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mell says
The company pps goes up on purchases

Here's the problem. pps does not go up on purchases. Sometime it goes up, sometimes it goes down and rarely it stays flat. THIS IS NOT A HARD CONCEPT.
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Goran_K says
Most leftist are 3 days without food away from eating their friends and killing their families for nourishment.

This is nonsense. Leftist can't conceive of a world where they would need to eat their friends or kill their families. Rightists, on the other hand, with their guns and canned goods are ready to do whatever they need to survive. I've watched Doomsday Preppers; I know.
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Tenpoundbass says
Time Magazine called for replacing white people with brown people.

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Yes, Venezuela is the end state of a leftist philosophy.

Just like Zimbabwe is the end state of a rightist philosophy.

Both are nonsense. Do you know the real commonality between these two failed states? Here's a hint. It's the same problem that is threatening the US and every other state.
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It's almost as if Democratic voters aren't the stereotypes commonly described with much venom as 'the Left'. This article must be fake news.
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Two conflicting thoughts on Trudeau.

He's definitely being a hypocrite on the misconduct toward women. Based on how he treated his cabinet ministers, he should be stepping down post haste.

On the other hand, being accused of being weak for standing up to Trump after he unilaterally imposed tariffs in the middle trade negotiations makes me sympathetic. He's looking a little tougher than Bambi. I'm no fan of 'Shiny Pony', but he's getting a boost in the polls based on standing up to the international bully. The anti-bullying stance is big now in Canada.

It will be very interesting to see if Trudeau can sweep away the allegations. His cabinet ministers were small fry, so no problem sinking them. But he's a PM. On the other hand, there's some pretty big names go down to the 'me too' movement. I think on the whole I'd like to see him resign and an election called.
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drB6 says
He is spending country into bankruptcy, which somehow perfectly aligns with both parties efforts.

Democrats and Republicans hold hands and sing together in perfect harmony "spend, spend, spend, spend, spend...." As a fiscal conservative, pretty much every government on the face of the planet is a disappointment.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
I love and believe in our republic. I love the constitution and what it stands for. I abhor the slavery and segregation that existed in our past and I want EVERYONE to have the best of what America and individual freedoms can provide for. I'm a Republican with libertarian leanings.

You can't be a Republican. Every one knows they're a bunch of racist old white men that love slavery and segregation, think every (male) toddler should have his own gun, and the rich have a right to get richer while the poor have a right to get poorer. I think there might be similar stereotypes for Liberals.
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lostand confused says
The point is we may be at a tipping point at unhinged hate. You liberals cannot accept your utter hate.

You sound like you hate all liberals, almost in an unhinged way. Have you considered that not everyone who votes liberal has the same values as the republicans assign to them? Maybe if both sides increase the rhetoric and repeat the talking points fed by the parties the situation will improve.
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mell says
The more people see the derangement level of the leftoids the sooner we can get back to reasonable debates and civility, and - most important - free speech.

You call people leftoids, and then hope for reasonable debate and civility. Good luck.
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lostand confused says
Nope. I worry about what they may do to this country.

That sounds like something a liberal would say. They're always worried about what republicans may do to this country. It's almost as if both parties are using fear as a weapon.
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mell says
Liberals is a misnomer anyways, most people labeled Liberals are actually leftoids.

Liberals are leftoids. Germans were gerry during WW2. Vietnamese were gooks. Koreans were zipper heads. It's important to dehumanize your opponents in war, and politics apparently.
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The biggest stereotype on the Simpsons is the lazy, stupid, balding white male. Haven't heard any complaints on that one. Rewriting the Simpsons so as not to offend anyone is impossible.
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What is Melvyn smoking to come up with such unfounded hyperbole? No facts, just a bunch of histrionics. Apparently the hot house flowers on the right can't handle heartfelt opposition. Perhaps a safe space so they won't feel so threatened?

That's probably the answer. A safe space for the right and a safe space for the left. Those of us that haven't gotten sucked into the party talking points and the hardening of opinions can go about living our lives normally. Without all the fear mongering and angst of the left and right.
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FortWayne says
Saving us farming from Chinese communist assault. I approve.

So why does US farming need saving? Are the Chinese farmers that much more efficient? Or is there some inherent advantage of Communism that needs explaining? In case you're unaware, one of the tenets of Capitalism is competition, where weaker producers fail. Protecting the weak is very un-Capitalistic. Does this financial package prove Trump is a Socialist? (I think I'm getting the hang of hyperbole that is so popular right now.)
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Cut the cord several years ago. Signed up with a smaller ISP and saved big. Saying FU to the big guys felt good.
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pwagner says
You might be happier with a dumb TV and hooking your computer to it.

A PC that can run basic streaming services is pretty basic, and therefor cheap. Had a smart TV and it was stupid. Just used it as a monitor after resetting the WIFI dozens of times.
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Goran_K says
Anyone care to guess her political affiliation?

Yet another reason to dismiss liberals. I'm sure the liberal party is providing reason for their adherents to dismiss republicans too. As Jordan Peterson has pointed out, the divide in American politics is growing wider and more rigid. Good job complying Goran. Do you think the Russians are enjoying this?
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The Trump plan is not driving down wages. It just isn't doing anything to stop the trend. I doubt there is much that any lefty or righty policy can do. The 1% are doing well by it though.
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RafiMaas says
How do we know she didn't vote for Trump?

I'm sure she was liberal. Goran is thorough enough to get this right, but it's not the point. Just because someone who happens to be liberal does something stupid doesn't mean that the stupid has anything to with being liberal. There are plenty of people doing stupid stuff, and roughly half of them can be attributed to either party. Goran is just helping to use this fact to divide the US, much to the pleasure of Russia.
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It's clear that US farmers need a safe space under Trump's skirt, protected from the reality of the real world. China, Canada, Europe and everybody else is out to get them as Trump has clearly identified. It's time to reject Capitalism and start winning bigly! If it works for Socialist China, it will work for Socialist US.
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Okay, so you're going for the divisive thing too. Got it.
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Goran_K says
What does medicare for all (aka Universal Health Care, aka single payer) mean? It means exactly what it says.

You realize the US is the only first world country without extensive government health care. About 30% of US people do have government insurance too. You're not only sharing the world with socialists, including the US's closest allies, but 30% of the way there yourself.
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It seems, going back to the original post, that no deal has been struck. There's some verbal agreements, but the real deal making is still on going. We'll have to wait to see the full details.

"A working group of senior advisers will meet to facilitate trade and lower barriers. The two sides pledged to refrain from new trade restrictions during those negotiations."
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Heraclitusstudent says
This doesn't prove your contention that the entire left half of the country is like this.

It's not any more likely that you're going to over ride his right wing programming than convince an antifa member that whites are just swell. He hates leftoids; he'll need a lot more than exchanges on a forum to convince him that not everyone who isn't part of his Team isn't evil. The Russians must be laughing at what a great job the Democratic and Republican parties are doing dividing the country with their messaging.
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CBOEtrader says
You consider a pro-western culture group with Jewish, black, latino, and gay members to be nazis?

Ummm, both parties can make that claim. They both have voters of various backgrounds. And if pro-Western means in the pocket of big business, then both parties fit that description as well. You need to look behind both curtains.
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CBOEtrader says
"The radical ( nonsensical) left have become everything that they claim to be fighting against, and they really couldn’t care less about the collateral damage they cause to innocent peripheral entities. They actually seem to revel in the harm that they inflict.

Here's some progress. Can you admit that the radical left and the left are not the same thing? That the average person on the left isn't exited about collateral damage and revels in harm. If so, maybe you're not a lost cause.
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CBOEtrader says
Howdy, try again without the personal BS.

I'd say my post was challenging your belief system, not attacking you personally. But if you need to censor it, I'll leave you to your safe space.
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HeadSet says
Imagine how much water it takes to maintain all that green grass.

Imagine how much energy it takes to get the water that high.
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Okay, so Trump says you need picture ID to buy groceries. I've never had to do so, and I have bought groceries many times with cash and credit. I can't understand why Trump said it. Maybe one of his staff messing with him?

But what really amazes me are the attempts to defend it, to make it somehow true. Or to deflect. I like to think that sometime in the not to distant past that Liberals wouldn't be attacking so hard on this and Republicans wouldn't have been so adamant in defending. And the Russians laugh as the US tears itself apart.
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socal2 says
What amazes me is how some people fail to see the simple TRUISM Trump was obviously pointing out - that you need a freaking ID to participate in virtually everything in the 21st century.

First the defence.

socal2 says
But by all means, die on this hill. Add "NO ID" to the long list of Liberal crazy platforms this midterm election.

And then the deflect.
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"“Many of us have taken each one 3-4 times each,” she wrote in an email. “There seems to be a magic number of about 4 times per test before Pearson ‘passes’ you.”"

"Steele said she attended a training session to help her pass the math exam: “I sat and cried in this training with TONS of other beginning teachers who can’t pass these tests.” She’s expecting her scores on her latest attempt at the end of this week. Between retesting and test-prep classes, “these test are costing new teachers hundreds and thousands of dollars,” she said."

Pearson seems to have found a great revenue stream here.
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CBOEtrader says

Read the thread wherein people need ID's to buy groceries. Noone was suggesting you always or even usually need IDs to buy groceries. Sometimes, you do. Pretty simple.

Someone was suggesting you always need ID to buy groceries.

"“You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card, you need ID. ..."
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Patrick says
"TDS is a terrible thing" is not personal, so don't mark those.

The very concept of TDS implies that anyone who disagrees with Trump has a mental disorder. It dehumanizes people and dismisses anything they say. It's contrary to productive debate (as are so many other things happening right now.) I challenge Patnet posters to give up using TDS in the spirit of productive discussion.
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You'll have to decode that one socal2.
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CBOEtrader says
This is true in some situations, which is why he said it.

Read or listen to what Trump said. If you use the word 'need' without 'sometimes', then you can't say it is true in some situations. I've noticed when someone screws up, it stays in memory much longer when they make excuses than when they admit it and move on.

You're not doing Trump any favours.
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Strategist says
I'm also willing to bet accusations of racism will soon emerge from these tests. It always does.

It's quite possible that accusations of racism will come up. We'll have to wait and see. That doesn't mean that Pearson isn't gaming the system to increase profits. I know this is unlikely as a car company hiding faulty ignition switches because the math said it would be more profitable, but it could happen.
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CBOEtrader says
However, not sure how else to explain a broad display of idiocy from today's left regarding anything trump. This is the most brainwashed Ive ever seen my fellow americans. It is at times appropriate to point out

And the left is saying the exact same thing about you. This is, to my mind, the biggest problem. Both sides are dismissing each other. There is a thread right now showing some of the crazy racist stuff that Trump supporters are doing. They aren't representative, but the radical left accepts that they are just the same way you are accepting the worst of the left as being representative of the left as a whole.

The Russians are laughing
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Strategist says
How would they have to game the system to increase profits?

They make the test more difficult that is necessary so the teachers have to try several times to pass. Why make $100 when you can make $300-400 per teacher. There's reference to test preparation products as well.
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