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R is supposed to be conservative financially. But the numbers do not seem to be different from D.
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Democratic solution is to extend Prop 13 to rest of the country.
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Booger says
Blue says
Can't they redesign smaller engines to fix the problem

The article implies that the larger engine was used because it got better MPG. Presumably the smaller one it was designed for could be used

MPG should be secondary. Sounds like there was a compromise in safety requirements.
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I pray him like the way I pray my god. Because I like him. I do not care anyone even if they think I am mad. Some people are laughing at me, I do not care because anyone can love anyone in the world. That's why I am loving Trump. (...praying with both hands in video...). The statue costs me (indian) Rs.130k, my own money. I told my Dad and Mom that I am Trump fan and I will die like a Trump fan. I install statue on his birthday. Both parents agreed and said ok, son. (...continue praying again with fruits and coconuts, women and a boy put Namaskar (pray), the man breaking coconut to offering the God, well that is Trump in this case). The woman says, initially we didn't like yesterday but since he is doing it, today we are back and start liking him. The man is offering prasadam (lite snack like fruit or broken coconut to the devotes in line.
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I know there are lots of Trump supporters in India. Muslims and sudo Left doesn't allow free expression.
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Employers are hanging on CA Prop 13 entitlements and creating more jobs at the same congested places. That drives up the demand for housing near employers who drives 1000 of miles every month otherwise. This is how it looks if the game is rigged.
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But the insurance companies keep covering those costal expensive and risky properties at the expense of inland.
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Allowing, feeding and taking care of evil only brings more of the same types. This culture and their religion never gets integrate into any culture. They have zero tolerance towards any other culture. Greece or any other country can not maintain law and order sooner or later with this kind of people. Their only job is breeding more and more wherever they are.
These people must be back to where they come from.
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Affordable housing is subsidized housing. That would translate to under market pay to these folks.
Employers are the real winners by not paying market rates.
Property owners are winning as the developer move the cost to un subsidized units and bump up the price.
Politicians are winning as keep selling sugar coating affordable housing, though its very small percentage.
Media is winning with ads.
The real loser are general population.
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theoakman says
They should do the same thing with Mohammed and see how many people die tomorrow as a result.

Netflix hiring lot of hard core Muslims and going after non Muslims to attack their culture in India.
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Rin says
Well, well, I guess it took a full generation (or two) for ppl to forget that it was a woman, who was one of the worst Presidents of a modern "free" nation ala Indira Gandhi of India ...

Yes, unlike Trump, she actually declared martial law on her own country, advocating socialism while tossing political opponents in jail (instead of just talking trash about 'em), pushed for sterilization of poor ppl in return for land/monies, and so on and so on.

And took a long time for feminists to stop putting her on the mantelpiece, as an example of female empowerment and leadership as she more or less, established India as a Banana Republic of Nepotism prior to her and her son's assassinations.

Yes, India's real independence, post-British 1947, was after her and her successor son were dead, 1991. Afterwards, it was a young nation, free of the cronies who took power when Lord Mountbatten relinquished the Viceroy.

So True, Rin.
She married a Muslim man Khan and converted into Islam. But she borrowed "Gandhi" name for public consumption instead of using her real last name Khan.
She imposed 97.5% Income Tax. (
She brought in more than 100 million Muslim illegals from neighboring countries who carved-out of India as countries just based on their Islamic religion and put them on tax payers changed. All of them are anti nationals.
Now her grand children and Italian daughter-in-law widow Sonia still working for only Islamic cause every day to destroy the country.
Like Patrick and others said many times, (relatively) women can not identify the danger coming to the group and ultimately drive through cliff.
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Rin says
FYI, Indira Gandhi was not related to Mohandas Gandhi.

Lot of (foolish) Indians think she is really "Gandhi" family, in reality she is a Muslim. Her political party's constant misinformation and massively corrupt media to make everyone believe she is "Gandhi" family.
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Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany should be another best example.
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just_dregalicious says
democracy now is pure shiite.

Yes, the game is rigged.
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CA is trying to push start time to 08:30.
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Patrick says
Thank you to both of you for being offensive without getting personal.

I mean that.

It was scary when visited first time. Later realized that they are banters. Thanks Patrick for keeping them.
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Misc says
Fannie and Freddie

I thought they would be closed by now. When it comes to housing the government running loans is not any different from any other communist country programs.
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People want something but don't want to pay. Then that makes a news, like about.
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NoCoupForYou says
Stop Politicizing!

Here's a huge Shocker:

No one can stop if Islam is involved.
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Patrick says
Funny how we have to look at foreign websites to get pictures of the suspects.

Why is that?

Corrupt media.
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I see recommendations on international stock funds. Do you have any ideas.
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Booger says
Turn off location.

Does not help. There is one more hidden thing that send the location to mother ship in Android devices.
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Free VPN (basic).
It only works in firefox browser.
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mell says
My heart is weeping for Germany - they need a Tump asap.

It's too late even for person like Trump.
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Why only one, there got to be so many for the given amount of money floating around with city avg. property tax rate 0.04% or even less.
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Indian version of "medicare for all" - doctor visits, availability of medicine, hospital hygiene etc ALL are optional to a level a panhandlers hesitate to enter. Now corrupt politicians are lurking at private hospitals.
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Is that Dubai Real Estate is part of the laundering foreign billions.
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NoCoupForYou says
Interestingly, Modi and Trump met back in the Fall, and now Trump is planning a visit to India:

That bill just became law. The corrupt media is giving a negative picture. The left joined more than 100 million illegal Muslims in protests for the last few months to burn public properties halting universities. The world need strong leaders. Weak leaders making the world unsafe, lawless and irresponsible.
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HeadSet says
these barbaric killers don't represent Islam and millions of other law-abiding Muslims around the world

Just like 1940's Germany had thousands of NAZI party members who never killed a Jew.

Was there UK involved under 'nazi'. Someone was referring as per recent findings in archives.
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Why did it take this long.
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The real question is, how long we hold the evolution with pharma.
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NoCoupForYou says
Next phase in Sweden has arrived.

New Islamic Political party to push giving Muslims special citizenship status.

Countries like India is already victimized for centuries once this religion has arrived. Now the western world is gradually getting into this dark age. This is more than a "religion", by extracting resources, quality and life style, customs everything and blaming the host for their pathetic life style they choose.
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I know someone who bought few months back because of the pressure from the family and friends after a long long wait. Unfortunately, it went down I guess about 10%. They think, these dips don't matter for them in the long run.
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India passed CAA(Citizenship Amendment Act) to allow in non Muslims minorities who are discriminated from Muslim neighboring countries.
India is a sovereign democratic country and this is internal matter to India.

But now EU is making resolution against to this law to make Muslims happy. Also Seattle city council in US passes anti-CAA resolution. These stupids do not know what they are bargaining for.
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Prop 13 is a $30B+/year grand theft by boomers from young and still growing while blaming the victims.
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Every Indian must appreciate Mr.Trump for his humble and caragious speech.
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No American president openly said to fight against radical Islamic terrorism other than Trump. Indian should build more temples for Trump.
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That woman completely clueless and destroyed nation and used it as a transit to the pan Europe and destroyed whole continent.
There is no easy way to get these virus, pathogens and parasites out.
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