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From the article:
"The woman argued that her "religious beliefs" prevented her from shaking hands with a senior official presiding over the citizenship ceremony in the southeastern Isere region in June 2016, as well as with a local politician.

The government said her behaviour showed she was "not assimilated into the French community" -- one of the reasons it can invoke under the civil code to oppose citizenship for the spouse of a French national."

It's easy to test if they are assimilated. Offer them a free hot dog with a beer.
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bob2356 says
The VA is more like denmark or iceland's systems. Doctors are employees. There is no billing costs and no incentive to over treat. The VA negotiates for better prices on drugs. There is no profit mark ups across the board for each and every item. The VA in general does a good job. Especially considering they treat 9 million people in 1200 facilities, many with really unique and severe issues. There have been problems, but in any system that large there are going to be problems even in the private sector.

bob2356 says

f you think sky high private insurance premiums for medicare age people are going to be popular then I have a shitload of slightly damp land in florida to sell you.

So you would support a VA system for all of America? It would also cut down on the practice of "defensive medicine" and the large slice that goes to lawyers.
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bob2356 says
I would support a Beveridge model, not necessarily the VA. I lived for many years in a Beveridge system and it worked well. BUT, public health care is never going to happen in the US. There is far, far too much profit in the current model being made by people and institutions with powerful political influence aka major campaign contributors. The US truly has the most corrupt democracy in the world and it's all perfectly legal.

With $trillions at stake, the potential losers will fight tooth and nail to the bitter end. It's gonna be like moving a mountain.
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All credit goes to Obama. Ask any democrat.
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WarrenTheApe says
The whole reason why health care is expensive is because of the government. Period.

Because most politicians are in the pockets of special interests.
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Patrick says
If this is True and North Korea keeps their word, it's an epic win for The Donald.

They have never kept their word in the past, which is why we can never trust them and let our guards down. Trump's strategy is brilliant.....No carrots just sticks, until there is 100% denuclearization, followed by inspections at our will.
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FortWayne says
Without competition, it’ll fail.

Only private sector can produce anything good and sustainable.

Capitalism and competition are wonderful, but there are times when it fails and the government has to step in. In the case of our healthcare, capitalism and competition has failed to bring about affordable healthcare. Costs are insane compared to the rest of the developed world. It clearly needs fixing.
As a family we have great health insurance through a major corporation where my wife works just enough hours to qualify for the benefits. I am self employed. Our out of pocket expenses I believe are close to $10K per year. We still worry about healthcare because the system is so screwed up.
We even have health insurance for our precious German Shepherd. She was hospitalized for 36 hours last month and the total cost was $3,000 plus the follow ups. This is absolutely insane.
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WarrenTheApe says

Wow six tits. Somehow it feels like she is an alien from outer space. I still prefer the normal 2 tits that are beautiful, luscious, soft, delicious, bouncy, juggling, and a pleasure.
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Goran_K says
Another ballot measure poor people will vote for and end up fucking themselves in the ass because they vote Democrat and don’t understand how a basic market economy works.

The rental shortage would get worse over time.
Capital moves to the highest rates of return. If you restrict returns by restricting rents, there will be less investment in rentals. While some will benefit with lower rents, the rest will get screwed. Scumbag politicians know this perfectly, but all they care for is the votes.
As a landlord for houses and condos in OC, rent control won't affect me negatively as it applies to apartments. It will however affect me positively, because a further shortage of rentals would increase rents for houses and condos. Go ahead rent control supporters, fill my wallet. LOL.
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bob2356 says
A no brainer? Have you taken a serious look at how much FICA will have to be raised to cover medicare A and medicare tax and general income taxes to pay for part B & D? You might not be so enthusiastic.

We pay for health care now. This would just be another way of paying for it. Don't think there would be much difference.
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I would love to marry Miss Taticchi for one whole week. It would be one helluva honeymoon.
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WarrenTheApe says
Patrick says
If this is True and North Korea keeps their word, it's an epic win for The Donald.

True. Which is why one should expect to see eleven more Stormy Daniels stories dominating the media while this goes down. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome

All Trump has to do is boast about having slept with every whore in the country. That will shut them up.
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CBOEtrader says
The truth is that our care is far too expensive. However, we still have the best care in the world. We are always ranked #1 in accessibility of care. We are also still largely leading innovation worldwide.

The actual health care is excellent. Being #1 in accessibility is perplexing. How can we be #1 with millions not having any insurance?
Even the emergency room delays treatment just to make sure you have insurance. A few years ago I had kidney stones and landed in the emergency. I was in severe pain and yet they wanted all my information and signature before proceeding to treat me." Hello? I am dying. Treat me first you morons."
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"I'm the center of the universe, and the world revolves around me"

Hope that answers your question.
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You would still have to get past the NIMBY's and Zoning, which is the real cause of the housing shortage.
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Sadly, I can't call this fat bitch a whore. She is too ugly to be a whore.
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I love that gal. She cornered that guy.
You are not allowed to criticize Islam, and that's final. Is that understood?
Thank You
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HeadSet says
To exempt Islam from scrutiny is saying that the Islamists, unlike the westernized Christians and Jews, are just little brown people who don't know better and need some slack.

What they really need is a kick in the pants. Some common sense would help too.
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Malcolm says
Why has no one taken the position that she is guilty of blackmail? That is more of a crime than caving in and paying it.

When you blackmail with lawyers, it's not blackmail anymore. They call it justice.
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HeadSet says
I think you missed the joke, Strat. That pic looks like someone morphed Comey's face onto Stormy Daniels' body. Hence the "Comey Daniels" caption.
Great editing Ten Pound, if that is your work.

Ahh OK. I did not recognize Stormy with her clothes on.
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anotheraccount says
just_passing_through says
How much of a bonus are YOU paying people.

Well, I am not getting the huge corporate tax cut gift that Home Depot got. Instead I am paying for that crap.

The average taxpayer benefits from the Trump tax cuts. Everyone benefits from a better economy the tax cuts bring about.
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Logan Mohtashami says

This chart tells me Real Estate agents are eventually gonna start making a killing. Homeowners are forced to stay in their homes for now, but eventually will move.
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Logan Mohtashami says
Strategist says
but eventually will move.

Not so fast!

Now come years 2020-2024 you should get some more mobility that is when I am forecasting to see some cooling down on this data line.


If a new home buyer has a 2,500 sq ft home with 4 beds and has 2 kids, why would he or she ever move up unless they had more kids or job relocation.

Housing community completely missed this massive change in housing but come years 2020-2024 if we don't get more mobility it isn't because of lack of nested equity it is because people just don't want to move

They don't want to move, or they find it too difficult to move? Moving over 5 years or so is the American lifestyle. Lifestyles in a society don't change so drastically in 10 years. It's the inability to find a new home to move into due to a shortage of homes, and still tight credit conditions that prevent homeowners from moving. It will eventually change. There is a reason why Warren Buffett purchased Prudential realty and turned it into Berkshire Hathaway. He is expecting a massive jump in real estate transactions.
That chart you presented was very insightful. It opened up my eyes to something I did not realize. Thanks for posting it.
@Patrick its information like this in addition to all the fun that keeps me on Patnet.

Logan Mohtashami says
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drB6 says
Aaaaand the perpetrator is...

A fucking Muslim.
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WookieMan says

A fucking Muslim.

I wouldn't be surprised at all, but any link on that? Haven't seen anything saying that. The odds are definitely in your favor even if you're just guessing.

No guess. Based on past data there is a 99% probability its a fucking Muslim.
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Quigley says
Wonder what the cucked PM will say about his invited guests?

........Just because 99% of Muslims are terrorists does not mean 100% of Muslims are terrorists.
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CBOEtrader says
I'm waiting to see how this can be blamed on Trump

Trump should not have bombed Syrian chemical weapons factories. It's all Trump's fault.
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joshuatrio says
My neighbor swears by her bi-weekly "adjustments." I'll admit, I've considered trying it out just for fun - but I just don't see how cracking/popping bones in your spine is healthy.

I tried it because the insurance was paying for it. Waste of time.
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Goran_K says
Silly Con valley and SF must have the worst male to female ratio I've ever witnessed in the country. So the girls over there have a literal pick of the litter when it comes to guys since it's like 10 to 1 in some neighborhoods.

So I see a lot of women who MIGHT rate a "6-7" being treated, wined and dined like they are top tier 10's. It's sad.

I would imagine Silicon Valley would be the romping grounds of pretty gold diggers. Anyone working for a startup with stock options could suddenly find themselves filthy rich.
The billionaires SV creates is just phenomenal.
I wonder if there is an ETF that invests in venture capital. Might be an exciting investment.
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Strategist says

I wonder if there is an ETF that invests in venture capital. Might be an exciting investment.

Yup there are. Surprisingly they don't seem to be volatile.
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What surprises me is so many feel the system we have in place is so screwed up, and they know how to fix it. It's usually the losers who whine the most.
The fact is, even though there are negatives in our system, it is still the best on the planet. Nowhere on the planet do you see the kind of innovation that takes place in the USA. We are the melting pot with people from every nook a cranny on the planet. They do amazing things in SV simply because of the wonderful opportunity provided to them by the USA. They do not have the same opportunity in their countries of origin.
My message to the whiners.......the only purpose you serve is entertainment for the rest of us. LOL.
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Feux Follets says
Railroad workers are being offered signing bonuses of up to $25,000 to join BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Corp. as the freight railroads struggle to fill jobs

Is it good enough to get that able bodied 30 year old welfare recipient off the couch?
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How can anyone be productive at work while commuting 4 hours a day? It's cruel and unusual punishment.
I commuted 3 hours a day at one time, but it was temporary and I was 19 years old.
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I guess they ran out of Other people's money.
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Criminals deserve getting beaten up every now and then. Keeps them in shape.
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lostand confused says
They should move to a Muslim country declare themselves Muslims marry a harem and live like the King of their castle.

Should be easy pickings if they join ISIS. The men keep getting killed. You also get to inherit the sex slaves.
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Gosh, how come you never warned me six years ago?
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Patrick says

The only way to universally and permanently solve this shortage in the long run is to build more housing.

And the only way to make rents and mortgages more affordable. All other proposals are bandages that do nothing.
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The Iran nuclear deal essentially back to square 1. Iran has 2 choices:
1. Agree to a new deal.
2. Restart their nuclear program.
If Iran agrees to a new deal, it would be a humiliating defeat. If they restart their nuclear program, Trump will make them sorry as hell.
Either way, Iran permanently loses it's dream of becoming a nuclear power. The Arabs win, Israel wins, West wins, World wins.

Thank You Trump. What a guy.

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