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E-man says
You can suggest to put an 80-year old cap on all government officials, but she would get grandfathered in. You don’t change the rules half way through the game. That’s not how life works.

When the Founders wrote the Constitution which enshrines the rules for justices, there wasn’t much for medicine available. Certainly there wasn’t the medical industry that we have today which can keep a failing body on life support with heroic interventions for weeks or months, and can add years to the lifespan of an oldster who really should have died of “natural causes.”

An update is in order, and shouldn’t even be political. But you are correct, RBG should be grandfathered in.
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Look the point is it takes two bullheaded sides to make this mess. Trump wants his damn wall and knows he isn’t getting re-elected without it. He’s got no reason to back down.
Pelosi and the Dems are firmly against the wall on ideological perhaps more approaching religious terms. But they have much to lose by keeping the government shut down. The longer it goes on, the less and less people who will support the action. At some point she will have to concede defeat and cooperate.

Or perhaps if she doesn’t, we could see an erosion of support for Democrats like never before. Can you imagine explaining to Shaniqua, Elmer, and Juanita that their gubmint welfare checks ain’t gonna come this year?
Might be the best thing for the country in the long run. Those folks will be forced to get jobs if they want to continue to eat.
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Hahaha! A Berkeley tree hugging liberal got her very own tree to hug for eternity!

People really do get the government they deserve.
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jazz_music says
Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn.”
Some intelligent people who know better are supporting Trump simply to be rebellious or to introduce chaos into the political system.

We don’t want to watch the world burn. We want to watch YOUR world burn! Your world which is constructed for our humiliation and oppression is definitely on our hit list. What sane prisoner ever felt warmly toward his jailers? No, and expecting sympathy from the people you’ve been actively trying to fuck over for the past couple of decades is stupid. Your prisoners finally realized they were in a prison and had the option of not only escape but destruction of the bars and firing of the guards on the way out.

Hillary represented the warden running for re-election.
Is it any wonder that she didn’t win?
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jazz_music says
Racism and Bigotry
It would be grossly unfair and inaccurate to say that every one of Trump’s supporters have prejudice against ethnic and religious minorities, but it would be equally inaccurate to say that many do not. It is a well-known fact that the Republican party, going at least as far back to Richard Nixon’s “southern strategy,” used tactics that appealed to bigotry, such as lacing speeches with “dog whistles” — code words that signaled prejudice toward minorities that were designed to be heard by racists but no one else.

It is a well known historical fact that the Democrats formed and operated the KKK, were pro-eugenics, forcibly castrated black men, established and enforced Jim Crow and segregation laws, and oppressed minorities at every turn.
Today those hateful racist policies are still enacted, but turned to the photo negative as if being hateful against different races than 50 years before made the same hate somehow righteous and moral. The Democrats have close ties to the NAACP, La Raza, and CAIR, working to advance the racist causes of these race-exclusive organizations. The progressives champion the divisive rhetoric and repeat it like a mantra which has the power to absolve them of their own original sin (of being born white and wealthy).

Democrats remain the party of hate.
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Ceffer says
Clambo is the fly zapper of predatory female aspirations. Dangle the dough, and let them crawl and compete like hookers at a porno audition, then kick them to the curb! Bravo!

Beware that in playing this game, one is nearly always brought to ground! Then, after they secure the life insurance with them as beneficiary, it is either fast poison or slow torture!

They have the same billion years of evolutionary strategy to outsmart you, but the egg always wins!

Of course it does, for the simple reason that age and death are inevitable, and the only winner can ever be the following generations. Brought to you by the egg.
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Really? You make a post about the 2017 tax cut and then show a graph as “proof” that only goes to 2015?!!
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Diversity of thought is the only sort of diversity required in science.
Funny how most of the “diversity” in tech the progs care about comes from Indians (most racist people on the planet), Asians (most educated people by far), and Arabs (who are best known for building briefcase “clocks”).
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I do believe that it’s the Democrats who are refusing to negotiate, saying it’s their way or the highway. Trump will negotiate all sorts of things to get his wall. But they won’t even consider a compromise, so they own the impasse.
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I had to unfriend a woman I know on fakebook because she wouldn’t quit with the Leftist SJW posts. And these were ridiculous bullshit posts seemingly designed to get a reaction from people with two working brain cells and less caution than indignation. So much of what we say on that media platform is monitored forever, not a safe space that’s for sure!

Oh, she works for the National Parks Service, and is currently furloughed.
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Nice summary, Patrick.
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I remember going to Sears about eight years ago. We were TV shopping with a kind to purchase immediately and take one home as the kids had broken our current flat screen. We finally got a salesperson to help us after waiting for a while and then we played the stupid game of “I like that one can I buy it?” Nope. Not in stock. Have to order and wait three weeks. After the eighth TV that would be suitable was declared to be absent the premises or any nearby store premises, we gave up and left. I think we went to Best Buy or something and they had TVs in stock so we bought one there.

I bought a TV last month again. Totally different experience! They had many many in stock which you could see because there they were right in front of you all lined up on the shelf. I changed my mind three times and still wound up with a Tv I liked, and I wheeled it out of there myself half an hour later.
Of course we went to Costco.
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I had five guys burger last month for the first time. Really good! One of the best burgers I’ve ever had, and was not expensive. Closest thing to that I’ve had was a high end Japanese beef burger at a nice restaurant.
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I’m seeing a pattern. All of those rich women inherited their wealth or got it from an ex husband or dead husband.
None of them earned it. I’d be curious to see the maximum net worth of the women who actually earned their wealth themselves.
Let’s see, an article from 2012 on Forbes lists these in order, may have changed.
1)Gayle Cook: $3.7 billion medical device company
2)Oprah: $2.7 billion
3)Judy Faulkner: $1.7 billion founder of a medical records company.

Definitely the junior varsity team.
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Annexing Mexico would make a lot of sense. We could get good and stompy on the cartels, and they’d lose their entire business plan to boot. About 20 million new retirees will move south to establish senior citizen enclaves in Mexico, and property values there will skyrocket. Mexico will be the most popular of the 51 states overnight.

How about some good old imperialism?
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Natural doesn’t mean acceptable. I met an Indian man last week who had YUUUUGE tufts of super long hair growing out of his ears. Looked like he had armpits in his ears. Fucking gross! He was proud of it too, I could tell.
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He should just have an assistant who procures hot women for him. Take all the mystery and strain out of it. Sort of a poontang agent, casting the role of his girlfriend or short term lover. The dude is a billionaire! The agent would have the world’s easiest job.
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No problem! A steel fence can also be electrified. Try to cross or cut it and BLAM! Instant Chimichangas!
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Even if Mexico sent a check tomorrow, Congress would still have to appropriate it for the wall.
That’s how government works, boys and girls!
n00bz lolz!
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Heraclitusstudent says
A microwave oven uses frequencies around 2,450 MHz and, like other heat sources, it DOES cause some chemical changes.

Actually the way it heats is that the microwaves cause a resonance in hydrogen covalent bonds, causing them to vibrate in and out of energy states which causes thermal energy gain.
That’s why hydrogen-rich items heat fastest in a microwave. Like soup. But if you try to heat a gallon of soup in a large bowl, only the outside inch or so of the soup gets hot and must then transmit that heat through convection to the cold interior of the soup.
Or try it with a big bowl of mashed potatoes.

This is why you can heat a steel container in the microwave for a long time without it gaining any heat. No hydrogen bonds to speak of in the steel!
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I voted for the other guy. Don’t blame me.
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Bass is right. Fight the ticket with the judge not the cop. I just treat the cop respectfully and answer directly. Usually the guy just lets me off with a warning. If not, well, I did win one ticket fight in court once about 16 years ago. It’s possible!
I should really slow down...
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There’s no room for scientific thoughts or facts in science!
Only approved dogmas will be tolerated!
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marcus says
Could it be tendencies toward objectivity and above average intelligence ?

Yah if we apply intelligence to this behavior then half the country are fucking retards, ESPECIALLY the Leftist (atheist/secular) Jews. Honestly, if you are a Jew and you’re not religious, you’re just a white person with delusions of oppression and a racial superiority complex.
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Perhaps because of all the emphasis put on higher education, the smarter kids aren’t going into the trades at any sort of reasonable rate. Instead, they’re being carefully funneled into marginally useful degree paths, with limited remuneration capacity and oversupply of trained workers in that field. We have way too many lawyers and not enough electricians, pipefitters, and steel workers. And those we have are the ones who had a hard time doing high school let alone college.
Any smart, capable tradesman will naturally rise to the top of most shops. And since many or most are union labor, the wages and benefits are generally very good. Plus there’s often a pension involved, which is rare these days.
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Patrick says
I was quite surprised that feelings, to her, were more important than science

Is she a scientist or have significant science training/degrees? If not, then i don’t know why this is surprising. Women are emotional creatures and place the most importance on relationships. Men place more importance on doing things and understanding our world so that we can tame it and thus provide for women and the children we will make together. This is as nature intended it to be.
My wife actually is highly science trained and she still comes down on the side of emotion quite a bit on these sorts of issues. Maybe 50-50 on those odds for her.
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Glad I don’t have my kids in that district!
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You’re just saying that because abortion clinics have targeted black mothers as highest priority. Why do you hate black babies, Tim?
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Rocketmanjoe says

FACT – the reason why Americans have to worry about a government shutdown is because Trump refuses to pass a budget.

He refuses to pass an budget without a wall. Anything else is negotiable I think.
And Democrats refuse to negotiate. Their way or the highway.
I think Trump can hold out longer. At some point the Dem base will be so desperate they’ll be pleading with Pelosi to take any deal to get their jobs and welfare back!
At that point, Trump informs the Democrats that the wall just got ten feet higher!
He’s such an asshole!
I love that about him.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Unfortunately your opinion is in the minority, only 29% of Americans feel the way you do.

If this were an election year, that might matter. But the Democrats have to deal with the current POTUS for the next two years. Either they break and negotiate or Trump breaks, and Trump is dug in for the long run on this issue. If he breaks now, there will be no wall and he definitely won’t be re-elected. Furthermore, his legacy is toast and all anyone will remember is that he caved and didn’t do what he promised to do. He has absolutely no incentive to abandon this course.
But Pelosi is going to feel the heat really soon.
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Maddow as a source? Really? I remember him offering DACA plus a lot more for the wall but GOPe and all Democrats said hell no.
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I hear that Uber and Lyft are hiring. Maybe the furloughed workers could try to experience the majesty of the gig economy?
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Just repeal Prop 13 and you’ll have the money.

Make shit fair.
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willywonka says
Actually, they both likely have whitey in a woodpile ancestry.

She’s very attractive, that look is not possible with pure African roots. I’d guess nearly 50% white. And his skin is definitely not dark black, more of a milk chocolate. Why she wanna hate on her mixed race peoples?
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You wanna live in the desert? Get used to having water be an issue you have to deal with. Somehow everyone who lived in the Mojave soldiered on before Gavin Fucking Newsome.
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I love how this tax is super regressive and hurts the poor people the most! Just like the gas tax. Fabulous!
I wanna stick it hard to the poor who vote Democrat, just to show them what they’ll be getting.
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Post needs links
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But we can’t get five billion for a wall.
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True. Most poor people are stupid or lazy. Too stupid to understand how to vote and too lazy to find out.
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SJWs are really jumping the shark lately.
A lot of red pilling is going on.
The people who get their news from social media are especially getting exposed to some hard truth. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who watches the YouTube video of the incident that the kids weren’t aggressors and did nothing to warrant blame.
It’s hard to argue with video evidence, but it appears that the entire mainstream media is giving it a whirl.
I’m surprised that YouTube hasn’t taken it down yet.

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