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Biden's lead in South Carolina is now totally gone. Was a 20-30+ lead not a few weeks ago.

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Interesting evidence in favor:

George Soros Calls for Removal of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for ‘Helping Trump Get Re-Elected’
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Is Pop Smoke related to Corn Pop?
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Fighting right outta the gate. Execute Order 66 on the moderates.

Somebody gave Fauxcahontas Firewater tonight, she is on the warpath, smacking everybody including Salad Lady.
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Y'all missing the fireworks. Fauxcahontas is taking scalps tonight, she is chopping Bloomberg with a tomahawk, including his NDAs that he had a shitload of former female employees sign.

Even Biden is jumping in.

This is like beat the rich brat with the baseball bat.
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Bloomberg's debate experience in one song:

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HeadSet says
Great call. Did you place any bets at any gaming sites?

Thank God no. He got hammered tonight. Warren smacked him with this "All these women signed NDAs - release them from the NDA" ambush, and they all jumped on him. Only candidate booed the whole night.
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Blagojevich knows where a lot of Democratic Illinois Infighting bodies are buried.
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Bloomberg's only moment - and notice he gets booed for this - when he calls Bernie a Socialist with three houses.

This was really a moment— Amy Spiro (@AmySpiro) February 20, 2020

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marcus says
Assholes are totally hot right now ! Deal with it. Who cares what the college sjws, feminists and the soy boys think. Bloomberg will annihilate Trump. I don't watch Fox news, so after next January, I won't ever have to listen to Trump bloviate ever again.

Yeah, who cares what the Pink Haired Young and Grouchy Middle Aged Divorced women who actually make up the vast majority of neighborhood canvassers, voter registration booth operators, phone bank callers, etc. for the Democratic Party think?
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Another thing Bloomberg was destroyed on. Biden reminded him that it was Obama looking out for his "Sons" and sending "Moderators" out to NYC that ended Stop & Frisk.
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The rest of the world is pretty much in a Recession right now - except for us. We have the best GDP growth rate of any industrialized country right now, while experiencing 50 year lows in unemployment and continuing industrial production gainz.

Here's Germany - getting the shit kicked out of it by Brexit and waiting for the wallop from Trump renegotiating the grossly one-sided US-EU Trade Agreements

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It wasn’t just Bloomberg who came under fire. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg have never liked each other, and they became downright nasty. Klobuchar once again took the opportunity to point out that Pete has never won a statewide race, while Buttigieg replied with a canned line about how if Minnesotan senators made good nominees, Walter Mondale would have been president. Buttigieg also seized the opportunity to poke at Klobuchar over forgetting the president of Mexico’s name. Klobuchar struggled, asking Pete if he was calling her “dumb.” Buttigieg is a practiced debater and delivers his lines well, and his polished hokum about how “Washington” doesn’t respect small-city Rust Belt mayors clearly gets on Klobuchar’s nerves to no end.

Warren was unusually vicious toward other candidates, making direct attacks on nearly every one of her opponents. She was spirited and articulate, and with her memorable exchanges with Bloomberg, she will widely be seen as the “winner” of the debate. But it also seemed as if she was desperate to strike as many blows in as many directions as possible, conscious that her campaign needs a miracle if it is going to survive.

In terms of who the debate served best, Sanders was the clear winner. He went into it the frontrunner, and mostly just needed to avoid embarrassing himself. The debate went far better than he could even have hoped. His chief rival, Bloomberg, flopped completely. The other centrists spent time bickering with each other that could have been spent trying to undermine Sanders. Warren did the “dirty work” of eviscerating Bloomberg, allowing Sanders to make a more elevated pitch and somewhat rise above the fray. He was given plenty of time to talk, and while he stuck close to his usual talking points he had above-average energy and was clearly enjoying himself. He was effective in pointing out how Buttigieg dishonestly presents the costs of Medicare For All without mentioning the benefits, and easily parried Bloomberg’s absurd attempt to conflate Sanders’ democratic socialism with “communism”. Bloomberg was a perfect foil for Sanders; Sanders probably wishes Bloomberg had been there all along, a cartoon of an evil billionaire for Sanders to point to as an example of everything wrong with the country.

Sanders went into the debate the frontrunner and he left the frontrunner. If Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar were to stand any chance of overtaking Sanders, they needed to make him look foolish, and they didn’t. Instead, they looked petty, and he survived. Warren was in good form, but she’s simply not going to reclaim the lead over Sanders at this point. Bloomberg was the only serious threat, and he fizzled, showing that the “electability” case for his candidacy is laughable. It’s increasingly clear that Sanders has no serious opposition and Democrats are going to need to start reconciling himself to the inevitability of his nomination.
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The only White People left in the Democratic Party are Single Bitter Nags and the occasional Soyboy White Collar Male.
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Shit like this is a good start:


— Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) February 20, 2020
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Anybody remember when the Left used to bitch about Religious Institutions taking political stands and demanding the IRS take away their untaxed status?

Pepe Ridge Farm Remembers.

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Flavius says
The Democratic and Republican party elites, joining forces as they did in the 1972 presidential election, will do to Sanders what they did to George McGovern, who lost in 49 of the 50 states.

Your lips to God's ears. What is most important is the House flips.

We've much more advanced Socialist Intersectional Turd Worldist Infilatration now, however. This year's McGovern will win CA, OR, IL, MN, NY, NJ, VT, and MA.
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clambo says
If that’s the debate, imagine what the convention will be like.

I hope it's a damn madhouse.

July 13th, in Milwaukee.
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This is actually real.
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419 Delegates up from California Alone on Super Tuesday. That will be more delegates than Iowa, NH, Nevada, and SC combined just in that one state.

Bernie is leading by double digits in the RCP polling average:
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OccasionalCortex says
Ostensibly this is because Medicare can not monitor for fraud and quality of care. In reality, the AMA pushed for this special interest protection.

You got it! Nice to have a dedicated nurse who only does 4 patients a time, at 1/8th the cost of the same US procedure, without being kicked out right away.
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Hmm, wonder what happens if a sitting Congressperson commits immigration fraud.
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Still trying to figure out why the UN Ambassador needed to unmask hundreds of people a year.

Bolton didn't do more than a handful during his entire service, and that during the peak GWOT.

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On the last day we spent together, I visited Lewis at her home. Originally, she was going to take me on a short walking tour of her neighborhood, but it was raining and gloomy outside, so we settled into two armchairs in her living room. She made us green tea, pouring mine into a mug that read “I’ve got 99 problems and white heteronormative patriarchy is basically all of them.” To my delight, her cat, a small tabby named Robespierre—after the French revolutionary—jumped onto my lap.

Whatta Stereotype.
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rd6B says
There is no escaping the fact: the old type of family has had its day. The family is withering away not because it is being forcibly destroyed by the state, but because the family is ceasing to be a necessity. The state does not need the family, because the domestic economy is no longer profitable: the family distracts the worker from more useful and productive labour. The members of the family do not need the family either, because the task of bringing up the children which was formerly theirs is passing more and more into the hands of the collective.

Once we dismantle the welfare state, which will happen in 40 years when the large numbers of Charismatic, Evangelical, Conservatives from both the US and the offspring of immigrants from ever-more-Protestant Central and South America arrive (in much larger numbers than Sunnis and Shi'a, btw), this will be regarded as a crazy explosion of madness.

Like Seances and Theosophy from the turn of the Century. People will laugh their asses off that these things were treated seriously by Legacy Media.

Lewis has no children. If she is serious about advancing her cause, she needs to have 3 babies in the next 3 years if she possibly can, being over 30.

But since the Hungry Hammer followers believe in the Eschaton powered by Human Population growth, she won't. Their own seeds of destruction are within their own philosophy.
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The Farm Aid is more than paid for by the Punitive Tariffs on China. There's a surplus left over.

Isn't it great Trump is finding new revenues?
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Ceffer says
Genetic narcissism is why humans put up with the screaming rugrats in the first place. Bitter feminists with Daddy issues, screaming psychotic from soap boxes in the howling moonlight. How do these crazies get air space?

Her daddy's main problem is not having the balls to cut her off.

Dr. Lewis’s German-English translations for MIT Press include A Brief History of Feminism (Antje Schrupp) and Communism for Kids (Bini Adamczak). Her translation of Sabine Hark and Paula-Irene Villa’s account of femo-nationalist Islamophobia in Germany, Other and Rule, is forthcoming from Verso. She is a member of the ecological writing collective Out of the Woods, which publishes in forums such as The New Inquiry and Commune, and an editor at Blind Field: A Journal of Cultural Inquiry, whose collection End/And: Feminization in Unending Times came out in 2017. In addition to speaking on Full Surrogacy Now, she is working on two subsequent book manuscripts, Feminism of Fools and Amniotechnics.
None of which paid shit, I'm sure.
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clambo says
I wonder how the DNC and Wall St will pay him back the $500 million he spent.

Transferring it to DNC-selected Hillary or Butt edge edge.

Delegates are only required to vote as instructed - and only then in some circumstances - for the first round of the convention. Not just superdelegates, but all delegates.
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Is it possible that Trans Women are mostly Mentally Ill?
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CNN: The Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to one volunteer who had planned to help with Saturday’s caucuses but quit because he didn’t want to sign the document.

— Shimon Prokupecz (@ShimonPro) February 21, 2020
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RC2006 says
How many times is bs Russia going to be brought up and how long will it take for them to realize this stupid shit has been going on forever between all countries with even an ounce of power. If anything Russia would want Bernie "Commie" Sanders.

Report: Bernie Sanders Briefed that Russia Trying to Help His Campaign
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