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Why do liberals lie about the fact that most refugees are young males? Why would you lie about this?? Why???

And how can leaders of France, Britain, Germany allow a mass importation of young male Muslims in the bogus name of asylum?

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So that’s why democrats want to ban guns?

There are three rules to follow if you want to bring your chances of being victim of homicides to near zero:

a.) don’t drink or do drugs

b.) don’t hang around people that drink or do drugs

c.) stay out of black neighborhoods
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Goran_K says
Patrick says
Is that 13/50 just "sanctuary"? Those counties are also mostly very black.

Interesting that the sum of them accounts for more than half of all US murders.

13/50 = 13% of the population commit 50% of the violent crime. Bet you can guess what demographic compromises the 13%...

Stop spreading lies please

It’s actually 6.5% of the population (black male) commit 50% of the homicides.

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Import those lads to Germany or Britain immediately!
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Comcast has the worst service of any company I have ever used in my lifetime.
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Ceffer says
One of my old roommates from the day contacted me after many years, and he was still doing the same thing: meet female, charm, ingratiate, fuck as much and as often as possible, then, don't let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. I could never understand how he kept getting away with that without getting murdered

This works for some guys, but truth be told, it eventually leads to one of the following:

a.) unwanted pregnancy
b.) std
c.) revenge

Every guy I know who has done the “charm, fuck, throw out” for an extended period of time has eventually ran into one or more of the above.
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Emotional support dog is just brilliant 😂

We truly live in a clown world.
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My liberal friends tell me that the border crisis is a manufactured crisis and not a big deal.
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The meme in the OP

I’m at a loss for words, truly.
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jazz_music says
If walls are so good why don’t military bases use them?


Yes folks, that’s a serious question he asked.
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Obama’s son
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A good realtor is like a good rapist
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My crypto account is up 65% last month.
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Sick evil bastard
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Tesla’s best days are ahead of it.

I live and work in the silicon valley. The car is adored by the masses.

With time the issues will be resolved and the stock price will hit all time highs.
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The peaceful transition of power will be in 2024.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Ceffer says
Trump won't do anything, but the Dems might open up the internment camps to make sure something like Trump's victory never happens again.

Doesn't it seem that way?

Despite having an IQ higher than around 92% of the population, I've been repeatedly been called braindead, stupid, and moron by others due to my support of President Trump. Same for my Dad, whose IQ is higher than around 99.8% of the population.

I think its crazy town when people call others who are more intelligent than they are "stupid".

How did you arrive at those IQ figures?

My experience is that people who throw out IQ numbers usually have lower IQ than they think.

I agree with you on Donald however 👍
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Patrick says
Yes, with housing, student loans, and crazy unregulated medical bills, the entire goal is to trap as many people as possible with debt.

Once you are in debt, then lenders can threaten you with eviction, garnishment of wages, etc. So you must work for them.

It's all about control over labor. Your slavery is their freedom.

@Patrick - good comment. One additional point:

Even if you have no debt, you can be threatened with eviction. Renters are evicted more often than owners. They got us by the balls
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Patrick says
A similar act, reported just yesterday:

According to the criminal complaint viewed by the newspaper, the two witnesses also stated that Hayes told Basarab he was going to kill him because of his skin color just before the alleged attack.

Basarab underwent surgery for internal bleeding and suffered a broken arm, broken ribs and breaks in several facial bones. He also had bruising and cuts and hit his head on the tracks following the push.

Anti-white violence is the most common hate motivated violence in our society today. It needs to be addressed head on in the media through statistical truth and awareness.
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deepcgi says
Don’t ask me for a bail out when you lose.

You do not bet the farm on crypto. It’s too risky to do so.

But should it be a few % of your overall diversified portfolio? Ya. No question there is future upside.
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Oh wow 😁🧐
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Pleasant Hill tends to get spillover from Pittsburg/Antioch riff raff
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That was awesome

Brave woman. One less fugitive in the world.
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Why do gays act so weird and inappropriate at these gay parades?

Can one not have a bit of class when celebrating their pride?
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Revolt... citizens should burn down all the McMansions in Beverly Hills and build 10x the inventory in its place on 5000sq-ft lots instead.

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Sunset blvd? UCLA?
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Officer: Can you please describe the attacker ma’am?

Victim: Well... he was tall, had a blue shirt, and a mustache.

Officer: Can you tell us anything else about the attacker?

Victim: Are you suggesting I’m racist!?

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This one is simple...

Majority of Californians support building more housing because the majority of Californians don’t own housing.

The minority who do own housing pay the property taxes.

There lies the conundrum, NIMBY vs YIMBY

Who prevails, the masses or the money? I hate to say it but YIMBY will only prevail on this topic through pitchforks (violence).

Otherwise the taxpayers will prevail, like they always do.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
BayArea says
the taxpayer’s will prevail, like they always do.

Like they should.

To a point. Many would disagree that a taxpayers property view is more important than another having a roof over their head.
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Blond is beautiful
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Liberals must be stopped and common sense restored back to California.
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Agree with Patrick, I love that idea!
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Any additional I’m missing?
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My close friend is a physician who works at a county hospital here in the Silicon Valley.

He tells me that approximately half of his patients are illegal immigrants without insurance that he by law must treat.
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I absolutely love this, thanks for sharing @Patrick
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The polling industry has exactly zero credibility since the 2016 election.

Silent majority will be responsible for a Trump landslide victory in 2020.
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Love the title of this thread lol
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This is the sad conundrum that society is in.

The statistics show that blacks commit the majority of violent crime, overwhelmingly. One example of this is the glaring sad statistic that black males make up 6% of the US population but commit 50% of the homicides.

Is it then racist to be weary of a demographic that commits more violent crime than any other demographic? Or is it just smart survival skills?
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Attempting to time the market is silly.

The tried and true method is buying fundamentally sound stocks and etfs and going long. It’s the only way your average investor comes out on top in the stock market.
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I tend to think that the next big crash will happen when a Democrat is in office.
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