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SunnyvaleCA says
reset your Prop 13 taxes, etc.

This, but I can't complain. I have a $380k mortgage on a home valued at around $675k. My property tax is assessed at $2,400 per year ($220k assessment). If I wanted to "step up" to a nicer home, that's putting me somewhere around $800-900k. Is it worth more than tripling my property taxes to get a house that's just a little nicer than the one I'm currently in? Hell no. That said, this is a huge part of keeping mobility low and prices high.
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$500/month maintenance on a house built in 1963. LOL delusional.
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If y'all are spending 500-1000 per month to maintain a home, that's pretty damn hilarious. What is it gold plated?
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Hassan_Rouhani says
edvard says
Not I. I drive an electric car and charge for free at work. As far as I'm concerned gas prices can climb to $6 a gallon or more.

So you're basically saying "screw you, I've got mine!" to the poor? Tsk-tsk-tsk.

I drive electric as well. The poor should love EVs. Costs me $30 a month to drive. It's a 3 year old car and can be purchased for only $11,000.
50,000 miles on the clock, 75 miles at a time and haven't been inconvenienced once by maintenance other than tires.
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Goran_K says
Aphroman says
The poor drive old Honda Civic’s, what with Trump giving them a job and yuge tax cut, they’re going to survive Trumpublicans rising gas prices. Funny that the Trump base are the same people who drive vehicles with piss poor mpg

uh that's not the point. Poor people also can't afford electric vehicles, only coastal limousine leftards drive Teslas. So by increasing the price of gas with a tax (which by the way is not going to help fix roads but bolster CalPERs pensions instead), you are hurting the poor the most which most Democrat policies often do.

There's a reason for that, the batteries in shitty EVs like the "Leaf" die pretty quickly. I have a friend who has a 2016 Leaf, bought brand new. Currently the battery only retains 60% of the original charge. He now has to plug in at work just to get home. If he forgets, he's taking an uber. Kind of a shitty trade off.

What a bunch of total bullshit. There are loads of used BMW i3's, VW eGolfs, Kia Souls, Nissan Leafs, Fiat 500e's for $10-14k that will do just dandy for the vast majority of driving that Americans do. I drive over 15,000 miles per year, have over 50,000 miles, I've spent nothing on maintenance except for tires and wiper fluid. There as been zero reduction of charge capacity.

Your "friend" with the 2016 Leaf, who claims their battery only has about 60% of the original charge capacity is a complete fucking fallacy. Total horseshit. The Leaf (and the Leaf alone) has battery degradation issues in Arizona and Nevada climates when the came out over 8 years ago.

Now the real reason they are so cheap on the used market is because you get $10,000 from the guberment to buy one, so this affects used values when you can go buy a new one for $10k+ off. We can have a debate around the fiscal soundness of offering tax rebates, but don't spout bullshit about 60% battery degradation on a two year old EV.

Hassan_Rouhani says
And let's put this whole gas price thing into perspective, folks: there was a time during Obama presidency when gas went over $5 per gallon in CA. So tell me again how horrible "gas price approaching $3" is.

At the station closest to my home, the price for regular has already surpassed $4 per gallon. Premium is $4.34 per gallon.
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jazz_music says
Moving 2 thousand miles will cost you 10 to 20 thousand if you do it all yourself U-Haul and with some pick up laborers, but they will damage your shit too.

If you are in your 20's or don't have a lot of stuff then I don't know how cheap it would be. A small U Haul is all you need maybe with a car carrier and the gas mileage will be way better.

May as well get used to moving if you live outside of a sprawl like Los Angeles area because engineering jobs are designed to dry up after 2 or so years now.

10-20k? You tow a u-haul with a Rolls Royce?
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I have a 4.0% rate, however I have $270 a month PMI. I have 35% equity now and could re-fi, but if I get a 5+% rate, it doesn't make any sense to refi at the moment.
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Purchased my childhood home in coastal Southern California (3 miles from the beach) in April 2015 from my parents. No greedy realtors involved. 4bd/4ba, 1600sqft, 6800sqft lot.

Selling price was $429k (market value at the time). I put $10k down and $10k upfront PMI on a 4%, 30-year fixed. My income is $120k and I'm single.

Kept the Prop 13 assessment and my property taxes are only $2400 per year. Spent the last three years remodeling everything, probably put in about $40k cash.

Currently valued around $675k and my balance is $390k.

Mortgage Payment, Taxes, PMI and Insurance total out to $2550 per month and I rent one room to a friend for $600 a month. The homes across the street are renting for $2800 and $2900.

Current plan is to start adding $500-$800 per month to the principal and wait to see what the market and rates do. I have no plan on selling unless there was some change to Prop 13 laws. Ideally I would rent this place out someday.

Patnet will absolutely love this one too... 6-months after I bought the house, I got laid off from my job at a large tech company after 10 years. Got a nice severance, collected unemployment, looked for work but never really found anything local (I don't live in a big city and it takes over an hour to commute into LA). After about 8 months of unemployment, I applied for Keep Your Home California. I got approved and they started making payments (including payment, taxes, insurance and PMI). Two months later, I was gainfully employed making better than my old salary. I called them on my first day of employment to let them know to stop payments. They then proceeded to tell me that they would then make the payment for the month I was re-employed AND for the next 3 months after that. So I basically got $16,000 in payments for free. AND... if I got a job that paid less than I had before, they would have put money in every month to make up for the discrepancy. Catch is that I need to pay them back if I sell and if you re-fi you cannot pull money out. All good by me, I won the California liberal lotto.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
MrBark says
if I got a job that paid less than I had before, they would have put money in every month to make up for the discrepancy.

I didn't quite catch this part: they would pay you the difference between your old and your new salary? This sounds too outrageous even for CA. Can you explain in more details?

Let's say you make $100k a year. You are used to making $100k a year and paying your $2600 mortgage payment, which is around 35-40% of your net income.

You become unemployed via layoff (didn't get fired or quit your job). New job you find pays you $70-80k a year – now your mortgage payment is closer to 45-50% of your net and that can be seen as a stretch for affordability. Since the program's key goal is to keep your in your home and to avoid foreclosure, Keep Your Home California program will kick in a percentage of extra money toward your payment each month based on your new lower income.

There was also a principal reduction program where they would pay something like up to $120k to reduce your underwater mortgage balance. I believe the unemployment program I was on was up to 18 months of mortgage payments while unemployed. Part of me wanted to take advantage of the entire 18 months and live like a bum with a house – but it's just not in my blood, I like my lifestyle too much.

Those 8 months I was unemployed, I really did work my ass off looking for a job. I treated it as its own job, woke up early every morning and mush have had 3-4 solid interviews every month. I didn't turn to the program until 6-months into being unemployed when I only had about 4 payments left in the bank.
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Nobody says
Homeless - camping by the freeway, living on RV and sleeping bag on the side street.

I am seriously considering buying just a piece of land in an affluent neighborhood and buy a RV to park on my
land just to drive those rich fuc*ers crazy.

Parking an RV and dumping your sewage in the gutter in LA or SF, no problem. Buy a vacant piece of property and try to park your RV on it in any urban or suburban area in California, then you've got a problem.
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I noticed in the article it says they're in Ventura County hahaha. Oh boy, better hope the county doesn't find out about that – there's plots of land above Malibu that are unbuildable (coastal commission, soil conditions, steep inclines without access, no water) that would be perfect for parking an RV on with a spectacular view. I know a dude who did that and their fifth wheel ended up off the side of the mountain during Santa Ana winds.

2.2 acres in southern Ventura County is going to run you a nice chunk of change depending on wether or not it's buildable land. I'll assume since they owned a 5-bedroom house around here, they're pretty well off and purchased the land with proceeds from that. Other sources on them also note that this is a temporary abode while saving to build their dream home – which will cost them quite a lot of money and frustration. Building anything in Ventura County on any sort of hill like they are is going to be a very very expensive endeavor. A neighbor of mine spent $26k just on permits for an addition.

We also lost 500 homes to the Thomas Fire last year, mostly luxury homes in the hills that were built in the 1960's through 1980's. Permitting and building code to build on a hillside lot has changed a lot and most of the homeowners found themselves completely underinsured, in most cases it's costing $500,000 plus just for construction costs when they were covered closer to $250,000 for replacement. Many have just thrown their hands up and there are a ton fire lots for sale at prices ranging from $500k to over $1m depending on the view.
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I went to Earth Day in Santa Barbara and saw these on display. Nice execution and design, but at $150,000 a Class A RV would be the more logical choice. Still, there is zero places to park one of these anywhere near Santa Barbara. I'll give them props for marketing – they have latched on to the glorious facade that is #vanlife on Instagram and added a dash of housing shortage to the mix.
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Gone? No. Thankfully my parents and a lot of my friends who otherwise couldn't afford to have health insurance are covered because of ACA.
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All we do is WIN WIN WIN! Oh wait.
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socal2 says
Feux Follets says
Anyone want to comment now how badly the thread below aged with the latest news....

Or for that matter this one about keep expectations in check before declaring more Winning, more MAGA.

Someone (not Kim, not Xi) is getting a lesson in chess, checkers and a whole lot more and guess who is going to pay for all it ? If you are not sure, look in the mirror and then at pictures of your children and grandchildren.

Don't forget to tell them you supported the MAGA movement.

Hmmm........we got North Korea to release 3 US hostages back and also got the NORKS to blow up the tunnels to their nuclear testing facility. That is the most w...

Who cares, they blew up cooling towers and stuff in 06 under Bush. It's all symbolic. They've still got the nukes and can easily re-start production.
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Yet this guy is as healthy as an Ox.
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If you look at the sales record of my home, it would be over $100k less than the market value at the time since like other have pointed out, it is a family transaction. I'm sure my neighbors hate me for bringing down their comps.
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Conservatives vs Liberals – extreme hypocrites on each team. There are no values anymore. This thread is the epitome of what this country has become.
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TTD and CRC have been preforming nicely in the last few months.
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Millennial homeowner here. About half my friends own homes, we saw the opportunity after the crash and worked hard to be come property owners. The other half are lazy fucks with worthless degrees, working fast food jobs, either renting rooms from people or living at home doing zilch to get out of the hole they're in. However I will say that they are very content with their lives while the rest of us break our asses working, so what do I know.
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Aphroman says
Patrick says
TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Despite a near instant apology.

Perhaps because of the apology.

Best to never apologize. The punishment by the terrorists of political correctness will be all the more severe for those who apologize. Stick to your guns, always.

That, and it doesn’t hurt to be civil and polite. One could simply choose not to say ignorant and racist crap in the first place. It’s better for business

Civility and politeness is dead.
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JZ says
Mark, what you are saying is this. For those M
that live with their parents with worthless degrees, they don’t own home so they will be forever under the squeeze of rent seekers or live with their parents. For the other half of M that did capture the “once in a life time opportunity”, they have to work their ass off to pay down debt which makes you doubt about the choice you made to take on that debt.
Then either way, the M gen is NOT happy and relaxed. So who is happy and relaxed?

I believe everything takes work and sacrifice – it's planning now to live comfortably later. I found this board while doing research on housing markets and call me a bit loony, but I still believe in the American dream of home ownership being a key to a bit of freedom down the road. As time goes on, what you thought was a high mortgage payment in your 20's all of a sudden becomes very manageable down the road (regardless of inflation) and the home will be paid off before I hit 60. I'll echo a lot of what I've heard here, not everyone can live in coastal Southern California. Other than family and friends, to me there is one over-arching reason to live here and that is absolutely the weather, full stop 100% why I pay dearly to live here.

However I don't live in a vacuum, so that also makes me look at different people choose to live. I see people who are probably genuinely contempt with their lives and the minimal work effort they put in, they will continue to do menial work well into their 70's and never really achieve anything. My sister lives in Europe, they have holidays what seems like weekly, they have regulations around checking your email after work, the entire month of August is a holiday, you can't get fired. That comes with its own set of issues, like getting sued by your babysitter because you didn't fire her correctly. Here I hire Mexicans to work on my home, pay them cash and they are the happy as clams.

I subscribe to the American work ethic and I'm easily able to achieve wealth that would be unimaginable to the commoners in Europe – but is that really a better life?
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Heraclitusstudent says
MrBark says
I believe everything takes work and sacrifice

Just getting in at the right time doesn't require work or sacrifice. It's just luck.

What about people coming 3, 5,10yrs behind you?

I totally get that. Same could be said for the Gen Xer's that I work with, a lot of them were able to buy their $1.5-2m homes for $500-600k in 2011, some of them even had a short sale from another underwater property. For me, even getting in at the right time took a ton of work and sacrifice – without that hard work, I wouldn't have been able to afford it even in that depressed market. In my case, I earn $120k a year, my mortgage payment is reasonable and similar to rent costs. My engineer friend who pulls in $170k a year is looking at buying similar homes to mine, would be paying around $1500 more per month in the current market than renting a similar place.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Good for you, but you can't say people who didn't get in are just lazy.
This is not a question of working hard enough. It's an abnormal environment.

Guess what I mean is, even with the hard work and minimal sacrifice, it's still way too easy to succeed here. I didn't even graduate high school, I don't even have a GED. Regardless of homeownership, if you can't earn a decent living and even man up to rent an apartment, then you're just fucking lazy. I have specific friends in mind when I make that comment, the ones who still live at home or rent a room from someone for $600/mo. They work a part-time job of the past 12 years making smoothies and they're all of a sudden 35 with no romantic prospects, they just play video games or zonk out on TV instead of doing something productive to improve their situation. Not everyone needs to own a home, hell most of these guys situations would vastly improve if they got a $1600/month apartment.
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I have a different perspective, owning a home was never a certain thing for myself or my friends. I was priced out already back in high school from ever being able to own a home here. This was mid-2000's. I had already come to terms with the only way I was going to have a home was if I inherited it. When the crash happened, I was gainfully employed throughout the recovery and saved my pennies, waiting for the moment to buy.

Now as far as lack of ambition or determination, that's no excuse. There are plenty of jobs. I took trade tech classes in high school and got Cisco Certification after a year with a starting salary of $80k in 2003 for a network engineer. They offer Electrical, Plumbing, Architecture, CAD, Contracting and Construction – all pay well and are very much in demand. Very soon, the new blue collar job will be developers as companies need to fill those positions. Hell, there's even no-cost boot camps setup by tech companies to teach you.
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I've been listening to Joe Rogan's Podcast for the past 8 years. His guests and the conversations they have had have really opened my eyes to very different viewpoints on every spectrum and has made me much more open to differing viewpoints.
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LOL this has been so debunked so many times.
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Ceffer says
I hadn't been down there for decades, but drove through SB to get to Catalina Islands tour boats in Ventura. I always thought SB was supposed to be beautiful. The hills in the background were pretty, but the main body of SB seemed to be a mass of developer slash 'n scar crap built into dry, fragile hillocks, not pretty at all. Made me think of an upscale Tijuana.

Don't think I've ever heard someone describe SB that way lol. Did you just drive through or get off the freeway? IMO, it's one of the most picturesque places in the country (hence the most expensive). It's like Southern France or Italy and an example of how to build a city correctly from architecture to public spaces. What happened in Montecito with the mudslides is unfortunate.
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This is the sod farm I drive by every morning on the way to work. Meanwhile homeowners and businesses have been ripping out their grass (and incentivized for it) for the past 5 years.

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Tell ya what. If I was retired and spent my nest egg to buy a place on a golf course, paid my HOA and club dues that supported said Golf Course to play golf until I died I'd be plenty pissed the fuck off when some fucker bought the course and fenced off your backyard from the course, let the grass die, spread chicken shit across the fairway and built homes. There's plenty of stories like the one below all over this country.
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More laughable insane pseudo science. Keep supporting big organic.
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NuttBoxer says
MrBark says
Keep supporting big organic.

What the fuck is big organic?

Let's see... Organic industry is worth 50B per year.

1. Grow produce.
2. Spray it with copper sulfate and a bunch of other shit that is considered "organic".
3. Start a few industry groups to spread unsubstantiated pseudo science about the dangers of Glyphosate and "GMOhhhhhs" from the big boogy man Monsanto.
4. Charge double to hipsters and anti-vaxxers at Whole Paycheck.
5. Profit???

But hey, there's a gigantic corporation to be outraged at, makes things really convenient. Nevermind the science they've developed to feed 8 billion people with the land we have available. Please do just grow produce in your backyard and let me know how sustainable that is, see if you can feed your entire family on that plot of land. Monstanto's innovations have allowed farmers to use less pesticides.
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everything says
50% of people die of cancer now, it's acceptable. Health care industry loves it. It all feeds into the mix. Feed it to the lazy sheep, people hungry will eat anything. California finally concluded that it is carcinogenic and cancerous. Monsanto left the U.S., to many class actions, even agent orange is still coming at them.

"Monsanto left the U.S." wat? there is an office down the street, I still use Monsanto products, they're sold everywhere. what exactly is carcinogenic and cancerous that Monsanto produces? with sources. California just labeled a cup of coffee as a carcinogen. 50% of people die from Cancer? got a source to back that bullshit up? "Lazy sheep will eat anything" where do you get your food from?
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everything says
Ok 38.4% will acquire cancer and it will lead to death in most cases, albeit slow.

From the very link you posted:
"Approximately 38.4 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of any site at some point during their lifetime, based on 2013-2015 data."

It says nothing about those 38.4 percent dying or eventually dying from the disease. And far from the "50% of the population will die from Cancer" comment earlier. Cancer rates have been declining since the 1990s.
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Same thing in California with the over-regulated marketplace that was established. 100mg limit on edibles, full tracking of lab tests, taxes, giving cities the right to ban it like most have, etc. As a result, the tax revenues have been extremely under estimates. Everyone I know that tokes still goes the medical route, which was working fine, no need to change it.
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"Monsanto has sued farmers who had GM seeds blown into their fields, which is beyond reprehensible."

More propaganda. Love it! Monsanto hasn't sued a single farmer for "wind blown seeds". They sell seeds to 250,000 American farmers, they've had something like 150 lawsuits. Those farmers sued were intentionally saving seeds and planting them, thus using their patented IP in violation of the agreement they signed.

Here is one of many cases:
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Barksanto lol. Still waiting on my paid shill checks damnit! I'm just a person who came here for the housing threads, but these discussions really intrigue me. At the end of the day, the majority of us here aren't scientists and it admittedly becomes more of an ideological discussion around which studies were paid for and by whom, what your political beliefs are, which studies are manipulated to present one side in a favorable light or if you believe that all big corporations are evil. You're going to believe one thing, I'm going to believe another based on our understanding of science and nobody is going to convince either side that they are wrong. Just like human contributions to climate change, which I also believe.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Nearly 3% growth, said to be impossible.

December 2017

"PRESIDENT TRUMP: This is going to be one of the great gifts to the middle-income people that they've ever gotten for Chrismas...

Years from now they can make it even more generous if we can get the economy like it should be. The economy now is at 3%. Nobody thought it would be anywhere close. I think it could go to 4, 5, and maybe even 6%, ultimately. Each percentage point is $2.5 trillion. We are back. We are really going to start to rock. We need this as our final push and you're going to see some numbers that are really great. You're going to see great jobs numbers. Jobs are going to come pouring back into this country, which we need very much."
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I'm a first generation naturally born US Citizen. All thanks to my Grandma overstaying her Visa. Parents are US Permanent Residents. The color of our skin and level of success we have achieved here would surprise you all. Nobody's calling for us to be sent back to Scandinavia though and people will talk shit about immigration to my face not knowing. Always a good chuckle.
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