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marcus says
Pretty much just a rambling Trump supporter spouting off their usual confused narrative. So typical, as if it's a binary choice. Why not agree with BLM, and then argue what it or what it shouldn't be.

Why is every liberal counter argument a rambling essay that devoles into ad hominem attacks against Trump supporters?

The fact is, if this professor were to be identified, he would be fired for this well reasoned piece. You are not on the side of the good guys Marcus.
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marcus says
The majority of the voting public don't agree with them, but you're correct that within the media, it's a little more than the fringe. It's a powerful minority.

It doesn’t take a huge group of people to overthrow a government. Maybe just 10% of the population if they are crazy enough and willing to kill.
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There’s other forces at play. You rarely see anti abortion posts on Facebook but can find anti cop posts everywhere now. Whatever it is, saying abortion is murder gets you shamed but saying cops are racists gets you praised. Somebody is pulling the strings.
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Patrick says
Black people also tend to get sicker from it for some reason

Control for obesity moron. Journalism is dead.
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The executive order definitely gets one thing right, and that is that the president cannot instruct the FCC to do this or anything else

Uhh he can fire your ass and get someone else to do your job.
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Why not buy some shorts if you’re so sure? All the info you mentioned is publicly available so has been priced in.

If you’re worried about the elites crashing the economy on purpose to stop Trump, the odds of that conspiracy theory being true has been priced in as well.
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theoakman says
They are all closet racists and need to get their BLM fix on to try to convince themselves they aren't.

Nah, it’s just cheap virtue signaling, like recycling or #believeallwomen. Easy to do, doesn’t make anything better, makes a lot of stuff worse.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
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prodigy says
china's lying

Don’t overthink it.
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Ceffer says
How do you get reparations from a racis' virus?

Sue McDonald’s for making their racist food that tastes more delicious to black people.
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He’s a D so nobody cares. Kinda like how when cops kill someone the blame jumps right over the D mayor and D governor and lands on the R president.
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Onvacation says
Now that the Chinese can finally deliver, masks are mandatory statewide.

Funny how that worked out.
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Shaman says
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You could be right. But the odds of you being right is already priced into the current asset prices. Studies have shown again and again that market timing lowers your returns.

But hey, it takes a lot of guts to post that you made a move like this. In 6 months you’ll either look like a genius or a moron.
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I think at a certain level Tim and all the other libs on this site are questioning themselves now. Almost 4 years of Trump and none of their predictions have come true. Yet now they get to watch their side stir up race wars and enact draconian lockdowns all to win an election for a rapist. The cognitive dissonance must give them migraines.
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This is the definition of alt right:

1. Pro life
2. Pro borders
3. Pro rule of law

Correct me if I’m wrong on any of this libs.
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KgK one says
Some sort of h1b will live. Us education doesn't produce enough smart people, they product athletes

Yeah the list of Indian inventors is endless. That’s why when you go there the streets are filled with amazing inventions Athletic Americans can only dream of created by the brilliantly educated Indian ppl.

Most Indians I work with can’t manage to QA my code, let alone actually come up with their own shit.
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WookieMan says
There was an employee there in that video, and their job is to serve and protect. Cashier gets stabbed then they're fucked.

Supreme Court has ruled cops do not have a duty to protect you. They might previously have felt an obligation, but at this point I sure wouldn’t. Buy a gun.
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WookieMan says
Just makes them feel better about their lying because they at least told someone. Makes the lie/con okay.

The confession wouldn’t be valid if you weren’t sorry for what you did. You can’t just screw people over then confess with the intention of doing it again and expect forgiveness.

For me the real value of confession isn’t the sin forgiveness anyways, it’s the reflection you do beforehand. How often do you take time to sit and think about how you’re behaving and how you could do better? Most people never. It’s a course correction so you can be happier.
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but debt must be serviced regardless of revenues and income.

Ever heard of bankruptcy? I don’t see why this downturn is going to be worse then any other we’ve had in the US. Probably less bad since it’s 100% optional and can be stopped at anytime by admitting this is a cold not much worse then any other and opening up.

Anyways, back to your dominos point. Yeah, people who invested heavily in airlines are screwed right now. Should have bought amazon. The winners will win, the losers will lose and capital will be redistributed efficiently to businesses that are working. Why is the beauty of capitalism so hard for liberals to understand? I think it’s because deep down inside liberals want a participation trophy and think no one should ever lose no matter how bad their choices.

Anyways, keep up the good work fear mongering. Hope we get another drop. I will be buying because last I checked people are still having babies and people are still inventing shit.
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Au Revoir - I must attend to more fear mongering with the local populace.

Go ahead and sell all your shares. Buy some gold or land or whatever you think is a good investment. I’ll continue buying stocks every month based on the fact that historically for the last 500 years stocks has had the best performance of any investment. Let’s compare in 5 years who has done better.
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PeopleUnited says
High school is over people


People act like it’s a big deal to be censored by Facebook or Twitter and we need some conservative alternative. Who cares? I remember before we had any of this shit, I don’t use any of this shit, the people I know that do are morons, and my kids think it’s all lame so it’s dead in 10 years anyways.
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Patrick says
in exactly the same way that black people "can't be racist".

Black people can be racist. If you vote for Trump you aren’t black and since all trump voters are racist therefore you must be. Nice how that works huh?
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Also, elliemae. Grow the fuck up. I see offensive shit against Catholics on this site and every other every day. The op was written by a slavering moron. I’d pick it apart but it isn’t worth it. The cancel culture that you illustrate is far more corrosive then anything the op moron posted. Having idiots being able to spew their opinion is far less concerning to me then not being able to have mine.
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Patrick says
in exactly the same way that black people "can't be racist".

Thought of another. Black cops are automatically racists since they’ve bought into the “system”. It’s actually easy to be racist if your black. Apparently all you have to do is not vote Democrat
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Tenpoundbass says
I had to wait until I was 40 before I ever owned my own home, and my kids were already older than 14. I worked hard and busted my ass, for this fuckwad to dismiss it as, my mom and dad gave it to me, or I flipped a house in the early 2000's.

Dave Ramsey is my guilty pleasure. He did a big study of millionaires. One of the findings was that most millionaires didn’t inherit their money, like 80%. Most millionaires just invest regularly in their 401k, don’t buy a bunch of crap they can’t afford on credit, and surprise they manage to save enough to retire.


So anybody that says that someone is poor because of their skin color is just ultimately wrong. Anyone can succeed if they choose to.
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I just listened to the first answer this guy gave about the wealth gap. I agreed with everything he said.

1. Wealth gap isn’t significantly caused by racism
2. Eliminating the wealth gap might not even be desirable
3. If eliminating the wealth gap is your goal, riots are counter productive

He’s basically black trump who talks better.
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Second question about the white fragility book. Agreed 100% with what he said. Haven’t read the book but yes, white people should get to have opinions about race just like everyone else and don’t have to shut up and apologize to black people for having them.
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Just for fun Marcus, what thing does he say that you think Trump would disagree with?
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Topic 3 asking about another crazy book I’m not going to bother to read (this guy does not have a Netflix subscription I bet)

The counter culture movement has become the mainstream culture but is still pretending to be not in power. This is dangerous since obviously they can exert massive power to silence voices they disagree with while still pretending to be fighting the power.

I believe Trump calls this fake news.
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Topic 4, what do you think about UCLA professor who was suspended for not delaying final exam for students who were grieving George Floyd.

So I think why this guy doesn’t immediately turn liberals off is he’s smart enough not to answer a gotcha question. Obviously the answer to this is that UCLA is run by morons.

Instead he just points out that while people might be legitimately grieving Floyd, they are mainly doing it because they have been manipulated by the media into thinking black people are being hunted by cops. Instead he points out cops are just killing everyone regardless of race and the media only chooses to only cover blacks being killed.

Trump calls this “all lives matter“.

I still mainly agree with him but I think a point we would disagree on is that police brutality is a significant problem in the US. I agree that cops sometimes do fucked up shit and I’ve seen the videos and they are terrible.

But even if you stopped all police killings of unarmed people you’d only save 1k people a year. There’s probably way easier ways to save the lives of 1k people a year then figuring out how to stop all unarmed police killings. Especially when most police killings can be stopped by

1. Not breaking the law
2. Not resisting arrest

I mean Cuomo gassed 6k old people in a month by sticking Covid patients in nursing homes and he might be president one day.
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Topic 5: Isn’t the perception the media is giving us that black people are being hunted a “Nobel lie” that will speed up police reforms and this justified?

Answer: no because inherently in America where you have more guns then people cops are just going to kill you sometimes if they think you are reaching for a gun. Sometimes that person will be black. If the perception is that black people are being hunted then every time a black person is killed you’ll have riots. Riots are bad.

Agree pretty much, although he asserts there are some police reforms you could do to reduce deaths but then doesn’t specify. I’m not sure how much you could do at this point that would have a significant impact .

I believe Trump also realizing that riots are bad for the African American community tried to discourage them with the phrase “when the looting starts the shooting starts “
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Tenpoundbass says
He's answering them on an Obama philosophical waning back and forth

Had the same thought. He’s like a conservative Obama.

I think he’s just young and doesn’t want to lose all his friends by pointing out how stupid liberals are.

So instead of saying “your protests for Floyd are stupid and counterproductive “ instead he’s like: “yeah, great point , police suck man. But hey there’s not much you can do and actually it might be cool if we didn’t have a riot over it man. What do you think?”

Trump’s method of just confronting the lunacy and calling it out is clearly more effective. You can tell from the media bans. The media doesn’t bother banning you if you’re ineffective. This guy is not going to be banned.
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Topic 6: What do you think about over policing?

Answer: It’s bad because you lose trust. Anti stop and frisk.

I think this is where I’m going to start disagreeing. He says a bunch of stuff like “people are getting busted for weed but murders are going unsolved”

Where’s his data? New York isnt prosecuting people for weed possession. Stop and frisk is manly about taking away guns from gang bangers. And it did reduce murder rates. If BLM then what’s your proven alternative that will do as well without losing the trust of the community? Oh right, there is none, I guess BL don’t M.

Well I’m out of beer, couldn’t make it through the whole thing. I’m surprised you agreed with him Marcus. He’s fairly conservative, just a wimpy one though.
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CBOEtrader says
Theres a real case to be made for the gentle approach

Ordinarily yes, but at this point, even wimpy conservatives like this guy would be called racist by some on the left.

If someone calls you a racist to your face your response can’t be: “well you made some great points and sure sometimes I can be a bit racist but here’s why you’re wrong”

You can’t concede that. Once you do everything you say can be ignored. That’s why they do it. They’ve even redefined the language 1984 style so you can’t even hold a conservative position without being inherently racist and thus wrong.

So yeah, he’s a well read guy but he’s thinking he’s in a high school debate club while the left is playing for keeps
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At this point the left isn’t really arguing for free or cheap birth control because it already is. They are asking to make it available to children so they can drive a wedge between parents and children to better indoctrinate them.
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WookieMan says
Was slavery actually as awful as it's portrayed today through Hollywood movies, and writers trying to sensationalize it to sell books?

Slavery was awful, but on a scale of 1 to 10 of human atrocities it’s like a 5. Slaves were very expensive, think like a car by todays standards. You don’t go drive your car into a tree for fun, similarly you didn’t beat the crap out of your slaves for giggles or starve them. But if you could beat the crap out of one and get more net work out of the rest then it’s a simple decision.
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WookieMan says
Fauci must be a made man or something. I don't get how he's still around.

He’ll be fired by December.
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Wanna start a patnet Deadpool?
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She just made a million bucks from the city of Miami. You can’t sucker punch a woman.
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Ceffer says
600 rounds is still a peaceful protest.

600+ is still mostly peaceful
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NoCoupForYou says
If she spit on him first, in most places , that's assault.

Didn’t see the spit. Officer claimed on the video she head butted him which clearly didn’t happen.

Even if she did spit, sucker punch to the face for sure isn’t an approved method
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