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Not done in a real world public health setting; done with swabs in a lab.

Every real world public health survey says the exact opposite: Masks have no impact on virus spreading.

Every. Single. One. For. Decades. (inc. during Corona)
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Coke wants you to be less White because Soda consumption in general is down 20% in the past 20 years - and most of that drop is due to Whites. Poor Minorities consume Soda at the same rate they did a generation ago.
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One quick meta thing.

Leftists LOVE any crisis that requires regulation and obedience (Pandemics, Global Warming).

Rightists DREAM about crisis that increase freedom and reduce regulation (ie Complete breakdown of Gov)
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Patrick says
If there's anything liberals hate, it's being called stupid and knowing it's true. They base their self-esteem on thinking of themselves as smarter than conservatives.

And self-righteousness.

Such as the same people who wave their re-usable shopping bags in your face also brag about their international trip to the Amazon Rainforest. They don't know that their one little trip emitted more carbon than a lifetime of reusing their bag at Whole Foods.

Or, that their constant Amazon and Etsy deliveries from Chinese manufacturers are awful for the environment than traditional "shipped a few hundred miles to the retail store" pre-2000 situation.
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I forgot being stranded on a desert Island, preferably with a Hot Chick or three. Not too too many, or you won't have time to dabble with all the work they'll make you do to feed and house them.
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RC2006 says
Black "teacher" mental case going off on Mexican cop.

She also called and filed complaint on officer.


Ho Lee Fuk. She called him a fuckin' rapist and a murderer, too.
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WookieMan says
Most people in say the 80's or 90's and prior maybe caught their local newscast on TV. Women especially didn't care for the most part, didn't read a newspaper. Now with social media and instant access, there's a whole new market out there. It's sexist as can be, but ultimately I think women engaging in media now creates these race issues or covid hype. I've yet to meet another man that is afraid of covid. Or is concerned about race pertaining to your OP.

The #1 thing that has disappeared from all news, esp. local news, is... all the murders on MLK Jr Blvd in the nearest city.

"Jamal Jackson, 21, is suspected in the drive by deaths of Tayshawn and Tyrone King, two cousins who lived in the 1000 block of Marcus Garvey Street near the B WIng of the Peace and Progress Housing Complex..."
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I will buy Samsung for one reason.

They are deeply unwoke. The Korean Managers don't give a fuck about minorities or women.

I had a friend who legit did some clearly harassing shit at Samsung, they moved the Woman who complained about him, since he was too valuable to them. The Korean Manager overruled the HR department, did not explain, just said "He doesn't get fired. Just move her away."
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Cheney picks up key Kasinich Defender.

Former Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) warned Republicans Tuesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room” that removing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her leadership role would “create a martyr.”

Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “Governor Kasich, what do you make of this new reporting about this escalating rift within your party?”

Kasich said, “What they don’t seem to calculate is if they create a martyr out of Liz Cheney, I’ll tell you what will happen, she’ll get her followers in the House. I always wondered when this was going to happen. When somebody was going to stand up and say enough of this nonsense, so they could take her down, they could swamp her down. They could remove her from this place. She’s not going to go away. There are like-minded people in the House, Republicans, and she could get a following, and she could be more trouble for them than she’s being right now by getting a group of people who say we’re not going along with your nonsense anymore.”

He follows up with a veiled threat:

He continued, “We have a long way to go before this all plays out. Be careful when you take somebody out of a position like that that you’re not doing yourself ultimately more harm than good. She will have no constraints on what she will do going forward.”

What's gonna happen? Daddy gonna go to Mar-A-Lago and fire off some birdshot?

Somehow, when I think of Cheney, I think of Judge Scalia. Don't know why.

Kasich added, “The Republican Party is shrinking. The fact that she said what happened on January 6th was horrible, well she’s got a lot of people in America who agree with her.”

He concluded, “They, they’ve got so much to talk about in tax and spend, and instead they’re fighting with one another in an effort to have purity.”


LOL, Better Tax and Spend than Print and Spend, which is what every Republican House did since (at least) 2010.
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NuttBoxer says
We need to start ostracizing people in our communities who tattle-tale rather than discussing things like grownups.

The latest thing is to complain that the poor women collaborators were humiliated, the poor dears. Unmentioned is that male collaborators were shot.
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Seychelles, where 60% of adult population has had 2nd dose, just declared another 2-week complete Lockdown as COVID cases skyrocket.

The vaccine clearly doesn't work.
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Eric Holder says
That “loophole” was eventually closed.

No FFL necessary. Illegal, of course, in Commiefornia where it's a "Destructive Device". Fires Bean Bags, Flares, etc. Meant to launch Tear Gas. And, your imaginaton can quickly figure out custom loads for "Gooks inside the wire".

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Patrick says
Working there was what showed me that it's actually just a bunch of men out for their own short-term pleasure no matter what the cost to themselves or anyone else. None of them were born that way, though the majority were molested as boys, which is the biggest single way that gayness spreads. About half the staff was gay, but half was not.

Yup. I have to find this old 1950s era B/W "AV Film". It was all about how gays recruit teens, and they absolutely do.

I know very few gays who weren't molested, or lesbians that didn't have difficulty with their mother
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GOT IT! They key was to add "Prelinger", that big Ephemeral Movie archive.

@Patrick, this film was made by the Inglewood Police Department in 1961. How much Society has changed.


The comments are gold, Homosexuals in denial, esp. the "Majority of pedos are heterosexual". I'm looking for a Sauce for this claim, but it seems to be based on a poll of Pedos in Prison, so it's absolutely worthless. Yet it's claimed as !!!Science!!! that 70,80,90% of Pedos are Straight. I find it hard to believe given that boys are far more often the victim of Pedos than girls, but the offenders are overwhelmingly male adults.
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Would be great if his Microsoft Email account started sending him repeated Divorce Lawyer ads.
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richwicks says
Haha! @MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou - how the F did you find that?

I like watching 50s Futurism, I stumbled upon it some day.

I find it depressing, to watch what happened to a country with low divorce, low drug abuse, beautiful clean cities, etc. Gonna watch the one "Detroit: City on the Move" Next. It'll be of a well manicured, clean, well groomed well dressed people. THen look today.
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All of a sudden, it'll be super important to verify the address matches the driver's license matches each and every signature.
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RC2006 says

Funny they are making it in a mostly white state.

They're gonna love walking around at 10,000 feet coming from Hotlanta or New Orleans or South Central.
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That's one perspective.

Almost everybody I talk to who lived as a teen or young adult in the 50s said it was an idyllic, happy time.

Alcoholism was more prevalent, but drug abuse was almost nil, single motherhood rare as rain in Spain, STDs minimal, mental health for the very ill was free before the ACLU and Cheapcons got together to dump all the mentally ill on the street to jump in front of cars and subways and take shits and self-medicate with opiates and Cracklin' Rosie, it was possible to feed, house, and clothe a family of 4 on a single blue collar job with a HS Diploma, sometimes not even that. The "Iron costs" of living were cheap. The crime rate was a joke and the murder rate a fraction of what it was during the Liberated 60s and 70s and a fraction of what it is today.

Even the bums back then, hardcore alcoholics, wore a blazer, wool pants, and leather shoes. They have the crackheads solidly beat in fashion and cleanliness.

And more free, a guy in Oregon told me he made a well by driving a pipe down a few dozen feet and setting off legal dynamite he got at the hardware store. He lived in a teardrop trailer on the .25 acres in the middle of a subdivision, none of the neighbors cared, in fact, they lent him a hand building his house slowly.
Today you need a permit in most places to put up a garden shed, and almost nowhere but the most rural areas far from employment will let you live in a trailer and slowly build your house.

That was Oregon. The Italians used to come from the City and do the same out on Long Island. They'd buy a plot as a big family and build 2-3 beach bungalows on a cheap (then) Eastern LI Acre. And sleep in tents every summer weekend piling into Uncle Vito's delivery truck. If there were density or zoning laws, nobody enforced them. The farmers and shopkeepers out there were happy for the extra summer business.

I'm old enough to remember "old" guys (ie 30) buying us beer and taking a few cans in return. And no Army of Karens would freak out about it. We'd get loud, the cops would show up, laugh at us barfing it all up, and telling us to go home. Today CPS would get involved.

The late 60s-70s were a disaster. It just took a generation to realize.

I posted a while back on the forum somewhere a study showing how kids are better off with two alkie working class parents than a single mother of any income level, if you look at their ultimate (lack of) criminal record, financial, and educational achievements

I now believe answer to everything isn't liberation.
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The teachers Union must be destroyed.
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To follow that:

Reader's Digest in the 1950s printed a "List of Teacher's Major Problems". The top 3 issues were gum chewing, talking out of turn, and passing notes.
Teachers today WISH that were their top three problems.

Much of the 1950s in Popular Culture is Feminist Propaganda, where every man was a wife beating neglectful drunk and every mother on the first anxiety/depression pills (which I don't believe came out until the decade was almost over).

Shit, Betty Freidan's book opens up with her describing her kitchen as a "Comfortable Concentration Camp" of Frost-Free Refrigerators. Freidan was a college grad, no kids, husband had a very high income job, and she had the luxury of writing complaints about the greatest increase in the human condition in all history.

Betraying her upper middle class background. Since women who grew up in the Depression in drafty old rural plank houses or worse, tenements, couldn't believe they now how not only their very own indoor hot and cold running water, but a fridge and not an icebox. My Grandma told us the story of their house on the South Shore coming from a two-room Brooklyn hovel where all her kids (except the youngest, my Aunt) were born until then. And my Grandpa brought it with just a few years saving from his Forklift Wages.
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MisdemeanorRebel says
Norwegian Cruise Lines. Wow, look at this potential upside. Do I have the Balls? This one might take more than a year, maybe two years, to return to previous levels.


I doubled my money and cruises haven't even really restarted much yet.

MisdemeanorRebel says
Mine was Bloomin' Brands, parent of Outback, Bonefish Grill, etc. Got it last week just under $9.

Prior to WuFlu it was in the low $20s.

This one tripled in value over the past year.

"Buy when there is blood on the streets" is a helluva truism.
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FuckCCP89 says
Free shit is a human right!

Food Stamps and Free Childcare is Infrastructure!
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rocketjoe79 says
I must be weird. I think RC Cola tastes like boiled mercurochrome and spoiled mushrooms. Am I the only one?

Never could stand it.
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"Work to the rule" I love it.
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Stopped at the Service Center today on the FL Turnpike. Half were maskless. Male Whites and Hispanics, no masks. Women, Blacks and Asians, masked up (I did see two Black teen girls with no mask).

We gave each other the "Man Nod" and several obvious NY'ers and tourists were appalled as they walked into the area and saw people without masks. The "Mask wearing is mandatory sign" from months ago is now a small "Florida Department of Health recommends Masks."
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The DOJ is now trying to threaten AZ Senate with potential "Criminal Charges".

They're actually going to try to make the case that canvasing voters after an election for audit purposes is a 'Civil RIghts Violation: Intimidation"
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The DOJ and the Hoover Institution are basically Stasi now. No doubt about it.
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ThreeBays says
The opposite of everything you wrote is true, so it's not likely the government is doing "nefarious stuff", but the ones who say the stuff you repeat probably are nefarious.

If we return to a non-Weathermen Media Era, it's going to be astounding at how many Mask Karens and Soys claim they never believed in the vaccine or the CCP Virus scam.
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If the HEPA filters on planes work so great, I should be able to smoke on the plane.
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ThreeBays says
Don't underestimate how litigious Americans are. Everything is fine until you get caught. If you do and someone gets sick that was in your vicinity at work or wherever, you might have unlimited civil liability.

It's illegal in TX and FL for any business or gov agency to require proof of vaccination.

Also, it's illegal to mandate an experimental vaccine, period. Nuremberg Laws.
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Home invader and domestic abuser gets in house, grabs knife, shot dead by woman in bedroom.


Beautiful Florida stand your Ground law. Had she just dialed 911, she'd be stabbed to death.
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And this thug just shot some Veteran, who was walking by on the way to pick up his 4-year old daughter's birthday present.


Never relax, folks.
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