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Is that Dubai Real Estate is part of the laundering foreign billions.
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NoCoupForYou says
Interestingly, Modi and Trump met back in the Fall, and now Trump is planning a visit to India:

That bill just became law. The corrupt media is giving a negative picture. The left joined more than 100 million illegal Muslims in protests for the last few months to burn public properties halting universities. The world need strong leaders. Weak leaders making the world unsafe, lawless and irresponsible.
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HeadSet says
these barbaric killers don't represent Islam and millions of other law-abiding Muslims around the world

Just like 1940's Germany had thousands of NAZI party members who never killed a Jew.

Was there UK involved under 'nazi'. Someone was referring as per recent findings in archives.
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Why did it take this long.
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The real question is, how long we hold the evolution with pharma.
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NoCoupForYou says
Next phase in Sweden has arrived.

New Islamic Political party to push giving Muslims special citizenship status.

Countries like India is already victimized for centuries once this religion has arrived. Now the western world is gradually getting into this dark age. This is more than a "religion", by extracting resources, quality and life style, customs everything and blaming the host for their pathetic life style they choose.
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I know someone who bought few months back because of the pressure from the family and friends after a long long wait. Unfortunately, it went down I guess about 10%. They think, these dips don't matter for them in the long run.
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India passed CAA(Citizenship Amendment Act) to allow in non Muslims minorities who are discriminated from Muslim neighboring countries.
India is a sovereign democratic country and this is internal matter to India.

But now EU is making resolution against to this law to make Muslims happy. Also Seattle city council in US passes anti-CAA resolution. These stupids do not know what they are bargaining for.
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Prop 13 is a $30B+/year grand theft by boomers from young and still growing while blaming the victims.
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Every Indian must appreciate Mr.Trump for his humble and caragious speech.
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No American president openly said to fight against radical Islamic terrorism other than Trump. Indian should build more temples for Trump.
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That woman completely clueless and destroyed nation and used it as a transit to the pan Europe and destroyed whole continent.
There is no easy way to get these virus, pathogens and parasites out.
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Shaman says
indc says
If they are second or third generation then all bets are off.

Yah by that time they’ve learned that Indian culture is whack.

West support illegal, anti national Islamic violence to destabilize and defame India.
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Ceffer says
Generating another fake news disgruntled victimization to sucker punch subscribers? It's the way of the self immolating Libby Land.

West media throw lot of stuff without verifying any facts particularly left and libby media. They support Muslim population for all the wrong reasons who are minority and commits 2/3 of violent crimes. Folks in India should learn to ignore western media trash and do not look for their assertion.
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Why just 2, what about the rest.
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I get all sort of (unlike our AF style banters) unfortunately real messages from different groups, make me very angry.
Not sure if there is law to slow down these fear mongering clowns. These clowns are literally scaring the people around to lock them self down for almost two weeks already. Creating apocalypses situation to make everyone run to every store and buy all sorts of stuff and make empty shelves that I suspect will lost for months. I looked up online for rice that I need, the price is 3 to 8 times to the normal and decided to go with alternative. At this rate businesses many not have normal business in up coming months that will hurt families, businesses, country and the world. The fear is out of proportion, the government is suppose to step in and counter act rather than join them and making the situation much worst. Hopefully other states are not over reacting like CA.
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When public is under scaring environment, no rational argument works as the emotion takes place. Remember y2k time, all plants, factories, utilities, offices, devices, planes, automobiles, home appliances etc use hardware/software that use time believed be explode!?. Meanwhile scaremongers sold all the high tech stuff. None of them ever comeback and said sorry after 2000. Do you see any parallels in much worse way now!
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Patrick says
Islam is also a virus.

More dangerous than any virus and bacteria.
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Cash says
Is this a hoax or what? Check out India 1 of the most filthiest, congested, near zero personal space not to mention the raw sewage and feces laden trails with a population of 1,352,642,280. How is this so?

This is after massive Muslims Found Licking both sides of Spoons, Plates in restaurants (there are plenty of videos still online) and spitting on food, currency bills etc to Spread COVID-19 virus and spread throughout the country after international Muslim congregation in new Delhi last week by deifying lock down rule. Muslims are super filthy and spreaders on purpose.
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I don't know directly. someone passed away because of the virus who worked for Broadcom,San Jose. He might have traveled to China.
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indc says
Is america ready to suck cow piss drinkers dick now? Hahaha.

Stop trolling.
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Indian political party, Congress is purely a anti Indian dangerous Islamic terror outfit for all its existence.
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People are suffering, please don't mix with fake.
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SunnyvaleCA says
HeadSet says
At least macOS ships with python, bash, emacs, gcc, gdb, etc.

If you are that much of a power user to these tools, why not use Linux as your OS?
If you buy the right motherboard and video card, getting macOS running isn't much harder than getting Linux running. After that, I can't think of much downside of macOS over Linux. What does Linux do that is so much better than macOS other than (potentially) the install experience?

Once I tried to install macos on virtualbox with no success. The host was ubuntu os.
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Patrick says
We can do this!

Of course. It may take few years to setup and costs few 10 of b$. Since the complexity of latest chips are very high and finding security issues are very difficult with current methods. This initiative gives a trusted option to sensitive chip vendors.
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Why it took this long.
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NoCoupForYou says
You call it nepotism, we call it Asian Family Values - Suharto

Majority of Asians are leftists/socialists/commies also kind of racists(?) or prefer same race to hire at least in case of first generation immigrants.
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That helps backbone infrastructure only. Those numbers never come up to the consumer directly.
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Patrick says
I bet perl programmers are highly paid just because they tend to be older and have more experience. Not really about the language itself.

Or those are the projects in maintenance mode and not too many around to find.
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Patrick says

At least 1,000 non-Muslim girls are forcibly converted to Islam in the country annually, according to a Human Rights Commission of Pakistan report. Many of these girls belong to the Hindu community in Sindh, where most of Pakistan’s eight million Hindus live. Locals claim that such abductions are so common they affect ‘every other family‘, with a vast majority of those targeted underage. Some victims are as young as 12 years old.

Generally obduct and enslave but the "secular" media reports only conversations. Most of these girls never see their families. Islam creates these barbarians. Did anyone see action from UN in its existence.
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Its good if they can remove him. He was a racist and supported every violent criminal Muslims who killed non Muslims all his life.
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Rin says
Gandhi, as in Mohandas Gandhi, not Indira, who, BTW was neither his daughter nor relative, was not the essential piece of Indian independence as movie makers like to make it out to be. The British Empire was broke, by the start of WWII.

So if his iconic status comes down as a result of calling South African blacks, the N-word, well ... it's an indirect way of actually minimizing his so-called legacy which really wasn't much to begin with.

Yes.She fled with her family Muslim grocer and married secretly and moved to London. Her Islamic official name is "Indira Khan". That looks ugly for public consumption in politics so she changed it to "India Gandhi" when stupid Gandhi let her barrow his name. She is dumb and dictator and later implemented martial law when she DID NOT get elected. There was an news article that she was suffering from STD Ganaria which creates dangerous hallucinations that someone is behind her to kill. Perhaps there was no good medications. That was one reason why the fake Gandhi (as bad as real Gandhi) implemented martial law in a peaceful country. The second reason was she rigged the election.
btw, her dad who became first prime minister (who didn't spend a day in freedom struggle) though he lost (0/15 states) the election, fascist stupid Gandhi choose him as oppose to the the country choice Mr.Patel (12/15 states) through election.
Gandhi and Nehru (his grand father was Muslim) are behind every Hindu genocide and part of the country partition. Interestingly both are sexual predators. The second one is even worst that he was child molester. He "loves others children" and wanted to be "surrounded by them all the time" (sounds familiar!?) - this is how academic texts brag about this predator.
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RAID,HA, Fail over code used to have these terms commonly back in 90s. Gradually they were replaced with primary, standardby etc. Early 2000s I received a list of words to be replaced from doc writer group at work. I suspect the old repos still have these words. Occasionally I do still hear them in group meetings.
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Radiation means ionization that starts at way higher frequency that is at ultraviolet NOT at 5G.
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That is a great move. All these apps are bait and part of Chinas intelligence.
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At least in BA new building is almost prohibited relative to demand. Given the stock options around, can sustain the price growth. I know someone who flipped 2 houses in Milpitas during the last 4 mo still made profit and bought one in Santa Clara.
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