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The whole brothel of triggered cunts are making their personal comments on this thread.

Better hygiene would enable their poor brains to connect to their big mouths.

Such experts in people and things they know nothing about, yet hate, they must want to be on Fox Fairytales or not-too-brightbart.
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The_Weeping_Ayatollah says
jazz_music says

Literally Hitler!
No no no. Hitler was a methedrine user, Trump uses Aderall, snorts cocaine and the UK version of Sudafed with ephedrine in it. Trump hides boxes of that stuff in his desk and is shown inadvertantly in photos of Trump's office. Trump also uses Tenuate Dospan which has longterm use side effects of anxiety, paranoia, insomnia and delusions of grandeur. psychosis–delusions of grandeur‚ say‚ like the belief that by simply putting your name on real estate properties‚ you will double their value.”

Also, Trump recommends these controversial diet drugs to friends‚ and family.

Anyways, Hitler is one of the only things Trump ever actually read, but Trump's rise and his actions are disturbingly closer to Mussolini. Trump even uses exact replicas of Mussolini's facial expressions.

The Mussolini thing works better for Trump because gullible American followers recall and understand far less about Mussolini than they do Hitler.

Like Mussolini, Trump demands loyalty to his person, rather than to the nation.
Like Mussolini, Trump threatens and humiliates anyone who opposes him.
Like Mussolini, Trump attempts to discredit and cow the legitimate press.
Like Mussolini, Trump becomes enraged when criticized.
Like Mussolini, Trump exhibits "thin-skinned ignorance combined with arrogant contempt."
Like Mussolini, Trump is a "man of the banner headline" who is quickly bored by details, discussions and strategy.
Like Mussolini, Trump takes all the credit when things go right, but none of the blame when things go wrong.
Like Mussolini, Trump is what Umberto Eco called "a beehive of contradictions."
Like Mussolini, Trump lacks any philosophy: he has only rhetoric.
Like Mussolini, Trump gives the impression of talking directly to the people, while presuming to speak for them.
Like Mussolini, Trump pretends to be an expert on every subject while in reality being incredibly incompetent and uninformed.
Like Mussolini, Trump is closer to a Mafia don or gang lord than a democratic leader.
Like Mussolini, Trump has had multiple wives, several mistressses and scores of adulterous affairs.
Like Mussolini, Trump is working to strengthen laws against abortions, forcing girls and women to bear children they don't want or can't afford.

Here's an eerie coincidence: Mussolini appointed his son-in-law as foreign minister; Trump has appointed his son-in-law as his primary foreign minister in the Middle East, the source of 9-11 and two bloody, trillion-dollar wars.

Other Parallels

They both were "problem children" and bullies who were sent to boarding schools as young men.
They both were megalomaniacs, obsessed with themselves.
They both had books published.
They both denounced military interventions, only to later advocate and order military interventions.
They both had children before they were married.
They both had affairs while married.
They both organized disparate right-wing groups into a cohesive political force.
They both blamed their nations' economic problems on other nations that acted unfairly.
They both advocated an aggressive foreign policy to arrest a purported national decline.
They both painted a picture of a society in crisis that needed a strong leader to save it (i.e., them).
They both stoked racial animosities and grievances of the majority against minorities.
They both favored the "stick" over the "carrot" in dealing with unwanted "inferior" people.
They both favored deportation of "inferior" people.
They both saw darker-skinned people as "inferior" to white people.
They both enlisted working-class voters against the left.
They both mocked people they perceived as weak.
They both glorified strength, power and "winning at all costs."
They both claimed that only they could restore order and "save" their nations.
They both became cults of one.
They both denounced legitimate presses while employing propaganda lavishly themselves.
They both demanded public displays of loyalty (in Trump's case, everyone saluting the flag during the national anthem).
They both called for large sums of money to be spent on public works.
They both supported their nation's dominant religion and were supported in return by religious leaders and their flocks.
They both used the term "love" while sowing discord, hatred and intolerance.
They both were wildly inconsistent; they said whatever suited "the mood of the moment."
They both had no time or use for scruples.
They both were patently unfit to hold any office, yet held the highest office nonetheless.
Trumpism is eerily similar to fascism.

So for now we are fucked. After we ditch Trump, and as a direct result, we may be in better shape than ever to kill the cancer the Republican party has been on our country. But we still have to force the Democrats to start standing what the things they have been advertising all along instead of merely the lighter, more secretive version of corporatism.
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NoCoupForYou says
The Democrats won't survive this election. The DNC will cheat Bernie bad, or Bernie will nomination : Either way Trump 2020.

Trump changed America Permanently.

I could see anyone saying that who would watch Fox Fairytales etc. That is a whole different world with realities coming out of their asses.—according to their wealthy libertarian sponsors.

But Trump’s changes better not last, I pray that the propaganda isn’t nearly effective enough for that.

Tha coming election better be pivotal for all of us.
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WookieMan says
This has now officially (more so than the past comments) become a divisive party line "I'm better than you, and you suck" thread.
TPBs paedophelia comment to all liberals was certainly a blast from left field, eh? BTW Which I steered clear of because comments are only a problem if the recipient refuses to be stomped on.
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NoCoupForYou says
unfunny memes
Yea, unfunny because they make your whole new wave fascist tribe look absurd
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rd6B says
jazz_music says
Tha coming election better be pivotal for all of us.

We will have one billionaire pitted against another...pivotal to see if Mr Shorty 0.5 oz soda or Orange man bad will win...
That’s why I say it over and over again, that activism is the only way.

There is no easy way.
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NoCoupForYou says
Which Democratic Candidate do you prefer?

Sure wish you and Marcus would take a stab, even a list of preferred candidates in a ranked order.
We know you already have been armed with juicy attacks and the latest Russian memes against everyone who dare stand against GOP from FB and wherever.

It’s too bad that as things are currently, all that hilarious ammo is going to waste. The loss of entertainment value must really be frustrating.

2 or 3 of us have been denying you “attack dominance” for a few days here and you fascist comedians are already crying about it.

Go to your GOP channels and learn how glorious Trump has paved all our streets with gold, because if Trump gets the infrastructure package you won’t even be able to afford using the fucking streets any more.
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WookieMan says
he's doing something that no politician (he is now) has had the balls to do,
Use the presidency to make himself really rich and spread fear and hate on anyone in his way.
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Onvacation says
So who are you voting for in the presidential election?
Tell us about your mother.
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CBOEtrader says
Like Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle
hahahahaha, the ones here who make sure for every fucking one meme marcus posts, they post 5 to one ratio of memes to belittle liberals.

A few days of the tables turned and the whining binge starts.
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Patrick says
The best solution to bad ideas is to ignore them. Replying or talking about them gives them free advertising.

I'm open to ideas about how to change the site though.
How would it affect the attackers if “ignore” completely denied access to authors who felt they are so disruptive as to NEVER write anything worth reading?

As you have things now, the attackers are spinning off entire threads attacking a thread and the author of a thread if the thread conflicts with GOP dogma.

Those who are not on ignore bring the attackers to the authors by quoting them.

They can still do that, but the buzz kill works a good amount of the time.

Maybe you don’t think marcus and I have been attacked enough, or that the practice is still enjoyable.

Maybe others wouldn’t keep leaving, or stop commenting like tovarich, etc.
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marcus says
Shit just got real

The left can't meme.

Praise great leader
The meme requires too much reading.


It’s unfair to short attention spans

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Yes and no, but Trump is
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Excerpt From
On Tyranny
Timothy Snyder

“Plato believed that demagogues exploited free speech to install themselves as tyrants. In founding a democratic republic upon law and establishing a system of checks and balances, the Founding Fathers sought to avoid the evil that they, like the ancient philosophers, called tyranny. They had in mind the usurpation of power by a single individual or group, or the circumvention of law by rulers for their own benefit. Much of the succeeding political debate in the United States has concerned the problem of tyranny within American society: over slaves and women, for example.
It is thus a primary American tradition to consider history when our political order seems imperiled. If we worry today that the American experiment is threatened by tyranny, we can follow the example of the Founding Fathers and contemplate the history of other democracies and republics. The good news is that we can draw upon more recent and relevant examples than ancient Greece and Rome. The bad news is that”
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suicide would be good
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
jazz_music says
but Trump is

Trump is taking her from behind? Voting for her?
Reason to vote for her
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The minority party is very noisy.

GOP never seems to win by votes
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Anyway I don’t see the author using dates at all, you must mean someone else.

Globalism is non-sequitur here too so WTF you smoking?
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“No doubt the Russians who voted in 1990 did not think that this would be the last free and fair election in their country’s history, which (thus far) it has been. Any election can be the last, or at least the last in the lifetime of the person casting the vote. The Nazis remained in power until they lost a world war in 1945, the Czechoslovak communists until their system collapsed in 1989. The Russian oligarchy established after the 1990 elections continues to function, and promotes a foreign policy designed to destroy democracy elsewhere.

Does the history of tyranny apply to the United States? Certainly the early Americans who spoke of “eternal vigilance” would have thought so. The logic of the system they devised was to mitigate the consequences of our real imperfections, not to celebrate our imaginary perfection. We certainly face, as did the ancient Greeks, the problem of oligarchy—ever more threatening as globalization increases differences in wealth. The odd American idea that giving money to political campaigns is free speech means that the very rich have far more speech, and so in effect far more voting power, than other citizens. We believe that we have checks and balances, but have rarely faced a situation like the present: when the less popular of the two parties controls every lever of power at the federal level, as well as the majority of statehouses. The party that exercises such control proposes few policies that are popular with the society at large, and several that are generally unpopular—and thus must either fear democracy or weaken it.
Another early American proverb held that “where annual elections end, tyranny begins.
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So why are you picking to death these relatively normal candidates, except Bloomberg, when Trump is this frothing crazed autocratic international criminal syndicate?
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Butthurt supremacists keep defeating themselves
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Are comments here in code?

What court found Avenatti guilty of what charges on what date?

No hoopdedoo rave.
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NDrLoR says
Donald Trump’s aggressive personality
Erratic & lawless game show host on adderall- Phentermine/cocaine with delusions of grift-grandeur with cover from partisan Senate and freshly stuffed SCOTUS.

Rule of law is crushed.

What do y’all recommend? MOAR??
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I’m surprised no one here takes issue with a single thing that is said
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The video is a simple fact check on a subject where a lot of idiots come out as FOS
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Hircus says
You can try to point out minor flaw after flaw in a fit of orange man bad, but the point still stands.
I understand you really believe this

You exist in a special world all your own and even have your own language, customs, and facts to share only really with the brotherhood of white male butt hurt.

In the real world y’all are just another minority. One that falls on it’s ass when separated from fascist life support.

All punchlines here. No discussions. Enemies are everywhere outside the bubble.

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I mostly love the way APOCALYPSEFUCK laughs at your inability to see beyond your fascist propaganda.

The parody is hysterically funny.

Where on the autism spectrum are you cunts with daddy issues anyway?
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Yeah that “medal of freedom” stunt was a total surprise that not even you dreamed would happen. LOL Limbaugh. OMG president fucktard.
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