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"She lives on a fixed income of $1200 a month in Social Security. She has voted all her life as a Democrat, because it's been the Democrats todate that have made damn sure that Seniors would be provided for their golden years."


What a profoundly ignorant statement.

The Social Security Trust Fund was put into the general fund in the 1960's under a Democratic congress. This means that all the excess money from it was "invested" in Treasury Bonds - i.e. spent, and replaced with a piece of paper that says "The government owes you money, thanks for the 2 trillion dollars, we really promise to pay it back, with a tiny amount of interest".

The boomers are the people that railed against the Vietnam war and now wants to turn the Middle East to glass. They're the group that were dropping acid in the 1960's and doing lines of coke in the 1980s which now have ensured mandatory federal sentencing for the younger generation.

And they haven't paid a bit of attention to civil responsibility, which is why we have the NDAA as law, why we're in several wars in the Middle East, and are threatening to enter 2 more.

Nixon was forced to resign over a break in. Bush lied us into a war in Iraq over weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist, Obama has ended 5th amendment rights, and has continued everything Bush started.

And this group things they deserve to retire. It is to laugh.

The Constitution died under their watch, in fact, they are the ones burying it. Look at who is running congress today. it's not Generation X, it's not the Silent Generation. It's them.

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CaptainShuddup says

That shit don't work with old folks, they don't play the blame game.

Don't trust anybody over 30.

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CaptainShuddup says

Richard Wicks says

And this group things they deserve to retire. It is to laugh.

I'll do the finnin' around here, moron.


The United States has a national debt of 16.8 trillion dollars. It has increased on average at 9.4% a year since 1971 - since we left the gold standard. It will be 33 trillion or so by 2020. It will be 80 trillion by 2030 - provided the 42 year trend continues.

Tax revenue remains flat and is currently at 15% of the national debt.

The Federal Reserve purchases over 60% of newly issued government debt, because nobody else will willingly purchase government bonds at this interest rate.

In 1980, Paul Volker raised interest rates to 18% for 2 quarters. 18% of 16.8 trillion dollars today is 3.02 trillion dollars - more than the federal government takes in for tax revenue.

It really doesn't matter what you think of me. You're still caught in this belief that the Democrats will fix it, or the Republicans will. It's unfixable.

Classical Republicans were warning about this in the 1970s. They're all dead. They're all fascists now. There's simply no way that the boomer generation can retire. Their tax rates were low through all their lives, from their 20's to their 60's - the US went from the greatest creditor to the largest debtor in all of human history. Divide 16.8 trillion by 350 million people - that's the debt PER PERSON in this country.

There's a cost for living recklessly, and the boomers all lived very recklessly. You think Generation X and Y are going to pick up the check EVEN IF THEY COULD? There isn't any option.

Maybe if the US goes to war with China and manages to win, and turn the entire population into slaves. That might prolong it for another couple decades...

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As usual, everything I write has become censored.

I showed the math for the debt, why it's probably unpayable, and what the inevitable conclusion will be.

Time well wasted.

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Come on Patrick, this is not outside the realm of possibility after all.

I am totally indifferent to Venezuela's government and I have to say that because always the stupid false dichotomy of "if you don't support X you must support Y" accusation is made. Election fraud hasn't been shown and even if it was, who cares? The US never improves nation with intervention - just look at Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, or Syria - and if you think they've improved it, talk to somebody from there that lives there now.

Supposedly Maduro is a bloodthirsty killer, who has been killed that is part of the opposition? Juan Guaidó is a minor political figure who was educated in the United States - he couldn't possibly be CIA, just like Mikheil Saakashvili couldn't be. Right... ?

Out of curiosity since i've not been on this blog for like 10 years, do you believe the White Helmets of Syria were really an aid group, or that Assad was using chemical weapons against his own people? Why would Assad use chemical weapons, a weapon that guarantees that the United States will bomb him? He's had a military and an airforce, why specifically carry out a "war crime"?

Commenters here have gone a bit downhill in quality, but whatever.

Also I had to laugh at this:

"This is all a CIA Plot by Capitalist Running Dogs!!!"

You of all people ought to know we're not really in a capitalist system - if we were the banks would have gone bankrupt in 2007, instead of taxpayers to bail them out, also housing prices would have plummeted. This isn't really a socialist system either. Somebody once called it the 3rd way, but you ought to know it by it's true name.
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As somebody that has some knowledge of avionics, the irony here is that he's right.

None of you have seen the code base of a modern airplane control system have you? Airbus is famous for this. I wouldn't fly on one if I could avoid it.

Preliminary RUMORS with the Boeing 737 max is in the software that is meant to prevent a stall. In order to do this, the plane brings the nose down, and the pilots haven't been trained to anticipate this, so they pull up, and the plane tries to pull down, so the pilot tries to pull up - and eventually control is lost.

But, whatever. I do find it funny, however, that people think Trump just decided to come out and say this. Of course, this was written for him, and he just repeated it knowing he would be ridiculed when this is the current preliminary thinking of what is causing the crashes. Doesn't really matter.
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d6rB says
Of course, collapsing ancient power system (analog at that for most) can have absolutely nothing to do with under-funding, lack of repair/maintenance, not cleaning out vegetation from under power lines

Please stop using false dichotomies. You can't possibly think this must be an either/or situation.

BTW - most of the United States power grid is state owned. One that notable isn't is PG&E, the one that keeps burning down Commiefornia because they won't maintain their power delivery system.

Could it be that Venezuela is having genuine power delivery problems that are purely due to lack of maintenance? Sure - but over the entire country, all at once, right after a fake politician declared himself prezdident, that the United States immediately recognized as legitimate, who didn't run in the election, and is only a minor figure in Venezuelan politics? Sure - it's still possible.

But stop jumping to conclusions. You know the United States will engage in shenanigans. Find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq yet? Hey, stop that "humanitarian crisis" that was about to happen in Libya by bombing the nation yet? It's now in civil war, and has slavery markets now. Hey, what is even the mission in Afghanistan now? Wasn't that to "git bin Laden" - well, what are we doing there now? No excuse needed after 18 years. Hey, still believe Assad is gassing his own people - what's his motivation to do it? Odd he's stopped now that the United States gave up there.

Why is the United States so eager to change the regime in Venezuela anyhow? You really think a government that has left Flint Michigan with poisoned water cares about human beings? But it's just beyond the imagination that the United States might be engaging in sabotage to you. Just a ludicrous idea.

I don't think people are often truly stupid, but I'm often amazed at how gullible they are.
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socal2 says
Because Venezuela is imploding on its own and will send millions more of refugees to our borders.

Yeah, I see there's a real serious huge concern with that, which is why the wall is being built, ASAP - right?

Don't worry, MEXICO has a fairly good border.

socal2 says
Did the CIA also sabotage the toilet paper industry?

How about the Bread industry?

Again, please stop creating false dichotomies.

The United States doesn't care what happens in Venezuela. There won't be migrant hordes there if the system collapses, it will be civil war. Even if migrant hordes of 25 million Venezuelans showed up, do you think our ruling class would care? Since when? They'll just increase domestic taxes on the "middle" class (i.e. the poor) to pay for them.

The problem is, Venezuela WON'T collapse because both China and Russia have vested interests there because of their investments. They'll prop it up forever or at least until they are satisfied with their return on their investment.

And that's the problem, they'll be receiving Venezuela's oil, they will be buying and selling it in the Renminbi and the Ruble, this will help stabilize both currencies, and destabilize the dollar - i mean further destabilize it. Did you know that the US is threatening to sanction GERMANY if they do business with Huawei now? All ANYTHING has to do is with power, control, and money - in that order.

This is about money. Doesn't matter what party is in power. The US ruling class doesn't care, what they care about, is maintaining and expanding their power. Their brutal stupidity over the last 17 years of blowing up country after country, making enemies of Russia (needlessly), making enemies of the entire Middle East (except the Sa'ud family), F'ing up Europe with all the refugees they created, and decimating their OWN MANUFACTURING SECTOR has left them in a difficult spot of their own making. They've painted themselves in a corner. Gee whiz, who didn't see this coming when the United States adopted the foreign policy of Nazi Germany? Golly, this was hard to predict.

The United States will alienate themselves from the entire world while gullible Americans shot rah! rah! the entire time. Attacking and then turning Venezuela into a vassal state will advantage our rulers and controls - but it won't advantage you or me. We're better off without them in control, just as Venezuela is better off without them in control, the difference is, they know it. What they've done to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and are planning to do to Venezuela, eventually they'll do to us.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Remember half the USA lost power because of one sub-station in Upstate NY or PA, I forget, just a few years ago. And people screamed terrorism but it was just a succession of failures and overload from one location.

I don't recall it being that large or an area, but I recall it.

I really don't know if what is going on in Venezuela is really just a natural collapse of the system or not, but let's say it's not - that doesn't mean the people who are suspected of being responsible actually are.

Consider this possibility - China did this, allowed people to think the United States was responsible because the US doesn't have very good credibility after Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc anyhow - and they did this in order to create a pretext to "help" in order to secure their position of being in control of Venezuela. Russia could have done this. Russia and China could have done this jointly.

You never really know - but I can say I think, that it's a bad thing to throw away your reputation as being the most moral nation in the world, which the US did, at least a decade ago.

The propaganda from the United States in the last decade has been embarrassingly laughable for 15+ years. "Oh Assad is using the one weapon we specifically forbid him to use, and not only this he's using it against women and children - shucks - I guess we have to invade... Oh Qaddafi is taking Viagra to rape young teenage girls, gee whiz, I guess we have to bomb his country... Hussein has a weapons of mass destruction program, and we even know it's exactly in Tikrit and we cannot wait for the final proof to come in the form of a mushroom cloud, golly I guess we have to invade... were are the WMD's um... Guess they were smuggled to Syria.."

Our ambassadors lie, our politicians lie, our media lies - and these aren't even convincing lies. They don't even pass the sniff test - and what credibility is left?

Yeah, what is happening in Venezuela MIGHT be exactly what the US "media", "politicians" and "ambassadors" say is happening - it might be, but they now have ZERO credibility.
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socal2 says
So is it the US or failed Socialist governance responsible for destroying Venezuela?

Venezuela has it's problems, but Maduro was elected under international observation, they have a voting system that is based on tracking fingerprints, and it's verifiable. He was elected, and even though you might consider the Venezuelans in error to elect him, they elected him.

The United States has taken as foreign policy for the last 17 year to interfere in all manner of ways with foreign nations, and using blatant (and very obvious propaganda) to do it. Juan Guaidó is the president of the national assembly, and didn't even run as president. The official stance of the United States is that Guaidó wasn't allowed to run, yet his party won the national assembly somehow. This doesn't strike you as inconsistent? If Maduro is such a murderous thug, how did Guaidó end up in his position, instead of dead?

The United States has also staged false flags quite a bit. Bana al-Abed from Aleppo for one. Assad gassing his own people for another. These are obviously untrue but you still consider the US government credible for some reason. You should have dismissed them after "we cannot wait for the final proof to come in the form of a mushroom cloud" - most everybody else has.

So given that the United States lies, sabotages other nations they have targeted for regime change and has already declared somebody who neither ran for president nor won the presidency of Venezuela as "president", I can't trust any claim they make at this point. There could be a wolf outside right now, and if they were screaming wolf, I'd have to go outside, and poke it with a stick to know with any confidence.

Having said that, given that I know socialism will always grow to collapse, I cannot say it hasn't happened in Venezuela either.

But I'm not so stupid as to draw a conclusion and then start demanding somebody come to an either or conclusion. it's quite probable that since Venezuela has had plenty of power outages before, that the United States is now helping it along now in order to foster unrest, or this truly has nothing do with the United States. I can tell you that the VENEZUELANS in general believe this to be sabotage by the United States and you ought to be trying to convince them you know more about what is going on in their own country, than you should be trying to convince me.

I'm only pointing out there is incomplete information, the US media, government, intelligence agencies, and diplomatic arms have demonstrated at length they have 0 credibility at this point and it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility the United States would target a population to try to get their wanted regime change, after all that's what "Shock and Awe" was all about. I'm informing you, the United States flushed it's credibility down the toilet years ago, and even if everything that is happening in Venezuela is SOLELY the result of the government there, very few people in Venezuela believe it at this point, and that's not true of just them, but the rest of the world.

So although they might cry wolf at the top of their lungs you're one of the few that still listens. I would have to have evidence that what is going on in Venezuela is indeed due to lack of repair and mismanagement. Certainly won't take the word of the US "government" about it. They are compulsive liars now.
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We get into a conflict with China and/or Russia, and the world is dead. This is because apparently spending about 1/4 of tax EXPENDITURES (that's about 1/3rd of tax revenue) just isn't enough for the United State's largest welfare fraud - "defense".
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Why is she a MisterLearnToCode says
You know she's mad about his staying in Afghanistan, being in Syria and Libya, and preventing her Holy Jihadis from taking over.

This is because the Dems didn't slap her down. It'll get worse.

Good. Why is anybody happy about being in Afghanistan, Syria, or Libya? The only thing that's been accomplished by being in Afghanistan has been increasing Afghanistan's opium production from 5% of the world's supply to 85%. The only reason the US attacked Libya was to prevent the gold dinar from coming out, so we're stuck with the Federal Reserve for a few more years The only reason the US went to Syria was because Genie Energy inked a deal with Israel in 2013 to mine the oil of the Golan Heights.

Oh for fun on that one, here's your strategic board of directors of Genie Energy:

Seems Genie decided to get rid of that from their website. They may have all quite now that the war with Syria is probably over. Notice, the fake "gas attacks by Assad" just seemed to stop... I wonder why they only happened when the United States wanted to bomb Syria? Oh well, la-di-da, the US intelligence agencies and news media would never use propaganda..
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Herdingcats says

Simple - did you notice any difference between the government being open and the government being shutdown?

You didn't?

Gee, it's almost like we could get rid of most of it...

Longest in history, and all that happened a few people in the TSA had to feel up blow up dolls instead of people for a 4 weeks. Boo hoo.
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Walls are only for Israel (and some Palestinian land of course for a "buffer") - not for Americans.

Of course, Americans should pay for Israel's walls.
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MisterLearnToCode says
But Not for Israel's Wall to keep out the Stabestinians, which was built years ago. Nice try though.

The United States has paid an average of about 3 billion dollars a year in "aid" to Israel since 1990, and has never been repaid a loan, and has always forgiven the loan.

Since money is a fungible commodity, you can arbitrarily say that the 3 billion dollars has paid for anything the Israeli government has spent money on. The point is, I don't see anybody whining about Israel having a wall to keep their indigenous population under control while also saying that walls don't work when it comes to the Mexico/US one.

As for Israel, well, they obvious have nuclear arms in Dimona which Mordechai Vanunu exposed back in the mid 1980s and since they're not a signatory to the NNPT (unlike Iran) it's technically illegal under US law to give them aid. Not that the US government gives a 1/2 fuck about following the law, or they give 1/2 fuck about wasting tax payer money.

I'm just making note of it. Giving Israel money is kind of like... politicians giving stealing $100 for you, burning 99 dollars of it, and then pocketing $1 of it, by going through AIPAC. It's not going to stop any time soon, it will stop when the US federal government collapses in the same way the USSR did. We're about as corrupt, and our propaganda is even more laughable.
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Haha, people who ignore what is called "news" may be uniformed, but people who pay attention to US "news" are misinformed.

Find those weapons of mass destruction yet? Phil Donoahue was fired for questioning the claims of the Bush administration. I'm so tired of partisan nitwits thinking this is a problem of the "right" or "left". Everything that is called "mainstream news" in the United States today is propaganda. All of it.

Judith Miller worked for the NY Times. Hey, find that Russian Collusion yet? Oh, well, isn't it Assad has stopped "gassing his own people", and all the people that were fleeing Syria supposedly because Assad was about to kill them, are now returning to Syria, now that the "moderate" rebels are dead, as terrorists ought to be?

Quit being gullible. US media today would make Joseph Goebbels ashamed and red faced to repeat.
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Has Trump started a new war yet?


He's better than either Obama or Bush then.
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Has Trump started a new war yet?


He's better than either Obama or Bush then.
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rdm says
Right, that is why I get all my information from internet blogs;

And that's STILL better than getting it from a professional liar who 4 years ago was telling you, with a straight face, that a 7 year old girl named Bana al-Abed was sending tweets out from Aleppo, after it had been bombed to such an extent, that food and even water was difficult to get, begging Obama to please please intervene to save the children of Aleppo.

Americans "news" actually said that.

Somehow, Aleppo was so destroyed and their infrastructure so destroyed that food and water were difficult to find, but the Internet still worked because poor little 7 year old Bana al-Abed posted every single day for a month during the siege. And not only that, she communicated exclusively in English. I live and work in Silicon Valley - after a day of high winds, my Internet will go down for up to a day and that's a BIG DEAL in Silicon Valley. Yet Aleppo, that, can be leveled to the ground, and the system still works.

Do you know why US PROPAGANDA tells you this BS? They think you're stupid. You're not stupid, but you are gullible.

You do realize, the Internet is a world wide communication device, and you're not limited to talking to just Americans and Canadians, right? There's also plenty of translation tools available. You do realize, you can talk directly to anybody from anywhere on the planet. You've never done this, but I have.

There's a reason a professional sociopath in a suit with quaffed hair gets paid upwards of 10 million dollars a year to lie to you - it's not to sell deodorant and tampons to you during commercial breaks that you don't watch, it's to sell you the next war. They sold you the Iraq War, the Libyan war (that was to "prevent a humanitarian crisis" - now it's in civil war and have slavery again), the Syrian war, and now it's working to sell you a war with Venezuela. Those poor poor Venezuelans - ever talk to one?

Ever wonder how the Germans were so brainwashed, or the Soviet citizens were? I know precisely how they were, very easily. The German people weren't stupid, neither were the Russians in the USSR. You're not dumb to believe what you believe, but it's worth considering the possibility, you may be very misinformed - and today, that's a CHOICE to be.
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Patrick says
Expat01 says
Trump got elected because he is ignorant and proudly so.

Absolutely false.

Trump got elected because he was the only candidate in touch with actual Americans and their concerns.

Patrick, first - why do you set this up specifically to show the word "you" in red?

Second, I would argue Trump got elected simply because he wasn't another for life lying politician that we all knew for certain was blowing smoke up our ass. The rival candidate voted for the "Authorization to Use Force in Iraq", what is now known as that dumb war over a non existent weapons of mass destruction program, and she's the Butcher of Libya who re-introduced slavery to that nation again.

Fuck her.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
People who dealt with Russians know that their default mode is to lie, cheat and break agreements whenever it suits them.

You misspelled "American Government" as "Russians".

* Hey, how's the treaty with Iran?
* The ABM Treaty?
* How about that promise not to expand NATO?
* Isn't it weird that all those people "fleeing Assad's regime" in Syria, are now returning to Syria now that the US is no longer bombing Syria, even though Assad's regime is still in power?
* I understand the US bombed Libya to "prevent a humanitarian crisis", but it's in civil war now and has literal slave markets. That's odd..
* Any idea what happened to Libya's gold after the US bombed it?
* What about Ukraine's gold after that "revolution" that just happened to prevent the Nordstream pipeline from going into Europe?

Well, anyhow, at least Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction program is destroyed...
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please edit this and post just one video at a time, thanks
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jazz_music says
March 26 confiscation/criminality on assault rifle bumpstocks is REPUBLICAN gun grabbers. LOL!!! LOL!!!

How cute, you still believe that people in a "party" that has any "principles" and the "leaders" of them aren't just puppets that are paid to convince innocent gullible like you that they are doing what "Republicans" or "Democrats" normally do, and convince you that whatever they are ordered to do is something that the "party" wants.

The Patriot Act was signed into law 1 hour after it was introduced to congress. It was 300 pages. Nobody that signed it read it. You know how many people didn't sign it? Out of 432 people, 75 didn't sign it. That means, at maximum, in 2001, 17% of them actually make ANY attempt to do their job. The rest are just meat puppets of the people that actually run the United States.

Did you think you still had a Dumbocracy? How innocent. I used to be that childlike and naive too at one point.

Now go get your teddy bear and go to bed and say over and over "I do believe in American democracy, I do believe in American democracy" as you click your heels together, and maybe you'll wake up in 1939 with one.
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jazz_music says
Fox has no peer in all of this subterfuge.

Yes they do.

CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, PBS, NPR, Washington Post - basically everybody.

If they didn't say "Bush is lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" in 2003, they are propapganda
If they didn't say "Hillary Clinton is lying about Qadaffi creating a humanitarian crisis in Libya", in 2011, they are propaganda.
It they didn't say "Obama is lying about Assad using chemical weapons in Syria", in 2013, they are propaganda.

And they are all propaganda and that's a very incomplete list of lies in the last 2 decades. Ossetia and George was a lie. There was no Maidan Revolution in Ukraine - it was a coup. Russia is not expansionist, they haven't even tried to grow, even though they were invited into Ossetia to kick out Georgian troops back in 2004.

It's impressive how brainwashed Americans really are. Absolutely amazing. You still listen to this bullshit. You still believe it. Fucking incredible.
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rocketjoe79 says
How could Russia win against Europe when their defense spend is about 1/3 of France, Germany and Italy combined? Subs are rusting, Navy is 50 years old, Planes are ancient.

Because they don't have a Navy that has had two ships run into CARGO ships.

They didn't go into Syria, spent 6 years there, and walk away having done anything other than shoot up the place. Assad is still in power.

They aren't in a 18 year war in Afghanistan, where the only thing they've accomplished was increasing Afghanistan's opium production from 5% of the world's supply to 80% of the world's supply.

They don't have a piece of crap jet plane called the F35 that is projected to cost a trillion dollars.

They don't have a national debt that doubles every 8 years, and has doubled every 8 years since 1971 - the Nixon shock.
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jazz_music says
How do you feel when people like me come along and say Trump's a fucking disaster of global proportions and his will go down in history as the worst era in America.

I dismiss you as a non objective person that is brainwashed into thinking either:

1) the previous president who lied us into bombing Libya, and Syria, who spent 8 years bombing 7 nations creating a refugee crisis of massive proportions that is now sinking Europe was a "good president" even though his only domestic "accomplishments" was a national discussion on transgendered bathrooms and legalizing gay marriage which nobody cared about


2) the president before him, who violated the Geneva Conventions that our nation forced post imperial japan and post Nazi Germany to sign the Geneva Conventions to make certain an expansionist belligerent nation would never emerge again, in order to lie us into the Iraq war over a non exist weapons of mass destruction program

was better.

I'd simply ignore you. You don't have an objective metric for making any sort of measurement. You have no principles.

If this was 1950, and Obama and George W. Bush did EXACTLY what they did in WWII and nothing else - Eisenhower would have dragged them to Nuremberg, had a trial, then would execute them as war criminals - because that's precisely what they are.

jazz_music says
We're all just assholes. Not him, but us for not supporting him.

I'm not saying you're an asshole.

I'm saying you have no principles at all. I'm saying you don't have an opinion at all. "Your" opinion is any bullshit propaganda that one or the other bullshit party is producing. You don't have a thought at all worth considering. Your "thoughts" are manufactured for you, and you repeat them like a mindless computer program. YOU are propaganda, not a person.

I'm certain you are entirely convinced your ideas are unique and special to you - which is why everybody you are friends with has the same exact thoughts and your party echos "your" thoughts.
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OHHHH, I get it it, I end up in moderation if I use the special red word.

Well, fuck it. I'm out.

The only reason I came back to this site is that we're in another, extremely, obvious housing bubble, also a bond bubble.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Anyone can click flag when triggered

HAHA - I'm DOUBLY out.

Bad enough to be censored by somebody that has some legitimate control over the site, insane to pander to every SJW toddler in the universe that expects to win a trophy every time they don't defecate in their pants.

I have no problem with moderation, but only if I can opt out of it. For example, if somebody is "triggered" by you, I have to let THEM slow down the conversation. If I cannot opt out, and simply ignore, them if that is what I want, I should be able to do it - and that is what I want. I want to see how people are censored, and if I can't I cannot trust how the site is being censored, if it's legitimate or not.

According to this:

FortWayneIndiana says
usually posts return.

It's generally not legitimate it appears.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Anyone can click flag when triggered

HAHA - I'm DOUBLY out.

Bad enough to be censored by somebody that has some legitimate control over the site, insane to pander to every SJW toddler in the universe that expects to win a trophy every time they don't defecate in their pants.

I have no problem with moderation, but only if I can opt out of it. For example, if somebody is "triggered" by you, I have to let THEM slow down the conversation. If I cannot opt out, and simply ignore, them if that is what I want, I should be able to do it - and that is what I want. I want to see how people are censored, and if I can't I cannot trust how the site is being censored, if it's legitimate or not.

According to this:

FortWayneIndiana says
usually posts return.

It's generally not legitimate it appears.
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They know.

Let's reform it be abolishing the IRS and replacing it with a consumption tax.

Ohhh, can't have that.

OK, let's just make tax expenditures and revenue plotted every square mile of the United States so we can see what areas pay the taxes and what ones consume it.

Ohhhh, can't have that.

Find, let's at least just open the books of the Federal government so we know what they are doing with taxation..

Look, you know who the 1% actually are? They're the ones that own the government.
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Gee Whiz a politicians lied for years?

What a shock. That's unprecidented..

The really unexpected is then a politicain or teevee talking head tells the truth. Politicians lie constantly and they lie more often than they tell the truth.
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