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You try to explain to the msm watchers, that when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court declines to participate in this mockery, he is going to rule it unconstitutional.

Your comments are insta-zapped, as that is not part of the narrative.

Go ahead give it a try.
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It's going to get progressively harder for the Gestapo. Within a few months there will be what 60-70 million vaccinated. Tough to keep the lockdowns going and the mask mandates in force. Unless, of course, the vaccines figgin' don't work.

Then there will be some splainin' to do.
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Hunter must have ties to American Universities.
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Cut the teachers some slack. First, most of them don't want to teach this "woke" shit that they are being forced to teach. They don't want to do actual work (yes, standing up in front of students and getting them to learn while babysitting a huge number of them is work), while the administrators play around with moving paper around especially when tons of the parents ain't working.

Also, they can read the info on their pensions 25% in stocks, 25% in private equity (ponzi schemes) and 50% in junk bonds (also ponzi schemes). They know their pensions simply don't exist.

There is simply no upward mobility available for the vast majority of their students and that's for the ones that can speak English. Added to that 20% of the school's budget is spent on kids with disabilities (don't get me wrong the kids are nice kids but a huge waste of resources).

It's hard to stay positive even without the prospects of job loss.
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HeadSet says
Eric Holder says
Didn't they report losses last quarter? Doesn't killing tens of thousand accounts mean more losses? This is a fucking public company eroding shareholder value. Where is the fucking board? Asleep at the switch?

They are like CNN. Does not matter if they lose money, management will be compensated by outsiders who want the propaganda to keep going.

Just like what happened to CNN. When they lose enough money the intelligence agencies will just have AT&T buy them out.
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WookieMan says
porkchopexpress says
50% of Black women have herpes

Well that's an interesting factoid.. lol. Believable.

I googled it and even they say it's 48%.
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Even if they "let" him back, he won't use them. He'd rather start his own business.
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The article never said if the babysitters are returning.

I'm gonna guess they're not.
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This is very similar to how China is treating the Aussies.

Now OZ should just go ahead with the nuclear option and ban FB altogether.
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About 70% of the military personnel believe the election was stolen. They're putting up with orders from the Whitehouse for now.
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Like I envisioned, there is no mainstream press related to the physical availability of silver. That info kinda dried up. The price of silver in the paper markets has gone down over the last couple of weeks, but I've read that the price difference between the physical and the paper markets is at an all time high. I'm not too sure about delivery being made, especially at the retail level. Here's an interesting article:


Now I don't buy into the price spiral going out of control, like the author does. This is because SLV is owned by Blackrock and they ain't gonna collapse the financial system. Similarly, the brokerage firms will act in collusion and simply create (forge) more shares of SLV.

In the physical markets, expect a lot of "there's plenty of silver, just not that ounce size" rhetoric. They will continue the lies as long as needed.
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It will be mail-in recall vote.
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WookieMan says
He's fucking over his citizens is what he's doing. The amount of Canadian anger towards the guy is huge. I have Canadian family (in law), so I'm not talking out my ass.

Didn't they surrender to Cuba the other day?
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just_passing_through says
komputodo says
On what planet is there this FREE WORLD you speak of?

Mars. We're going to have to go to fucking Mars.

Sounds expensive...not free.
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It all depends whether the congregation will still give them the money.
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Does it matter whether TSLA is still invested? Musk hasn't said anything about his personal investments into and out of the coin. I'm gonna bet he made bank.
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Ceffer says
When will they have fake news fact checkers to reinforce the fake news fact checkers that reinforce the fake news? A few more layers of paychecks couldn't hurt.

I'll confirm that.
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What can 100 million people be wrong?
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Automan Empire says
MisdemeanorRebel says
Coke HR Training instructed mandatory attendees to be "Less White",

If so, why is this thread full of memes and opinions but not any information about the HR training even after teasing this much information out of you? Why isn't proof of the thing the #1 priority? (This is literally one of the plot points in Alice in Wonderland.)

Ok, here's a blogger talking about it with screenshots from the training.


Now that you can see it yourself, are you outraged?
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Expect to see a surge in influenza deaths.
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FuckCCP89 says
Thank you, Sleepy Joe , for saving us from this horrible plague!

Yes, less than a month in office and he's already cured global warming (see Texas) and cured the Covid pandemic. What will this superman do next?

Maybe usher in an economic collapse?
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Paying rent is definitely a sign of "white privilege". Blacks don't have to fear getting evicted...so they skip the rent.

Whites have money to burn, so they pay it.
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Do you really think that Coke is going to shitcan a bunch leftist harpies in their HR department?

Do you think they will sue not only to get their money back but for reputational damages from the WOKE people who put together this training?

No, they bent the knee.

Until corporations start fighting back we need to put as much pressure on them as possible.
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Patrick says
B.A.C.A.H. says
San Jose, a city of over one million (probably more if you include the undocumented)

Please, let's use the formally correct term "illegal aliens".

When we let them change our words, we also let them change our thoughts.

So it's Wuhan Virus as well, as it was in the beginning.

Hate to tell you this, but "illegal aliens" is a political correct term for them. Now New York fines people $10k for saying it.

I say we go back to the original term "wetbacks" --- at least you don't get fined for it.
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Are people trusting the polls again? --- I think they made it up
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I still think it's because he said he was going to raise taxes even more on the rich.

That'll learn him, the press goes against him, then there's the nursing home investigation...now this...what'll it be tomorrow?

Trump handled it every day for years. I say Cuomo cracks within a month.
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As much as there are detractors to the plane, and they have been continuously vocal against it; with a handful of F-35s you totally dominate the airspace.

There ain't crap any enemy can do about it.

Yes, they are that good, and now we can build them in quantity.
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Yes, it has been expensive, but now we can build them in quantity.

The detractors will be vocal against us building them.

Forbes was sold out to a company in China. Just to let you know where that article came from.
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Yes, they all turned over a new leaf and became used stock salesmen.
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Trump upped the postal rates for China. Did Joe move them back down?
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When push comes to shove, it was simply an executions of a Saudi national in Saudi territory. Khashoggi was a Saudi citizen, hence his visit to the Consulate. The consulate office is considered sovereign Saudi territory. I am sure that the upper levels of our government don't want crap when we finally get around to putting down someone on death row.

It was particularly gruesome though.
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If he's alive, he would give the State of the Union address.

I dunno, maybe he wasn't invited by Congress.
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Come on man. So he's guilty of some felony, federal record violations. Do you really think he's gonna be charged?

Hitting on women isn't a jail term offense.
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I dunno, I have a nice guy from India checking up on me every day worrying about my car's extended warranty, What a saint.
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Traffic accidents are racist. If whites are involved in accident with their vehicles maybe 4 die, with illegals it's 12+


Maybe the survivors will make bank from the insurance settlement.
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If the major bullion banks are willing to be short thousands and thousands of tons of silver, you can bet they are willing to be short as much PSLV as people are willing to buy. Supposedly there's only about $1 billion invested in it, but nobody says how many shares are shorted. I will bet billions more.

It is based out of Canada, so if push comes to shove you're counting on the Canadian government. How's that extradition of the Huewei CFO going? That's been ongoing for over 2 years with nothing accomplished. So sure I believe they will be harsh on one of their own companies.

Yes, the preppers have just about bought out all the physical silver that exists. What do you think will happen? I think that the government(s) will step in and outlaw ordinary citizens from owning physical precious metal bullion (like they did with gold during the Great Depression). Do you really think they will allow the banking system to collapse to appease "Financial Terrorists"?
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Millions of people have been duped on Canadian metal plays over the last decades. The legal system is not designed for regular people. Cases get tied up for decades. Right now there are settlements coming out for sketchy mortgage bonds issued back in 2006-2007 era. Take any statements from companies with a grain of salt.

The Federal government is not going to let the financial system go under because the banks are short thousands and thousands of tons of silver. The system is rigged against the common person. Even though you are right, the laws and market can be manipulated and/or changed.
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I thought Congress had to invite him to give the SOTU address.

Maybe they did and he just spaced it.
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Patrick says
Canadian real estate might actually be a good idea long term. They have vast amounts of water and land. Just too cold.

Rin says there are more important things about Canada.
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Lemme guess...the next step is just a photo of the lock itself and a key can be made. Also, it's not just for locksmiths anymore.
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