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The Lives of Others is good if you can deal with subtitles.

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If you feel dicey check out an oil and gas royalty trust like PBT or NDRO. You get decent monthly income, percentage depletion (15%) deduction on your taxes, and if you hold onto it until the next oil boom you can make a decent return. Just watch out for low liquidity.

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What exactly would the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency add to this discussion anyhow? What resources does Coast Guard Intelligence contribute to Russian hacking investigations? They 17 number has always been a bit of a canard.

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"The Lives of Others" is in German, but a great story about the Stasi during the Cold War.
"Clue" is funny and the dialogue gets more clever each time you watch it.
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The zero basis is a result of depletion. It's not technically a zero basis but recapture of the depletion. The ID period expires on the 15th. The actual purchase can wait. As for listening to coders... there's wisdom in a multitude of counsel so why not seek out different opinions?
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