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Ro khanna got elected by using the Indian ethnicity card. Got elected and now he is busy working for Pakistani Islamic terror groups to go against India!
So it is foolish to think about her ethnicity, that is more like a bait. Just look for the candidate just with right qualifications before voting.
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Why bring in the un-repairable trouble! Why?
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I thought 'the weather' alone sells any shack in Bayarea!
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Watched the live, it is just fantastic in every aspect.
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RC2006 says
Loans are not as easy to get like in the last crash, rents are much higher now.

Still Taxpayers are on the hook for all the defaults.
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He must be on drugs and hallucinations.
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Look under Average annual returns which is above 5%.
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China should be broken into few countries to liberate from PLA oppression inside and outside of "China".
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Going up RE might indicate the opposite for now.
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At least there is no smoking smell in s bay though the sky looks strange. Good that I can see sun light now this afternoon.
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Well 9 out of 10 fires done by humans as per gov stats.
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Not sure if anyone is following, China started building full eco system around co like Huawei within China. This is an interesting trend to alienate US business. Trump appears to be talking measure to safeguard US interests.
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Now its 12 noon but feels like 5am outside.
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Hircus says
Could you elaborate?

In high tech, application specific chips aka asic, is a big key piece. China built massive manufacturing plants during last15 years. Both IP and orders mostly come from us. Lastweek they announced to develop IP locally and support co including who were on restricted list to do business with west. This should make self sufficient to serve all sectors of the economy and detach from west - ideally. Also trying to slow down west to do business with China.
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just_adhom_preaching says
Interesting that Indian troops have taken Chinese territory in the Ladakh region this past week. Not just waiting for China to salami slice them but instead moving into formerly held (decades) Chinese land.

It was India's land agreed back in 80 years ago, but all previous commie/mulla regimes got kickbacks and let China get inside gradually with fresh fake maps every year. India's real enemies are inside who are commies and Muslims.
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There are satellites scan the entire earth continuously. One can rewind and find out activity. There are very sophisticated sw available to process and analyze what is happening if needed.
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This is one of the outcome of commie gov failure in providing basic underground infrastructure. India is massively suffering from none functioning and unaccountable overstaffed bureaucrats and ministers and their massive corruptions by controlling public with devide and conquer to keep in perpetual state. If India can fix commie problem, many get fixed including toilets.
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TrumpingTits says
When they do build it, folks refuse to use it anyway.

Good point.
There is no enforcement all all. All Cops are clowns who are busy working for self serving political and bureaucrat goons classes who are in turn busy looting working class under the name of "working for poor and minorities" who are lazy and anti national red(commie) and green(Islamic) terrorists and made India second highest bomb blasting country in the world and their well connected money laundering to entities like Mullawood (aka Bollywood) and their drug, sex mafia etc.

For the last 2 decades India progressed mostly under unorganized sector where the commie gov has little control over for easy loot.

Toilet is least of India's problems compare to the massive pain inflicted by blood sucking mega commie political and bureaucrat classes. Its is not the people or culture that is causing the issue its the systems and institutions in place that have been transferred (indirectly by Hitler and directly by Bose) from colonial era to their commies agents like Mohammedan Gandhi, Nehru who lost in elections. Commie political class is not interested to changed anything as they are good for controlling the people as per the system design by divide and conquer and to make everyone is unequal under the law. The current gov which not full blown commie is trying to make changes but there is a massive challenge from commies both from in and out of power who are anti establishment.

In my anecdotal observation, there are 20% commies in the country but 80% commies in gov.
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mbSFBay says
Indira Gandhi tried to be a dictator but was ceremonially dumped in the elections.

After the marriage this bitch (this is how Henry Kissinger mentions her in wiki leaks!) name became, Indira Feroz Khan / Maimuna Begum but officially Indira Gandhi for public consumption for fools, narrated by sex predators Muhammadan Gandhi and her (hope) dad Nehru.
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This is a crazy idea to get voters.
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I've observed that learning foreign language is compulsory in high schools around (in CA). I am curious to know, is it true in other states as well and WHY, rather than keep it optional to make the life easy for kids that they do not use it anyway. I do not buy the theory of make one smart by learning more than one language.
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Patrick says
But if Nvidia buys it, then it will be American.

That is the real problem, China does not like it. Btw, 40B is very good (low) price.
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Promoting violence is a bad strategy to get votes. Perhaps it is easy to predict outcome.
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I am not following recent changes but I donated in the past and still like it in general.
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Used home sales people are using different name like, main bedroom instead of master bedroom.
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This can not be real particularly touching metal that close. I burned my hand quite a few times. Either she is trying to get some stuff out from the board with unplugged iron or it's a simple photo op.
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No QEs (latelye renamed stummuls) to pump further. It is taking a break for now.
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This is a great news. Way to go, its great move.
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She is anti Indian and full supporter of Islamic Pakistan.
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Thanks to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for the initiate.
1978 Prop 13 = Go and rob all your neighbors legally through the government by "accusing" the government to keep robbing.
Look at your neighbors taxes:
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There is a massive early voting turnout. Does anyone suspect there could be too many illegals and leftists voting.
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Some times she answered her own question! and asked the followup question based on her own answer!! - is that an interview or a trick!
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Patrick says
Poland is right to refuse Muslim immigration.

Polish turns out to be more smarter than the rest.
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Ceffer says
A lot of them come here to suck at the welfare

I know a couple together make a little over mil/y. The women brought her brother few yrs ago, later parents and bought a Prius and within 2 yr Tesla for them again and put them under gov offered health plan for elders, not sure what else they are after gov programs. He is a retired gov officer from India and still getting tons of gov pension there on top of his life time bribes.
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NoCoupForYou says
Trump will win. FL, NC, TX for sure, and enough of either WI, MN, or PA to seal the deal.

Texas and Florida aren't in play - take it to the bank.

Georgia is going blue! Biden showed 'compassion' during second debate and looks like it is working for those young and too old who thinks virus is dangerous as per KQED political debate and they are voting in record number.
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rocketjoe79 says
Blue - sounds like a troll name. 1 post, 458 comments. So, a reactionary reader/lurker. Poking the bear. Fine. Play it that way. I'm on to your game.

I posted based on what I just watched - what is wrong?
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Can't imagine that she is really this dumb.
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I just had a long discussion with someone whose friend a business man a frequent traveler to Midwest, told him that Trump will win in landslide in those areas.
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just_adhom_preaching says
Blue I think there is a rather large contingent of people from India in Atlanta. Maybe similar to Houston?

Anyhow, what do those people think? I'm assuming some decided to become citizens and can vote but I'm more curious about the overall opinion if that's something you're able to share.

Unfortunately most of them are commies. My best guess is 30% Republicans. But a recent survey says 22% R who will vote for Trump. Interestingly, in my interactions many 'smart' and including U.S.-born went to top schools still commies!! with no tolerance (scary!) that is really puzzling. People who took citizenship tend to be less commie and turns right wing if they become entrepreneur in particular. Even more sad, this time some folks are attracted to Kamala Harris not realizing that she is fully against India because there is a right wing party in power and she is a lover and supporter of Islamic Pakistan along with her fellow Islamic lover Pramila Jayapal (WA-D) who chased an Indian diplomat last year with her Islamic views.
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I participated in a 18 mile marathon to sfo pier 39 from near San Bruno few years ago. Saw couple of crazy people on the way. Going alone is not a good idea particularly near sf.
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