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marcus says
So Fort Wayne joins CBOE in labeling the entire democratic party as nazis ? Isn't that close enough to to invoke Godwins law ?

I’d estimate that 75% of the Democrat politicians view extreme Leftists with skepticism at least, and don’t agree with their ideas. Of those, precious few have made any attempt to distance themselves from that hateful and extreme rhetoric.

If the extreme Leftists are Nazis, or at least Nazi-adjacent, what do we call the politicians who just go along with them without criticizing their radical agenda? Maybe they’re afraid of being on the wrong side of a movement or losing votes or whatever.
Let’s ask this a different way: what do we call Germans who joined the Nazi party in the 1930s just so they wouldn’t have to have a conflict with greater German society? Are they still Nazis, even though they may not have fully believed the hateful message of that party? History would argue that actions always trump feelings or words. When you gas a million Jews, you don’t get a free pass because you weren’t really that into it.

Same thing applies when you support repealing the Bill of Rights because it seems politically expedient.
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That is all.
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Booger says
MrMagic says
Socialist star Ocasio-Cortez strikes out: All endorsed candidates lose Tuesday primaries.

She was on video saying they were gonna flip seats red...

Well she was right about that!
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Aphroman says
Sessions vs. Allred.

I don’t know much about the race but this one looks bad all the way around. Will voters choose a GOPe candidate or give Pelosi another Democrat to order about?
It’s still better than my choice for Senate...
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A few jackboots to the face might make them more attractive!
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The grandfather of the children is the HEAD of the Muslim Alliance of America! And he’s he head imam at a major mosque in brooklyn, NYC!

So much for the claim that Muslim extremists are “fringe.” This is as mainstream as it gets.
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Indeed I find so many of our most interesting local stories in the UK Daily Mail.
It’s almost as if there’s a coordinated effort in America by major news media to blackout coverage of events that contradict the Leftist narrative!
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zzyzzx says
Because in her district, the Democrat Primary is the election?

I guess she might not even win, since her Dem opponent refuses to drop out of the race and will run as a different party like workers or something. He’s the incumbent and will probably get lots of legacy votes from Dems who are hesitant about electing a total idiot to Congress. Which will split the Dem vote leaving a path for the Republican underdog to win with a minority.
I will laugh so hard if that happens!
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It’s sad when discussion of ideas is banned by promoters of ideology. Last time it was this bad was the Spanish Inquisition.
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FPBT says
Unfortunately your belifes do not constitute facts

Uh, he was stating facts. Got any facts to back up your “belifes?”
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Oh Goran you forgot quite a few “example” Muslim countries. There’s also Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan (used to be doing well as part of India before Islam took over), Malaysia, Indonesia (bomb for Bali anyone?), and a few choice bits of the Philippines like Mindinao which recently had a very bloody insurrection. You could also mention how Londonistan has fared under Islamic occupation, with mass stabbings every day, horrifying acid attacks, rape and grooming gangs, the abolishment of free speech (might offend the Muslims), and main thoroughfares looking like processions of trash bags.

Oh yes, Islam has enriched the world. It turns everything it touches into a shit hole!
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FPBT says
Christianity just isn't doing it for me anymore I'm going for the underdog. Number 2 or is it #2

You’re welcome to self deport to a suitable Muslim shit hole. Don’t be bringing your life choices on the rest of us!
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Canada is too busy stepping on their dicks to notice what we do.
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clambo says
Interest rates will have to go up more for people to leave stocks for crummy bonds.

Yah this is the real issue. The more people who want something the more valuable it is. Right now, people with money to invest are looking at bonds and saying “yuck!” They’ve been saying that for a couple years now as the stock market increased 50%.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Remember, every Green voter is really a Putin Spy.

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FPBT says
Being the gateway pundit the more likely answer is Fake News.


Your link provided verification rather than refutation of the incestuous union. A simple statement by the accused in no way resembles negative proof. And the statement by others later in the article cast serious doubt on her statement. The existence of proof of her marriage to a brother lends further credibility to the charge. At the very least, she is guilty of immigration fraud. A fine quality in a Congress critter. But what more could be expected from a Somali pirate?
Truly the greatest culpability lies with the traitors in our own government who allowed Somalis to immigrate to the USA. That was the first mistake.
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CNN is fake news.
Just turn it off. The chance that you’d watch something true and valuable is not greater than the chance you’d watch something fake and staged. They offer such blatant propaganda that I can’t stand to watch for a minute.
Not that other stations are blameless. Fox has had their day as a right wing propaganda machine. It’s still not great imho. But CNN takes the cake for being the nostrum of the willfully ignorant.
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exfatguy says
. I welcome discussing and debating all viewpoints, ESPECIALLY those I disagree with

Obviously then you can’t be a Leftist.
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ThreeBays says
In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance

You mean like how the Left can't stand the intolerance of Islam?
Oh wait . . . they're the ones who keep making excuses for Islam.
How do you jive that, my Huckleberry?
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Look. Human culture is like an operating system for a people to achieve harmony/civilization. Religion is a piece of that culture, but by no means the entirety of it. Case in point: atheists usually function within society with a high level of cohesion and productivity.

The only fair way to evaluate operating systems of any sort is by their effectiveness at achieving th objective: civilization.

I think it’s pretty clear that Islam is a major part of any culture it infests, and that there’s a strong correlation between majority Islam religion in a culture and backwards ineffective culture and weak civilization. The proof is in the results.
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Evan F. says
It's all good, though, it's just a natural cycle. Nothing to do with extremifying drought conditions brought on by human-accelerated climate change.

85% of all California wildfires are set by humans, usually intentionally (70%). The rest are usually accidental like a power line toppling and starting a fire or a rare lightning strike. Global warming hasn’t been listed as a single cause for a fire.
Try again, n00b!
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What must be done is the Democrat party must be gutted like a fish, the members and supporters routed and discouraged, and Leftists must lose all hope. Then and only then might they consider that their approach was totally wrong, and that is why they are losers.
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Patrick you just described the core Democrat platform. Every significant issue is economic, yet they focus entirely on social issues and whether or not someone said something mean or “racist.” All the while they attempt to divide Americans of different backgrounds and colors, divide us by our education level, and even divide us by our gender! All this division is good only for one group: the oligarchs who own both parties. That’s slowly changing for the GOP, but it’s a work in progress.
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Marcus has a terrible memory, but I believe he’s in process of being red pilled by Peterson, which is encouraging!
I’ll agree with him that Peterson isn’t a conservative but a classical Liberal. Which honestly fits me as well. More or less.
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I’d try a cannabeer.
The CBD beer especially sounds interesting. Having tried CBD oils, they don’t really have the psychoactive properties I don’t like about weed. But they do make you feel super mellow and maybe a bit sleepy. Perfect for end of the day.
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marcus says
TO believe that, you would have to claim everything that is not far left as right

Since he is claiming that the Left has become monolithic in ideology tolerating no dissent or divergence in thought, by definition anything different IS outside the Left. If you want to call that “Right,” well fine, but classical liberals like Peterson tend to balk at being labeled right wing or conservative. But yes, when your entire political culture is in lockstep, anyone not goose stepping along in time is different and thus a hated outsider.
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The radical Left has taken over universities, and since they are intolerant of other viewpoints, they hire only professed Leftists whenever possible. Sometimes a moderate sneaks in if they are a minority or something, but it’s rare and they don’t advertise it. Nope, if you’re anything but a Leftist and you’re in higher ed, you’d better stay off social media and/or never post or comment on anything political. And you have to attend 1947373 diversity seminars taught by feminists who sweat man repellent.
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Single men with any looks or game have the wide world of online dating to score plenty of willing ass. These girls consider sex to be an audition for a girlfriend.

Single men without that or men who are just poor or lazy have endless porn available.

It’s kind of a terrible situation for women right now. Unless a man specifically desires children and a family, they have little incentive to settle down.
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MisterLefty says
Why does Howard University deny their students the benefits of diversity?

Because it’s a traditionally black school, just like the Ivy League denies people of color because they are traditionally white schools.
Oh wait, that’s not true!
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
The Clinton Foundation is a scam but somehow its lawyers have managed to keep the lights on. Trump on the other hand ran his foundation with the same precision and probity as his casinos and ended up having to shutter the thing.

That just shows us that lawyers are better at stealing and cheating and getting away with it. No wonder they can’t find any real dirt on Trump! With the shitty lawyers he hires, he can’t get away with jaywalking! They are literally going full auto cannon after him right now for a POSSIBLE campaign finance violation! Something that isn’t even a misdemeanor is occupying the time of fifty FBI agents and a special counsel. All on the word of a lady of ill repute.

It doesn’t get much more silly than that.
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For example: when my hapa niece (white sister married a Filipino) was 11 months, she spurned my wife who is also hapa (half Thai) and looks very much like her. But she was used to a white mommy and an Asian dad. So she showed great preference for those looks in men and women. A year or so later, they visited again and my niece was much more egalitarian about who she’d go to. She finally showed interest in my wife who was thrilled. And she was good with me as well even tho I look nothing like her dad. At that point she was just concerned with who was nice to her, not how they appeared.

I think babies are just imprinted on mom and dad and match up best with people who look like their parents.
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What about wisdom? I would argue that this quality is quite different from intelligence, and is often found in people who are not particularly intelligent. I’m quantifying “intelligence” as the degree to which one has the ability to think abstractly. The more than a person can live in his/her mind, pondering the problems of life and the universe, the more complicated problems they can solve. This is important, and what has played into most of the technological advancements of the human race.

But wisdom, that’s more like the ability to make good choices, to foresee the consequences of ones actions and choose the path that leads to the best result. Wisdom can be found in people of varying degrees of intelligence. I know at least one person with quite low intelligence but high wisdom. I’d argue that this quality is the greatest factor which can determine LIFE success. Success in relationships, business, finances, employment, and the like can be achieved more easily with high wisdom.

Intelligence seems to inhibit wisdom. This is why there are so many highly intelligent people who are complete idiots when it comes to interacting with the real world.
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Aphroman says
So what are those valuable, important truths that Alex Jones is reporting on as news, that led to him being “censored”?

I don’t know cuz I don’t watch that site. But censorship is wrong. If you can’t agre with that, then just wait until the conservative right wingers get back in power and use their clout to censor everything Left. I’m not cheering for that result either. But the shortsightedness of the Left is absolutely breathtaking. They did away with Senate parliamentary procedure for confirming SCOTUS judges when Obama was President and really really wanted some extremely activist judges on the bench. Then they bitch when Republicans use their same rule to seat judges of their own choosing.
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Dodge the issue cuz you haven’t got an answer. I’m not going to debate the vaguaries of power and who’s on first. That’s a red herring you threw out to distract from the fact that you have no leg to stand on in this debate. Either nut up and declare your love of statism and censorship or agree that it’s wrong no matter which side puts it into practice.
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Dude tried to incept our system of government and spoil an election. He’s a traitor to the Constitution he swore to uphold and should have been locked in prison as well as fired.
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Patrick says
Can I sue my neighbor in small claims court for filling the neighborhood with smoke from his fireplace?

The solution is simple. Get an old blanket you don’t mind losing and stuff it down his chimney. His whole house will fill with the smoke he’s been giving you. Hell it might even catch on fire and burn down. Evil... yah might be a bit much.
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Why do gorillas have big nostrils?
They have big fingers.
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We will have to get back to them in a few years to find out if it worked.
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This supports Reality’s statements above. Very interesting facts and they explain a LOT about why women are SO vastly underrepresented in high tech, mathematics, physics, and as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. They’re working against a deck that Nature stacked against them.

The Housing Trap
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