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Except Trump signed it anyway. He don’t actually give a fuck about the deficit.

I’ve supported the Pauls since 2008, and voted for Ron when I could. He got completely robbed twice.
Rand is really making waves lately and all in the right direction. I don’t think that DC swamp even knows what to do with a man of principle.
I’d like to see Trump stand down in 2020 and Rand step up.
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We of the PC insist that our ideas be treated with respect! Any irreverent humor or satire is forbidden! Don’t laugh at us, or we just may cry!

Then we shall ban your ironic speech with fascist zeal in the name of anti-fascism! If a cartoon crowd provokes a violent mob of Leftists to beat them with sticks, they asked for it! Violence is the only response to humor!
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Look for a big rally on Tuesday. Traders, optimistic with the budget deal behind congress for two years, will also be pent up with anticipation of trading after the three day weekend. Also everyone who got out of the market will want back in.
Big Tuesday!
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Sniper says
Should we call him "King" yet?

Some like AF are already calling him God-Emperor. I think that’s a couple steps up from a mere king.
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You’re right that we need different points of view on this website. It’s what keeps things interesting (at least for me) and occasionally educational.

Without differing views, we’d have nothing to argue about, which would be sad.

It’s telling that mostly Lefty posters left after Patrick purged the forum of personal attack culture. Apparently that was their primary mode of argument, and taking it away just took too much.
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California will have a much earlier primary in 2020, which I’m thinking will give a libertarian-leaning candidate an edge in the beginning. California Republicans are much more libertarian than strictly conservative. We gotta be, to fit in with all our lefty neighbors.
If Trump doesn’t run again, this could be important. If he does, well, maybe Rand Paul 2024!
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So this dossier was compiled out of passed-along rumor mill flotsam, served up with a steaming pile of grade A bullshit!
Precisely what you’d expect from opposition research.

What isn’t to spec is our highest law agencies using such flimsy dirt to waive Constitutional protections, spy on a Presidential campaign, and give regular reports to the opposition.

It’s a freaking miracle that Trump won with all the rampant blatant cheating against him.
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Democracy must be protected from the will of the people!
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jazz_music says
So you imply there that the Supreme court has corrupted the system!

Like they did giving corporations greater rights than people.

Yes, the corporations are people verdict for purpose of political campaign contribution. I was pretty against this as well, and considered it a major flaw in, if not the Constitution, at least that particular panel of judges’ interpretation of it!

Then 2016 election happened. Hillary and her bots, financed by all the biggest corporations, outspent her opponent 2:1, setting a record for money spent during a presidential campaign.
And lost.

If, despite the money spent on propaganda, despite meddling by the intelligence agencies, despite widespread media bias, and despite a hostile government, Trump was elected, then the will of the people is not a force to be simply bought. This means that money spent on campaigns has a limited effect, not an unlimited effect as once as once thought.
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jazz_music says


You’re quite right. It’s a hostage negotiation. Give us a GOP majority or the middle class tax break gets it!
The elite tax break will last forever unless their gambit fails.
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anon_8f378 says
One typically doesn't lie to an investigator unless he/she has something to hide...

That’s not how it works. When the FBI questions a suspect, they already know all the facts. What they are looking for is either the suspect to incriminate himself or state something that disagrees with their list of facts. This could be a wrong date or time or any sort of thing deemed material to the case. Then BLAM! They’ve got the guy cold on “Lying to the FBI” which is a felony.

If you are ever requested to be interviewed by the FBI as anything other than a witness, decline. If you can’t decline, say as little as possible, and use Hilldawg’s favorite line “I do not recall” like you’re at church and that’s a Hail Mary. There is no benefit from talking to them. There is only a near certain conclusion that they will stick you with this ridiculous charge of lying to them.
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“The president is no mere witness. He is at least a subject, and likely a target, of the special counsel's investigation. In federal criminal parlance, a witness is someone not suspected of wrongdoing who has useful information, a subject is someone suspected of wrongdoing who may well be charged if the evidence supports it, and a target is someone whose indictment is actively sought as a purpose of the investigation. When the feds interview a subject or target, their goal is not mere information-gathering or fact-finding or "clearing a few things up." Their goal is the hunt.

In the old westerns, rather than take the trouble of hauling mustachioed miscreants to desultory trials, lawmen would often provoke them into drawing first, thus justifying shooting them down where they stood. A modern federal interview of a subject or target is like that. One purpose, arguably the primary purpose, is to provoke the foolish interviewee into lying, thus committing a new, fresh federal crime that is easily prosecuted, rendering the original investigation irrelevant. Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, which makes it a felony to lie to the feds, is their shiny quick-draw sidearm. This result not an exception; it is the rule. It happens again and again.

Consider George Papadopoulos. The special counsel secured his guilty plea not for improper contact with the Russians but for lying about that contact to the FBI. Consider Michael Flynn. He too pled guilty not to unlawful contact with Russians but to lying to the FBI about that contact. ”
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It doesn’t affect me so i don’t care what this woman does.
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If you’re a cop and you’re not MURDERING THE PUBLIC, you’re part of the problem!
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Maybe the painter was from Wakanda?
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Strategist says
Quigley says
Maybe the painter was from Wakanda?

Is that the same place as ......."God knows where"

Just go watch the newest Marvel movie ...
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Plan to retire at 57 from my current job. I’ll finance it with a pension that should kick in about then.
I think I’ll open a business or become a carnie or something fun. That’s way to young to start sitting around, and the wife will still be working.
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It’s called market confidence.
Obama’s first year also saw a large rise in the DOW, but that wasn’t as impressive since it was essentially a rebound from an extreme low after the 2008 crash. That rebound was already in progress when Obama took office. Historically, every big crash has been accompanied by a rebound which takes place over the following year, as investors regain confidence.

Conversely, the Trump market rally was preceded by a gradually increasing market which had been subject to no big sell-offs. That makes it all the more impressive, as it can be considered an HONEST expression of confidence in the new POTUS. They say the most sincere form of appreciation is a paycheck, and the most sincere expression of confidence is eager investment.
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Also legalized weed will eliminate racism, misogyny, and transphobia whilst catapulting homeless veterans from the gutters to the boardrooms.
Oh and it will make Muslims realize that they shouldn’t blow people up all the time.
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Sure, build a swarm of micro jets, give them effective weapons, and assign their control to an AI. Then the end can come swiftly as Skynet eliminates humanity.
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I’m hopin for 4% annual inflation from here out. That should set me real purty, as it makes large house loans much easier to pay off.
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Payrolls are increasing while immigration rates are decreasing. The economy is picking up steam with the jobs added rate due to increase. The workforce demand is getting tighter, which means wages will be going up.
And as anyone who remembers the late 70s and 80s knows, big wage increases result in big inflation. No detours. Just inflation.
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Holding onto assets during a period of high inflation is how the boomer generation produced a bunch of property barons. Those economic conditions haven’t repeated yet. Wages grew tremendously and drove inflation. However America was more unionized then with less wage pressure from overseas production and workers, so wages could rise in lockstep with inflation, which drove wages higher in a cycle. Only ridiculous interest rates eventually halted it, but by then the wealthy were cash poor and the middle class were quite well off! It led to boom times for a couple decades.

I think we could use another 25-30 year cycle like that.
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The way the media is droning on about it, apparently banging a pornstar is an impeachment worthy crime!
Does anyone pay attention to them anymore?
Trump’s approval ratings up to 47% in response.
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If white people arent to see it, I’m guessing the film won’t do that well. Who honestly looks to alienate 60% of your potential audience at the start?

It’ll probably do fine. Plenty of loyal Leftist whites and nationalist blacks out there will see it. I doubt many Asians or Latinos will have an interest.

The worst part of the review scandal is that we can’t even know the quality of the film because the reviewers are intentionally biased!
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Now they are trying to prosecute anonymous commenters for helping Trump get elected (which was the only crime they care about). I may be in trouble!
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From the article:
“Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein labeled the indictment “a reminder that people are not always who they appear on the Internet. The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote social discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy. We must not allow them to succeed.”

So what we have here is a Russian campaign to undermine the public’s faith in our voting system and our democracy in general.
Sounds like the Russians and the Democrats were in collusion to me, since the Democrats were the ones organizing #resist rallies, not my president rallies and mobs, beating conservatives with sticks and knives as Antifa, refusing to recognize Trump as the legitimate winner of the election, and hating on anyone suspected of voting for him or just expressing the “wrong” opinions.

Mueller probe has concluded that the Russians colluded with the Democrats to destroy our nation!
Lock them up!
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Turns out Wakanda is ruled by a conservative nationalist who doesn’t want immigrants! Black Trump? And the villain is a BLM dude who wants black power?
I may have to see this film.
The Breitbart review is overwhelmingly positive!
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I’m gonna go see it. I’ll let you guys know what I think.
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The National Reciprocity Act would go a long way towards establishing a reasonable militia to protect the common good. Giving people a federally applied conceal carry permit (with required training and background checks) would make a lot of criminals think twice before assaulting a member of the public.
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Hahaha! Ok so the direction and cinematography was great, the actors were a who’s who of top black actors, all delivering great performances, which really brought the movie up. There were a couple token white guys, one a villain, one a somewhat bumbling good guy.
But the movie itself was about this question: “what should a superior civilization do about poor and backwards peoples in the world?”
They outright rejected refugees, saying “refugees bring their problems with them.”
The film rejects the idea that the nation’s wealth can be redistributed and thus bring up the rest of the world also.
And the main villain wanted to make it a race war, arming black people worldwide with superior technology so they could kill the “colonialists” and take over. So the film rejects that notion too, and most violently.

In the end, the only conclusion the film accepts is to have missions or outreaches to show people in backwards lands a better way, and share some tech. And they establish the first one in ...
wait for it...


Ahahahahahahahah! This film is a sneak attack on Leftist values and communist ideas! It’s the anti-BLM movie of all time!

I sat there and grinned.
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RC2006 says
Is that how you think blacks will interpret it?

Not at first! But over time they’ll start to consider the themes... This movie is the biggest Trojan horse of our modern times!
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Stan Lee had a cameo in it
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RC2006 says
People don’t have disdain for the truth, they have disdain for the endless propaganda being thrown in their faces from every direction.

Exactly. People are now more socially liberal than ever before, but are being constantly brainwashed by media to accept policies which actively screw them! Policies like uncontrolled mass immigration.
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bob2356 says
How many less illegals are here than when trump took office?

How would you determine this? They aren’t exactly checking in. Maybe you missed the bit about them being “illegal.”
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NATO won’t enter into it because Turkey voids its protections when it is the aggressor. Russia has every right to do whatever it wants in response to Turkish aggression, and the USA won’t interfere.
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Wait, you think that Uber should have a self-contained police force to use against its drivers? What have you been smoking?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Oprah needs to show us her NIPPLES! if she wants to run for president

No need to go all National Geographic on us,AF!
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Yah the tix were spendy: $38 for two. But I sat my ass on leather that reclines with plenty of room to either side, eating my corn and sipping my IPA (Lagunitas Little Sumpin’) while daring the movie to entertain me in 3D. Probably spent another $35 on refreshments, but that included two very nice brews and a double glass of Pinot for my lady. Overall an enjoyable experience!