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Misc says
In the residential space, 8.4% of outstanding loans are in forbearance. That's higher than the top delinquency rate during the housing crash

How many of those have the owed amount added to the END of the loan?
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Extreme bears will be wrong.

I work in biotech supporting healthcare/Pharma.
We are almost scared. Not because of a downturn but because demand is mega strong. We are hiring direct labor left and right to avoid backlog. Our stock is close to an all time high. For a while (during the covid scare in feb/March) Capex was in question. Now we are exceeding our previous plan.

Historic low interest rates and money printing will keep this train rolling for a while.

I am in stocks and real estate (haven’t sold any rentals and bought heavily into Reits in March/April). I wouldn’t mind another leg down in stocks. I would dump more cash into stocks. I usually like buying more on deep red days.

And besides people close to retirement and day traders, who really cares what stocks do in the short term. Red days are buying opportunities, Especially when you have 30+ more years to retirement.
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Shaman says
Newbie123 says
Red days are buying opportunities,

And red YEARS are massive buying opportunities... if your cash isn’t all tied up in bottomed out stocks.

This isn’t Japan (yet).
And there is too much money on the sidelines. Red years would make me a 401k multi millionaire as long as I keep my high paying job. Long term the US will be strong. Just look at our tech companies. You can’t find companies in this world that come even close to competing.
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In SoCal listings go pending within days Of being listed. 30days later you see it marked as sold above asking price. bidding wars are back.
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No reason for a race war. All that is needed is police reform. Better, longer training. More controls in place and hard consequences for cops that mistreat citizens. They no longer get away with the shit they are pulling and each cop brutalizing citizens will become a celebrity overnight thanks to HD video on our cell phones.
Since Floyd a lot has changed already. America will find ways to fix this systemic problem.
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socal2 says

Over 7 out 10 black boys running around with no fathers in their lives is a recipe for generational poverty, crime and incarceration.

That is the genesis of the "systemic problem" that too many pussies are afraid of saying out loud.

Probably true.
Has nothing to do with police brutality though. It’s always the same story. Black men are poor, criminal and bad fathers. And there are only a handful of bad cops. So all cool.

It doesn’t work that way anymore. None of the black community problems justify cops killing unarmed Americans for no reason.

You have MILLIONS of Muslim immigrants in Europe not following rules, killing each other, not accepting western values etc etc. But we don’t hear stories of European police killing unarmed Muslim immigrants for no reason like we see it here in the US.

The problem that needs to be fixed and can easily be fixed is that US police is not being policed and held accountable. This is changing now and your anecdotal stories / stats about bad black men won’t be enough to avoid the change. The sooner you accept it the better.

If you are a cop it’s simple from now on: don’t kill unarmed Americans for no reason or become a celebrity. Not the celebrity that gets rich but one that gets ass raped. In prison. Daily. And your wife divorces you the minute the entire country displays your video on Facebook, National tv, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Seems like a simple choice.
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And again I am not disagreeing with all of what you are saying. I didn’t know there were 9 killings in 2019 of unarmed black Americans by police. That’s 9 too many. Have all of those cops been prosecuted? I doubt it. They need to.

All the other issues you are mentioning need to be addressed as well.
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FuckCCP89 says
Newbie123 says

It doesn’t work that way anymore. None of the black community problems justify cops killing unarmed Americans for no reason.

The incidents of cops killing Americans for no reason are rarer than hen's teeth.

A few happened the last couple of years and those are a few too many. It will change. The worst thing is if those cops got away with it. That will change.

Hen’s teeth don’t cause harm and therefore no outrage needed.
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FuckCCP89 says
Newbie123 says
A few happened the last couple of years and those are a few too many

Bullshit. A "few incidents" in 300 million coutry is a nothingburger. And certainly not a justification for all that animalistic acting out we've witnessed over the last month.

Besides, I bet you can't even name 10 cases in one year where people were killed for absolutely no reason and it wasn't a case of an obvious mistake (like that off-duty cop lady who entered wrong apartment thinking it was hers). Floyd, that Wendy joker obviously don't qualify for "being killed for no reason" as they made very bad choices and brought that shit on themselves. So gimme 10 in one year or STFU already.

Garner and Floyd were brutally killed by cops.
Garner said he couldn’t breathe. They harassed him because of cigarettes. So for no reason. Then choked him to death. Most cities are banning the choke holds now. As a I said, things are finally changing.and we all know how the murder of Floyd ended up. 4 cops in custody :) :)

I think we are on the same page for the most part. We are against killing of Americans by cops for no reason. Cops need to be trained and vetted. And most importantly, they need to be hit with full force of the law when they murder unarmed, innocent Americans. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or just 1. 1 is 1 too many. Its an unforgivable act. Especially for people that wear uniform. I hope You finally get that in your head :) what have black Americans done to you that you hate them so much? Or did you just grow up in a racist family? I got news for you. Slavery is over and not coming back.
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RC2006 says
I've seen a large jump in listing from last month to this month in the area I'm always watching. Crash hitting soon I think, if I was single I'd sell and rent an apartment right now.

Which area is that?
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HeadSet says
Time to STFU, buddy.

If he does STFU, he won't get his 50 cents.....

55cents, Remember? Senior posters of my caliber make 5 cents more. I had about ten posts today. Time to take a week off.
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“Garner was not "harassed for cigarettes" but was arrested for illegal sale of cigarettes, resisted arrest and died fighting cops. ”

Rofl!!!!! That’s the reason why we have protests.

If they would have done that to your son or daughter you wouldn’t talk like this but because it’s just another black man, it’s okay to treat him like an animal.

You are def a rac***! Maybe it’s time for you to be quiet.
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RC2006 says
Boise ID, Santa Clarita CA

In SoCal we have historic low inventory. Riverside, San Diego, OC county etc. are hot markets. Yeah, we have beautiful weather but what I mean by hot is an expected market time below 50 days.

Bidding wars and new record prices in some zip codes. Low rates and inventory levels not seems since many years are like rocket fuel for the market.
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FuckCCP89 says
Newbie123 says
“Garner was not "harassed for cigarettes" but was arrested for illegal sale of cigarettes, resisted arrest and died fighting cops. ”

Rofl!!!!! That’s the reason why we have protests.

WHAT is the reson "you" have protests again? The solidarity of stupid?

Nope, to show that the majority of Americans don’t stand for racism and the protests already helped to change things. Banning of choke holds, prosecution of 4 murders (Floyd’s killing).
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FuckCCP89 says
Newbie123 says
If they would have done that to your son or daughter

I teach my sons and daughters to not break the law and to not resist arrest even if falsely accused, to shut up and ask for a lawyer.

What kind of stupid shit do you teach yours?

Garner and Floyd and so many others were killed for no reason. Only racists make up reasons to justify their murders. You would talk differently if you had black kids that would experience the same those victims on video. But you are not better or worth more than your black fellow americans. Even if you think differently. Racists have to learn the hard way unfortunately. I bet you only have a big racist mouth online.
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We have heard that for a decade now that there is an exodus in SoCal. There is no end in sight to this hot housing market. There simply is no inventory in good locations close to the ocean. Why would I want to sell my house or rentals? I add to my housing portfolio and let renters pay it off.
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What a troll. First it was “fighting cops” than he changed to “accidental”.

Yeah, hey why don’t you try to kneel on your kids throat for 8 minutes.

You are either some low IQ rac*** hillbilly or a troll.

Either way, you are not worth bashing. I lost all respect for you. Happy there is an ignore function. Bye
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“If you lived in a l...”

You guys keep saying the same thing over and over. None Of that stuff (which I mostly agree with) justifies what these cops did. That needs to change. You can’t have cops treat unarmed people like this unless they want to be on national TV.
It doesn’t even matter if he resisted or not. There is still no justification for 3 cops to sit on him and kneel for minutes on his throat. Same with garner.

There is something wrong with you guys if you can’t get that in your head. The majority of the country says you are wrong and things are changing-finally.
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ad says

Newbie123 says
In SoCal we have historic low inventory.

What happens when demand drops as a large amount of the local population move out while supply remains constant ?

This could be because of work from home (WFH) policies as well as a significant decline in number of jobs in the Southern California area, whereas people move out to states like Nevada and Arizona.


Don’t get me wrong. I would love lower prices. I can’t wait to buy another rental. I just don’t see lower prices. The homeowners have enough equity in it and most pay less PITI than the market rent would be for their house. They don’t have to sell.

I agree, a mass exodus would do the trick but I have heard that for years.

I change my mind if interest rates increase significantly or if the FED stops printing like there is no tomorrow. In 2018 when interest rates when up significantly, prices immediately adjusted. The market hit a wall briefly.

Even lower demand doesn’t change my mind. Lower sales doesn’t mean lower prices. We have a chronic housing shortage in SoCal. I actually would love more people to move away and have less traffic here....

Somehow there are always a ton of people here that want to buy houses and if they can’t make it by themselves they get 3 families together and buy a large house, duplex or whatever.
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mell says
Newbie123 says
You can’t have cops treat unarmed people like this unless they want to be on national TV.
It doesn’t even matter if he resisted or not. There is still no justification for 3 cops to sit on him and kneel for minutes on his throat. Same with garner.

I agree with you here 100%, I disagree 100% on the premise that it was race-related. Even if treated unfairly, the easiest way to stay alive is not resisting arrest and getting a lawyer later. I trained with black martial artists that could kick my ass 10 times, know African-American and Asian cops in the bay area and they all tell you the same thing - that they are of heightened awareness when they are on patrol in ghetto hood (fearing for their lives) and that the plantation-victimization philosophy needs to end. We need real solutions to get neighborhoods out of poverty and change the prevailing thug culture there instead of claimi...

I agree with you too. But isn’t it hard to image chauvin and his cop gang would sit on a white kid for 8 minutes. Show me those videos????

Racism is hard to prove that why it’s easy to deny. The actions show it though. You don’t do this to a human unless there is a deep hate.

And racism on this blog is very apparent. Just look at all those comments.
“Black people are poor, criminal, bad fathers
It was an accident
He fought cops and BS after BS“

Some people have a hard time adjusting to the new normal....where racism isn’t accepted anymore by the majority of Americans. In some hillbilly village it might take longer but who cares about those deplorables?

I say this as a republican.
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ad says
Newbie123 says
Somehow there are always a ton of people here that want to buy houses and if they can’t make it by themselves they get 3 families together and buy a large house, duplex or whatever.

What are the likely demographics for that arrangement of 3 families living in a large house ? How does the appearance of the house look a few years after they move in ?
How many cars will be parked in front ?

I have the stark feeling we both have the same answers on those questions :)

I am with you. But when I see what they charge for rents these days, for total crap shacks.....I thought for years that has to break at some point. People find ways to make it work.

One of my rental unit always complained about having only one low income. I kept the rent stable and low. Until the landlord next door told me they also run an illegal, probably uninsured day care center in my rental and have 5 kids minimum daily.
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Patrick says
Newbie123 says
Why would I want to sell my house or rentals? I

Well, you'd want to sell the rentals because they suddenly became worth a lot less as Democrat/media Wuhan Virus panic cost literally tens of millions of people their jobs.

No job, no rent.

I’d be worried if this would have been a prolonged shutdown. But we are back in business and low wage jobs are hired back.
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rocketjoe79 says
Never Bet against the Fed.

Exactly. Those perma bears hoping for a Depression will be very disappointed. We are two weeks in Tahoe (like every year). I haven’t seen it that busy in years. And most stores in SoCal are open and busy again. Traffic is back as well.
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Countless people were predicting a housing crash when covid hit. Nobody - me included - would have expected such a hot market during summer 2020.

Now, the perma bears / crash boys are back to old habits: “it will crash in 2-3 years”.

Maybe. Maybe not.

All I know is that record low inventory and record low interest rates keep the chronic imbalance between supply and demand going for a while.
In SoCal for instance we had a housing shortage for years.
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I like my win mag and 12gauge shotgun. A lot of fun at the ranges. Most SoCal ranges suck and charge a lot. I prefer BLM Land or combining shooting with vacation.
For home protection, make yourself a hard target. Arlo cams and lights are most likely enough. But just in case some methhead comes in somehow, I pepper spray him/her/it.
Often, these guys look for an easy money grab. Making yourself a hard target already eliminates cowards and lazy thief’s.
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Dholliday126 says
You'll soon be able to get your dream house for 50% off! Not, the Fed printing trillions of dollars will make the smart guys stay in the game.

Another perma bear who has no idea how a market works. With historic low inventory and historic low rates you can’t get a housing market crash. You need inventory to increase year over year not decrease. Wake us up if you have something - besides maybe zerohedge BS.
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SunnyvaleCA says
I'm thinking that the cower-in-place situation has taught workers and companies that a remote workforce can be effective and save lots of money, too. Maybe that will put a limit on just how ridiculously overpriced the Bay Area can become.

For two professionals to make 150k each isn’t a problem in the Bay Area. 300k household income makes the 1.2M dollar condo not look so bad anymore. Starting salaries are 100k. Yes, if you are a lifer as a waiter, clerk or customer service rep you are not going to make it in the Bay Area. Not everyone has the right to buy a house unless you bring back the liar loans.

You can’t have a crash without inventory skyrocketing. And there is no inventory. There is demand however and historic low rates.
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There are more than enough qualified buyers out there.

Regarding your couple making 50k net and living in Cupertino or somewhere else in that area.

They are dirt poor. 50k net is poverty in that area. They have to make drastic career changes or live with mom and pop or simply move away.

Again, some people will stay renters forever.
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Booger says

How is this different from Amazon???

I like Walmart for the following reasons:
You can get a bunch of different shit there. Bought a 65 inch Roku tv for 480 including taxes. Works great.

Also, always entertaining to see funny people at Walmart.

But most importantly i own quite a bit of WMT stocks.
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Waiter kicks CEO out of restaurant for racist remarks and gets a flood of support and go-fund me money from Americans.

Being openly racist will make you famous. Nowadays, everything gets recorded and that shit goes viral quickly.

CEO Michael Lofthouse....who really knew this guy? Overnight, the internet is plastered with articles about his name and racism.he had no chance but to apologize. Too late. He is already famous for being a racist.

On the contrary. People who openly attack racists will become hero’s and even go-fund-me money.
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Nasdaq just hit another all time high. Every week we hear the market might crash again....The tech company I work for expects a friggin hot Q3....who knows. I am young and continue to dollar cost avg into stocks (and crypto).
Will see what happens :)
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Blue says
Once the election is over, virus drama will be over too.

Yep, it already was kind of over during the Floyd riots, temporarily. How nice of the virus to support BLM and pause during this time. Riots and protests disappear and virus comes back until the election.
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just_adhom_preaching says
I dunno about you guys but I opened a coinbase account yesterday. I'm going to ever so slowly start shifting $ into crypto and physical gold and silver.

Smart. Exposure to Bitcoin and some of the top 10 crypto’s should be part of your diverse portfolio. Look into storing your crypto on your own hard wallet. It’s basically a cold storage that nobody can touch. I don’t leave my private keys on the exchange. Also, get the Binance.US. App as well, you have additional coins that are listed on Binance versus Coinbase.
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“Meaning that one of the oft-touted benefit of crypto - quick access to your money and good liquidity - is effective neutered by this move. Also being tied to phisical bank locations is not very good move for mobility and anonymity.”

I have a small portion of my crypto accessible. The majority is on hard wallets in safety deposit boxes across banks. I have zero interested in quick access. I want to accumulate more, not sell or spend it. And I want to make sure it’s safe to store and can’t be stolen. Even if someone gets a hold of the wallet, they would need to have the recovery key or password. Which is stored somewhere else.
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Dholliday126 says
I'm up 125K in the past 3 months in stocks. Plus 500K in my house over the past 6 years. Let me tell you boys, doom may sell, but it doesn't appreciate.

Asterisks, it all paper gains. Double jinks.

Niiice! Congrats!! Maybe you have mentioned it already....which stocks did you mainly buy?

Tech stocks?
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BayArea says
The following have been good to me:


You killed it! Congrats!
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just_adhom_preaching says

I'm not looking at crypto as any sort of investment to make money or get rich. This is a sub-1% net

A good start. Yes, get a ledger nano s or Trezor. Those are your hardware wallets.

Btw. You can buy bitcoin on your phone easily through Robinhood, coinbase or apps.
I am sure there are even more options nowadays.
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CBOEtrader says
Crashes historically have come in March and September/October.

I am hearing that 1 in 6 renters and 1 in 3 mortgage holders have stopped making payments. In NV, moratoriums end in September. I've also heard that some of the employment bailout (feds paying companies $$billions to keep employees on payroll) ends in September.

We've never seen anything like this. How bad will Oct get? We shall soon find out

I doubt it. Betting on the opposite. But we will see.
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“ Never get out of stocks, until you need the dough or you are a geezer who wants only income.

That's the key, doomers get paralyzed and do nothing, always waiting for the crash. Successfull stock guys understand, never play with money you can't stand to not touch for 7 years, never buy one stock/buy a basket of 40, crashes happen but over the long run you'll be ok, and if you do nothing inflation eats what you do have at a much higher rate then you think. And stocks are the most liquid asset, so even if you do freak out its one phone and basically free to get out. RE will cost you a minimum 5% to sell. ”

100% agree. And that’s how simple it is. But most wont follow it.
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