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drB6 says
Absolutely not true. Even billionaires may be parted with billions.

Yup, it's better to follow the Rin-Wah way.
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justme says
Alanis Morisette sluthood-victimhood intersectionality cult.

In my situation, she not only looked like Alanis but was also from Ontario. Talk about art imitating life!

Think about it, the signature album, "Jagged Little Pill", was the most successful album of the 1990s. If anything, it completely resonated with all the bitches out there because although I knew a couple of guys who had legitimate copies (others pirated), countless women owned a copy or two.

In contrast, many of the guys I knew had a copy of Metallica's "Black Album" a/o U2's "Achtung Baby", two of the 90s other top global selling CDs. And these were fun, rocking albums whereas "Jagged Little Pill" was little more than a portrait of a disturbed female mind.

Alanis's message was clear ... I'm fucked up in the head, now worship me.

Sorry Alanis, but I've got a Metallica concert I need to attend.
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Rin's User Acceptance Test ...


Rin: What do you want?

Sex Robot: I want ...

Rin: Go on ...

Sex Robot: Your cock ...

Rin: Proceed ...

Sex Robot: Inside me

Rin: Excellent, first test is complete, now, on to the others!
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justme says
Rin says
"Jagged Little Pill", was the most successful album of the 1990s.

I felt compelled to look that up. Turns out that in the US that album was the best selling of 1996, and the 3d best selling among the 1990s yearly top sellers.


Another source claims it was the 5th best seller among all of the 1990s albums seen as whole.

In any case, it clearly was a VERY influential album, and perhaps the start of the modern Victim-pop era and possibly even the overall fourth-wave feminsm Victimhood Era. One should not underestimate the effect of these kinds of cultural phenomena. That era is still with us today, and it has gotten to be incredibly bad for men, and as an (unintended, presu...

Here's 'Jagged Little Pill' wiki ...


Its sales is est at 33M worldwide, half of which was in the US. That puts it clearly in the face of Metallica's untitled, "Black Album" ...


Where its estimated sales is some 31M worldwide, with a bit more than half of it in the US.

So there you have it, the Femi-Nazi victimhood signature album toe-to-toe against the actual great rock album of the 90s.

The only positive is that unlike Alanis, Metallica still continues to sell today so eventually, it will be the most successful album of the 90s as future generations of non-pussywhipped men will continue to listen to it.
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justme says
Someone needs to make an album called "jagged red pill".

No need ... that's why there's Metallica's "Black Album", Alanis' competitor for the 90s all time list.

Here's 'Wherever I May Roam' ...

The conclusion is in its final send off lyric ... "Carved upon my stone, my body lie but still I roam!"

Nothing else can tell guys to get off their asses and live a real life than that!
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Have a sip ...

Enjoy the sites and sensations ...

And some Rock 'n Roll ...

This is the Rin-Wah Way!
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Ceffer says
Rhett Butler

Wait ...


That's a SoCo cocktail ...

2 oz Southern Comfort
1/2 oz Orange Liqueur
1/2 oz Sour mix

There's no real hard liquor in there?
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Strategist says

This could turn into a major problem. Deciding who to fuck first.

Not too difficult ... first I'd boink #3. Damn, she's so sassy!

Then, her and I would form a pack and we'll have threesomes with the other 9, over time.

Rin-Wah Law! Rin-Wah Law!

Need more Rock 'n Roll fellas ..

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Strategist says
TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Rin says

1, 3, 5, 9, 10, and then the rest.

I'm going for #6, and then the rest can slither boobs and pussies all over me.

Ok, I take #3, you take #6, and then, we'll share the rest, while listening to some Metallica solos ...

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Strategist says
It's a deal. When is the great erection day?

Talk to these guys ...

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So in effect, the management consulting firms will have to solicit resumes from ppl on the Princeton debating team, since officially, they can't require that they have a BA from Princeton.

Since prestige mongers like brand names, the end result will be the same, Ivy league grads will work in management consulting and financial services.

Where the effect will be more pronounced is in corporate centers like Reebok, Staples, State St, etc, were for the most part, the average workers is a dolt who doesn't use anything he's learned in school.
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drB6 says
executive order eliminating human resources would be even better

Good idea because in the past, they used to be called 'Personnel' and wasn't such a scam for a department.
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Now, the Aussie strap-on Hilly and I have banged a Beyonce doppelganger who had aspirations for the Democratic nomination.

however, we're now struggling to find a Sarah Palin look-a-like but Hilly proposed that we looks for a Jennifer Lawrence look-a-like in Aussie, as it's easier to find a gal that looks like her and can possibly pretend to be her with a faux American accent.

I don't know, could JLaw be a plausible democratic front runner in my fantasy about lesbian domination?
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Can strap-on Hilly and JLaw make for a nasty competition for the Democratic ticket?

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Sniper says
The founders put in the electoral college for good reason, each state gets a say in the election, not just the highly populated ones.

It's the major urban centers. And in this case, that means Boston, NYC, DC, LA, SF, and Chicago. That's where Strap-On Hilly, won by a huge majority.

Aside from those urban centers, her results were completely piss poor, as she'd failed in countless non-urban counties, nationwide.

Hillary Clinton was a complete failure from an electoral p.o.v.

Instead of women protesting the election in Milwaukee WI or Dayton OH, they were all crowding around Boston, NYC, and DC screaming and shouting, knowing perfectly well that they'd already won those states.

What a bunch of pathetic Femi-Nazis!

Fuck 'em, I'm banging hoes for the rest of my life! None of them will touch my IRA.

This is why I don't date. I'd rather fuck hoes than deal with these types of stupid women!
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clambo says
If we don't want to be ruled by city state elites, then by all means the electoral college is necessary.

Until this election, I wouldn't have agreed with you. Before, despite the fact that I think Al Gore was a loser, I'd believed that the election was stolen down in Florida and Gore did in fact, win the national popular vote.

In today's time, Strap-On Hilly only won the places which were expected ... Boston, NYC, DC, LA, SF, and Chicago. Aside from that, she was pathetic, not able to connect with any individuals beyond the urban areas where it's brainwashed into every school district ... go to an Ivy League-like college and then, work in some 'knowledge economy' job.


It's as if many MBA-types weren't a bunch of cronies and the fact that science & engineering careers, you know the actual smart ppl who perhaps attended big midwestern state schools (Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, etc), weren't getting outsourced, year after year, along with other regular worker bees. Remember, MIT, being next to Harvard, gets 30-40% of its grads into financial or management consulting careers. Those guys already have an exit package ... make friends at Harvard.
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Goran_K says
while Admiral Ackbar got killed by being vacuumed into space

And don't forget, the Admiral wasn't even a white fish, like a Pollack or a Halibut.

He was definitely a dark fish and thus, the original 'Return of the Jedi' showed more respect for darker space fish types (like Blue fish, Catfish, or Salmon) than today's crap, which all about victimized white women, ala Hillary Clinton.

Fuck you, Kathleen Kennedy!
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Ppl, forget about cap gains in the markets. Yes, we've had an extended bull run which is due for correction.

On the other hand, if the market does nosedive, like let's say a 30-40% crash, what will happen to those who hold dividend yielding stocks? Those yields will spike from 2.5% to 10-12%. And thus, if you use the dividend reinvestment program, you'll add even more stocks to your portfolio so that when the markets goes up again, you'll have an even better portfolio.

Is this not obvious? Here's a dividend reinvestment calculator which compounds your quarterly dividends, adding more shares to your bucket.


Here's RJ Reynolds, now Reynolds America (RAI) prior to the 2008 crisis, date range of Jan 2006 to Jan 2014 ...

Despite an overall major market crash, in the middle, your portfolio went from $10K to $32K. And that's because you'd invested in a firm which either maintains or raises its dividends per share.

When you reach retirement age, you stop re-investing dividends and simply use those dividends to pay your bills. Ppl, this isn't all that complicated.
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justme says
So, for example, Swiss Francs (SWF) are now 20% backed by stocks. If those stocks holdings drop in value by 50%, the value of SWF drops by 10% relative to currencies that are not backed by stocks or other impaired assets. If you kept your savings in an SWF-denominated account, you just lost 10% of your savings.

Here's another way to look at it, if you have a stock which actually generates a real dividend, like 2.5%. If that stock is let's say $50 per share and you have 200 shares ...

For $10K, that's $250 per year in income.

If the market tanks and your $50 per share drops to $25 per share, for $10K, that's still the same yield of $250 per year in income. The difference is that you can use that money for the two year "crash/bear market" period, to buy $500 of shares at $25/share or 20 units. If/when the market recovers and your holding goes back to that $50 per share, with 220 units, you're now at $275 per year in income.

Remember, institutes and ppl need cash. If your holdings generate cash then the whole "cap gains" thing isn't all that important long term. If you're only into things like Berkshire Hathaway, which gives nothing to its investor, than you're in a world of hurting.
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Tenpoundbass says
Ever wonder why there is no Democrats on Mt Rushmore?

Technically, Thomas Jefferson was Democratic-Republican, which was the party, opposite of Washington/Hamilton's Federalist party.

So yes, that means that at least one Democrat was on Rushmore, if you think of the Federalists to be the early 1800s equivalent of Republicans today, despite role reversals at latter times.
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Tenpoundbass says

To date we have reigning supreme Hype Tech Champs like.

Nope, none of those are game changers.

And anything 'nano' is a joke, as it's just a euphemism for surface chemistry on a molecular scale. That's an areas of research which was already on-going, since the 60s and 70s.

The reason for that is that none of that stuff is of importance to ppl who actually own and run businesses.

Before I'd gone into sales for the hedge fund, my task was to automate the backoffice to such a degree, that we could put all that fixed headcount overhead into hiring the best prop trader out there, once the original guy in London decided to leave. Anyways, it was a success and thus, I can tell you, many C-level execs will want AI which can eliminate jobs or at least, prevent them from growing where headcount eats up too much of the profits. Remember, well run companies like to raise dividends, not cut 'em.

Headcount is a fixed cost.

Right now, JP Morgan is looking into eliminating 500K billable legal hours per year with machine learning software. In time, this will spill over onto numerous other white collar work like actuary, audit, etc. All it takes is for a few big fishes to set the trend and soon afterwards, the rest of the Fortune 1000 follows.
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Patrick says
This fits perfectly with the idea that men compete for status in order to impress sexually attractive women. It's part of the innate male psychology. The men in this case did not even know if they had been given testosterone or a placebo.

The claim that all gender differences in psychology are merely cultural is false.

Not for me, even after cashing out, I'd only added livery service (as a part of my consulting exit package) as I could drink and not drive. I'd never traded my Accord for a Porsche even though I can buy a number of them in cash today.

Sorry, but what men don't realize is that there's an actual Dollar/Euro/Pound Sterling price for pussy, one doesn't need to act like a peacock or in society's case, a rapper or basketball star.

Sure, being "seen" in a limo makes me looks Patrician but in reality, it's just a free ride (w/ a mini-bar) for me.
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RC2006 says
drB6 says
mell says



Fellas, you guys really need to get out of Uncle Sam.

Forget about Brazil, just 5 hours from Boston, there are plenty of chicks like that, but perhaps, even a bit better looking in Montreal QC where a number of college gals are into the escorting business.

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Rin-Wah Law! Rin-Wah Law!
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Aphroman says

That and Boston is East Coast, where men are still men

Not exactly true. It's really the self-educated men who know about Montreal QC, 5 hrs north of Boston, who won't lower themselves to groveling, to get dates with Femi-Nazis.

Patrick says
human shit in Boston

There's no comparison between SF and Boston. SF is the Philadelphia by the Bay. In contrast, Boston is still the cradle of liberty, minus prostitution, two centuries post-revolution.
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FortWayne says
Rin says
In contrast, Boston is still the cradle of liberty, minus prostitution, two centuries post-revolution.

With prostitution rides in everything else, and all the other vices.

You mean where the BPD (Boston Police Department) actually spends its time, pursuing muggers, burglars, and murderers, as oppose to grown up consenting adults, who like to fuck in exchange for money? Yeah, it's really scary for cops to face ppl who don't carry weapons (sans condoms) vs real criminals.

And don't bring up that 'Trafficking' argument because that's called 'Kidnapping', a federal offense. That's FBI jurisdiction. FtWayne, we've had this argument before, now STFU! Come up with something new to back up your religious Puritanical BS! If you don't want ppl to be free then say it. "I want ppl under my theocratic values. I don't want men and women to fuck w/o GOD's approval"

When a person commutes from a suburb to downtown for a boink, it's called, being stuck in 'traffic', not 'human trafficking'. Ok, an American (or Green Card) gal from Ipswich MA, wanting to boink a guy in Somerville MA in exchange for $300, is NOT HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Notice, there are no border patrol/checkpoints in my map above.
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mell says
I'm spoken for already

Here's the life ...

Have a sip,

Enjoy the sites and sensations ...

And some Rock 'n Roll ...

This is the Rin-Wah Way!
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FortWayne says

With prostitution comes "child trafficking"

BULLSHIT! That is KIDNAPPING, a federal offense with close to life imprisonment for many cases of it!

Look, in Canada, where seeing hoes is legal, the Mounties, yes, a real Canadian version of the FBI, throws those ppl in jail easily! When it comes time to deal with real issues, they're not some stupid Dudley Do-Right, they're pretty close to a Sylvester Stallone when the shit goes down.

Pleaz ... stop trying to mix two grown up adults having sex with sociopaths, kidnapping children! This is why ppl like you have no credibility. You're just like the feminist who can't stand the idea of men not paying alimony by seeing hoes, instead of marrying bitches.

And yes, I don't care for your religion, forcing men and women to be married w/o regards to future alimony payments!

I've been to a lot of countries where this is allowed. The thing there is actually this, the police deal with trafficking, abuse, and other criminal activities, not whether or not two consenting adults have sex.
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Rin-Wah Law! Rin-Wah Law!

Yes, "SHAKE YOUR FOUNDATION" and then, of course ...


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Sanders has got it all wrong.

First, we need to automate ALL white collar jobs so that there's an unemployment rate among white collar workers approaching ~65%.

Once that happens, then Sanders can come in and tout socialism.

So let's start the process, more machine learning, more AI, and then ... let the firings begin. And then, with each economic recovery cycle, increase the firing to hiring ratios.
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Here's Katie Couric on sex robots ...

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Ceffer says
unless you pay twice as much.

That's nothing compared to alimony/palimony.
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Ppl, I don't think you're understanding the significance of this.

In ancient times, before Cyrus the Great, Pericles of Athens, and Julius Caesar, the world transitioned from an agrarian-only to a mix of urban and agrarian societies. The Code of Hammurabi was an essential component of how a civilization evolved from its antecedent to its successor. Yes, this was a long time back.

Likewise, in medieval times, the power of the king (and the king only) was limited to a governing set of principles which the Magna Carta had established, making the nobles and the king accountable to the same body of laws. In the centuries following, this evolved into a limited monarchy with a Parliamentary form of govt.

Rin-Wah Law, were men are allowed to fuck w/o palimony/alimony, and be able to focus on their work and hobbies, will unleash the greatest creative minds out there. It will be a time like no other.
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Quigley says
They don’t have to be the best people,

Have any of you ppl actually worked in corporate America? A vast majority of white collar workers are idiots, hiding behind buzzwords like 'synergy', 'process value-added', etc, without knowing what the fuck they're talking about.

Seriously, the real world is not some graduate school in nuclear physics at CalTech and thus, I say that IQ, aside from being let's say in the 105+ crowd (since anyone below that level will sound like Beavis/Butthead at a meeting), has little to do with it.

Unless a majority of Bullshit artists have 140+ IQs and thus, are grand actors in corporate America, I'd say that most of them got there because of cronyism.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
When I hear that kind of language come out of a guy with a blue shirt and kakis I know the best thing I can do for the client is shoot the offending fuckhead in the face.

If only life were that simple, sigh...
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Quigley says
It’s repetitive work, sure, but we should reserve that sort for them. People need meaning in their lives to be happy, and work brings meaning.

In ten years, toilet cleaning and leaf raking will be done by robots, not humans, and thus, the Down Syndrome ppl will be w/o work.

And I don't believe that work, as in paid work (as oppose to finger painting at home) brings meaning. Here is meaning, from 'Verses of Rin-Wah Law'...

Have a sip ...

Enjoy the sites and sensations ...

And some Rock 'n Roll ...

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mell says

Does anyone want to disagree with mell or are we all in accordance?
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Strategist says
Buffet pays $10 for a haircut, and dines on burger and fries. He will have a hard time spending $100 billion.

It's easy ... Prime Rib/Martinis/Hoes, for most of the time, and then, when the market crashes (downturns), buy more dividend yielding stocks to increase one's holdings.

Afterwards, when the markets recover, you've got even more holdings out there.

Trust me, you can fuck, eat great foods, and grow your holdings without losing anything.
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Concerning the world of financial advise ... for those who're not active traders, meaning the ppl who spend hours studying charts with or without Fibonacci retracements, Fractal Patterns, etc, IMO, it's best not to get into the euphoria of "Cap Gains". Realize that if "Cap Gains" is your primary target then more often than not, all it takes is a market crash to wipe out your retirement account.

And unfortunately, many of these robo-advisors come from the above world and thus, are useless.

The best strategy is reinvesting one's dividends to accrue more actual shares over a period time. And then, the game gets easier as all one needs to do with one's financial advisor is to figure out which companies may be cutting their dividends vs maintaining or increasing them over time. The key word here is maintenance, a company can't keep raising dividends if the business doesn't support it.

Here's an example, using Philip Morris (PM) as an example ...


Starting with $50K, when the stock was less than $55 per share to where it was above $90, by reinvesting dividends, you didn't get a mere cap gain of 90 to 55 or 163% but actually, $148K to $50K in holdings with added shares (circa ~1600 starting at ~900) and a greater dividend yield per unit over time. If the market crashes and you enter a bear market channel, you'll still be compounding shares, but then, bought at an even cheaper price. You can easily go from ~1600 to ~3200 shares within a bear market with this strategy, assuming that the company doesn't cut dividends due to poor fiscal management.

When retirement kicks in, you just stop compounding your earnings and live off the dividend checks. This beats most annuities out there as many of those are indexed against the S&P500 cap gains and not compounding dividends of the high yielding dividend stocks.
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Basically, since I'd cashed out 90% my equity at the hedge fund, only that remaining 10% is my final cap gains play. And judging by the company's growth, looks like it'll span out well.

The rest is all in dividend yielding stocks and some precious metals, for insurance.

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