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ThreeBays says
Patrick says
Sticking by a max of 80,000, with more evidence:


Sadly we passed your max estimate. Many serology studies around the country are showing low digit infection numbers, so there's still a long way to go.
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Hasn't the entire civilized world launched a similar "public health" response? Are they in on it to torpedo Trumps re-election?
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Even Putin had a public health response. The thing is real. There would have been a lot more New Yorks without a response.
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No one really cared in 2018. So it ran its course. Imagine if this thing ran its course with no response. All dense places would be hurting
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The more effective the public health response is, the more useless they appear in hindsight. See it never really got that bad, wasn't worth it, some will think.
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Patrick says
WookieMan says
And please don't answer in 10 different fucking comments. You're clearly trying to bury your previous comments with the practice of answering 10 different parts of a comment one by one.

@WookieMan I'm 99% sure you were suffering through the troll duck who has been banned here many times. He is banned yet again.

Damn Patrick, for a man who hates censorship. Echo chamber it is I guess. BTW Not sure I'd accept "heard it at a party" as proof either.
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Patrick says
New cases are proportional to new testing.

Why are percent positive results going up not down?
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Republican governor is reacting rather vocally and businesses are voluntarily re-closing. I don't think this is just a conspiracy theory to politically skewer Trump.
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Patrick, do you believe this or are you posting it for discussion?
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I meant do you believe that there is undeniable mathematical evidence that the election is being stolen?
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@patrick. You believe that the election was stolen though it sounds.
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Did you think that there was any probability of fraud 4 years ago or didn't care?
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I am just trying to find out the motive for the firehose of these headlines claiming to have absolute proof of a stolen election. Is it for balance because the mainstream media is happy, whether you really feel that way or are trying to fire up the right or what.
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How does unsolicited ballot fraud work? People gathering ballots from mailboxes and returning them? Wouldn't people say where the Fs my ballot? oh someone already voted with it. That would be noticeable.
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There would be clusters of complaints then. This was such a hot election that all these harvested ballots would have to affect someone and piss them off enough to complain.
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If that many ballots were used, it would be detected. I would sure as hell complain if I couldn't vote. I don't buy "Democratic operatives" organizing this.
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GlocknLoad says
Shake85 says
Did you think that there was any probability of fraud 4 years ago or didn't care?

Why would you ask this question? I don't remember it ever coming up other than Russia Russia Russia. The equivalent (it's not even close to being equivalent) would be to compare Russia Russia Russia (which was investigated for Trump's ENTIRE TERM) to say..."Ok, Russia paid for $100K worth of Facebook ads (Maybe Facebook is a treasonous organization for allowing it? Maybe Facebook is a foreign agent?) but the MSM gave billions of free slanted coverage in favor of Biden. Wouldn't you agree with that?

Correct. Trump loyalists were saying "Russia Hoax" not that Trump had the means motive and opportunity to use foreign means to dig up dirt on a political opponent and it should be looked into. All depends who you are rooting for. Still don't see what would make someone pull for the guy.
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I don't buy that Biden is some far left, I know he was painted that way for political purposes by Trump campaign. I'd prefer drama free for a while. Biden doesn't seem like a poke the other team kind of guy. Don't know if he'll start any wars or boost the economy.
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If this were true, he wouldn't have to be shouting this from Twitter as it would already be news.
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mell says
Some serious shit going dow now. Skeptical at first, I don't think this is all smoke and mirrors anymore. Get the popcorn ready.

More like spewing some serious shit. Why believe him now? He is on his way out and hopefully no one sticks with him for 4 years. I just hope the next bad president to come along is not as toxic.
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Eric Holder says
Shake85 says

More like spewing some serious shit. Why believe him now?

Did you watch Dr. Shiva's video? Care to offer a natural, benign explaination for these skewed graphs?

I don't know who Dr. Shiva is, nor do I care to go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy debunking. Just common sense. Why is he alone in fighting the results? A lot of powerful people care more about integrity than just hating Trump.
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If he has something, other academics will run with it and it will bubble up. If not it will fade away. I place my bets on the latter.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says
Trump is 0 for 13 suits.


Vance is going to stuff Trump in Attica and he will die from a PROLAPSED RECTUM, exactly as God Wants.

Thank you. Is this voting machine conspiracy in any of the lawsuits?
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Shaman says
Shake85 says
don't know who Dr. Shiva is, nor do I care to go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy debunking.

So you’re just another ostrich, head in the sand, claiming you see no fraud, see nothing in fact!
Basically you’re an idiot tool of the oligarchy.
Congrats on that. I hear that three like you plus $3.50 can buy you a cup of coffee in some places.

If this sees its day in court I'll absolutely dive in and I am sure everyone would be glued. You can literally spend all of your free time debunking BS. That is why Trump spews so much, just to keep opponents spinning and supporters frothing. I read he may be starting his own media outlets :(
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Patrick says
So just imagine that Apocalypsefuck is your poll worker and your election observer.

Think he's going to allow legit votes for Trump to make it past him?

That's the situation we're dealing with.

More likely a "BBQ beer freedom" poll worker. Either way the ease of detection and risk/reward doesn't pan out for dishonest poll workers swinging the election. Fraud would have to come from somewhere else.
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astronut97 says
Fortwaynemobile says
That’s longest projection ever. Do you even hear your bias there?

I admit that I have a reality bias. Show me actual evidence of voter fraud that isn't on the same level as the other non-evidence based conspiracy theories. This site is so biased against reality that I am dumbfounded that actual adults post this shit.

I think most of the adults who post this shit are being disingenuous and don't believe it themselves. It serves other purposes than trying to get to any kind of truth.
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