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FuckCCP89 says
What's so special about ak-47? Just another rifle.

They are fully automatic, and if a Trump supporter is filmed with one, they would be shot on sight by the FEDs
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He would only make the expulsion of the Communist take over, mandatory. Some would call it a Revolt or a rebellion, but they are the seditious lawless invaders.
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FuckCCP89 says
99.9999% of them are not. I used to have one before losing it in a boating accident and it was a semi-auto. Got it for $350.

Full-auto ones go for $15K+. Plus you need an NFA license to purchase a machinegun and rest assured none of that CHAZ fucks would qualify. You need a squeaky-clean record to get it.

It's like AR-15 vs M-16/M4.

Are you saying there's no way in hell American commies got their hands on the Fast and Furious Eric Holder weapons?

Are you saying, the NGO's financed by Soros, and instigated by Obama, would not provide them with them?

How can you tell if they are semi automatic or fully automatic by looking at them?
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Yeah, what ever you say Pudding Pants, you tell Dem you tell dem, go on and tell them how smuggling guns to Mexico, creating Cartel armies where none ever existed before Trump, and try to sell it now as you were trying catch Earl and Kooter in Toadsuck Arkansas in a gun running sting.

You tell 'em good now!
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Shut UP! Or Rona will get Mad at you!
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It wants to move out of the Riot zones they create. Atlanta is a shit hole now, thanks to them.

They should get a drone building to hover of the City with loud bullhorns blasting out... "Burn the shit down! Fuck the police!"
safely above the fray.
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Only his inaction is.
If he's really up there alone, and Willam Barr is just keeping his terdless ass on the AG seat so the Commie takeover can happen.
Then Trump needs to give an up lifting Obama, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder speech like those before him, imploring his base to get in their faces, and tell them they aren't welcome where, use our AR15's if we have to take this country back. This is not a drill, how it looks in the news is how it is for real. Rise up and tell them they aren't welcome here, run them out of town if they wont take up Arms, we're all on our own.

But Barr and Durham might be legit and will finally start doing their jobs. That's why we're giving Trump a shot, for Liberal's sake, they better pray he succeeds.
It's just going to be better, if Hillary, Obama and the James Gang all goes to jail with countless others. Don't be a useful idiot, Trump has showed America too much. We're not going back to Commie town. That ship has sailed.

Keep the faith that Trump will pull it together folks. Or we're going all Maxine Waters on the Democrats.
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Of course he will, he's a registered Democrat.
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LOL She's Crying over there!

There's no crying in Race baiting!

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First she be all like...

"Guys Trump supporters are making me famous..."

Then she was like...

"Waaaa waaaa waaaaa My job I worked so hard to get just called me and fired me, because Trump supporters didn't like what I said. Waaa Waaa I'm the victim here!"

What a psycho bitch. I would bet anything, she was very problematic at work and is considered unstable. But firing someone is very hard these days. Something like this made it easy for them. We see time and time again these companies stand behind wackos that say sicker shit than what she said.
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She hates white people but there isn't one black person in any of her videos. What is it with these sickos?
Do they think they ARE Black and THEY are Oppressed? They must think real Black people don't exist, so they are out there represenin

This is a Harvard grad folks!
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Karen is the cunt that calls the cops on kids in the Condo pool.

Not the cunts playing in the pool.
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This is why you never wait for Cancer treatment. It's criminal they way they prolong it so it gets more serious and they can bill 100's thousands more to the insurance company.
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I think it was brilliant the way the FBI Catfished her back to the US. Remember she disappeared into Europe somewhere after her In and Out burger sighting.
It was only last week, it was reported that the DOJ announced no charges would be filed against her.
Now she comes to New Hampshire and Blamo! She's in the slammer.
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Becker, an American former rock guitarist who teaches human rights law at Harvard University, was startled by the ruthlessness of his fellow climbers.

He should stab them with his paper cut!
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Anybody get it yet? (Crickets)

Nope! Well I guess not!
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Ah ha! That was the SDNY Idiot that Barr pushed out, that gave her a pass.

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This is why Savers don't earn interest.

Every tax payer should sue every Bank that has gotten cheap interest from the FED, it's our fucking money they are loaning out.
  Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jul 2, 8:08am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Yesterday the Sheriff of Clay County, warned BLM and ANTIFA that if came to their County they will not be met with Peace, Love and Understanding while they loot, pilage and burn. He will not order their officers to stand down from enforcing the law, and said if he had to, he would deputize every gun owner in the county to help keep law and order.

Of course the idiots reading his Tweet thought it was just some random harsh threat by some back water yockal that was bitching for nothing. They were laughing saying... "Like who would go there and cause problems" and "Sounds like he's just trying to get notoriety, no protesters need to go there."

Of course these same idiots will board the Soros Bus going to the Jacksonville RNC convention, and will end up getting shot by Buba and Kooter the honorary Deputy for a day.


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It was Obama's plan to infiltrate Netflix and brainwash Liberals of all ages into acting like 3 year old hissey fit shits, that think they can get away with everything.
They are above the law because they are Socialist, and Trump and his supporters are wrong.

May he rot in hell after he gets his skull cracked in prison where the cameras don't work.
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This will kill the movement internationally. I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't a brilliant move to manipulate a bunch of coddled morons, by someone that wants to stop the movement. Shit like this will get them mowed down in most G20 countries. But I doubt it, Liberals are just mean and nasty on their own, they don't need help to be such slimy disgusting cock suckers.
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KgK one says
I bet she thinks like this: I didn't get my white man. White man are horrible for not choosing my asian ass. I am special so only white man for me :) . Men of other races are not worthy of me. :)

From what I can tell from all of her videos. Her Dad was Chinese and her Mom is French. Looks like another one of those Liberal loose women that traveled the world to find herself. She fucked some dude in China got knocked up and probably couldn't find him again, because Claira said he lives some where here, pointing at the whole country of China. She said she has abandonment issues. Then in a later video, she said she found her person, a dredlocked affirmative action Harvard student. It's the only black person in her timeline, she made a whole video worshiping him. In a later video still, she's bitching and moaning about her boy friend cheating on her. In another video she brags how she keeps white boys in the Friend zone. It seems everyone in her life is white except for the two guys in her life that actually broke her heart.

She's a pathetic sad person, she should probably go try to find her Dad and quit blaming white people for her problems. What a wretched conflicted mess.
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Never take prescription drugs.

Russia saved his ass.
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The Irish were considered lowlife scum in early America, because our Landlords were British, and the British considered them lowlife scum. They had been persecuted for Centuries before America was even discovered. They were oppressed so much, they had low self esteem and lived in squalor and went around dirty and ragged.
The only reason they were brought to America was to be indentured servants, basically White Slaves. After 100 yeas of doing that, the New England area had a large population of them. The American police wanted nothing to do with patrolling the Paddy zones, so they deputized a few. They did so well at it, and had such a knack for policing. They were eventually made to police areas outside of the Irish neighborhoods.
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Bowel Movements Matter is now a defunct Terror organization ran by a bunch of racist Marxist white people.

Get in their face and shout them down, tell them that kind of hate and racism will not be tolerated in your town.
Fucking piss toads!

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WookieMan says
This is pretty much it. Especially for emotional type issues. Anxiety, depression, etc. Not gonna say suck it up butter cup, but mentally you're clearly not right. Thinking a pill is gonna fix that is not very smart and will ultimately fuck you up worse..

Drink some teas, they have excellent state of mind qualities.

Cerces(bitter melon vine and leaves)
Sorsop leaves
Genmaicha(toasted brown rice grains, and green tea)
Fresh Green Tea

any of these teas can mellow me out with just one sip.
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Tenpoundbass says

There's no crying in Raceball!

There I fixed it for me.
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Her crying videos yesterday was just the seventh inning stretch, she's over there now doubling down. Got a few black people that was never in any of her videos before, speaking up for her. Saying it she was making an analogy. Funny when White people make analogies about black people we get fired and called racists.
Her Dredlock Affirmative Harvard boy, said, it's just White people getting back at her for canceling all of those crackers.
They are allowed to be as racist as they want, they expect no push back. Boy are they in for a rude awakening.

Remember Valerie Jarrett was referred to the Planet of the Apes character, even though she was a dead ringer for her? It ended Rosan Barr's career.
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Cancel them ALL!
  Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jul 2, 12:39pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Getting rid of the ones in the Government is easy, they are committing crimes violating their oath of office. We just need to win some elections.
  Tenpoundbass   ignore (14)   2020 Jul 2, 12:42pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Fuck her! You go to an airport in post 9-11 looking for shit, and see what you get.

There's millions just like her wearing a TSA badge that delights in making travelers lives miserable.
She's on the wrong side of the counter for that behavior.
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