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Strategist says

Which one is better?

really putting it to me, there. i'll go with vegas. better buffets

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if only the death penalty was as swift as it was during medieval times!

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FortWayne says

So basically don't buy anything again till it blows over?

that's my plan!

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Quigley says

We don't have a housing bubble. We have high prices in some areas

hmmm, thank you quigley

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joeyjojojunior says

If you couldn't muster up the courage to buy in 2011-2013, I'm not really sure what you are waiting for?

you're right! i'm a nervous nelly! too much of a think!

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joeyjojojunior says

Because that's what people care about--price

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corntrollio says

You have to be careful there

that's a good point, corntrolio. thank you. i'm gonna have to look into the WEP!

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epitaph says

Vanguard sounds like what you want.

thanks to all of you for your informative (and comedic) answers.

i ended up putting the majority of it in a vanguard index funds.

and, yes, i did put some of it in a 5-year CD @ 2.2%. egg on my face for that one

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buy a 200sf tiny house and put it in the backyard.

then rent your house out.

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interesting. i was gonna liquidate a large CD later this month and dollar-cost average it into my vanguard index funds

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i like duplexes.

a. if you're a minimalist, "half" of the duplex would be small, making it tough for you to be a huge consumer and hoarder

2. you can be a landlord (if you please) and earn some dolla dolla bills y'all on the side (gig economy, no?)

d. duplexes may be simpler/better than buying a separate SFH and renting it out.

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