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RC2006 says
Booger says

I would guess a lot of the stats for crime in that article are vastly off since people have givin up on filing police reports.

The police have gone to an online system that requires a lot of details and then crashes when you click "submit".
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
C’mon now Patrick. This article is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even attempt to make a link between Odenkirks vaccination status and his hospitalization.

Your better than this by a lot. This was not good.

Yeah Patrick, just because perfectly healthy people are dropping from heart attack and rare disease after the jab doesn't imply causation.

They would have died anyway.
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I read somewhere that the 40 hour work week was established for maximum productivity. After 40 hours mistakes started being made and the workers actually became counterproductive.
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Patrick says
True, maybe it wasn't the clot shot in his case.

Sarcasm is hard in the written word. Without the addition of tone of voice and body language it often seems sincere.
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Blue says
If the damage is less than certain amount they said that do nothing.

It's just a matter of time before vigilantism brings swift justice to these CRIMINALS!

Shoot the looters!
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Patrick says

If they had never even told us about the virus, the vast majority of people would not have even noticed it at all and everything would be pretty much normal.

The whole purpose of masks is to perpetuate fear.
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Ruby Beach Washington

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PeopleUnited says
Nepotism is like racism.

I think y'all mean "cronyism".
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Weather has been beautiful! It rained last night and this morning but otherwise in the 70's and 80's.

Astoria tomorrow and then the Oregon and California coast.
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Hin·doo (hĭn′do͞o)
n. & adj. Archaic
Variant of Hindu.
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Hindoo (ˈhɪnduː; hɪnˈduː)
nadj, pl -doos
(Hinduism) an older spelling of Hindu
Hindooism n
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I think I read somewhere that the payments are an advance on your withholdings.

Either way, ultimately it's productive people who pay the bills.
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They let me putter around Mission Bay in a 20 foot Catalina sloop for $40 a half day 5 years ago.

They took my word that I knew how to sail but it's hard to get in trouble there because the conditions are relatively benign.
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Patrick says
AIDS epidemic in America was the fault of Ronald and, especially, Nancy Reagan, not the people who infected other people. Follow the Science!

You left out Frank Sinatra.
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gabbar says

Its been a decade since we have watched any news on television.

Went to a diner this morning and Fauci was on the local news (close captioned) and he was talking of the dangers of the delta and how we are all going to have to mask up again because some people are unwilling to be jabbed. Put me in a foul mood for hours.
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A friends daughter, mid 20's, just contracted the Wuhan. She was "fully vaccinated".

I don't know of any unvaxxed who caught the CCP virus. I now know of 2 that were vaxxed that came down with the Wuhan, one went to the ICU.

Definitely staying in the control group.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says

But nearly all the sources cited in this thread are bullshit. As I said before, really bad. These aren’t data points in most cases. Their make believe fairy tales, no better than what leftist propaganda does.

Are you saying that my fully vaxxed friend isn't in the ICU with the Wuhan?
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says

The underlying article doesn’t even attempt to imply anything. Bring some real evidence, not propaganda.

From the CDC:

Ignorance is bliss.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Mell, the number of reported deaths due to vaccination still pales in comparison to the number of deaths from Covid, even if you remove everyone say 70 years old and over.

If you remove over 65 and with comorbidities the "rare deaths" exceed deaths from the Wuhan, which is extremely treatable making the vax unneccessary.

Unless you want vax passports to control the population.
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Fortwaynemobile says
we will be tasked with repopulating the planet boys!

In your wet dreams.
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When is that Arizona report coming out?

They continue to gaslight us as they consolidate power.
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Bd6r says
Don't tell us that womyn can't be gamers...

That's so wrong, but hella funny.
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Bd6r says
This is an example why military draft is good. Besides resistance to foreign wars, men who go through draft and war are no pussies and stand up for what is right.

ALL young men people should be trained to safely and effectively operate firearms.
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From the article:
The Jacobson opinion mentions the "legislature" over a dozen times. For example, the opinion reads, "the legislature has the right to pass laws which, according to the common belief of the people, are adapted to prevent the spread of contagious diseases." Nearly all of the mandates being imposed now are being done by executive fiat without the input of the people's representatives."

That's the crux. Politicians and unelected bureaucrats are mandating an experimental biologic agent that has proven harmful short term effects and unknown longterm effects for a disease that is benign for the majority and treatable for most of the rest. But this is not about public health and safety but controlling the population in an attempt to dig themselves (the world governments) out of a hole.
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That's what happens when "Wet Ass Pussy"" is the number one song...

It would have been easier to break those kids up had she put the beer down.
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And history books! So many references to masters and slaves.
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Patrick says

The Chinese are pretty smart. That's why they got all the factories. That's what gives them power over America now.

That and all the politicians they own.
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Patrick says
But then it wouldn't alliterate. Unless you're Japanese.

That's racist!
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We flew Spirit ONCE. They nickel and dime you for every little thing. Five dollars extra if you want the cabin pressurized.
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Patrick says
I don't know what you mean by community property.

You have money, your brother has money, and they are all in separate accounts, right?

Perhaps his wife is a gold digger?
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Heading down the Oregon coast on 101. I can't believe how many marijuana stores there are! I counted 7 in Lincoln City alone!
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Lighthouse at Cape Dissapointment
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Rin says
Michael Jackson got caught.

I forget, how much time did he spend in jail?
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farmer2021 says
I think CCP will eventually get "Gadafi" treatment not "Nuremberg trials" based on how miserable they have made life of people.

Gaddafi actually took relatively good care of his people.
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"We came, we saw, he died," Hillary cackled.
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Fucking globalists.
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I stand corrected.
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Good thing that doesn't happen anymore.
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Trannies are pansies!
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WookieMan says
It was kind of sad to watch, especially kids playing with masks on.

Child abuse.
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