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I hate it when these third world countries act so "Shit-Holier Than Thou".
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I am still the same whinging, annoying dweeb being upended by a whale. I have, however, lost my single deluded follower. I am shattered.
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Watching Norwegians fish is more exciting than Norwegian porno.
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Obama's comments were all Trump's fault.
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Guess he was mad that Trump didn't like chain migration for Panama hookers with twelve children and cartel ties.

Can I be ambassador to ImmenseHirsuteLesbia with the Capitol in the province of CootieSwablovskia? They arm the embassy with cannons that fire bales of knobby strap ons to disperse the crowds.
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San Francisco isn't a shithole. It is merely a Mediterranean oceanside paradise with third world accents.
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Sorry, FluFucks, IV bags are for aristocrats.
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Yes, and if he's not indicted for obstruction of justice, he will be indicted for obstruction of a MacDonald's hamburger.
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If it's that easy to diagnose somebody from gossip and few videos, just think how many of those patients paying therapists month in and month out are going to want their fees back.
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Pele just spit them back at North Korea, no biggie.
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I hate the way female bosses remove and throw their tampons and menstrual pads on the floor and command you to push them around with your nose during employee evaluations.
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Shit, look at that weird language. No wonder Swedes drink and are depressed all the time.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Trump thinks it's a great idea and wants us to send video back to Kellyanne of your swearing in.

Great. I plan to do a brisk business importing black market slave SJWs from Portland. Iwog is my main investor, and projects to clear Portland out of IHL SJWs in three or four years.
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I have been in female dominated environments for many years, and generally just avoided them as much as possible because they were so manipulative. Female bosses have to work hard against their instincts, which is to foster emotionally engaged favoritism to a few special children while also choosing some to persecute and henpeck relentlessly for no other reason except they can.

The rule was that two female employees will always learn to get along, but add a third, and invariably two will bond and start persecuting and plotting against the third. More female employees, ramp up the second scenario. Some of the cruelest work situations I have observed are bitch henpecking frenzy of women torturing other women they are jealous of in the workplace.

With men, women almost always play the sex and mommy card if they can. Contrary to the feminist crap, they become very miffed if they can't use their sex equity to promote themselves somehow and create a sticky situation for the men in their environment. Treat them like a neuter and they will likely take some kind of revenge on you, or just sulk. They also enjoy pitting men against each other based on seductive manipulation.

There was a reason they weren't allowed on ships.

However, if you have a lot of women to manage, hire yourself a cold, nasty IHL and she will keep them in line and enjoy the sadism involved. Just be prepared to pitch her out the window if she tries to come after you.
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Who cares if Trump boinks a few shithole porn hookers. Charlie Sheen is going to be his next VP.
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They miss the lawsuit lottery for suing the police and the city.
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"I was almost killed by this liberal false flag designed to shame Trump. False flags against Trump mean he should be impeached!"
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The Cliff Notes just read, "KILL THE MEN, KILL THEM ALL!"
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Yeah, just go ahead and tell the truth, and don't get laid. Women pretty much demand and require deception in order to let you hang around them much at all. Reveal your TRUE self: Bleep, not getting laid again!
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Homeless in Santa Cruz are becoming epidemic, aided and abetted by the usual self expanding social service co-dependance bureaucracy services and amnesty stuff, which allows the place to be an open air drug super market.

If you had gps tags to track the history of these homeless, I would bet most of these trolls are from other parts of the country by way of the California cities. Hobos have always spread the word about the tea and sympathy ports of call, so they are coming to Santa Cruz in droves. Their encampments are now on streets that were clear just a year ago. Santa Cruz not a big enough place to accommodate these fleets.

They have always been there, but now, they are actually overwhelming the place and are responsible for all manner of random crime and vandalism. Santa Cruz has worse property crime than Compton, supposedly the heart of the violent ghetto in LA. It is not uncommon for police to pick up the same crazy vagrants two and three times a day, release them, only to have them walk out and commit the same acts again and again the same day.

Of course, the local papers are dominated by real estate ad money and chamber of commerce, who want the rubes to keep coming in, so 95 percent of what happens is just ignored by the standard press outlets.

I suppose when the limousine liberals finally have the homeless banking up into their suburbs and hanging out around their schoolyards, somebody might do something about it.

Thanks, liberal delusionists.

"Serial Recidivist Leads SCPD On All Night Chase Through Santa Cruz

What began around midnight finally ended around 8:30 on Thursday morning, as a serial recidivist bum who is well known to SCPD and our local courts led police on an all night chase and manhunt around west Santa Cruz. It started after a report of vandalism at the Taqueria Santa Cruz on 2215 Mission Street. Witnesses described seeing a 43 year old transient disturbing customers before being asked to leave. As he was leaving, the man threw a metal chair through a glass door of the business and claimed to have a gun before being chased away. Later around 1AM, officers returned after receiving calls that the suspect had come back to the area. SCPD spotted the suspect inside a car near Pendegast and Ranking, where the suspect attempted to flee. During the pursuit, the suspect rammed an SCPD officer's car. The suspect evaded authorities across the Westside to downtown for hours. His slow speed pursuit by SCPD went the wrong way on Pacific and Riverside avenues, 2nd Street and Mission Boulevard, and made multiple passes on West Cliff Drive. Spike strips were used in attempts to stop him. The suspect eventually drove his car into San Lorenzo Park, where he ditched the car and ran into Camp Coonerty, where he successfully evaded police.

Later that morning around 7:30AM, officers responded to the 800 block of Riverside Avenue after reports of a disturbance. When officers arrived, they found the suspect, who ran into the San Lorenzo River. The suspect stood in waist deep water as SCPD spent almost an hour negotiating his surrender. He was eventually arrested and booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail for felony eluding, felony assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest. Keeping it Weird! I can't even fathom how many thousands of dollars were wasted on this one particular service call. And how many times has he done this? He's a recidivist. He does it regularly."

Camp Coonerty is the public park of San Lorenzo that has been used to warehouse the homeless who were tented up all over downtown. So, no more public park, just a shooting gallery/ asylum/homeless encampments now.
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Global Warming will give the place a much needed bath.
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That's five inches folded in half.

See, there's the first lie you can tell her.
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BlueSardine says
California, the local reference shithole from which all other foreign shitholes are rated...

Yes, but it is the shithole to the Stars!
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"My sex robot unplugged it's pussy and ratcheted on a dick and then fucked me in the ass with it. I want my money back!"
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Liberals are responsible for the amnesty policies that create the drug pipeline that is responsible for 90 percent of the homeless problem.

Saying they are just unlucky souls who need more free shit is exactly what fuels the fire.
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"Did Community Service" delete.

"Took advantage of a virtue signaling photo op". There, fixed it for you.
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The fire alarms need to zap the deaffucks awake with a laser and levitate them to safety. Anything else is gross negligence.

The open rebar is just a holdover from gangster days, where a quick shove could eliminate a cartel competitor.
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Strategist says
I'm sorry to hear that. It's rape. I would demand a lot more.

That only works if you are female and have a butch lawyer.
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It's a return to the Napoleonic Code with sex. ALL sex is rape until proven otherwise in a court of law!

Just what women want: maximum extortion and shakedown of the male of the species based on men's vile urges. It's an absolute return to prostitute culture, men pay and pay and can be blackmailed in perpetuity!

Of course, lesbo shlepping of twat will be given an exception.
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The universal fiat, instantaneous indictments and convictions based on casual or invidious allegation: You are a Racist AND a Rapist, unless you shut the fuck up and let the crazies rule the roost!
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anon_0af2a says
No need to make shit up when you light her cigarette with your dick.

"That's what she said!" Yuck, Yuck, Yuck.
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When the military and the intelligence agencies had their "Remote Viewing" projects active, they had to abandon them because the remote viewers spent all of their time looking up women's dresses and wouldn't stay on point.
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I think this was Trump's fault, too.
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If all of the immense hirsute lesbians cut a fart at the same time in San Francisco, it will enter a worm hole never to be seen again.
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Jesus' father was a horny dove, and his mom was a virgin. No wonder he had a messiah complex.
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Why not just cut to the chase and compare Trump to Genghis Kahn?
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The doctor that diagnosed Trump must be worse than he is, if not worse than Hitler!

Of course, wouldn't the TDS crowd be delighted if Trump had a heart attack? Seems they don't know what they want coming or going.
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Bitch set up so many straw men, she was a straw man gatling gun.

He needed a max capacity thresher to mow down the straw men, accusations, guilt trips, sanctimonious posturing and misdirections of the greedy lib chick. She was a pea brain pea shooter.
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Reefer Madness! It turns nymphets into voracious, nymphomaniacal cock hounds!

The evil weed causes excitatory states of gyrating madness induced by decadent music!

I'm still looking for the "bad news", wait, I think I almost found some.
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No, you don't understand, it is simply the trailblazing legal system of California which makes sure that you are sued and found liable NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! Even if you do NOTHING, that makes you liable as well. There is no middle course, no exonerating compliancy possibility, no obeying the rules and being left in peace. Virtually every action is a source of attackable and attachable process, fines, regulation violation, fault etc.

Compliance lawyers who advise companies tell their clients that they are damned if they do and damned if they don't in California, and advise is simply oriented to establishing the lowest probability of legal disaster when legal disaster of some kind is more or less guaranteed, because the laws are nothing more than a shooting gallery meat grinder for business and employers.