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I'm sorry, the tax cut is effective for tax year beginning 1.1.18, which means 2018 taxes are filed and paid in 2019. How would you know how much savings there are when the year is not even 1/3 complete?

If you got a refund or whatever savings being claimed. It's based on old law.

My tax rate pretty much will be same as last year. Lower federal tax bracket took the tax right around amt. Salt was never a deduction anyway. Happy for Floridians and texans which should benefit.

Don't really have issue with eliminating salt deduction. It's kinda ridiculous that state taxes are subsidized by federal. It's like I'll tax you 1000 but the federal will pay you back 370. Feds just figured that one out? Blue state taxes are ridiculous because it's been fed will pay for it. It will make it more difficult for ca and local to introduce more taxes.
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Sniper says
SFace says
I'm sorry, the tax cut is effective for tax year beginning 1.1.18, which means 2018 taxes are filed and paid in 2019. How would you know how much savings there are when the year is not even 1/3 complete?

Because the outline of the plan, along with tax rates have been published. There are numerous online calculators available that will tell you your approximate tax liability under the new plan.

You should use that Smartphone for something useful, instead of just looking up sports scores.

I'm happy your tax is linear and your earnings are exactly the same.
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WookieMan says
Sniper says
SFace says
While that is true.... still continue to handle private financial transactions on your phone..


How do you handle "private financial transactions" now? Interested in how it's any safer then a phone, seriously.

Mobile is the same as online banking. Wfb while a crappy business ethics built a tremendous platform.
Paranoid much. The only thing I do say is I don't wifi at all, that's why there's unlimited data.

I'm more worried about online purchase from crappy retailer and Equifax more than the big 4 banks that has so much layer security its worthless to worry about.
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WookieMan says
FortWayne says
If middle class is 100k, than every government employee here is upper class dude, because they all make way more. In CA, 100k is not bad, but in a city that won't go far. It's an expensive state. I know I've done well last few years for myself. In Indiana 100k is great, in CA that's not much.

I get what you're saying, but median is middle. $58k is what the middle family makes. I get people make different amounts in different places, but $100k is technically not middle class, it's middle upper class. You saying you're middle class AND pay AMT seems a little tone deaf to me.

I don't know your guys income. But just make up a scenario at least to show me how you're saving high 4 figures and some saying 5 figures. If these calculators are readily available this should be pretty short work. I'll be honest, I doubt the claims, but am open to seeing some data. I'll eat ...

Cause the calculator said so. Lmfao

The tax cut is definitely more beneficial to certain no income tax states like Florida Washington and Texas

But claiming 10k in savings say 200k in income is effectively a 5% effective tax rate cut. We know that only applies if all the stars are aligned

If you a LLC owner and hire people, then yeah. Tax cuts are significant.
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WookieMan says
SFace says
Cause the calculator said so. Lmfao

I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt here. I have no problem being proven wrong, honestly. I just don't know any scenario where someone making $200k in 2017 is going to save $10k in federal taxes in 2018 all thing being equal, besides the new tax law. This is my income range and have done my own taxes for 15 years. I'm interested in these calculators or some data to back the claims up is all. .

The tax cuts are well documented, the median person gets 1800 or so. The rich will laugh and save 2.6% on higher base and, business owners cream due to pass thru deductions
The upper working class in blue states get diddly squat.

If you are middle class, you get around 2k, more in Texas. But not 10k
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Sniper says
SFace says
But claiming 10k in savings say 200k in income is effectively a 5% effective tax rate cut. We know that only applies if all the stars are aligned

It's 4% difference on $200K between tax rates 2017 versus 2018, before tweaking:

28% on $200K in 2017

Versus 24% on $200K in 2018

WookieMan says
I have no problem being proven wrong, honestly.

Alright, you both can admit you're wrong now.

I did say 5% if all the stars are aligned. There is no disagreement there. And the rate is not 4% once all the brackets are worked through. It's closer to 3.2% (as someone else posted) so you are still farting make up numbers.

What you claimed a middle class saves 10K is wildly making shxt up. Your chart, at the most basic level (100K in taxable income after itemized deduction which translate to 130K in gross wages) income saves around 2K (Based on the very tax bracket you prove to show how wrong you are). A family earning 130K in gross income, 100K taxable saved 2K in taxes.

You can finesse the # all you want, but no middle class family is saving 10K in taxes. unless someone you think earning 250K (In non-coastal CA, NJ.NY) in gross wages is middle class. I don't even care how much someone saved or not saved, BUT PLEASE, making shxt up is not cool. The average family is not saving 2K and you dug yourself in denial.
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Sniper says
FortWayne says
Even better with MFJ (second column).

Plus the increase in the standard deduction to $24K for 2018 (up from $12K).

and if you have kids, The child tax credit will increase from $1,000 to $2,000 per child under age 17.

I wonder where those two guys ran away too?????

No one ran away. You look more and more in denial

More standard deduction 12k increase is offset by losing the personal exemption which for a minimum of 2 is 8k+ God forbid you don't have four kids. Or you were itemizing under in the past and now on standard deduction so your personal exemption is totally wiped out and more.

And that just makes your middle class argument worst. Your tax bracket is taxable income after deductions. Your middle class gross income of 125k reports at max 101k in taxable income. And that's before healthcare, 401k. A 125k family reports closer to 90k in taxable income even on standard deduction.

Your hypetthical 200k in taxable income translate which saves 6300 translates to 240k in gross income. Good luck telling me this is your average middle class.

Chile tax credit does not move the needle. It's just compensating for lost personal exemption.

You should throw the calculator out the trash can because you look at it way too simple. Your denial makes it look worst because you just prove you understand little but represent a lot.
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Patrick says
What exactly drove GE down so much? I'd want to understand that before buying more.

1) Bad management. Immelt flew his private jet and then had a tailing back-up jet. That's just horrible from the top, entitled and stupid.

2) Way too much horrible acquisitions. Literally none turned up well. Google buys YouTube, FB buys instragram and GE buys junk.

3) FS says it all, revenue, margins all down. Bad accounting and write-offs. Borderline fraud.

4) Pension obligations is through the roof, should suspend dividend long ago. It's capex deprived.

5) Lot of parts that don't compliment each other (energy, TV, insurance, jet engine, leasing and lightbulbs and appliances) There is nothing in common. It is all bad business, might as well buy software (not energy), social network (not TV), e-payment (not re-insurance) and up and coming industries.

GE still has ways to go to turnaround. Would not touch it until Q3.
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I pick industries, then company

Big Tech:

NVDA, AMZN, FB, BABA, NFLX, AAPL, TWTR, GOOG (everyone owns these)


MULE, COUP, WDAY, TEAM , BOX (I know these products well as a user or know people)

Banks: (Tax cuts and higher interest rates are great for banks)






Airlines (Good enough for Buffet, good enough for me)




I think energy is coming back in the next 18 months.
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Sniper says
SFace says
But I would expect that from someone who has no problem and no concern giving all his personal information away on his phone.

Is that a lecture from someone who is living in 1950 (and good for you that you are disconnected)? I'm sure you like to spend 2 weeks doing something that takes 2mins. I value efficiency. Plus don't even begin to lecture about security because you have not even bothered. Sounds like the Kennedy senator that asks how FB made $$. I know how FB makes money, how Banks margin/leverage, how insurance prices, I study Blockchain technology; you just lecture based on what you learned from grandma
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Sniper says
I said SAVINGS, as in DOLLARS in my pocket, but some of the people here in this thread can't seem to understand that point, and are just trying to apply a "tax rate" to some hypothetical income amount. Of course, just applying a rate to an income, won't help certain people comprehend that point, and they can bang their calculators until there's nothing left.

Because you are still making shxt up. How do you save 10K on a typical middle class income based on tax law changes alone? because you said so or you just want to pull more and more rabbits to make more shxt up. 150K income becomes 250K, Texas not CA. Oh please
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I have to agree that 6% all in commissions is not commensurate with value provided. And let's be real, buyer/seller fee 100% comes out from the sellers pocket no matter how you call it.

I think Redfin cut to the chase more and have discounted fees, for something more streamlined. but that is without data on how end price is impacted. Maybe a redfin shareholder have more insights?.
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Sniper says
Thank goodness no one's data is stolen from their phone like the data they give away to Facebook.

As you can see by this thread, very few are concerned with all their personal information going to FB or Google from their phones. After all "I need my sport scores NOW".

Oh spare me with the lecture. You mean to tell me you never got a JCP catalog back in 1980? I'm sure you still read the sports section and look at the old box scores which are barey still in business.
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"99.99%" of the money were laundered money anyway

The money gone is not really gone. It just appears gone and the scammed is the scammer.
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That's outrageous. 76k a month is basically 10m in lifetime annuity. Obviously the design of the pension is flawed.

The problem with pension is these deferred compensation will be felt later. It is not similar to a 3b company because all you are asked to do is provide government services. Those $$ just takes away from other public services.
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There will be no land value tax. Talking about or thinking about it is a complete waste of time.

The only way to bring price down is supply like what happened in 2002- 2008. Then supplies Kapoof on 2009 to 2014 and the results are predictable. If you want to look into how rent will look, just look at supplies complete now. Its that simple.
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If anyone thinks landlords are parasites. I love them to move out and see how far that gets him or her. They'll get no place to stay and they'll beg the old landlord to take them back.
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tovarichpeter says
In other words, neither political party, and none of the candidates for governor really cares about solving the CA housing shortage which is our number one problem. I am going to write-in Scott Weiners name for governor.

Scott is a no name that just wants the attention. Its passionate for some but most people outside the bay area don't give rat ass on a bay area issue. He's actually wrong for forcing cities to abide by more rules.

If you want cities to build more homes, all they have to do is put an incentive like more school funding if x cities meets this. No house no $$. If Marin don't want to build, they don't have to. Get over it.
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Patrick says
SFace says
There will be no land value tax.

@SFace why not? Seems like an excellent idea to tax non-productive rent-seeking and stop taxing income and commerce.

The best ideas in the world does not make it policy. There is absolutely no momentum to change the current property tax system, and there is none for this generation. It's so unpopular that this idea is used almost nowhere. In a way, it is somewhat a land value system anyone because the land more or less drives the tax directly.

I think you mentioned HK and Singapore as model places for LVT. Have you seen condo prices in these places, we are talking 2K a square feet (with 25% of that for common area so its effective $2,500 USD per square feet because we don't count common area) so prices are twice as expensive as SF proper and Manhattan. LVT does not work. In places you think it works, property prices is at puke level.
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Fox plaza, built in 1966. cookie cutter apartment.

1/1 600 square feet 12 months lease staring at $4,149 month. Its damn if you buy and damn if you rent.
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"In the invoice was record of when they received my checks from the credit union for the last three years.

After each payment they received after the 5th there is a $10 late fee. All but two of the late payments were received on the 6th. The other two were on the 8th and 9th."

The new person obviously checked the record and found room to charge. 5th means the 5th not 6th. It's anal but your only way is to check whether 5th at receipt or 5th when initiated. The month ends on the last day of the month so the 5th already gave 5 days lag and you can't claim weekend or holiday.
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"What kind of numbers would interest a private investor in this scenario?"

1) High returns
2) Low risks
3) Trust
4) Time for effort (100% return on 10K is just 10K and still a waste of time)
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"Data" reflects only what’s available on "Zumper" rather than the actual citywide median.
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I spot check two apartment complex as barometer for rents.

Archstone soma.

Fox plaza.

Based on those prices as published. Rents are not down.
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clambo says
Below is an interesting breakdown of how buying a house is not always such a great investment.

To summarize: compared to an investment in stocks and bonds, the capital gain after considering ALL costs of buying a house in a great market (San Mateo CA example) was not really better, and would usually be worse.

That article assumes you if you don't buy, you won't have to pay rent and effectively live in the street or basement. You won't refi even though rates went down 20 times over the past t3 decades. Housing is not a return on investment if somehow you think living cost (whether you rent or buy ) is free.

Once that is accounted for, it is guaranteed a long time homeowner in San Mateo is rich as a MXFX.

* That 300K San Mateo home in 1995 is around $2M today.
* That interest and property tax you paid for (30 years) is a hell of lot better on renting the same home which is likely around $6K-7K a month.

The only way your finance comes out ahead, (and its not even certain) is you managed to sleep in the streets for the past 30 years and you invested it all in the market. And even then, the San Mateo owner is still likely ahead, (refinancing down, LOC to buy even more assets)
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I see Google campus, Spaceship and Saleforce DIldx towers popping up. Sammy wants their own 1M sq ft college too. If you have "CHOICE" in employers, that is a great thing. You go to Oregon, that's it, unless you can code for NIKE or change career and design shoes.

It's broken, but these are rich peoples problems and employers problems. And if its a rich people problem its not a problem. And we know for sure BA could care less a few out of too many start ups fails and leaves. 99 out of 100 cities want to have the highest housing price or bay area problems.
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JackD says
The two properties (Archstone SOMA and Fox Plaza) are an odd choice for a city-wide barometer as they’re both in the redeveloped NEMA area and are about one block apart off of Market between 9th and 10th.

It's a consistent comparison point that is easily measurable. Nothing else is as measurable as that. I mean you can add park merced if I wanted.
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ThreeBays says
I'm not super familiar with the SF market, but I see that there are decent looking 2BR condos for sale around $900k like this one for example, so paying $4.5k or $5k rent a month seems crazy.

Deep in hunters point. There are projects to the north south east and west. Its deal breaker.
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If renter pays the landlords, then the landlords eats and the economy is humming.

Seriously look at warriors tickets, its 10x more expensive than san Antonio. You literally would be better off flying to sanAntonio, watch your favorite team even with airfare and hotel then to consume it locally.

There's way too much consumption already.

Rent is absorbed at the margins. Your normal renter in ca is consuming just as much than flyover state.
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Patrick says
You’ve heard this before: Stocks, over time, outperform real estate.

There are many schools of thought on this but one common statistic that gets tossed around shows equities over the past several decades have returned an average upwards of 10% a year, while real estate is in the 4% ballpark. ...

1. Much more liquidity

2. Lower transaction costs

3. Less work

4. More diversification

5. Ability to invest in products you love

6. Easier to protect your investment in a downturn

7. Fewer taxes and fees

In the real world, real estate owners owns all the stocks too.
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Patrick says
Ms. Trauss supports all of it so long as it is built tall, and soon. “You have to support building, even when it’s a type of building you hate,” she said. “Is it ugly? Get over yourself. Is it low-income housing? Get over yourself. Is it luxury housing? Get over yourself. We really need everything right now.”

This is America, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and vote on it. But "we" does not mean "we"
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NIMBY is a term that has no legal meaning. There are pros and cons to every debate.

If you want to address the problem, then you have the address the specific contention. What the hell is NIMBY? be specific, do we want to bulldoze Golden Gate Park or Central Park for housing?
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T mobile and sprint combined still won't be able to compete with at&t and Verizon and still clearly #3 and not even close.

There two ways to view completion, more is better.

Or more real competition. Sprint and tmobile are crappy networks and not considered competition. You look at the corporate accounts and none view sprint and t mobile as competition.
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br>I'm not in a rush and have no timeline. Certainly glad I held on to all my stocks and got that 34% gain in 2017.

most homeowners got 34% gain in stocks and home appreciations of several hundred K in 2017. The idea that renters kill it in stocks is pure fantasy. Homeowners own all the stocks too. You are an exception.
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" the rent vs buy analysis will always show higher appreciating areas to be more worthy of renting, and non or low appreciating areas to be more worthy of buying. You don't even need a calculator to figure that out. The secret lies i..."

I call it the Ghetto calculator. Because the result is buy in the Ghetto and not buy in "prime"... Which is complete opposite of reality.
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mell says
Strategist says
My dear friends. I'll give you 3 hints. Shortage Shortage Shortage. As long as there is a shortage of homes, prices cannot drop. They could plateau, but they cannot drop.
Stop thinking emotionally, stop cherry picking data, and use rational thought. You housing bears are screwing up your finances.

Well then what were the 2008 taxpayer robbery bailouts all about? It's not like they were suddenly building more land. While I agree that long term housing should always be a relatively decent investment if you can pay your mortgage and are a decent landlord, current prices are critically inflated due to the fact that the housing market is better supported by the crony capitalist/socialist system than the stock market (and there is of course some inter-dependency), and that is not easy to accomplish. So any bear betting on total housing annihilation must also bet on the inability of ...

Between 2002-2008 homes were popping up like weeds. Thereafter. Home builders ground to a halt in 2009. 2012 and since then homebuilding has lagged.

Until you see new build in the 2m there will he shortages
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Amazon could easily move to Bellevue.

It's not about Amazon's ability to pay, its their responsibilities to shareholders. If you haven't noticed, every city wants hq2. They can just as easily move hq1
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When the biggest problem is people are too damn rich, its not a society problem, San Francisco bay area is the envy of the world.

I get some people hates it , but it's just sour grapes.
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SFace says
I pick industries, then company

Big Tech:

NVDA, AMZN, FB, BABA, NFLX, AAPL, TWTR, GOOG (everyone owns these)


MULE, COUP, WDAY, TEAM , BOX (I know these products well as a user or know people)

Banks: (Tax cuts and higher interest rates are great for banks)






Airlines (Good enough for Buffet, good enough for me)




I think energy is coming back in the next 18 months.

Big tech, all ka ching.

Software: all Ka ching. software outperformed even big tech, lol. This is a software driven future

Banks: Not your time, run will come later. Added paypal and Square because traditional bank is disrupted.

REITS: not bad (5%), didn't expect much either way. MGM was a loser

Retail: Ka ching again. LULU lol, should have picked up RH.

Airlines: Not your time. They'll be ok

MISC: CMG ka ching, V ok, MO flat

energy: coming back, will pick up more

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KgK one says
GE kicked out of Dow 30 , should we get rid of it , usually company getting out will not do well

Per post 13, would not touch it until q3.

Getting kicked out is a great thing for GE. Ge needs the medicine that they are outdated and needs to change ways. Jet to back up jet, get real. Being humbled is the first step.
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