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I’m always fascinated to learn that people think that humans live longer now than we did throughout history. Why do people think that?

It’s the same human body, with the same potentiality to make it to 100, that it ever was.

If anything, devolution has led to people not knowing how to properly fuel their body, so nowadays people are much sicker and likely to die young from self inflicted harm
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Sniper says

Why aren't my comments showing up after posting, seems to be a long delay?

We’re trying to Make Patnet Great Again! So some people who have a history of personal attacks are having their posts moderated prior to approval.
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Tenpoundbass says
South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott told The Post and Courier that Graham, who was at the meeting, told him the reported comments are "basically accurate," and Graham told the paper Monday that his "memory hasn't evolved." you should at least do some research rather than just blindly believing everything that's fed to you. That's how low information voters are created. 4 life!!
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When I hear Shithole, I think of the mouth of the Trumpcucks.

Lay on their backs and swallow all the shit.

Open their pie hole and mostly shit comes flying out
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It just dawned on me that for many years on this very site, many posters pleaded for civility, and asked time and again for an end to the personal attacks and harassing. Over and over again, different ideas were tried to cease the nonstop character assassination perpetuated primarily by one user, but supported by all who enjoyed watching those who suffered at his hands, mainly because they knew he was on their team, and would never aim those sites on them, but rather continually disrupt those who they see as on the “other” side.

Oddly enough, the perp was left to continue his shtick unabated, and the victims became target of a return to civility campaign, as if they were the reason for the uncivil tone.

Is it any wonder that it was greeted with such backlash, and has been so poorly received, with even poorer results?

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Is it merely coincidence that after Trump took incivility to a new level, by leveling nonstop personal attacks against his opponents in the elections, that there was a 180 here wrt allowing personal attacks and character assassination, especially by those who contend that Trump is doing a good job?

Another thing I’ve pondered: if a group of people are subjected to a lengthy period of personal attacks, and they finally decide that they’ve had enough, is returning serve at their attackers actually more Personal Attacks, or simply Personal Defense?
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zzyzzx says
This whole thread is really violating the spirit of discuss anything but the other users.

I wonder why people are having these types of reactions?

It’s almost as if they were sold a lie that they were made to be subjected to years of attacks and harassment, all in the name of Free Speech.

It’s almost as if some people don’t understand Free Speech. That harassing and attacking others incessantly is the most effective means of denying others their rights to Free Speech.

Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here
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Patrick says
OK, if people want to help you track their previous anonymous identity, no problem with that.

@zzyzzx pubah pat already approved
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I didn’t see one on the list

Call it Crazy

There’s tons of his aliases that I missed, if crowdsourcing or user admission could help fill in all the blanks
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Hutch says
Sure does sound like Ann Coulter is turning on Trump

Rats bail quickly from a sinking ship
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BayAreaObserver says
I thought it was Jeff Sessions and the justice department ignoring the Opioid problem ravaging the nation while conducting his own personal vendetta against marijuana.

They do give nice lip service to the problems just like Mike Pence pretended not to notice the HIV explosion in the southern part of Indiana caused by the meth epidemic until he couldn't anymore.

Don’t talk about Trumps AG waging war against the citizens and the economy, unless you’re prepared for all the dislikes.

These people are terrorists with far greater success than ISIS when it comes to harming Americans, their freedoms, our nation and the economy.
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Goran_K says
I vote no. This is the type of policy that causes people to focus on attacking individuals and not their ideas.

If only people realized this over the past five years while one of their team members racked up over 50,000 posts, the majority of which were nothing but personal attacks.

It’s of the most peculiar coincidence that NOW it has become important
Now that the leader of the free world has set such an uncivil tone, rife with personal attacks
Now that all legit criticism is discarded as FakeNews
Now, all honest criticism must be censored!

Just a remarkable coincidence, the timing of these things.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Logan Mohtashami says
Not even sure why he is even talking about housing in the first place

Isn't that strange? The S&P is producing a return last I checked. A house is a liability.

My favorite kind of liability is the one that pays a monthly dividend so large that it covers the rent
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NuttBoxer says
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
HSA is an investment account first and foremost

The money is stipulated for healthcare expenses only, if that's an investment, it's a shitty one. I contribute exactly zero dollars to mine, just using it because it's the only free healthcare plan at my work, and my employer put's a grand in every year.

At years end you can settle your balance in your HSA and roll it into the stock market for bigtime gainz
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Quigley says
Everybody poops.

Yes but this is the first president since GW Bush that smears it on his face and runs through the hallways shouting with his hands out in front of himself.

Everybody is good at something
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Heraclitusstudent says
errc says
My favorite kind of liability is the one that pays a monthly dividend so large that it covers the rent

First owning a house doesn't cover the rent: you still have to pay for maintenance and taxes. That would be included in the rent.
It doesn't matter that you have to pay for shelter....
It still doesn't produce anything and costs money.
It's still a big widget sitting there doing nothing.
It can still be produced on demand in other places.
So why would its price stay more or less in line with an investment in massively productive assets?

I also have to pay for food, and toothpaste. By your logic why can't I buy and store a lifetime supply of THESE and have it increase in price just like financials assets?

Are we talking about house as in just the physical structure? Or a house as in a unit of Real Estate which includes a piece of land in a package deal?
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Quigley says
Coastal communities prices will remain unchanged or go up slightly.
The government won’t allow another drop in prices, and certainly won’t allow another bubble to burst. Don’t bet on the fundamentals when there’s enough owned money out there to skew any economic function.
That’s what I failed to see in 2010, when I should have bought a house. But I expected it to crater further as the recession deepened, and didn’t realize the above truth until a couple years later. By then I’d missed out on at least 20% housing price growth.

The Recession ended in 2009
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Goran_K says
errc says
Is there anything they don’t blame on the liberals?

In California, there really is no one else to blame seeing as the Democrats have held a majority in the state's government for the past 30+ years.

Oh i see, the problem is people don’t know what they’re talking about. Democrats are not necessarily liberals. Corporate Socialist Democrats are more Conservatives than they are Liberals.
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Lower legal blood alcohol levels for drivers are needed to eliminate drunk driving deaths in the United States, according to a new report.

All states should lower legal blood alcohol levels for drivers from 0.08 to 0.05 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reported.

The report also calls for significantly higher alcohol taxes and tighter restrictions on alcohol sales.

While progress has been made in recent decades, more than 10,000 drunk driving deaths still occur each year in the United States. Since 1982, drunk driving has caused one-third of all traffic deaths on average, the report authors said.
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HappyGilmore says
I'm guessing I'll still see memes claiming no evidence as Trump Jr. and Jared are indicted...

While Jared isn’t a Jr., he is his fathers son. The son of a Mr. Charles Kushner who served time in Federal Prison. If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d wager that TwoScoops was correct in the comments he made about Pollack after the Las Vegas shooting. That a bad seed criminal like Pollack could have been known, Like Father, Like Son. It’s safe to say we can apply the same logic here, and that Jared is just like Charles. And Jr. Is just like Trump. They’re all flagrant criminals that all but flaunt their disregard for the system of laws they can afford to skirt. Which is why it’s so bizarre that Anti-Clinton people support Trump while ringing the Crooked Hillary bell to death.

Sike! #FakeNews
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
The behavior of a car in the snow is basically the same as behavior of a car at very high speeds on dry warm tarmac (ignoring aero for simplicity). The same stuff which happens on dry pavement at, say, 120mph happens at 30-40mph in the snow. If you don't have proper tires for the conditions the limits shift even lower. So, basically, if you're good high-speed dry pavement driver you should have no problem driving on dirt or snow, because it's basically the same shit: driving near the limit of available traction. So I'm surprised that professional racecar driver has a problem with some snow on the road.

Have you ever driven in snow?

30-40 is not slowing it down a bit.

The same stuff which happens on dry pavement at, say, 120mph happens at 30-40mph in the snow. If you don't have proper tires for the conditions the limits shift even lower. So, basically, if you're good high-speed dry pavement driver you should have no problem driving on dirt or snow, because it's basically the same shit: driving near the limit of available traction

That’s not really how it works, not to mention, driving (and stopping) at differing gradients.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
We should start calling Democrats, "Underminers"

They hate the economic growth, they peddle rigged election claims that are potentially corrosive to American democracy, and gripe about invented conspiracies.

Why do you say Democrats hate economic growth?

Aren’t we still in the same channel, along the same trend lines, that we’ve experienced over the last eight years under a Democratic President?
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I do agree that the media is #FakeNews, and run by the Oligarchy. The same Oligarchy that is creaming their pants over the Tax Cuts.

It’s likely the reason you Never Ever hear any of the Mefia take Trump to task on his promise to fix healthcare. A Real News Mefia would use the Trumps Health Report headlines to speak on behalf of Americans about the Healthcare crisis. They’d be asking Trump every hour of every day WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FIXING HEALTHCARE? It’s more expensive than ever and For the majority of Americans their #1 fear is being bankrupted by the corrupt Healthcare Monopoly. Just because Trump is in bed with the Republican Swamp Monsters doesn’t mean that the Media has to sit by idly and give him Special Treatment by never asking him about it.
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anon_3b28c says
When are the awards? Are they still happening?

Yea i thought there was some big juicy truth to be revealed about the Media this evening. Did Trump fail to deliver?
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anon_b7985 says
Aaaah, the rocket started :( not all of my buy orders filled. We are Witnessing a mega rally now.....wish I could have picked up more but happy I got a steal on a few ones. Gotta be happy for what I got during this dip. Would not be surprised if we see new all time highs soon.

I wish I had more ETH

I’m curious to here the reasoning of all the people who keep saying that it is a bubble and how they’re so sure it’s going down. I just glanced at the charts, I’m not so certain that it’s a bubble or that it’s popped. Bitcoin is 50% off it’s peak deserves some context. How many ‘bitholders’ were created at the peak?

Ethereum is still up 50% from 5 weeks ago lol.
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lostand confused says
why not make the homeless and welfare work the fields-illegal problem solved too.

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RC2006 says
CNN is no better than the most fringe ultra right/left wing crackpot news that is only on the internet but the problem is it’s a mainstream news network. It’s one thing covering if Russia did this or that, but the constant coverage of all of the other things like his eating habits wtf. CNN is nothing but a 24/7 propaganda machine for the left. Do yourselves a favor and cancel your cable TV, at at the very least stop watching cable news networks you’ll be much happier in life.

It seems like The Right watches FAR MORE CNN than anyone else. They know everything that they say yet they’re always complaining about it

If you don’t like CNN then turn it off your tv, is it that hard?
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"Let me be clear, there are large parts of this that are a result of the tax reform, and there's large parts of this that we would have done in any situation," Cook said.

So this was all planned prior to the tax reform. Except for repatriation of all that cash to pay big, juicy executives bonuses
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errc says
The Right watches FAR MORE CNN than anyone else.

I'm pretty sure they are just repeating memes, and not actually watching.

Listening to these guys go on about CNN i assume they tape their eyes open and stare at CNN on the tube 24/7

#MAGA you are what you hate
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To be sure there is a bigger bipartisan bill, with two dozen co-sponsors, working through the House that would eliminate criminal penalties associated with marijuana possession and distribution, and remove it as a schedule 1 controlled substance, effectively ending federal prohibition.

How will they keep the price propped up so high? It’s cool and all that they can grow good bud for less than a dollar a gram and all, but they’re going to struggle eliminating the “black market” for grass because you can grow it outdoors for basically free
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anon_10ddb says
Cannabis users are more likely to feel deceived and alienated by others, study finds.

Cannabis users are more likely to experience negative emotions, particularly feeling alienated from others, new research reveals.

People who use marijuana are significantly more likely to feel that others wish them harm or are deceiving them, a US study found.

Brain scans also reveal the class-B drug increases signal connectivity in regions of the brain that have previously been linked to psychosis, the research adds, which is associated with severe depression.

Link between cannabis and mental health.

Dr Cameron Carter, editor of the journal Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, where the study was published, said: 'These brain imaging data provide a link between changes in brain systems involved in reward and psychopathology and chronic cannabis abuse, suggesting a mechanism by which heavy use of this popular drug may lead to depression and...

People who have lived their whole life during Prohibition, what else would you expect?

They have to constantly worrying if a unionized Government employee will gun them down 24/7

It’s not paranoia, it’s a healthy fear of getting fucked up by the Government.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Even if TRUMPLIGULA! were dead, he'd still be twice as healthy as anyone because MAGA!

MAGA! Blarga boo boo donnie moo moo!!

Hillary Clinton!!!
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Some people seem to be overly focused on Bitcoin

The technology is Blockchain

The usage here is in crypto-currencies

The most popular and well known one, currently with the largest market cap is Bitcoin.

Personally I think Ethereum has more potential
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For those pontificating or investing in crypto, may I pose a thought exercise? More than half of the inflows are from Japan, but we talk USD here at Patnet. So when deciding how to valuate cryptos, we do it in USD.

What if the USD was a crypto using blockchain?

How many USD are there in circulation?
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The USD is the USD, not sure I'm following the question.

How transparent is the USD?

How many are in circulation?

Where did all the USD come from?

At one point in time there were zero USD. Now there’s a lot of USD, but we don’t know how many. Most people have no clue where they come from or how they found their way into the hands of those that hold them at present.

The USD is the currency of a supposed “Capitalist” country. There’s that whole transparency and Complete Information problem though, nobody seems to know OR care.

However with cryptos, these questions may begin to be asked, and personally, that alone has some value.
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which makes me wonder. if something as useless as bitcoin (in theory it can be useful - but currently it's not useful yet) can grow the economy. what else grows the economy? basically everything that makes people spend and create jobs, even though the product is 100% useless or close to useless. i can create a silicon valley start-up tomorrow selling air (that's right - air that you breathe), promote it to popularity and it will have a positive impact on GDP.


That’s already the economy though. Gas stations, fast food, hair salon and mani/pedi, shopping malls for extra costume clothing, and horseshit financial institutions to bilk labor in between.
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What I'm mainly arguing is what happens to Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc? All those jobs.

They are already involved with crypto and hiring blockchain talent for the new jobs they’re creating
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FortWayne says
Media is in bullshit overload, they just try every little lie hoping something sticks in order to discredit Trump. It worked in CA for them I'd say, CA is a liberal media bubble. But the rest of the country thinks media is full of shit.

Why watch it so much then?

And if yous aren’t watching as much as it seems, how do you know so much about what they’re airing all the time?