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HeadSet says
I did not buy because every bike in the store was made in China.

Most bikes including Trek are actually made by Giant in Taiwan and then sold under different companies.

I just spent 2 grand on 3 bikes this year and was hugely disappointed there was no USA options. I think at this point a lot of people are done with cheap China shit. For a $500+ bike there’s still plenty of profit margins if you make in USA, these companies are missing opportunities.
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EBGuy says
Previously, there would be NO judicial discretion and the offender would automatically be put on the list.

We don’t need judicial discretion for a 24 and 14 year old. Thanks!
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Question is was he banned because of the ar-15 or because he is calling out China.
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The point is. CA has now (mostly) decriminalized both hetero and homo pedophilia. I stand by my original position.
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Automan Empire says
At 14, I was ready and eager for sex, and able to discern relationships I wanted with no desire for the partner's life to be ruined, and those that were malevolent and would need legal intervention if they came up.

How many kids do you have?
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Fortwaynemobile says
Democrats will welcome them with open arms in exchange for the votes

After watching the Veritas videos I realize it is now that the Ds just want a massive population of poor, uneducated voters so they can buy the vote and just do what China wants.
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Automan Empire says
I see the government and legal system as a backstop, not a substitute parent or nanny, for the sexual misadventures of minors.

100% agree, but I’d still appreciate the backstop.

I disagree with you about 14 year olds being ready for sex. Sex isn’t about understanding your partners feelings, it’s about being ready to raise a child.

Definitely I am not okay with having my daughters having sex under my roof, don’t care how eager your were at 14.
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Fortwaynemobile says
fucking easy to steal elections if you got money.

Money and no morals.
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I agree with @SenatorTimScott statement about President Trump needing to make it clear Proud Boys is a racist organization antithetical to American ideals. https://t.co/GsAS8Uz1dx

(1/2)— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) September 30, 2020

Why can’t we get good candidates?
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FuckCCP89 says
will require U.S. companies to significantly bolster wages for any H-1B visa holder, the Daily Mail reported.

Does anyone have any details on the wage increase? I don’t see that mentioned in the CBS story.
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Patrick says
Those visa should be given only when wages are a minimum of double the US wages for the same job.

I say they should pay the H1B worker the prevailing wage and then a yearly fee equal to the wage paid to provide scholarships to US citizens studying in the same field as the worker.

Also wages of all H1B holders should be public so US workers can sue when they notice Kumar is making half what he should.
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Isn’t she a white supremacist?
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I think this debate might actually make a difference for some people. Trump is far superior to Biden on policy but his personality turns people off. Pence does a great job explaining Trumpism to mild soccer moms who don’t like yelling.
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Oh my fucking god briana Taylor. Pence is about to own Kamala in 3,2,1
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I hate this fucking moderator. We’re running out of time? WTF, just let them talk.
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WookieMan says
If you cannot refuse to bake a cake for gay people (which was stupid in my opinion) I'm not sure how this would be much different. You simply cannot sell a product based on skin color and change the price for that person.

We’re in animal farm. Some people are just more equal.

I doubt anyone will bother suing, the shop probably doesn’t have enough money to be worth it. But if they do, it will just go to some liberal judge who will dismiss.
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BoomAndBustCycle says
I still for the life of me don’t understand the concern Republicans have with overturning Roe V Wade

Because the courts can’t make up laws. Either we have 3 branches of government or we don’t.

The same judicial crap that gave us Rowe v Wade also gave us citizens United. You can’t be against one without being against the other.
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And BTW, citizens United is supported by the constitution a lot better then Rowe v Wade.

Also, we should just get rid of all references to marriage in our laws. Make tax incentives, divorce, inheritance be based 100% on children.

We used to just use being married as a short hand for this, because if you got married you had children. But nowadays with many couples skipping this, I don’t see why they deserve any special protection. Extending these protections to gay couples who are even less likely to have children makes no sense.
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stfu says
I think this is defensible. Patriot dude bitch slapped him and then was in the process of macing him too.

The shooter had a legal duty to retreat, which he did not do. Based on what I saw on the video, it looked like a homicide.

Shooter will probably argue that he thought the guy he shot pulled out a gun. Tough to prove otherwise.

Anyways, probably shouldn’t be going around to protests slapping people and then pulling stuff out of your pockets. Play stupid games...

I’m guessing that he’ll plead manslaughter and the tv station that hired him, seeing as he is unlicensed, will pay a big fat settlement.
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WTF does ACBs position on climate change matter. She is up for the Supreme Court. Her entire job is to decide if laws passed by Congress are unconstitutional.

I think liberals make a big deal about Supreme Court picks because they want them to act as unelected dictators. Conservatives just want people who stand back, respect congress, and protect our rights.
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Patrick says
Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?” she asked.

It’s a better question then asking her about her stance on global warming. Raping someone would actually be disqualifying whereas her opinion on global warming has nothing to do with her job.
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I watched that. Thought it was pretty good. The fake news problem they brought up may have been overstated, but the parts about the addictive nature of social media were good. I found it interesting that the Facebook exec wouldn’t let his kids use it.
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FuckCCP89 says
No point in staging these rallies in demonrat shitholes like SF unless 10K or more people are going to show up prepared to kick in some Commie teath.

I disagree.

1. They are protesting a real free speech issue at the location of the perpetrator.
2. They are demonstrating the violence of the left. Given the recent murders, they are incredibly brave.

10k conservatives takes no guts. 10 conservatives in the BA standing up for what’s right is impressive.
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Tenpoundbass says
Will Trump be able to postpone the election due to a Candidate under criminal indictment?

Uh, no. Ds will just say this a politically motivated hit piece and if Biden wins this will be swept under the rug.

And I don’t let Rudy and Trump off the hook here. They’ve had this evidence for a year and they’ve held it for political reasons. Who knows how many kids the Biden’s have raped in the meantime.
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Also, a lot of pedophiles were molested as children. Is Hunter’s drug use and sexual attraction caused by his own molestation?
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Tenpoundbass says
Trump will make his case for doing it the way he did.
He'll let you know, when Tom Fitton is perp walking corrupt Obama judges to prison.

The simplest explanation for the reason why Trump did it this way is that had he released it at the beginning of the year Joe Biden wouldn’t be running and he’d be facing a tougher election.

If there’s a single conviction in this case I’ll be shocked.
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BoomAndBustCycle says
Guiliani is the pervert! Caught with his pants down and hands in his pants! These politicians really need to get their house in order before they call out the other side.

Why the fuck are you trying to justify pedophilia? Rudy did nothing wrong and even if he did, it still doesn’t make what Hunter did okay. And it doesn’t make Joe covering for him okay.
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I love how all the negative stories about Trump involve unnamed sources and with this story all the sources are named and coming forward and saying “yeah, I was there, this happened, call me a liar”
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It’s not left vs right anymore. It’s fantasy vs reality.

Reality will win in the end, but it may take a while.
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Hope this guy loses his job. I make a lot of money but I could make more at google. Won’t work for any of these shitty companies. Pure evil. People need to stand up.
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But wait, has Trump disavowed white supremacy?
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Someone should control for obesity in the Covid death count. USA might be the safest country in the world to get covid if you take out all the fat welfare D votes.
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At least the shirt is made in the USA. Probably will last you longer then China crap.
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BoomAndBustCycle says
they almost always drop big news before the weekend. Must all be bullshit.

They drop big news that they don’t want people to hear on Friday. People don’t pay attention on the weekend and the story is old by Monday.
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NuttBoxer says
I stopped caring about being cool long ago man.

Says the guy who posted a George Carlin quote explaining why he isn’t voting.

Every vote matters. In Illian Omar’s district there are more registered republicans then people who voted in 2018. If people would just stop posting George Carlin quotes, get off their ass and vote she’d be gone.

And I’m not just talking about National elections. Trump isn’t going to impact your life nearly as much as your mayor, sheriff, state rep, etc. Who are you voting for there? Those elections are decided by a few hundred votes.
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WookieMan says
I've posted this in other threads, but I think IL might be in play for real as I keep examining this.

I hope you are right but on the other hand my pessimism is telling me that while the anti-Trump white woman vote has hardened the pro-Trump white working class vote that got him elected has cooled since Trump seems to have abandoned his America first platform in going after the black and Hispanic vote which I think isn’t ultimately going to show up for him at the polls.

This election is too close for comfort for me.
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NuttBoxer says
Maybe you should consider moving to a smaller town where you have more say in your kids futures. That's what I did, and we forced the school to re-open every week, instead of every other like they tried to tell us at first.

Great point. Don’t vote. Instead, every time a dumb decision is made, organize your community to come together and fire the people that are making the dumb decisions and appoint someone who isn’t a moron.

And then maybe since we’re all busy, instead of checking daily to see what they are doing, we just review what they accomplished every year or two, see if anyone else has any better ideas, and decide if we want to switch the people.

And then finally, to make sure everyone’s opinion is taken into account, we can have places where anyone can go that lives in your town on a certain day. And when they go there they can write down on a piece of paper who they think will do a better job making decisions going forward and put it in a box. Then we will count up all the pieces of paper and the person whose name was written most gets the job!

I think you just solved it bro!
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richwicks says
Trump isn't can't force prosecution. That's the judiciary's job, and they will not ever do their fucking job.

I think it was pretty smart when he deputized the state troopers in Portland so that arrest they made got prosecuted by federal prosecutors instead of the corrupt Soros DA over there.
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richwicks says
This after George H. Bush's son was elected to the presidency?

I’m no Bush fan but the choice was Bush vs Gore or Bush vs Kerry. Wasn’t a great choice either way.

Trump is the first president I’ve actually been excited to vote for.
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Shaman says
I’m back in. Trump is gonna win and it’s gonna bump stocks up as people know the devastating lockdowns are done for good. Good day for investing!

And it’s just as likely that he’ll lose or something else and it will go down tomorrow and you’re getting back in at exactly the wrong time.

I took a lot of crap in this thread previously for saying just to let it ride in index funds. Hope this real life example illustrates why that is correct advice.
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