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Looks like Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Kaved and Krapped on the Kav.
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Goran_K says
Was it worth it Dems?

Dems are gonna use this to say reps are anti-women and they need to be voted out.
I'm sure it was worth it for them.
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Quigley says
they feel like he’s doing an effective job in the current political/media climate.

Obviously you are not hanging out with people outside your bubble. Half the population at least not only despises the Trump character but also his actions such as tax cuts for the rich, separation of children from parents, white-nationalists tendencies on immigration, and constant degradation of women.
They will feel super energized by the added Kav insult, that they will see as proof positive of "the war on women".

socal2 says
If the dishonest Dems can savage a fucking Mormon boy-scout like Mitt Romney as being a racist and anti-woman (binders full of women) - who cares what they say anymore?

Obviously you don't care. Just not the case for everyone.
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Goran_K says
Well, let's be honest. If you're not some brain dead partisan hack, Ford is about as unbelievable as they come.

Unless you are some brain dead republican partisan hack, she is totally believable.
This board is a right wing echo bubble. Don't believe each others, you are not representing what people think. Just listen to someone like Sam Harris (frequently critical of SJW) on the subject.
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Goran_K says

Doesn't remember when it happened?
Where it happened?
Who was there when it happened?

Yeah, totally believable.

30+ years would remember the exact day?
And ruins her life reporting this now just because she is that kind of masochist?

While Kav was a self reported drunk and ass in college, obviously lied on some details, and had otherwise no incentives to lie about what happened?

Don't bother arguing with me. You can go on many forums or read articles: It's clear that many people do believe it and they are not more partisan than many people on this board.
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mell says
What?? This was one of the most unbelievable accusations that I have ever listened to.

Yeah... some drunk boy in college would grope some girl... totally unbelievable... Couldn't happen. Period.
You guys give too much credit to the echos you hear in your bubble.
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mell says
Grope? Nobody said anything about groping - this was about "sexual assault" "covered my mouth" "I thought he was going to kill me" shit. And no, not one of my male friends and acquaintances throughout life has even done that to a woman, drunk or not. Yes, I don't believe her, but it is "possible" of course. Many things are possible.

Yeah, rough handle, whatever.... that makes it far less likely. Your male friends are a rich statistic.
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Movements end when they go too far.
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Don't argue with me. I give it a 60% chance she is not lying. And I really don't care. The uncertainty is just large.
People who say she almost certainly lying, and those who say she almost certainly isn't, are putting their egos in partisan places. This affects their judgements. imho.
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What you can say is that in any case she shouldn't stand there with hearsay 30 yrs after the facts if she couldn't open a mouth before that.
This is clearly not a viable way of doing things.
But that's a totally different argument.
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Right, because with her name, no one knows her, and no one would find her...

I think death threats were sadly utterly predictable.
This makes her story more credible: The incentives are just not there to ruin your life for a long past story, you can't prove, unless you are honestly horrified at the prospect of this guy being on the supreme court.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Dems turned this into a Jerry Springer show.

Yeah or that was the reps with Clinton. At least she didn't come forward with a 30 yrs old still stained blue dress.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Winston Churchill.

This is how extreme the Left has become.

What was the quote and why is he feeling forced to apologize?
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CBOEtrader says
Because he is living in a pre-trump america wherein you must fear the PC mob. They are still scary, can attack you in a restaurant or on the street, can get you fired for no reason, can keep you from getting hired, and can launch baseless #metoo accusations against you... but at least Trump is slowly slaying the dragon.

What? "In victory, magnanimity."? Why did it offend anyone?

Someone needs to have the balls to oppose that.
If you feel you don't have anything to apologize for, then don't apologize.
Let the nuts go too far and look like nuts.
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Incidentally is it not what Jordan Peterson is famous for?: "no, sorry, I'm not gonna take it". At the possible cost of his career.
Joe Rogan typically answers the crowd: "You can kiss my ass".
I think the reaction when you do that the mob is more puzzled than aggressive. And you get some support too.

Of course you have to be on moral ground to start with.
If people really think Kav has used force against women, then they have a right to be against him being in the supreme court.
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Is US billionaires financing their pet political agendas the same as Russian meddling?

In other words: is the word "subvert" justified here, or is this agenda and the Koch's agenda legitimate US political projects?
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What about this bunch?
"The Athens (Ohio) Messenger reported Whipple’s postgame remarks about the officiating crew: “We had a chance late, with 16 down, and they rape us, and he picks up the flag. So our guys fought. They have a good team and they were home, and I thought our guys were certainly ready to play because we went up 14-nothing. We just have to get ready for next week. We didn’t make enough plays to beat a team like that.”

UMass Director of Athletics Ryan Bamford said in a statement released by the university last night, “On behalf of our department, I deeply apologize for the comments made by head coach Mark Whipple on Saturday after our game at Ohio. His reference to rape was highly inappropriate, insensitive and inexcusable under any circumstance. Coach Whipple’s comments don’t reflect the values of this institution, our athletics department or football program. Mark is disappointed in himself and understands his serious error in judgment.”"
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As far as rape goes, the majority of rapes victims in the US are men and no one cares. So when talking to pussy hats, the best argument is:
- "Ok, let's start by solving the prison rape problem. It's easy, it's a controlled environment."
If this does get approvals
- "why don't you care about the suffering of most rape survivors?".
That's a morally impregnable position - albeit one that unveils a level of widespread hypocrisy on this subject.
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Though there are old style nazis too.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Emotional Support

Keep in mind: in case of war, people from gen Z will be manning the trenches to defend the country.
One wonders: will they take their pet squirrels with them?

"Emotional support": this is not just a sign of emotional inadequacy: This country is failing to reproduce, failing to educate, and in the end failing to produce competent human beings.
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WookieMan says
Reproduction is coming. It's just delayed 5-10 years compared to boomers and those older than that.

With something like 40% of working women not having kids at 40. I know many of them. It's not coming.
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Republicans' Emotional Support clothing- MAGA hats.

... and guns.
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Regardless of age, and say what you want, but this degree of emotional dependence on an animal is pathological, and the willingness to impose extra burdens on everyone else because "OMG MY FEELINGS ARE SOOOO IMPORTANT" is just pathetic.
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HeadSet says
The idea that a population must continuously grow is absurd on its face

Is it?
How many examples of economies do we have that have stagnated without becoming conformist, sclerotic and eventually dying? How many organisms in nature stop growing and continue to do well for long?
Have you read the book "Scale"?
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
That's why Mars and the Moon, bitchez.

Exactly, that's we continue to grow.
We won't stop at 500 millions.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
They don't care if French workers pay the high rents, or the government pays it on behalf of refugees

The landlords are part of an economy that seeks to continue to grow, while manufacturing is leaving. And once you have 65 millions for an area the size of CA, it starts to feel pretty tight.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Another issue is that left parties are no longer interested in actual workers

Though France actually has real socialists - even communists. They are animated by their good heart and so not against immigration. They are against development too, so building is not liked.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
seem to want to destroy the whole fucking thing - so long as it happens after they die.

I'm not sure they are clear on the fact that civilization is not indestructible, and they may be the first surprised when the stuff they take for granted suddenly goes away.
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HeadSet says

I was clearly talking about limiting population within the geographical boundaries of the USA, not the universe. If humankind can find (or terraform) inhabitable spots in outer space, I say go for it.

In the meantime, we'll grow on earth.

The big unknown here is AI: if AI takes off and we can decouple the economy from human population, then maybe... I'm not sure economy is sufficient.

Patrick says
Japan remains quite rich, safe, and stable. The reason is mainly that almost everyone there is Japanese.

Humm... also because they export a lot of stuff and also because they keep borrowing stupendous amounts of money, just to stay in the same place.
I doubt we can say Japan is doing well as a society. Their youths don't look very inspired.
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Well we don't have the technology to survive space radiations or even low gravity. We're as good as stuck here.
As long as this is the case, we're facing the double threat of no growth on one side, and too much growth on the other. We're gonna hit one of these 2 walls this century, unless Elon Musk smokes enough pot to get us out or AI does it without killing us.
I don't know why global warming is seen as a bigger threat.
Maybe I'm wrong.
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Feminists don't get to define what "male culture" looks like.
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Oh no!... one more ad hominem narrative of the republican attack machine is collapsing.
Who would have guessed?
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CBOEtrader says
Lol, so they are estimating that one of her relatives 8 generations ago was american indian, Haha Haha. What is that, .3%?

1 drop rule. hehe...
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Of course it is proof. Europeans don't get native Americans DNA by sharing their food.
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It's funny to see right wingers hate this woman so much they desperately want to believe she lied once, like 30 years back.
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CBOEtrader says
My dad went to high school there. I still have cousins living there and I didnt claim heritage because it would take away from someone in need.

Now you are moving the goal post: ok... she was entitled to make the claim... but she shouldn't have for moral reasons.

When put in comparison to Trump's actual business practices, this is not even the same ballpark. This is like a speeding ticket 30 yrs ago.
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rdm says
Now he says he never said it but there is a video of it.

Trump is spewing enough BS to fertilize the Sinai.
But Pacahontas, there, is an evil woman.
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But at least Trump's trade war is helping the TRADE deficit, right?...
Turns out tax cuts are very bad for trade deficits. A lot of it goes to China:
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curious2 says
Deficits are the one thing both major parties appear to agree on.

I think most people agree to have a larger budget deficit during recessions, and then decrease it as the economy grows.
Most people, except Trump that is: big tax cut in an end of cycle growing economy.... because? Need to prolong that cycle until after 2020.
Screw the country. Trump needs this personally.

curious2 says
The function of TDS is to prevent people from discussing the merits of different policies.

The function of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) was to cause republicans to go bersek and create the tea party when Obama ran a deficit during a deep recession.
Now the same people are A-ok with big deficits in a booming economy.
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Pocahontas released her DNA test.
Obama, his birth certificate.
Where are Trump tax records?

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