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marcus says
Feels more like Trump brought on a sick reaction. The identity politics on the left went through the roof when Trump was elected.

It was already there, and part of the slower, "Fundamental Transformation of America". When Trump was elected, it was an unforeseen obstacle and sent the left into anger.

Look at the NYT or WaPo today compared to 20 years ago. The cancel culture/identity politics either didin't exist or used to be criticized by those papers. Now they fire their own editors for daring to print an article by a US Senator that goes against their new Standard of "America is funadmentally racist and needs radical change".
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More great evidence, @Booger.

Grennell says they are building a helluva case. Also, the Feds have a shitton of access to phone and internet traffic, right down to emails.
They're going to show that agitators collaborated with each other, including overseas individuals, and picked the targets and instigated the attacks on cops and even precincts.

I've known this for over ten years.

Saddam Hussein's Intelligence Service the Mukhabarat met with leftists antiwar protesters, and some activists such as Code Pink had connections to al-Qaeda.

The problem is that nobody has ever had the guts to deal with this.— Carlos Osweda (@COsweda) July 6, 2020

That's very plausible, come to think of it.
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marcus says
Don't you know ? It only became relevant when Trump said he would undo it. Lol ! Which of course, he won't. He might bring a few clothing sewing, and min wage assembly line jobs back though. Yayyyyy !!!

Many of those jobs were unionized. It's as silly as saying "Low wage Car Manufacturing". No Car Manufacturing is low wage; and while there are people making $15/hour on the line, there are also programmers, industrial engineers, managers, etc. by the scores at every factory. $15/hour in Tennessee ain't bad. That's over $30k, and a household of $60k if mom and dad work full time at the same plant - above median household income, in fact. Median home price is Tennessee is $165k, so less than 3x annual income of two factory workers.

The US ain't California, where the Cost of Living Index is half again the US average, and much worse specifically on taxes and housing (239% the average)

There's really no arguing here - the wealth and standard of living gap between industrialized and agra dominated nations is overwhelming, and this has been known for at least 200 years now.
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Tenpoundbass says
For 20 grand someone can have a cinder block building built.

Or get a tiny house shell with bupkiss in it, ha!
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Bill Kristol tweet tomorrow: "It's just Huck Finn."
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richwicks says
Let me know when ISRAEL starts accepting non Jewish refugees, or even Jewish refugees - who aren't white.

First wave of Vietnamese Boat people arrive in Israel.

I personally met one at a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant in Tel Aviv. He spoke French, Vietnamese, English, and... Hebrew.
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richwicks says
Let me know when ISRAEL starts accepting non Jewish refugees, or even Jewish refugees - who aren't white.

Merry Christmas:

On November 21, 1984 Israel began Operation Moses, a seven-week clandestine mission to bring more than 8,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Today, Israel’s Ethiopian community boasts over 140,000 members who continue to play important roles in all facets of Israeli society.

PS, other than the Marxists in Israel (they exist and run Haaretz, Israel hater's favorite newspaper with a pathetic circulation), nobody in Israel has a problem with America's wall. Most love Trump, too, and can't understand why there ISN'T a Wall between the US and Mexico. That Israel is against America's Wall is 110% Stormfag out-of-thin bullshit
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Modi just passed a law where they will not take in Muslim refugees, because:

A) Many fled India giving the finger to Hindus and now want back because of better opportunity
B) Many are actually fundamentalist Muslims
C) There are several other MUSLIM states in the near and greater region (South Asia/Gulf States) that can take them.

I'd also remind folks that Spain, Italy, Poland, etc. have programs where 3+ generation removed emigrants can return on a fast track.

My Cuban wife, who has an Italian Grandfather, is looking into this.

That Eurodummies take in MENA refugees is all Rich Euros trying to prop up the inevitable collapse of their housing/rental market from a declining native population.
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richwicks says

Let me know when ISRAEL starts accepting non Jewish refugees, or even Jewish refugees - who aren't white.

The majority of the Jewish population (50.2%) is Mizrahi - of Middle Eastern Origin - kicked out of Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, and all those other Muslim countries who swear Jews will be fine under Arab rule. Kicked out after confiscating all their real property, of course. Ashkenazi are the MINORITY of Jews in Israel at about 42% The remainder being and Eithiopian and Indian Jews.
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richwicks says
It's a laborious, tedious task to try to explain the situation in Israel, and when you are complete with that, people don't believe you. It's an ethnic state. Zionism is nothing more than the KKK for Jews. They even have discrimination between everybody else and the Ashkenazi. I don't care what they do, my objection is my nation's slavish support for the government there.

I do too, but I won't let misinformation proliferate.
richwicks says

And gave them Depo Prevara.

Look dude, I appreciate your remarks on lacking information. But apparently you hadn't heard (or maybe forget, it's really trivia in the grand scheme of things) about the Vietnamese Boat People OR the Ethiopians until a few minutes ago.

As I said, Haaretz is the Guardian or Salon of Israel. In reality, only some women were given Depo Prevera, which only lasts 3 months. No cases of permanent sterilzation were uncovered. The Ethiopian population has boomed in Israel, and why the fuck would Israel spend millions to bring in thousands of Eithiopians just to sterilize them? As a traditional society without running water or electric in the late 20th century, the goal was to not have the overwhelmingly youthful population have a baby boom before housing and acclimation could be accomplished, and it was indeed voluntary. Some may have misunderstood, or claimed to misunderstand so they wouldn't get pregnant. Not too many Amharic speakers outside of Ethiopia, and these mountain village people didn't have much English, Hebrew, or Arabic amongst them.

We were not in Iraq the first time (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia defense) or the second time (trying to make an example of Saddam as a rogue state), nor Afghanistan (Bupkiss to do with Israel), nor Libyan Coup (a French-Italy Oil dispute; Ghaddafyi had bent the knee to USA in 2001 and wanted Western help against Muslim fanatics), etc. because of Israel.

Don't even bother with the Liberty canard, either. US Troops blew the fuck out of British and Canadian troops, and vice-versa, in every war since WW2 and vice-versa. The ship wasn't supposed to be there and the Israelis checked with the US Naval Attache before attacking the Liberty, which was a mass produced WW2 design of which 100s were sailing the seas of all nations, including several in the Egyptian Navy and Merchant Marine.

We are/were far more connected to the Shah of Iran and Saudi Arabia and didn't support Israel until the Soviets gave 1000s of MiGs, T-55s, and SA-2s to Syria and Egypt in the late 1960s. There was a Soviet Client Axis from Egypt to Syria to (later) Iraq, only Israel in the way to stop a real "United Arab Republic" under Soviet friendly Ba'athist Socialists from linking up in a huge arc across the Middle East and straddling the Suez and able to bring tons of Soviet Equipment down to the Oil Rich Gulf.

Slavish support is forgiving trillions in dollars given to Western Europe, which has created huge barriers on US Products - starting in the 50s with Chicken hence the "Chicken Tax" - and just now starting to change under Trump. Under previous Presidents, it was fine for Germany to enact massive trade barriers on US products, enjoy tens of thousands of US Soldiers to protect them and spend their paychecks on German businesses, be under a US Nuclear Shield, complain about US Nukes in Europe ("99 Luftballoons") while the Soviets had intermediate range missiles up the ass pointed at them, and of course build multi-billion Euro Oil and Gas pipelines to Russia while under US Protection and underfunding their NATO by more than half after the Cold War.

The EU was re-designed in the 90s to get America out of Europe, create a market insulated from US Competition, leverage the Francophonie and Eastern Europe for the benefit of Germany and junior partner, France. The same people who claimed the EU wouldn't replace NATO, and no plans for a EU Army, the moment Brexit happened they annouced the European Army..

The Israeli Obsession seems to derive from many of the same people of the Buttcoin-Goldbug Fad that emerged in the mid 2000s.

Zionism is just Jewish Nationalism. Nobody says "Irish Nationalism is just Irish Fascism, they need to go back into the United Kingdom". Or "Catalonian Independence is Fascism". Or "Kurdish State is Fascist Aggression on Turkey, Iraq, and Iran". Levantine Arabs have 3 states (Syria, Iraq, Jordan, actually 4 if you count Lebanon) and the vast majority of the Levant, FFS. The ironic thing is that those who want the lone Jewish state to disappear, have no problem backing all kinds of nationalist and separatist movements elsewhere. Not saying you, but it's a thing.

Anyway, it all depends on what you want/think will happen.

1. My personal preference is to cut Western Europe loose and go with a new ANZAC-UK Free Trade Zone of Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, be neutral to Russia, very skeptical of China, warm to India, and open to Gulf State reforms.

2. The other view is that it's important for America to stay in Europe to keep the Germans down and the Russians out. But that means demanding Germany pony up money for NATO, buy US LNG, and remove some trade barriers.

I could go either away, lean towards #1
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goofus says
No Lazar Kaganovich, the architect of the Ukrainian famine (Holodomor), dekulakization, the Great Terror, and Stalin's key deputy? Apart from Beria, Stalin's inner circle was heavily Jewish, until he became paranoid about dual loyalties post-war.

Stalin began purging all the Jewish Bolsheviks immediately upon gaining control in the mid 30s. Almost no old Bolsheviks of Jewish ancestry survived Stalin's reign, with those who had been his peers, and wiping up the remainder during the "Cosmopolitan Campaign" and the "Doctor's Plot". See Below.

goofus says
However, five of the first seven Politburo members were Jewish or partially Jewish, and the sixth was Georgian. Ethnic disaffection, rather than class alliance, was a driving force. The seven are as follows:

Not the first Soviet Government, which was the Original Oktober Government of the People's Commissars. This is "Picking and Choosing" among various early Soviet Governments until one is found with many Jews, fitting the facts to the theory of JB.

goofus says
No Lazar Kaganovich, the architect of the Ukrainian famine (Holodomor), dekulakization, the Great Terror, and Stalin's key deputy? Apart from Beria, Stalin's inner circle was heavily Jewish, until he became paranoid about dual loyalties post-war.

Here's the outcome of people on your list:
Kaminev - Broke with Stalin, 1925, executed by Stalin 1936.
Sokolnikov - Executed by Stalin, 1936
Zinonev - Executed by Stalin, 1936
Trotsky - Stripped of powers in 20s, fled in 1929, assassinated on Stalin's Orders, 1940
Lenin - Dead by 1924 and sidelined before that (complications of TB) Only his Maternal Grandparent was Jewish, who converted as a Young Man before meeting his Protestant German-Swedish Grandmother. Lenin himself, nor anybody else, including his sister, knew they had Jewish ancestry until he died. His Sister discovered it in Switzerland in the 1930s, after Lenin's death, encountering the Blank Family who identified a family heirloom, a cup, as being a "Blank" and that all Blanks in Switzerland were Jewish. All of Lenin's other grandparents and parents were Protestant or Russian Orthodox at birth, in fact his father Ilya was especially pious and seldom missed Sunday Mass. Of course, this is only of interest to those who think there is something magical in Jewish Blood that makes them bad people

All were executed at the start of Georgian Stalin's Great Terror, which killed around a million people between 36-38.

Here is the First Politburo established after the Revolution:

Of 21 Members, 7 were Jewish or half-Jewish. 8 were Russian, and the rest were other ethnicities. So majority non-Jewish.

If you mean the very first Politburo, it secretly met in a house in 1898, attended by a handful of people, and was dominated by Social Democrat Menscheviks and Labor Unionists, non-Communists. Nothing was accomplished, not even a charter or statement of principles, and several members were promptly arrested by the Tsar's Secret Police and sent to the Tsar's Gulags (often forgotten and often just as bad).

goofus says

I can see why people would want to disassociate from these mass murderers, whose ideology continues to this day. But it's not intellectually honest. I could go into the Jewish disproportion of those involved with the 1919 Communist Insurrection in Germany, the Chinese Communist party origins in 1920, or of those advising Stalin (many of whom were eventually killed in show trials), but this should suffice for now.
goofus says

Additionally, 38.5% of NKVD officers is nothing to sniff at. Jewish population share in Russia was 4%:

Russia was a country with a literacy rate of 25% in 1900. Guess who was Literate? Jews. Like Presbyterian Scots, they believed they had to read their Holy Books, so if a Jew had two zlotny to rub together, it was spent on literacy. Not a surprise that NKVD officers would be disproportionately from a group with extremely high literacy, I can accept about 35% in the early Revolution.

Scots completely dominated the East India Company and British Bureaucracy in the 1700s-1900s, despite being only 10% of the British Population, for similar reasons of literacy - near universal among Scots thanks to mandatory Schooling by the Presbyterian Church, very low among the English and Welsh generally (less than 50% until the late 19th).

Additionally, Jews were from the Pale, and likely to be multilingual in Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, etc. making them more valuable candidates for leadership. Along with the Latvians and Poles, they were more likely to speak English, French, and German, also making them useful as counter-intelligence/internal security officers.

The typical Russian was unlikely to be literate in Russian.

There are several figures there from 1919 and 1917. Did the Soviets give a British Capitalist foreign reporter stacks of documents of Internal Security Agents to sort through, qualify their ranks and responsibilities, and quantify by ethnicity during the Russian Revolution/Civil War?

As for the Gulag Commander number is provided by "Hermann Greife", writing in 1937. That's an odd name for a Russian.
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goofus says
Last one. I think the point's been made:>


Yes - the majority of deaths happened under Stalin, Jews were always a minority (though a disproportionately large one) of Early Soviet leadership, and that Stalin, as soon as he got control after purging the "Left Opposition" and "Right Opposition" in the 30s, began systematically removing Jews while taking his Great Terror to new heights, with his primary henchman, the master of NKVD and Internal Security, Lavrenty Beria.

As for Stalin delegating to underlings, anybody who read a biography of Stalin knows he was an incredible micromanager, utterly dominated everybody, and created such fear that when he was dying of a stroke, at any sign of movement or sound, those around him groveled and whinged lest he heard them talking about what to do next and was displeased.

Judeo Bolshevism has large grains of truth, but mostly it's simply the re-direction of "Jews poisoned the Wells and eat the babies" from Medieval Central Europe to Psychology, Communism, Global Commodity Markets, etc. during the 19th Century.

The Ultimate Origin of Modern Left Wing Authoritarianism and Terror was born in the French Revolution by Jacobins and Robespierre, not in the Soviet Union, which was just another wave of it.

Another utility of JB is to deflect any responsibility from Russia or Poland or other Central/Eastern European countries' populations.
"We dindu Nuttin'! It was all the Jews!"
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goofus says
I wouldn't be so proud if I were her, given the Cultural Revolution, engineered famines, and other atrocities that followed the Maoist takeover.

Now that IS indeed a JB writing for the Backward. Of course, she's not a practicing Jew and announces that right off the bat. In fact, there's a case that Jewish Bolshevism is the replacement of Judaism with Left Revolutionary Ideology. Not unlike what is seen in Unitarians and other liberal denominations (and eventually abandoning religion all together for Leftist Eschatology). The connection between Intellectualism & Liberal Religion

Here is a non-Jewish Mao Booster, a New Zealander who was friends with a Colonel Edson of the USMC. From their friendship, "GUNG HO!" was popularized when Edson used it for his Raider Battalion.
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Kepi says

Any other meaning?

African-American Female Employment Service - any institution that is heavily utilized to provide Make-Work for that group, like the DMV in large cities, or the AAFES itself in certain places.
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FuckCCP89 says
I'm pretty sure simply calling the police on them would lead to the same outcome.

Apparently, both parties called the police but only the Couple was arrested and charged.
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jazz_music says
The artist never finished the carving project and was a KKK supporter and very likely a member of KKK.

So Barak Obama and Bernie Sanders shouldn't have visited it and said nice things about it?

Fascinating how CNN called Mount Rushmore "majestic" and "quite a sight" in 2008 when Obama visited, but now its a symbol of slavery and stolen land

— Zach Parkinson (@AZachParkinson) July 3, 2020

Archive link in case it is sent down the Memory Hole by CNN:
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Expect minimal MSM Media coverage.

Remember when all the Lib Dems in the 80s and 90s were all for Free Speech? Me Too.

Now? Crickets - in fact, they're for this action.
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The last freakin' things the Indians would do if they got it back would get rid of Mount Rushmore.

They'd build a casino, gas station, and state tax free shop on the way to it, along with a $10 toll road.
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Heh heh, another brilliant move. They know how much the colleges love the foreign student's $$$.

That's another pressure group demanding the Dems not implement plan "Maximum Chaos"

And if they don't open schools, imagine millions of absolutely disgusted parents. They'll all start googling if they haven't already and discover COVID facts rather than MSM Cases Fear Mongering.
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Whiteness did this, according to the Media.
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Amazing piece, thanks Eric.

Zionism is Racism was coined by the USSR.

Trust in God - he is making the fake TIkkun Olam Socialist Reform Jews barren and a dead end. This is their last generation - look at the demographics. Nor is it confined to liberal Jews, but across the religious spectrum.

"Thus we see how God infuses and inflames the hearts of his people, to show themselves ready and cheerful to come forth to help the Lord against the mighty Nimrods and hunting Furies of our time." - John Vicars.

Read the Puritan Fathers, folks. Worldly Success and Spiritual Success are intertwined, and the loss of one is the loss of the other. History shows this Great Truth.
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Just now, going into youtube:

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Amazon give a lot shit less about quality control. Some of they shit they push as "Amazon's Choice" would make Dollar General blush.
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Eric Holder says
Really? They run around with suicide vests blowing up random people? They plow into random crowds in stolen boxtrucks? WTF? Where exactly is this happening?

Untouchables and Low Castes are converting to Christianity and escaping the Caste System. That makes some butthurt.

Caste is not included in most Human Rights Treaties and such, so Traditional Hindu Bigots can discriminate against them. But if they convert to Christianity and are the victims of discrimination, action CAN be taken against any systemic discrimination because of religious protections.
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TPB, she lives in one of those large elderly communites you probably know of.

Last holidays and this time, I'm noticing a lot of young people walking around who don't belong in a 55+ limited community with security and both entrances. Not visitng Grandma on the weekend, but at all hours of day or night, weekday or weekend.

I think the Wokey-doke is making management fearful of cracking down on illegal multigen families living there.
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Disband Public Education!

Replace with Vouchers.
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The NFL won't do shit, and The SPLC won't say shit anyway.

Imagine if some White Football player said "The Blacks are dividing America". His ass would be fired within 24 hours.
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COVID isn't the only thing Hospitals are paid to diagnose... if we could get a big lawsuit or gov investigation, using stats and finances, we'd find a shitload of drugs and procedures and diagnoses being amplified and exaggerated over the course of decades...
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Whites don't really earn their income, they make their living tricking other races and exploiting them, especially us poor Chicanos/Blacks.

Sounds familiar!
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Bouncing breasts are the greatest.
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For those having trouble swallowing the redpill:

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Just like the USSR! Use the bandits and thieves, then round 'em up as Reactionary Lumpenproles
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I dropped $50k on a restaurant that almost broke even but never made a profit. No complaining workers, but I did lose it all in equipment, rent, wages, etc.

So close to homemade, but I was never able to get the 20-30% more in revenue I needed to thrive. Had a hardcore of loyal customers (Germans and Brazilians!) & temporary expats working for corps, but not enough locals were interested. I'll post my Nasi Goreng (actually Indonesian/Malaysian) recipe sometime.

Opportunity cost was massive to me, thinking of dividends and growth in the past few years, even with the recent dive.
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CBOEtrader says
Anti-white men = awesome. Anti-Semitism? No, not us! Right comrades? Right?

It's okay to attack Whites, been okay for about a decade. As late as the 2000s, somebody attacking Whites as rich, cops, capitalist slavers would get mainstream pushback, but not for the past decade or so. It's rapidly becoming okay to attack Jews and Asians; DeBlasio ignoring attacks by Farrakhaners in NYC and California Dems attacking Meritocracy to liberate places for underqualified Blacks at the expense of Asians.

Tucker showed Don Lemon from a few years back mentioning the Black Crime rate; today that is verbotten.
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CBOEtrader says
No excuses = success. This is the only legit white male privilege.

"Get her done" vs. "Gimme free shit"
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Know in California, the cops are instructed to ask leading questions in order to blame the victim whenever possible:

Did you SEE the perp's weapon?
Why didn't YOU run away?
Why couldn't YOU run to your second floor bedroom and lock the door?

Make sure you get your story straight before you call 911 and call your lawyer first.

Otherwise, poor Jamal, who was getting his life straight at 22 after an armed robbery and several robberies that are sealed due to being from adolescence, was just confused and thought he was visiting Grandma Jemima to deliver her Christmas Present 4 months early on the second floor of your house when your White/Asian/Jew/"White Hispanic" Cuban Ass took his life in Fascist Supremacy
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mell says

This is very true. I hadn't watched TV in months and last night switched on local news and there it was - a report from an older man who almost died from Covid-19 despite being an athlete at some point. While the happy ending was great the mission was clear to instill fear into the sheeple. Has the media ever aired every near death during the regular flu season? They have always spread fear occasionally but this is unprecedented.

Noticed the same thing on both Broward and Orlando Local TV, including the Cable Company's local Station.

It was like a trip into an alternate reality.

One thing on Spectrum Orlando (13?) was that they had a segment on opening schools, they lingered 2 minutes on tweets from teachers supporting keeping schools closed, and put more tweets on from supporters demanding they open, put only put it on screen for less than 5 seconds at the end of the segment.
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