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MillXY Hobbit Hutches.
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"Glad this whole climate change issue is being settled by all the chicken little political football grant whores who are contributing to this message thread."

There, fixed it.

The weather panic industrial complex is alive and well, and holding hands with Big Brother.
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At the time of the last crash around 2008, mortgage rates were 2 to 3 percent higher. Lower rates seemed to bring things back in the short run. Lots of foreclosures popping up in the Bay Area, with interest rates that can go no lower. Does this mean a "hard crash landing" for this bubble?
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30 is middle aged?

Maybe they need a hand.
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Don't fuck with her. She can bolo you with a tent dress from 15 feet away.
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I want the 'Trump Extortion' model.
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It's the Public Self Service Union Armageddon!
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Gotta keep the drug pipelines open for the skels and the "homeless" aka earth wandering addicts/bums.

It seems there is more to the amnesty policies than mere libby delusional "compassion", since the corruption of drug money runs deep.
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Japan needs a "Sploog The Living " movement.
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From the direction she's spreading into the sun, looks like a clam bake.
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The results are perfectly predictable. The problem is, libby Royals don't care, and the rest just sit around fantasizing around their delusions without any capacity to learn from mistakes of history or exercise common sense about human nature.

In the day, the urban sociopathic aggressive from the East Coast found the Cali flower children easy pickings. Now, they have lowered the common denominator so much, it is just nasty squalor.
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Yeah, historically, Poland is like the guy in the bar who gets caught between a couple of nasty 300 lb. pugilists. Germany and Russia would alternatively advance, rape, pillage, burn and then withdraw, rape, pillage, burn in each direction across Poland. It's amazing they have kept any cultural identity at all.
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In my experience, in real life, clambakes are evanescent phenomena. One thing women instinctively agree on, is that sex should be sold as a demand product. I always remember at singles parties that women would always leave any environment in which there were more of them than men, until the few left were outnumbered and in demand. It seems to be an unspoken but unbroken law of nature that they automatically do this amongst themselves.

Hugh Hefner told his bunnies, that at all of his parties, the women HAD to stay, they could not leave on penalty, and there was an enforced 2 to 1 female to male ratio at all of his parties, basically forcing the women to compete with each other over the celebrities. He made sure his parties were all clambakes, which is why they were so valued by the men.
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Not being under investigation is in impeachable offense. IMPEACH TRUMP! FREE STORMY!
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The computer game series "Witcher" was developed in Poland by a Pole, who based it's story line on Polish mythologies and Polish history. It's a dramatic, rich old world tapestry that is interesting to play through in the game. Poland is mostly flat, but the topography in the game has a lot of small, rolling hills and glades, lakes etc. which are quite beautiful.
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It's a quaint language. "Entrepreneur" translates into "Warlord" and "Startup" translates into "Evolving Armed Faction". Progress is so gratifying to watch.
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Give her a break, she was holding up her vest bomb.
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His advisors had to restrain him from renaming it "Chicagoland".
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They have YouTube videos of panhandlers and homeless being interviewed. Just like everybody in prison is innocent from their point of view, panhandlers/homeless clearly don't have the slightest grasp of the reality that brought them to their condition. They replace facts with self exonerating bullshit and denial. They know very well how to guilt trip people and pull the sympathy/pity pot handle.

Ask an alcoholic how much they drink, it's ALWAYS "just a beer (or glass of wine, or spirits) or two once in a while" etc. etc. Polling homeless and panhandlers is like trying to get hard information from hallucinating whackos in an asylum.

Of the many people I have known who have gone from homelessness and out of homelessness, it was ALWAYS because of alcohol or chemical dependency issues. When they stop drinking or using, they automatically over time get back into some kind of productive relationship with society and are no longer homeless.

You don't see piles of used needles around homeless encampments because they are using panhandling money to buy food.
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Gore's banner "An Inconvenient Truth" was neither inconvenient, nor was it a truth. Coining a brittle "scientific" agenda for political purpose and then persecuting the "unfaithful" has been around since B.C.

"Lysenkoists tend to be liberal" Heh, Heh!
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Stormy ruined lots of hi def cameras with gush. Everybody knows that.

She had the courtesy to skip the shots of Trump going in with a snorkel.
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Parasite kills host. The Golden Goose parable redux. What a shock.

I had a neighbor who worked for an East Bay city, who was involved in working out the Stockton bankruptcy. It was pretty clear from her discourse it was like the fleas trying to prop up the dying dog for the ongoing benefit of the fleas. The pensions and Public Service Union benefits, not public services, were the objects of the efforts. They did not want to establish a precedent for cutting pensions or benefits to city workers.
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If a penis is a weapon, what's a knobby strap on, a howitzer?
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Education is necessarily a weeding process separating those who can learn from those who can't, and putting resources preferentially into those who CAN learn. Most public school teachers are just xeroxed degrees in glorified welfare positions in baby sitting hellholes where kids are allowed to disrupt the learning process at will, and the bureaucracies are oppressive/ delusional, so even the teachers who want to teach give up and default to picking up a check and waiting for benefits.

You cannot be politically correct and have an effective system of teaching and learning at the same time, which is why most publicly funded primary and secondary education are shipwrecks and will continue to be so.
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"Sir, your hot coffee is ready. Would you like it poured in your lap or in the face?"
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Rin says
but cementing a relationship can be more difficult than raising another round of venture capital.

In SV, if you are a well connected and affluent geek male, you ARE the venture capital for the honeys looking for that Platinum Plus Credit Card and the manse in the rolling acres of Los Altos. Immediate pregnancy just anchors the money.

Poor suckers just know nothing about Rin Wah Law! They are dumb stick gold digger road kill.
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Word was he asphyxiated in Stormy Daniel's cleavage when he was dropped in for a porno shoot and never recovered.
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Hope he didn't run down any of Rin's Canadian hookers. That would be a terrible loss of natural resources.
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I bet Kunstler has a tasty face.
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You can tell that Canadian cultural assimilation and compassion are working, because instead of "Allahu Akbar", he was screaming "Allahu TittyBar".
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I don't know, it works wonders for hypochondria.
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It's good to be the Cult Leader!
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Are igloo ratshacks that melt every Spring still going for 800 dollars a square foot?
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lostand confused says
Maybe he was ashamed that Armenians were now forever linked to the Kardashians?

Long Live The Unibrow!
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I always knew pugs were Nazis.
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In other Finnish news, the prices of beer and RealDolls dropped dramatically.
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Nope, those waddling wads of 350 pound piss poor protoplasm shitting babies in their wake won't overburden the health care system, NoSireee! They are WORTH that $15 an hour.
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If she likes commutes that much, she should learn how to boost cars. She can ride BART to a mall, boost a car, drive it back to a Richmond chop shop, then take BART to start all over again.

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