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What’s Samsung’s and Kia’s profits last year? They can easily pay if they want to avoid being absorbed into China. I personally don’t give a shit either way.
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marcus says

Jezus... you are the worst
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HeadSet says
Investigating Trump is offense against investigating the Biden's and an other politicians who got themselves and family members rich only after being elected.

Yeah, but this is too cynical for me. Sure Biden is clearly corrupt and screwed at this point, but most dems aren’t on the dole from Ukraine, why go to bat for him?

I think your final point is most correct. AG is about to drop something huge and dems are scrambling.
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From the great Ann Coulter:

“ It’s getting to the point that the only purpose of the establishment media is to alert us that there’s a story about something. You see a headline “Carnage in Las Vegas” or “How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue,” and think to yourself, Oh, I’ll have to look that up from a fairer source. ”

Nail on the head.
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BobD says
he said that to get someone that many people thought wasn't doing a good job on fighting corruption.

Not to pile on because it seems like you’re a non troll who at least is trying to answer direct questions but how dumb can you be?

It doesn’t matter if that prosecutor was the most corrupt person on the planet. You can’t withhold 1bn in aid to get him fired while he’s investigating the company your son is making 3 million a year for a no show job on the board of directors.

The fact that Democrats are trying to impeach the president for trying to look into that while trying to elect the guy that did it is the definition of hypocrisy.

Common, you seem like a reasonable person. Just admit that if Trump had did anything similar to that the dems would be screaming.
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I have family members like this so I have sympathy. The ironic thing is that the dems have made everything so complicated in an effort to help the poor that they can no longer comply with all the stupid regulations that have been put in place.

Jeez, your uncle died and left you his car. Just go to probate, find the will he wrote on a napkin giving you his car, pay the lawyer fees, court fees, transfer tax, insurance, registration, get it smogged, bla bla bla. It’s only 5 grand moron!
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I think impeachment rests on how much pull Biden has with the Democrats. If the party insiders want Biden for president no way will there be impeachment. The senate trial will be much worse for him then Trump.

If Bidens out, then they’ll impeach to fire up the base.
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I like how the pyramid of happiness graphic at the end put abortion the base and family at the top. Because the reason people are unhappy isn't because they need to spend more time focusing on their family. It's because you should have aborted those brats in the first place!
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Could you imagine the meltdown the left would have if Trump did this then used the words “full service “?
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Somebody hit a nerve.
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Please Marcus or Fuck, tell me what you’d do different from Trump? Not confront China? Raise taxes to cover deficits? Have more third worlders come in to undercut wages? We are on pins and needles..
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marcus says
Certainly he didn't screw it up.

Having a recovery after a recession isn’t surprising. You’d have to try real hard to not have a recovery. Only two options after a recession is recovery or cannibal anarchy.

What is surprising is that the bull market has continued for a record period at this point. Unemployment is at historic lows, and everything is significantly better then what any economist was predicting. Hmmm what could be the cause of that? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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If you’re waiting for the cops to come save you in an emergency you’re fucked. It’s your duty to protect yourself. Only by decisive and ruthless action can you give yourself a chance of survival in a situation like this UPS driver found himself in.
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Eh, they’ll never answer because unlike the specific criticism conservatives had of Obama, Trump has got it mostly right.

Trump could have done a better job on immigration, but he’s doing more then anyone else would and being fought continuously on everything he tries so I can’t blame him too much.
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Why does the left always make these dumb biased websites claiming to be unbiased. Everything is biased, it’s impossible not to be. Claiming to be unbiased just proves you are a liar.
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Case in point, none of their statistics can be broken down by race. Biased.
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We need to eat the babies!
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Pathetic story. Doesn’t break down savings rate by income, just points out that not many people are using 401k plans. There’s plenty of doctors out there with 0 savings and plenty of working families making 60k a year with a few hundred thousand.

It’s not showing wealth inequality, it’s showing intelligence inequality.

And to take a step back. It’s not your fucking money. The only reason why my 401k has more then yours is because I choose to drive older cars, live in smaller houses and save the difference. You aren’t “struggling”. You refused to live within you means your whole life then you hit 65 and “401k doesn’t work. It’s unfair, he has more then me”. At a certain point people need to be held accountable for their dumb decisions. Sorry.
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Heraclitusstudent says
"Dumb people deserve to be miserable. "

Your daily dose of republican cynicism.

What’s the alternative? Encourage idiots to take zero responsibility for themselves while punishing people who do? Please offer a better alternative.
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Cheapskate life may be fun but you don’t need to be extreme to save money. Just a few good decisions is all you need to do

1. Going to college is great, but treat it like an investment and not a party. Graduate without debt or minimal debt relative to what you will be making and you are in a lot better position then most.
2. Drive a car you can afford. Buy one that costs less then 25% of your income, then drive it 10 years.
3. Buy a house you can afford. Mortgage should be no more then 25% of income. Can’t do that? Rent.
4. Be careful who you marry. Don’t get divorced. Don’t have kids with people you aren’t married to.

All 4 of these things are 100% under your control, if you follow them you’ll be rich. Unfortunately doing this requires wisdom which most people lack. But this is not hard to do.
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I don’t understand gold. It’s more volatile then equities but it underperforms.

The problem today is bonds suck and there’s no good alternative. I don’t think gold is a good alternative. Dividend stocks are too expensive and they are too correlated to equities. Maybe you got to look into some of these new types of investment like crowd funded real estate or fractional art. But these don’t have track records and your money is locked up.

I still have about 15% bonds but I’m seriously thinking going to 100% equities with a large cash reserve (3 years living expenses). When the next recession happens invest the cash reserves (1/3 per year) until the market recovery then re-build the reserves.
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Or to put another way, spend your money on assets instead of consumption.

We can argue about if gold is a good investment or if equities are about to crash, but at the end of the day, assets always have intrinsic value so you’re going to be okay as long as you don’t freak out and sell during a low point.
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From the article:

"The Americans spent the last seven decades paying the world to be on their side. Those days are over. The only countries that will be able to enjoy U.S. market access and strategic cover are those who either pay the U.S. a lot of money, or bring something exceedingly shiny to trade. Supercarriers, being the gold standard of strategic assets, count. Islands off major continents, being the gold standard of strategic positions, count.

Simply put, the United Kingdom has an in so long as it cow-tows appropriately. Japan is in a strikingly similar position for similar reasons. Mexico gets an invitation because it is an entangled neighbor with a dynamic economy. Canada (barely) squeaks over the threshold largely out of habit. South Korea (so far) is paying its way.

And that’s…everyone."

God I hope he's right.
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Wow, guess I won’t be taking my kids to see this one. Way to go Disney! Piss off the huge family movie market to please the tiny lgbtq audience. Sell your shares now.
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Rin says
ignoreme says
Way to go Disney!

Kathleen Kennedy, not Disney Inc, as a whole.

Own a lot of Disney shares Rin? Read the other thread, got your point about Disney letting Lucas self manage, but eventually the parent company needs to take responsibility for the 4 BILLION they have flushed down the toilet by letting this crap go on for the last few movies.

Star Wars isn’t some small art house flick. It’s a billion dollar franchise that needs to appeal not only to US audiences but to foreign audiences in China, India, etc in order to make money. Homo kisses don’t fly over there.
They don’t fly over here in the Star Wars demo.

I was excited when Disney bought Star Wars. It’s a rich universe and I always thought Lucas sat on all the cool possibilities. It needed to be exploited by a mega Corp to take advantage it. Rogue One was great.

Unfortunately the Disney Star Wars takeover also intersected with the SJW woke trend and it is ruining the series. 20 years from now people are going to roll their eyes at this crap and it’s going to make the movie seem dated. Just like when you watch an 80s movie and the bad guy is a Russian.
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I think we are giving way to much credit to the Democrats here. This isn’t some grand scheme to win back the presidency.

The only thing this vote did was protect Pelosi and other Democrats in liberal districts from being primaried. They’ve been using TDS to whip up their base for the last 4 years and now they get to reap what they sowed. After 2018, impeachment was inevitable or Nancy and Chuck would have been out.

Now this will go to the Senate the following will happen:

1. Trump will be acquitted.
2. There will be either no trial or a very short trial.
3. Democrats will lose the house in 2020
4. Trump will remain president.

There is literally no good news for Democrats in this vote other then Nancy gets to stay Democrat minority leader and gets to keep getting paid by whoever is paying her.
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WookieMan says
Warren and Sanders are fucked now too and any other Senator running. I hope to god this wasn't to push Biden through to get the nomination as well.

I’m fairly sure there won’t be a long trial in the Senate. It fucks the Democrat top tier candidates too much. Also it fucks Biden cause then we get to see Hunter plead the 5th.

If Democrats are doing anything clever it’s that they sent such crappy articles that Roberts will throw them out on day 1 and that’s probably intentional.
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WookieMan says
I think Trump wants a long Senate process. I know most Republicans don't and probably for their own reasons.

I agree but he won’t get it. Republican and Democrat swamp don’t want a trial. The only way there is a trial is if they figure out some way via senate rules to not let Trump call witnesses. I don’t see why Republicans would agree to that even if they are swamp.

No, Nancy delivered on impeachment. Mission accomplished. Live to fight another day. Shaman miscalculated that Democrat leadership wouldn’t be willing to throw their party under the bus to keep personal power. He doesn’t understand these are sociopaths.
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Amazing race films developed countries all the time. Somehow when they film in India it looks like a shithole. Not sure why..
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indc says
really how much of USA looks like LA or NY.

A lot of it actually. You can visit Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Boston, Washington... I could go on. Even the dirtiest worst city on this list is orders of magnitude cleaner and wealthier then any city in India.
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Shaman says
It’s as if they were on a certain path to destruction with hundreds of blinking arrows and signs warning of the cliff ahead but the train conductor said everything is going perfectly and we have plenty of fuel so full steam ahead!

Oh, Nancy saw this coming a long way off and didn’t want to do it. Her base forced her hand. She had to impeach or she would have been primaried. At that point a non-sociopath would have given the vulnerable dems cover to vote present and the vote would have failed like you predicted.

As a sociopath though she doesn’t care about the good of the Democrat party. What’s best politically for her and other “safe” Democrats is to get the impeachment done, even though they risk losing control of the House now, at least they won’t be primaried.
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WookieMan says
If you're enjoying it, I don't get it. No one should enjoy what's going on.

We are at peak TDS right now. Leftists living in their bubbles can’t even understand the rest of the country. They are happy about the impeachment because they think it hurt Trump somehow...

It’s not rational but I guess if you live in SF it makes sense.
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I always wondered about the enforcement of it. I was helping my brother in law with his taxes and he didn’t have coverage. TurboTax just asks you why you didn’t have coverage and you just check “It wasn’t affordable” and that’s it. Fine goes away no supporting documentation required. Not sure what would happen in an audit but don’t think the IRS goes around auditing people that make 20k a year. Seems like everyone would just do this if they don’t want coverage and don’t want to pay the fine.
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Yah! Remember that part in the constitution where it said the senate must wait for the house to appoint impeachment managers!
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Under your logic, if a cop gives you a speeding ticket, and then if you go to court to contest that ticket and the cop doesn’t show up, you must wait there FOREVER and the judge can never throw the case out.

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Goran_K says
He's got at least 6-7 fat middle aged white women (the primary demographic of the Democrat party) in attendance!!!

If you take out post menopausal woman depressed about their abortions and divorces, I don’t actually know who votes Democrat anymore.
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Someone please wake me up when there’s going to be an actual Trump impeachment trial. If the “genius” plan of the Democrats is to just vote articles of impeachment then never prosecute I’m done caring about this.
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Tim Aurora says
Nope. Hillary voters have 64% of the economy. Now someone on the right quote some other sip such as "meek shall inherit the earth"

Uh yeah. That’s what we’ve been saying. The dem party is a few elite billionaires throwing bread circuses for morons while they sell us to China. Now you’re all caught up.
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socal2 says
Turns out the Democrat coalition of single mothers, minorities, gays, trannies, illegals, unions, beta-males, very tenuous and it turning on itself.

I almost feel bad for the Democrats. They have an impossible to please constituency that pockets whatever the most extreme candidate promises them, demands that it become the new standard, then demands more.

4 years ago it was don’t deport dreamers. Now it has morphed to don’t deport anyone even felons. Some wako candidate will agree to in and within the next few years it will be the new Democrat standard and @Marcus will be telling us how it’s racist to deport felons.
  ignoreme   ignore (0)   2020 Jan 9, 9:06am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

richwicks says
Seriously. I can show you, mathematically, that a diverse group of engineers will almost always make the best team.

Please do.
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