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Everyday left is more and more insane
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AntiOcasioCortez says
The newest Taxes will help make all Republican get rich.

Farmers ARE Republicans, for the most part.

I think these days anyone who understands the word "freedom" is Republican.
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liberals are just easily offended wimps these days. back in the days none of this shit was called racism, it was just daily trash talk. you over-coddled babies don't know what racism is. Times writer needs to go cry to his mama.
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Don’t confuse one day of vacation with years of living there.

Aphroman says
Quigley says
Aphroman says
Bye Bye, Nigger Boy!

And he wonders why I’ve named him the biggest racist on Patnet. He hates Asians and white people and Arabs. Even zzyyzz just despises one race and he might have reason living in Baltimore.

What would be a good reason for someone living in Baltimore to hate black people?

I spent the last weekend in Baltimore at an Expo, didn’t see any reason why I’d say that it was good to be racist

I don’t hate any race

As an American, i know who the enemy is. American history isn’t your strong suit, huh?
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For short memory liberals.
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P N Dr Lo R says
Heraclitusstudent says
If she happens to be transgendered and communist, she wins a medal
And most significantly that medal is the Order of Lenin.

I'm pretty sure soviet communists would just throw someone like that into gulag. Even those people weren't that stupidly insane like modern liberals.
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CA got it bad too. Ever had a sensitivity training? Anything is harrassment as long as other person thinks it is. Even if they don't think it's harrassment, it may have been harrassment. It's so open ended, clearly created to make lawyer jobs more profitable.

When I was young, you could tell someone they dress well. Today, that's harassment. CA is fucking insane.

Now add millions of sensitive soy boys, feminists, tranny retards and reparation seeking minorities, whole culture goes to shit.
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Waving your dick in public isn’t free speech, it’s stupid.

LeonDurham says

So anti gun is SJW?
Pro abortion is SJW?
Free speech is now SJW?
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Poor kid will now get kicked out of all liberal clubs for speaking truth.
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Diversity has provided us 0 benefit, and only division.

It works only if the newcomers integrate, not demand America changes to accommodate them
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Screw due process, if woman accuses a man he’s guilty by default. Because women never lie.

All Hillary needed to do to win 2016 was claim Trump raped her. Instant win.
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Who is giving out licenses to illegals in CA? Hint, not Republicans.

Rocketmanjoe says
Patrick says
LeonDurham says
Which policies are those exactly?

Let's start with Democratic support for mass illegal immigration and government benefits for illegals.

Where is your proof for your statement?
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HEYYOU always gets celebratory when Americans get shot, yet somehow finds nothing wrong with that.
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That's flat out racist.
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Patrick says
mell says
Not the least surprised. It's time the Asians rise up ;)

Raise up to where? Asians are already in the majority in FB, GOOG, ORCL, AMZN, etc.

It is all the more impressive that Asians succeed without complaining much.

They simply work hard.

That makes them an embarrassment to all the bogus accusations of "racism" by groups that simply do not work as hard.

That won't matter. Facts don't matter.

Diversity is a mindset, there is no actual logical reasons for it.
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And liberals accuse Republicans of cheating...
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If someone doesn’t get sarcasm, they’d think we are a total left wing forum.
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There is nothing wrong with being legal migrant.

Problem is illegals. Lowers Americans wages, adds crime, grows welfare state. Remove birthright citizenship and add wall, problem solved.

And yes gay is wrong, and is a mental disorder. Strangely liberals champion it, probably because they too are mental.

Tim Aurora says
FortWayne says
It works only if the newcomers integrate, not demand America changes to accommodate them

If that is the case we should all start wearing buckskin dresses ( like American Indians ) and live in Tipi. My snide remark aside, in essence while to some extent correct, it is hard to understand what is American values besides free speech and adherence to the constitutions ( which has been amended multiple times to accommodate the changes) . Is homosexuality and abortion non American . I don't think so. Is being an environmentalist not correct? Or in a nation of immigrants , being an immigrant is now a pariah.

America has the right to stop any new immigration or make it based on some criterion ( such as education ) as long as those are not based on race, religion or skin color. Some immigrant classes are more integrate-able and education is one of the valid criterion. Other than th...
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Reagan created eVerify back in the 80s, to combat illegal hiring.

Rocketmanjoe says
FortWayne says
Who is giving out licenses to illegals in CA? Hint, not Republicans.

Who is not making e-verify the law of the land? Hint both Democrats and more over Republicans since they have the majority in both the house and the Senate.

Who is hiring unskilled foreign labor? Hint, Trump. Guess he doesn't love Americans enough to only hire Americans.
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There’s that deep state.
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She made shit up anyway.
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To be fair, Trump is 10 x more manly than every liberal combined.
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Real men aren’t liberal wimps either.

Tim Aurora says
FortWayne says
This isn’t fight for or anti abortion. It’s a fight of men vs feminist bitches.

You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.
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They just need to delay for 40 days and new elections can change results. It’s why Dems are pulling all the bullshit delay tactics now.

Automan Empire says
FortWayne says
She made shit up anyway.

If that's true, the story will fall apart early in the process. K is eager to attend Senate hearing, she is waffling on if/when she'll attend, is the latest. That sets a new, skeptical tone for the affair.
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Can he move already?
Booger says
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They all want a strong man who can protect them and provide for them. Feminists are just confused bunch rebelling against their own human instincts. It's like retarded, but not full retard like trannies.
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Now liberals will like him even more.
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Stalin was against Capitalism. Do u think he was onto something? Or do you prefer the workers socialist party?

See we can all draw parallels.

Rocketmanjoe says
Patrick says
They succeeded only as long as "diversity" did not infect the empire.

That's not how it worked out for Hitler, you remember him? He really was against diversity.
So you think Hitler was on to something? That's what it's sounding like to me.
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About time

Only government still requires education industrial complex indoctrination
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Variety of restaurants isn’t our strength.

Other countries have that too, yet still shitholes.

Diversity exists in shithole nations just the same. There is no benefit. It’s just neutral for most part. And destructive when it gets out of hand.

Rocketmanjoe says
Patrick says
Diversity weakens a country

@patrick Do you ever go out to eat? Do you only go to American restaurants? Me and my wife we go out to eat, we eat at Korean, Chinese, Italian, Mexican ... We have many diverse types of food to choose from. Wouldn't it suck if we didn't have a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from?

So why does our diversity of restaurants make this country weak?

Next, shoes. Wouldn't it suck if the only shoes we could buy are NIKE? Luckily we are able to choose from a diverse selection of brands.

Wouldn't it suck if you only had one stain of weed to choose from? But, no you don't, you have a diverse selection to choose from and that is what makes America great.

Diversity makes America great.

Politics have divided us. Keeping us from uniting as Americans. If people would just be honest and not just side with their te...
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If you are Republican when young, you have no heart.
If you are a Democrat when you are older, you have no brain.
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Empty threats from Dems. They’ll stonewall every appointment by Republicans.

Trump is great, he has balls to tell them to fuck off.
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You are so racist

Aphroman says
Dog Pile the Nigger Flogging?

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If this is allowed, there will never be a shortage of crazy chicks accusing everyone. This is why feminism is cancer. Someone needs to tell these stupid bitches to stfu and deal with it.

Can't wait for Trump to tell these people in NY accent to beat it.
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Crazy chicks are for some reason all on the left, fantasizing about being with real men on the right.
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Now 2 bullshit accusers. Crazy Dems really pushing to derail, so they could appoint another feminist nut.
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Couldn’t delay it back then enough to stop it. Now they only need 35 days and elections can disrupt it.

LeonDurham says
So if this is all a left wing conspiracy, why were there no accusers against Gorsuch?

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