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The above info graphic displays how fucking stupid most Americans are. They value sports entertainment more than real life value producing jobs. Fuck them right in their Idiocracy.
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Also, scum sucking California public employees unions got a budget trailer bill passed that makes it fucking illegal to lay-off bus drivers, food service workers, and custodians/janitors from public schools. How the fuck are they supposed to balance supply with demand for those labor pools whose demand just dropped through the fucking floor?

Clearly the shit head administrators and categorical programs will be taking the cuts to make up for the lack of prop 98 funds..... Hahaha, get the fuck out of here, they won’t take cuts.
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Teach them to cook rice with this:
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They must be correct, teachers know best, right? The Idiocracy is getting stronger by the day....
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Eric Holder says
NoCoupForYou says

If you are teaching my kids while being paid my tax dollars you better believe I'll want a say in what you are teaching them, you fucking cunt you.

With “concerns” like these, this fucktard shouldn’t be allowed to teach dogs, let alone anyone’s children.
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If they do that before January 20th, 2021, they prove they are complete morons. As the president elect would not become the president until that time. To call someone illegitimate before then is pure ignorance.
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AB5 is about as anti labor as you can get, just like the minimum wage. These Marxist fucktards don’t understand that all they are doing is putting many people OUT of work, not raising the standard of living for those people. Time to put the Marxist fucktards out of work!

Uber shitting on the CA Gov is a start. If a new company can make this business model work under AB5 REGULATION then have at it.
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FuckCCP89 says
Can they survive w/o CA market?

They have about fuck all for overhead as the whole thing is a software system for transactions and networking people together for efficient means of transport.
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Stupid NY Com Post.
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The November 8, 2018 blaze that destroyed the town of Paradise and surrounding communities was called the Camp Fire.
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Patrick says

CARB and CalEPA should defund themselves for causing immense damage to CA air quality and western states air quality due to negligence in allowing these emissions to occur.
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Misc says
Maybe PG&E can revisit their settlement talks, as they can now claim it all would have all burned anyways from natural causes.

Anyone who takes Electric service from them should be advocating heavily for this. The way they were steamrolled into taking full responsibility for all damage caused in a few of the fires over the last three years is criminal.
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“Our Democracy“ is most definitely NOT at stake as our correct form of government is a Constitutional Republic, legislative branch being representative in nature. That’s the most asinine thing people are saying, as that shows they don’t have a fucking clue.
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Fucking asshole garbage monger! En Banc will most likely fuck over the rightful opinion of the 9th that this whole damn law is unconstitutional.
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The stupid fucking cunts here groveled at their feet and submitted too.
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rocketjoe79 says
Let's use NPR's numbers:

I live in California: we have about 40 million people. We have 700K "cases": this is a 1.75% case rate.
We have had about 13K deaths, or about 0.0325% deaths.
Since the beginning.
This is a pandemic?

Nationwide numbers: 1.8% case rate. Death rate: .055%
Again, this is a pandemic? The Spanish flu was a pandemic. This is a blip on the global scale.

Not to take away from your impact, but below are the numbers TPTB will say matter “, cause they are higher.

13,000 deaths out of 700k cases = 1.85% death/case rate.

That is still low as shit. But the crazies will want to talk down the .03% number. Also, the 13k death rate is the new “due to corona virus only count” or the total? I will have to look it up.

Instead of them wasting a shitload of time on a vaccine, what should be done occurring is development of a “predisposition to acute response/death due to COVID 19” test that can be administered to everyone so that an individual can choose how isolated they feel they need to be. Determine what self responsible safeguards they need to take to limit the threat to themselves.
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Exactly, cases are just people who have chosen to voluntarily be tested. Many people who have had it and been asymptomatic or felt maybe only one or two of the symptoms have most likely NOT gone and gotten tested. Therefore the actual death rate/infected case is even LOWER!
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Exactly, at some point “covid-19” related deaths have pulled forward or accelerated the deaths of certain individuals and we will most likely see a decrease in deaths relative to the average for a period of time.
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B.A.C.A.H. says
My niece is an Computer Science graduate working from home in that field in Davao City, Philippines, all the clients are American companies.

A couple of years she told me her take home pay was between $200-$300 per month.

Working from home. In Mindanao. For American customers.

Those folks have all the same computer skills we have here, know all the same platforms, etc.

So she has learned that she needs to work on her negotiating skills, yes?
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BayArea says
Rents in metro centers have dropped and suburban SFH are skyrocketing - never in a million years did I see this coming.

Record low interest rates + work from home making people want to be more comfortable at home.

Yes. What is awesome and hilarious at the same time is TPTB have instituted this shift at the direct opposition to their Agenda 21, Year 2030 bullshit ideologies.
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I guess I need a better monitor to see the beam? Good excuse to go find a nice HDR 4K ultrawide since working from home is now de rigueur.
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ad says
BayArea says
Ca exodus is a farce.

Sure people are leaving. But plenty are coming as housing prices show.

We'll see as California's population growth is trending lower for the last few years, even with its economy doing very well. It is projected to only grow from 40 million to 45 million over the next 30 years.


Sweet, so when do “white” people get minority privileges, entitlements, and hand-outs? Should not Latinx people be vilified and de-considered in what makes workplaces/communities/committees/institutions diverse as they are now the majority in CA and that’s essentially been what has happened to “white” people for the whole diversity push?
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Time to get the Recall NEWSOM train running full steam ahead.

Option to replace him? Major Williams :
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So essentially, cost of living in Boston or Detroit is just level 3 body armor, defensive training, bulletproofing your house/car, and carry weapon plus AMMO? Not bad.
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Maybe we need to import large quantities of our kind in groups that will settle neighborhoods and not put up with the hoodlum gang banger shit. Go vigilante on their ass. But then, prices on property will rise....
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Sweet, the stupid fucks who are buying EVs with the help of tax rebates and supplemented by carbon credit offset dollars are putting inertia behind this push. That shit needs to stop, it’s only intensifying the rabid ideologies of anti liquid fuel based transportation for the masses.

PSPS events and other unplanned outages of electricity will cripple a majority EV transportation fleet. But that they don’t care, the goal is more Fucking Control.
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rigidmember says
Headline from 2040:

Massive Quake Hits Hayward Fault Resulting In Power Outages For The Region. Officials Fear Power Will Not Be Restored For At Least Two Weeks. Outraged Residents Say They Cannot Obtain Basic Necessities Due To Not Being Able To Charge Their Cars.

Cannot get to work, doctors office, hospital, kids to school (hahahaha, like that will be back by 2040), parts for repair of their house, etc. The demand for large kW backup generation is going to go through the roof if people with EVs are going to want to be prepared.
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Everyone should avoid paying as much tax as legally possible. Don’t give the fucking gov goons anymore than you have to. Only Fucked Cucks feel otherwise and have no business setting policy and tax law as a consequence.
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WookieMan says
No thinking person should want federal taxes. That's why I've always found this topic silly. If you care about it, it's likely that you don't pay any federal taxes and are a loser and burden on our country. Go fucking produce and make some god damn money. Wake me up when you're throwing in $30-40k annually before you spout your mouth off.

Constitutionally speaking, there should be NO federal direct taxation of the people of the several States. All of that was to be paid for through import taxes, which what a fucking coincidence (not) would have helped protect jobs and production of goods in the Several States.
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TrumpingTits says
ForcedTQ says
Constitutionally speaking, there should be NO federal direct taxation of the people of the several States. All of that was to be paid for through import taxes, which what a fucking coincidence (not) would have helped protect jobs and production of goods in the Several States.

Nope. Direct taxation is allowed. Just has to be done according to apportionment. Exception to that rule is the carve out for income taxes.

Original Constitution. Read up on supporting documents. The people weren’t to be the source of revenue. Yes, laws and amendments have been implemented that have changed that
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Mark Levin has a pretty good segment on DJ last night, pretty much lit his ass on fire!
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Gotta come up with a five year exit plan. Not for me, but for those politicians and bureaucrats that are in the government and like this executive order.
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Congrats Ohomen! That has to be an awesome feeling! My wife and I are eagerly awaiting the payoff of our home note, even though it’s years in the future.
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Hey Kenji, the Federal Government is NOT supposed to “Help” people financially. Not people, not corporations, not anyone.
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joshuatrio says
Tenpoundbass says

Do you have a URL for this data??

This is important. Heard Mark Levin talking about this info on his radio show tonight. It’s going mainstream.
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It’s Idiocracy, only WORSE!
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epitaph says
krc says
How did Prop 13 "gut" public funding when we are easily in the top 5 per capita for highest tax burden? (by state)

Property taxes are used to pay for public infrastructure. Ever wonder why California has the worst roads in the nation?

CA has the worst roads due to the corruption, ineptness, and malfeasance associated with the spending of road taxes and the molested mis-allocation of other tax dollars where it shouldn’t be.

That’s not due to limiting the amount of property tax dollars the mother fuckers can collect.
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We have allowed the Federal Government to go beyond the bounds set in the constitution. We have allowed our State Governments to make Constitutions and ammendments to that do not agree with the Federal Constitution that the States set forth to create the Federal Government.
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Need M134 on turret with auto negotiating target system at the door. That might stop those fucks.
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Can’t wait for Gates to shut the fuck up, and for the public to recognize the real agenda that he is pushing.
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