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The loan lady said in her closing comments, "Loan Officers are your friends."

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At the end of this BS session, the mortgage company announced that you need two months of reserves on hand in order to close. Two months? In today's world, that should be two years.
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BayArea says
I also don’t understand all the 15yr loan hype.

Life is unpredictable, get the 30yr and if you choose, pay it off as a 15yr (or a 10yr, or whatever duration you want)

Fuck the tiny interest rate difference between the two.

Good point. A 30-year will also give you some breathing room if you run into some financial issues.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Give the rest of your money and investments to darkies. Just hand it over.

Excellent suggestion 👌.
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Triumph is the greatest! Those chicks were Hot. I'd do them doggie style.

Here is hoping that Triumph has lots of material with Uncle Joe and Aunt Jemima.
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Triumph with the DNC. Funny as hell !!!!! :-)

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Wonder if he has had his surgery yet?
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I'm a Baby Boomer.

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I got to have lunch and a tour of Facebook when I was working in the Bay area. I wasn't all that impressed.
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This might be before your time:

We have an obligation to say NO to illegal orders.
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Bring in those H1-Bs. ☹️
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I've slept in the back of a deuce and a half when I was out in the field. No big deal.

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Living in a former Nazi Barracks. The mid-1970s. Good times.

Augsburg, Germany
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Karloff says
Dems actually hate black people. Their policies scream this.

History has the Dems as racists.
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I'm amazed at houses going pending after only a couple days on the market. Unless the property is a exceptional deal, no way would I be buying right now.
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I agree 💯 percent.

BTW, try taking a class in American History at a local community college. The so called Progressive Democrats today were anything but back in the day. Come to think of it, the Dems are still pretty racist.
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A former neighbor of mine lasted a year before going back to LA. I'm in San Antonio.

His wife hated Texas.
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Super Bowl? After watching the pre-game, they should call it the PC Bowl.

Let's see how many knees are on the ground during the National Anthem.

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Dr. V talking about Corvid-19 and the Super Bowl.
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clambo says
Evidently Biden doesn’t talk alone now.

Uncle Joe did not seem to be very sharp.
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mell says
They do. It's in their DNA. Looking good, talking (often lying) and selective fucking guaranteed.

I've never heard of selective fucking. (I'm single)
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I'm glad that San Antonio invested (40%) in nuclear power. I hope they build South-Texas-3 and South-Texas-4 as well.

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Water is still out in San Antonio. Power is back.
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Das Fuehrer.

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Two reasons. One, the Church doesn't understand what sin really is. Two, they don't understand the concept of grace, unmerited favor.
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How can the liberals keep a straight face?
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MAGA says
How can the liberals keep a straight face?

Oops, I said straight. :-(
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What was left of my car after a drunk driver hit me head-on. I spent 4+ months in the hospital.

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just_passing_through says
That's the thing about San Antonio. Lots and lots of drunks on the road at night. Maybe I'm making an assumption and that didn't happen in TX?

Louisville (Fort Knox) Kentucky.
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Ceffer says
promiscuous pig sex

I'm "interested.". 😍😅
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I got my first shot (moderna) yesterday. So far, its only sore where they poked me. I take my second shot 30 days from now. I'm 68-years-old and a disabled veteran. I work in a VA Hospital, around patients. I have to take the vaccination or I can't work with patients. Our nurses tell me the second shot is the hard one to take.
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What a surprise......
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Mothers were druggies?
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Where are the Father's of these wayward kid's?
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Patrick says
Our modern-day book burners have a lot more in common with Hitler than they seem to realize.

Good point.
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