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Any monetary system that puts a third party between buyer and seller is apt to have issues when a person who loves control gets to be in charge.
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I heard a legal "expert" on the radio today. He said the the Constitution is VERY clear about all voters being treated the same. Mail in ballot voters were not vetted the same way in person voters were. This is a clear difference in the way they were treated. Mail in ballots must be tossed. That's what he said anyway.
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I feel sorry for you that you think there is a pandemic to escape from.
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Polls? How are we able to know what the racial makeup of the vote is?
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You might as well be talking Chinese.
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Should Trump declare some type of act (sedition) that allows him to override the fraudulent election?
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Tenpoundbass says
Karloff says
Typical for those clowns. A whole slew of accomplices, but a complete lack of ethics and brains.

I think the Mobsters they outsourced didn't want to give them that much power so they left the down ticket choices blank.
What was the DNC operatives going to do, reject delivery at 1am November 4th?

Maybe they were paid per ballot filled out and they simply skipped everything put the presidency.
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NoCoupForYou says
ANOTHER Flipped HR seat. But Trump totally lost the election, legit bro, seriously, c'mon man.

C'mon man, nobody will ever really know the truth. But logically, does it REALLY make sense that Dementia Joe won? Third time's the charm?
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WillPowers says
An apparent confrontation between a man in a vehicle and another man on a sidewalk holding a flag supportive of President Donald Trump likely did not end the way the driver intended.

At one point the man holding the flag appears to jump back while the man in the vehicle accelerates as if trying to get away.

Video on Twitter:

Article on BizPacReview:

Hey, the driver looks like NoCoupForYou
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I just sent an email.
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WHERE ARE THE WINS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sikhguy says
Eric Holder says
sikhguy says
there is no denial that there are "white fringe elements" in republican party who are racist

There is no denial there are fringe elements of any skin color in any group of people who a racist, duh.

I don't deny it. If the fringe becomes mainstream, First to bear the brunt is Sikhs because of our appearance.

You may not feel that way I do.

Soooooooo, you like diversity or you do not like diversity? You think this will ever change? C'mon man.
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sikhguy says
white nationalist use race as weapon and so do leftists.
which side are you on?

I am not on either side and Govt has no business beyond safeguarding the well being of public irrespective of diverse looks.
Govt does need to protect from discrimination but not affirmative action.

My point is, diversity is not a strength. Racism will always be there and is why it is used against the people. You cannot deny the democrats use racism.
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porkchopexpress says
Watch this. Trump knows what he has. The real stuff hasn't even come out yet.

Watch Pompeo's reaction. He knows the cards that Trump has. This is a done deal. Now it's a matter of containing the civil unrest that will result and watching high level officials squeal for immunity.

Didn't this happen a couple years ago?
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If Trump, Powell and Rudy are bluffing, it will make them look like dumbfucks for sure. It would ruin any good Trump has done even. They had better have something.
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just_passing_through says
WineHorror1 says
Tenpoundbass says
Those using the Racist canard will be the ones going to jail. And by time this comes out, Trump will start shutting down Media that a danger to our National Security.

You talk a lot of shit about this. If you end up being correct, I will gladly eat much crow.

More than 300 newspapers were shut down, most of them Democratic papers that were ... criticized President Abraham Lincoln for allowing such widespread constraints on ... his administration arrested more than 14,000 political prisoners and.

Abraham Lincoln and Press Suppression Reconsidered:

Oh, it can definitely happen!

TenPounder keeps talking like Trump is going to win. Like it is already a given. He's talking lots of trash (cheerleading). If Trump does end up in a 2nd term, no matter how he makes that happen, I will gladly eat lots of crow.
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NoCoupForYou says
Have some more, same episode:

She says she has clear evidence that each Democrat got an extra 35k votes in a certain swing state and wouldnt be surprised if it occured nationwide.

She also stated that she will blow up Georgia first and that Kemp and SoS should be investigated. She also stated it will be biblical! AMEN! Protect her at all costs

She also stated Bernie was a victim of dominion and he found out and still sold out. He got money and bought another house.

She is certain John James and Doug Collins wouldve won the Senate seats

She says that she can wait a month if she wanted to and the fraud case she has would overturn the certification of states.

She says that the machines were altered past the deadline and would invalidate votes cast by them

Interview right now from Newsmax

I will have no problem eating a ton of crow if you are correct. I will accept any and all harassment you throw my way.
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NoCoupForYou says
Dbr6 says
don't want to rain on any parades, but this is too good to be true. I'd bet @NoCoupForYou 500 bucks vs 100 that Trump will not win Georgia (if he wins, I pay 500; if he does not win, NoCoupForYou pays 100).

Too many damn hungry kids who eat me out of house and home.

I'll take an election bet, $20 to a charity of choice, that Trump is in the White House as President come May 1, 2021. (There might be a shitload of legal wrangling)

EDIT: Year Typo

You're backtracking?
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NoCoupForYou says
Backtracking what? I put in "2020" by mistake, obviously Trump was president in May 2020. Fixed it to 2021.

Gotcha. So why say May? Why not January? You honestly think if Biden is inaugurated in January, Trump would still have any chance to be prez in May? Wow
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NoCoupForYou says
GlocknLoad says
Gotcha. So why say May? Why not January? You honestly think if Biden is inaugurated in January, Trump would still have any chance to be prez in May? Wow

I forget the legal term, V-something, but if something is found to be fraudulent, it's cancelled right back to the beginning. There's no chance the Court will rule the election fraudulent, but allow the fraudulent party to remain with the fruits of it.

It probably won't be that long.

You are confusing. Are you saying Trump will be in office in 2021 or not?
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sikhguy says
porkchopexpress says
Conflict of interest. Sidney is about to turn this thing into a giant criminal conspiracy involving the CIA, high level politicians and Dominion. Trump can't be supporting that effort so his legal team is focused on the ballot fraud, shredding envelopes, dismissing pollworkers, etc.

That can be plausible reason that they figure out now, But before she was seen with Trump team.But some sites are saying that she don’t have the goods to prove her allegations.

Man I hope truth comes out. All the issues in our republic is secrecy and back dealing of ruling classes and not serving people.

Yes, it is very sad. At one time, America really was a great country but like any other large institution/entity/establishment/group, it will eventually take a turn for the worse. I believe this for all countries. I too, hope this ship gets turned back around toward greatness. The world sure could use better governments all over the globe.
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I just read that Trump has authorized the Biden transition.
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Learn me please: if the Sheriff won't, will the popo?
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Anything, and I mean anything, is possible with this government now.
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This is exactly why diversity is NOT a strength in any society. It will always be used to cause strife. Not only that but THERE ARE differences in the races.
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Spoof or no spoof, now is not the time to be thankful. Speaking of thankfulness during a time of great tyranny seems like appealing to your oppressors. My liberal daughter (21) is on the side of the oppressors and making home life unhappy.
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Shaman says
If my bank can entrust online banking to an app on my fucking iphone, with fingerprint ID and a personalized passcode, why can’t we have a similar app for voting?

Yes and no. Banking and voting are different in 1) Like the comment above..."Who counts the votes" is what matters and 2) If a bank gets ripped off for millions of dollars, you never hear about it. The bank simply gets the money back from somewhere. Ever have to report fraud to your bank because of a CC purchase you did not make? Fill out the report and, bingo, your money is back in your account in no time. I do not know where the money comes profits? What about millions of dollars hacked out of an account? Where does that money come from?
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just_passing_through says
porkchopexpress says
High level Civilian DoD officials getting fired, including Henry Kissinger. Serious shit is going down as we speak.

True story.. See 4:30:

Aren't Kissinger and Albright both about 900 years old?
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HeadSet says
I noticed that above graphic uses terms like "Estate Agents" and "News Readers." This makes it sound like it was British. And now I see the note at the bottom saying it is British.

You're not saying Americans don't feel the same way, are you?
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Robert Sproul says
...Insane Left and Burn it All Down as we all kind of know they would do.

IMO, the answer to this is Trump and the GOP coming out if/when the left start Burning Looting and Murdering again to tell the Patriots to come out and defend the country. I have no doubt who would win. BUT, let the democrat shithole cities, towns and states burn to the fucking ground.
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I Am Legend.
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Yes, Donald, take back America now. And please MAGA a little bit harder.
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Ok, I'll bite. I don't get it.
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Why does anyone use these companies?
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NoCoupForYou says
Using the military to distribute the vaccine.

Also means the military will be deployed to strategic locations. And I'm certain MPs will be deployed among the medics for security of the facilities they occupy. In strategic locations.


It would be a stroke of genius. Trump could be that smart.
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I am a real estate photographer in the DC area. A few thoughts...

1) I meet a lot of people in a lot of different industries.
2) The best part about my business is talking to interesting people.
3) The closer these people work to Covid, the MUCH more likely they are to NOT mask. This includes
nurses. I have met at least 4 nurses who did not mask. For example: Just this week I met one person
who works for a company called atcc (it's a bio company) and she, her children, the agent and myself
were not maskers. Another example: Just this week, I met a man, his wife and his children (children are
always home of course) were not maskers. He works for the DOD in the division that deals with nuclear
and chemical warfare. Both of these people impressed upon me that this is way overblown. They did not
say those exact word.
4) An agent I spoke with just today, said she, her mother, father, husband and child all got the wuflu.
All of them are fine. She said she got it the worst.
5) Whenever I ask someone who had the wuflu what was it like, all I ever hear is "It was terrible".
6) I've had the flu 3 times in my life. Each time I was bedridden for at least 4 days. The last time it
was a whole week. Each time "It was terrible".
7) Every time I had the flu, the symptoms lingered for another week AFTER I was able to go back to work.
8) I still have not heard the difference between the wuflu and the types of flu that I've had.
My symptoms were headaches so bad it felt like my eyes were going to pop out when I coughed
sneezed or blew my nose. I could not get any good sleep because it was hard to breath from
congestion. My lungs and chest felt like they were on fire.
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NoCoupForYou says
You know shit's real when the new Weekend Press Secretary is introduced:

Please Trump, enlist this man. He would be perfect for the job. Much good times.
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B.A.C.A.H. says
Maybe they do work, ie partially effective. Maybe the surge would be worse without the mask wearing.

Uh, what if the masks make it worse? More proof that it makes it worse if the wuflu gets worse in areas where more people are masking. Duh.
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