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I’m just wondering what the next step will be for Democrats once the bloodbath of Midterms is over? Will they accept that America hates their stance on practically everything and make some changes? Or will they double down, increase the hate, and get even more radical?
I’m fearing that it will be the latter option. They aren’t sane.
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It indicates a major hurricane hit Florida.
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marcus says
So would it be safe for me to infer that you hate haters ?

Righteous anger has fueled reformations throughout history. There’s nothing wrong with anger. It’s what you do about it that matters.
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Meh. A temporary condition. Every so often the stock market takes a dip for no good reason. Or a minor reason like a hurricane that triggers a sell-off. It’ll all be bought back on the cheap. I sent my buy orders for blue chips yesterday.
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Interesting how the POTUS you Lefties hate will be the one to legalize it.
Rot a few more brain cells!
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I will be SHOCKED as hell if the Democrats don’t pull some kind of #resist campaign against legalizing weed out of their asses and this has to get done with a straight Republican vote.
Which would be ironic as all fuck!
And will probably happen. They aren’t well. They aren’t sane. And they’d stop breathing if Trump came out as pro-oxygen.
They did it with the bill to legalize DACA kids. Trump had a very generous offer for legalizing those people and the Democrats shot it down hard core. Why? Because blah blah blah “clean bill” “no Wall” “open borders”. Which really means that they want Juanita and Juan to continue house cleaning and grounds keeping for $5.50/hour as an illegal than for $15 as legal workers.
And to make it even MORE ironic, this is the party that’s supposedly fighting for $15 minimum wage.

Yah they’re fucked in the head.
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Aphroman says
I don’t hate the POTUS. I do have a healthy and well earned disdain for the GOP that he has gotten into bed with

It’s more like he infiltrated the GOP and executed a hostile takeover. He’s been consolidating power, bringing members on board with the MAGA agenda with threats and compromises since the election, all while the Democrats have been trying to find a way to boot him from office. The GOP is being reformed. Yah they sucked a few years ago. But with every year that Trump works on that party they suck a little less.
Meanwhile the Democrats just suck harder every fucking day!
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Automan Empire says
They floated a bill with provisions they knew damn well were a hard NO for the Democrats, KNOWING it would be rejected.

You mean like ending the “diversity lottery?” What’s that done for Americans or workers or anyone here except invite even stranger people here to compete for jobs? Or do you mean like giving preference on immigration to people with abilities the country can use rather than foreign language only grandmas who need to go straight onto social security? Neither of those seem so onerous to me. Certainly they’d be positives for the nation. Can you explain what was so horrible about that bill that not a single Democrat would consider it?
Or was it simply this: “the Republicans would have gotten credit for fixing immigration and that’s OUR thing!”
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I wish we could deport them both instead of having to pick one. Of the two, Feinstein is marginally better just because she’s one of the bad old crew who knows how shit works. That Other guy is basically Acasio-Cortez’s big brother.
He sucks in every way a politician can possibly suck.
California voting sucks.
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Perhaps we could make bets and the loser has to donate to Patnet in the agreed upon amount?
I bet you a $100 donation to Patnet that there’s a Red Wave this November. That we end up with more Republicans in Congress than before the election.
Aphroman wanna take that bet? Patrick can ban any welshers!
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I’m sure my parents (who are uber conservative) would have been proud to tell their friends if I met President Obama somewhere.
Meeting with the President is a big deal no matter which party he represents, he’s representing America.
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That place attracts crazy Leftists like shit attracts flies.
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Senate: GOP picks up 7 seats.
House: GOP picks up 15 seats.

Red wave baby.
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Look. Here’s what actually happened.
The blacks started voting Democrat when FDR came out with his new deal. After a series of election losses in the late 60s, the Democrats finally noticed that blacks were voting for them in big numbers, and decided to embrace them. However, a lot of racists in the Democrat party left in disgust and went to the other party. That party’s platform didn’t change per se, but the makeup of its members now included a lot of racists who used to be Democrats.

Add in a lot of union labor switching to the Democrat party because they supported labor, add in people who liked the New Democrat war on racism, and we had a lot of well meaning people switching to that party.

However the GOP party didn’t change that much. They got a bunch of racists but they didn’t change their platform much. The underlying political philosophy remained the same: “work leads to success, pro-capitalism, conservative social values, and anti-socialism.”

The Democrats didn’t change their party hat much either. They may have embarked on a crusade against racism, but they remained in love with socialism, high taxes, loose morals, and government utopia projects. They also retained the tactics they used during the KKK days.

Now that the fight against true racism is about won, the Democrats have precious little to define them as a party. They’ve abandoned labor, left behind American exceptionalism, and have been mucking about with social issues in an attempt to find a war to fight. They’ve waged skirmishes on gay rights and trannys, called out anyone who publicly offends a minority, and embraced Islam as the most important “victim group” to date.
They’ve asserted that men and women don’t belong together. They’ve tossed every norm on its head.

And they continue to lose.
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Every single house seat is up for grabs. That’s what happens when you motivate a bunch of people to go out and vote against a bunch of loony racist hateful Democrats.
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Believe women!
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CBOEtrader says
I'll bet you $500 that the dems do worse than this in both. The dems BOTH gain less than 4 Senate seats AND gain less than 30 House seats.

This can’t be explained by average data. This time in politics is unprecedented. We’ve never had a party behave this badly and it be so evidenced by such a wide range of media. You’d have to be willfully blind and deaf to miss the absolute attack on our very nation that the Democrats have launched. They’re trying to kill the patient to cure the “disease” of conservative thought. The closest analogue was Lincoln’s election pre-Civil war and there was nothing like the media presence then as we have now.
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Automan Empire says
the side that's actually correct

If you think the Democrats are correct about anything much, you’re just as low information as your ex. Republicans haven’t got much figured out either, but at this point I vote against the crazy rather than for anything in particular. We can live without koombayaa socialism. We can’t live with crazy in charge and the Constitution in the toilet.
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Has he changed his name and apologized for his ancestor yet?
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I am growing to think that my prediction is overly cautious. This might be a REAL grab-your-ankles spanking for the Democrats.
Men are done with the Democrats and their feminazi allies who can accuse, try, and convict you in the court of public opinion before you say anything at all.
It’s better to be single than with a feminist. Any man with balls will now understand this as they tipped their hand with the Kavanaugh Kangaroo Kourt. The goal is obviously male slavery, no objections allowed! And men are walking away.

Women who don’t want to become cat ladies had better reform pretty darn quick. In five years, the only feminists in sight will be aging harridans with ten cats, a pussy hat, and a bull-dyke horn.
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marcus says
WE certainly are no longer a democracy

You know. I figured a teacher would know, or at least remember (for all the times people on this board have pointed it out) that we NEVER WERE A DEMOCRACY!! We were formed as a constitutional republic, and that’s what we still are. That means it’s not direct democracy that rules but a system of laws created by an elected body of lawmakers, enforced by a head executive whom we also elect through a process that is also not direct democracy.
It’s worked so far, and it can keep working.
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bob2356 says
I also notice bretibart left out the part about legal immigrants cannot get any benefits for 5 years. Whoops.

Not if they’re admitted as asylum seekers or refugees. Then they get an automatic $1500 stipend and a place to live. Remind me again what the favored tactic of illegal immigrants is on our Southern border? This shouldn’t be hard since it was in the news for weeks and all the open borders people cried about how Trump is ripping children from their mothers.
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That one went in with no lube!
He’s gonna feel that tomorrow.
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dr6B says
Where did "I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It" disappear?

When the Left began talking about “hate speech” as being too dangerous to be allowed. Of course, since the Left also gets to define “hate speech,” it can designate any speech it doesn’t approve of as hate speech. And since they’ve decided that some speech is “too dangerous to be protected,” that means that “dangerous” speech is also fair game for censorship and retribution. And since they control what is defined as “dangerous speech,” they control the conversation. And Free Speech is effectively dead.
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The absolute best spin is that an ancestor perhaps 300 years back fucked an Indian and started that line. By the time her later ancestor was ready to start herding cherokees down the trail of tears, doubtless his blood was pretty much white.
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You are quite correct! However these progressives have effectively infiltrated national media and the university system and are working hard to miseducate students and the public. Every new grad who believes this crap chips away at the majority of sane people. And we have the media propaganda blaring 24/7 defining the national discussion and trying to gas light us all into believing their horse shit.
It’s a terrorist war.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Community College can't be any cheaper.

In California it’s effectively free! And thanks to feeder programs that encourage students to do good for two years in community college and get assured a spot in the cal state system to finish up, it’s a fairly cheap way to go.
Also if your kid is more into trades than fine art, community college can give him extensive training in job skills he can use to earn a very nice living for life. If he’s willing to use his hands and get them dirty, he can earn a nice wage, full health benefits, and even a pension for retirement. But he’s gotta be willing to actually work.
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She’s also black. So she’s a Blacktina.
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I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure it was my 1/32nd Delaware Indian heritage that made me get the hots for my wife who looks like a hot Pocahontas. If she claimed she was full Indian nobody would bat an eye.
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The only thing that’s going to be blue are the balls on Leftist men when their women inevitably leave them for real men.
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Many companies do pay to send employees to further school. But here’s the rub: you have to get a job with them first and then get the ok. Everyone wants to qualify such promises.
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Couldn’t have happened to a nicer hosebeast.
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doik says
Why do you even care about Warren's ancestry?

Because SHE and her ilk have made it an issue. Sure, her ancestry should not matter in a fair and just society. But proving her obviously made-up claims of victim hood wrong is just low-hanging fruit for the overall argument that she’s full of shit when she goes on with her divisive identity politics!
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A LOT of the “Trump supporter hate crimes” were committed by their “victims.” Like the grand majority.
It’s embarrassing, how depraved Leftists actually are. This woman would slash her own tires to falsely accuse half the country of hate.
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Feelings! Nothing more than feelings!
I should get Marcus a teddy bear to snuggle for Christmas.
And get APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch what he really wants: a gunnysack full of kittens and a ball peen hammer!
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Aphroman says

Agree, the Cult45 crew all sounds the same because they really aren’t thinking for themselves. That’s why they gleefully high five every dumb dipshit thing that they are programmed to do, not realizing that they aren’t thinking for themselves. There’s no uniqueness or dissent in the Republican voter base. Just blame the liberlas for your failures, it’s not your fault you can’t get laid

I think someone just outed herself.
I think she’s given this exact same statement about ten times now!
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I’m also predicting small drops in house prices with longer shelf life of houses on the market. This is simple: interest rates continue to climb!
This means that only people with a lot of down payment will be able to afford those more spends houses. This is fine for the move up buyers, although they’ll need to list and possibly sell their houses before offering on a new house. But it’s going to be tough on first timers who were already having a horrid time getting that first shack.

I don’t see prices dropping more than 10% in most places, and they’ll adjust upwards again seasonally. We are heading into the down season for real estate.
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Aphroman says
The answer is simple. Let Israel fend for herself

I agree, with the caveat that we also don’t interfere with whatever they do to defend themselves. If they permanently excise the Palestinians from their country, we stand back! If they respond to Arab aggression by taking control of Syria or whatever, ok! And if they can’t hack it and get eliminated then we also stand back. But enough of these half measures that keep the region on a slow boil. Israel either needs to prove itself the baddest kid in the sandbox or it needs to get booted out. No more hamstringing the Israelis with UN edicts that keep a few million hostiles within their borders.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Stormy Daniels, the adult-film star who is suing President Trump and his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, says she is heading to the border to offer assistance to migrants.

What? Is she going to offer them free lap dances? Maybe discounted hummers? With her recent legal loss, she needs a serious money shot to pay the lawyers!

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