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Andrew Wakefield was villified, yes. But his claims were never objectively debunked. His work was discredited for supposed violations of privacy regarding the test specimens used in the study. Whether those violations are true or not, the study itself was not judged on the merits of the work done.

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Gratis affirmatur, gratis negatur.

These social revolutionaries will perform amazing feats of mental gymnastics just to avoid affirming the obvious: that there are fundamental differences between men and women.

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Two points:
1. With respect to #26, I absolutely disagree with the taxation of inheritance. An inheritance is earnings which have been taxed at least once already. In the case of inherited goods, they have been taxed twice already.
2. Any reform of the tax system would have minimal effect since the federal government does not depend on federal taxes as much as it depends on the Federal Reserve for it funds. This way we are continually taxed without noticing it.

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The initial assessment that is was a BS war was correct. The attacks suggested as examples of justifying attacks do not change the fact. The US had effectively already entered the war by deciding to supply Britain. They could not honestly claim neutrality and therefore enemy sabotage could be justified.
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Bees can’t count. They are associating proportion of dark space to white space. There is no need to actually count the marks.
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Java is correct. Order of operation is parenthesis, exponents, mulitiplication & division from left to right.
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The US might have the most advanced and talented system for emergency medicine but everything else is worthless.
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“But that said, I also think stay-at-home wives with small children should be praised for that choice, and protected and provided for by their husbands and extended families.”

That decision should also be protected and encouraged by the state. Current economic conditions throughout the country but in California most obviously rewards only dual income families. The homemaker role is highly burdensome to the economic welfare of the family.
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Yet another organization trying to brainwash young women into liking something that they aren’t naturally inclined and the world doesn’t really need. How are women coders going to make the world better? Are there insufficient men to do this job?
Young women who can manage a household and form well disciplined children is something that the world desperately needs.
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This superstition (blind belief without evidence) of vaccinations would disappear immediately if immunologists were held to the same standard of informed consent as all other doctors.

All purported evidence of the efficacy of vaccinations is either rational hypothesis or post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. There has never been nor will there ever be a double blind study to which the rest of the medical profession is bound.
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Who knows what the Independent meant when it says "death rate", but it is definitely not total deaths/total population. Sweden stands at 475 deaths per 1 million people which is not the highest in the world. Sweden definitely has 4 times the death rate of Denmark, but that's pretty meaningless when you are talking about 0.005% of the population.

It is interesting that the epidemic statistics are using Deaths/1M instead of percent. In the scientific community, don't we use ppm to magnify and measure results that would otherwise be too small to attract notice.
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I wold love to know the legal argument that your lawyer gave you. I refuse to go back into the office because they are requiring masks. Their rationale is that they are obligated to follow Cal OSHA.
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The crisis MUST be maintained until they have a vaccine.
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The Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation website claims that statement is false.
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Apparently you must not have followed or read the link in the first post. This science is clear and was worked out and reported in a medical journal 100 years ago. The doctors who did the study concluded in 1918 that masks were ineffective in preventing the spread of a influenza.
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