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This article is hereby declared as FAKE NEWS. As poster marcus has already pointed out, California Republicans did not win ANYTHING. All they managed to do was to avoid being eliminated from the real election in November,
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Patrick says
This would be an important article, but instead is devolved into mere race-baiting:

>>Related: The Top 10% of White Families Own Almost Everything

C'mon, Patrick. Mentioning that related fact in no way should negate the essence of the information.
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There is a reason why no (?) articles on carbon sequestration provide a full accounting of the CO2, energy and materials going in and out of the process. The reason is that the process ends up being worse than just displacing carbon by other means, such as building a wind farm and shutting down a coal-fired plant.

it takes work to debunk exactly what is wrong with the specific pie-in-the-sky scheme being pushed by Carbon Engineering Inc, but one clear hint is from this comment in the arstechnica article:

QUOTE: The problem is that in general the precursor chemicals (CaO in your example) don't exist in that form in nature in significant quantity -- they've already been carbonated. The way we make CaO (quicklime) is to bake the CO2 out of CaCO3.


The required CaO input is a major problem that will kill the whole scheme. There's probably more show-stoppers than that, including the necessary energy input, but I would rather see the people proposing the method provide the accounting. It is their proposal after all.
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Of course, Rose McGowan (Harvey Weinstein whore) could not resist signalling her tearful virtue

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Thunderbird University?? Sorry, but that place is a joke. They had one of those for-profit MBA programs in the 1990s and man I was severely unimpressed with people that studied there.
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Yep, the two-party system that follows from the election system of single-winner-districting is the root cause of all of the problems in the US.
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Rin says
As oppose to what ... putting up with this shit from Alanis Morissette (my last GF) ...

This is a good point. I once had a girlfriend who was totally into Alanis Morisette, and she was enormously Manpulative, Exploitative and Abusive (I'm going to start calling this MEA syndrome for Manipulation, Exploitation and Abuse syndrome). She was totally into the whole Alanis Morisette sluthood-victimhood intersectionality cult. Luckily I realized after a while what this all means, and dumped her. Really dodged a bullet on that one.
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Rin says
"Jagged Little Pill", was the most successful album of the 1990s.

I felt compelled to look that up. Turns out that in the US that album was the best selling of 1996, and the 3d best selling among the 1990s yearly top sellers.


Another source claims it was the 5th best seller among all of the 1990s albums seen as whole.

In any case, it clearly was a VERY influential album, and perhaps the start of the modern Victim-pop era and possibly even the overall fourth-wave feminsm Victimhood Era. One should not underestimate the effect of these kinds of cultural phenomena. That era is still with us today, and it has gotten to be incredibly bad for men, and as an (unintended, presumably) consequence, for society as a whole.
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Someone needs to make an album called "jagged red pill".
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What is the SAT score cutoff point for West Point?
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We need a name for these broad-casters that prowl the sidelines and locker rooms of male sporting events, looking for wealthy athletes to impose themselves on.

I nominate: Sideline Sluts

By the way, in the name of equality, we need male broadcasters prowling the changing rooms of female "sporting" competitions, fair is fair.

Not all such events would be interesting. Good ones might be Miss America or Hollywood casting calls. Fox News casting events might not qualify, Maybe some Olympic events such as figure skating. At least some of the foreign competitors would be of interest.Maybe not gymnastics, too much steroid-built muscles and not enough grace.
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You have outdone yourself, this time, AF. Maga-daba-doo, indeed.
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Heraclitusstudent says
TBP grew up watching "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Starsky and Hutch" on TV.
That boosted his IQ to extraordinary heights that just can't be matched by millenials typing on phones.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Damn, people are so funny today.
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People who are against free speech criticizing other people who are possibly also against free speech.

Oh, the irony.
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No percentages listed ...
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A question for Tenpoundbass: How do you argue with a person that commits atrocities against the truth, and revels in murder? It is hard to avoid getting personal about it, because it is a personal failure.
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The Che-with-a-pistol-pointed-at-women does not appear in a web search. I hereby question the validity of the photo.

The following photo, though, everyone knows is authentic, and shows the police chief of Saigon seconds before murdering a suspected Viet Cong in cold blood. Capitalism is peace!

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Capitalism leads to peace and democracy, and socialism is inherently murderous. Everyone knows that (channeling AF).

Just ask the millions of dead people of Vietnam and North Korea. Yes, that is sarcasm.
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Tenpoundbass says
So you have to work for FIVE WEEKS to buy a dozen eggs.

Those damned socialist chickens and their public union! Why do they refuse to work themselves to death!
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Tenpoundbass says
The only good commie are dead ones.

It is good to know that your dislike for communists are based on such purely moral considerations. For a moment there I was in doubt about your moral standing.
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One of the factors appears to be that people on SSDI disability benefiots are getting regular SSI age-based benefits instead.

>>Of course, other factors have contributed to the decline in disability applications. As aging baby boomers receive Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare, fewer require disability benefits. People in the disability program receive an average of $1,200 a month and get health insurance through Medicare.

Thanks for the link/quote.
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>>The Supreme Court dealt labor unions a sharp defeat Wednesday, ruling that teachers, police officers and other public employees cannot be forced to pay dues or fees to support their unions.

When will the Supreme Court finally rule that employers should not have to pay wages? That's what the founding fathers intended. Everybody knows that.
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Goran_K says
Public Union debt is going to bankrupt Illinois, and it will eventually catch California.

Better to kill off the cancer before it spreads.

Says the guy that moved to Nevada.
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Goran_K says
I like the concept of unions, I hate how they've become a political wing for the Democrats.

The above statement is stunning to me. YOU LIKE unions??? I'm speechless. I'd like to see what a true union hater looks like and how he writes.
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RW=right wing

QUOTE: The only way to wrest control of the narrative away from the right is to be uncivil. Protest, but make it ugly. Kick the assholes out of every business and make their lives pure hell. When they cry over it "Womp womp".
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One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind about central banks "buying" stocks:

They (CBs) are not really "buying" stocks with "money": They issue reserve account credits in exchange for the stock, and to the CB member bank that is collecting the "payment" for the transaction. These new reserves are backed by the stock that is now on the CB balance sheet.

Now, what are "reserves" exactly?

1. reserves are the currency of interbank payments. Every day, banks settle their net payment flows between themselves by transferring ownership of reserves, under the auspices of the central bank. In fact, this is the most important daily function of central banks.

2. reserves can be exchanged 1:1 for bank notes (printed money in the native currency of that specific central bank). The central bank gives a bank a stack of paper money in exchange for a debit to that bank's reserve account.

3. reserves are backed by whatever assets that a central bank allows to be backing of their reserves. Historically, that used to be gold. Then when the gold standard was broken, it was Government Bonds. Then FRB started accepting mortgage-backed securities, as part of Quantitative Easing. Now some central banks are accepting stocks as backing, which is CRAZY.

So, for example, Swiss Francs (SWF) are now 20% backed by stocks. If those stocks holdings drop in value by 50%, the value of SWF drops by 10% relative to currencies that are not backed by stocks or other impaired assets. If you kept your savings in an SWF-denominated account, you just lost 10% of your savings.
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Rin says
Here's another way to look at it, if you have a stock which actually generates a real dividend, like 2.5%.

That's the wrong way to look at it. If you make a bank deposit you are NOT signing up for the central bank to play with your money in the stock market. It is as simple as that. Central banks should not be speculators. They should be strictly determined to preserve value. That CBs are not doing that is at the root of our bubble problems.
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Medical devices kill. Everyone knows that.
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Everyone on this thread so far have two-syllable monikers. Bunch of socialists, the whole lot of them. Except Aphroman, he is the real deal.
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Ah, the old "If someone was raping you wife, would you still be against gun control?"

Socialism in Europe caused the defibrillator to be invented in the US. Everyone knows that.
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Generic drug patents: It's pretty dense for someone to believe that having a large number of generic drugs being re-patented after the original drug patent expired is a GOOD THING (edited). Not sure what to make of such immense lack of insight.
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What sound does a frog make? Whatabout A? Whatabout B? Whatabout C? ..... and so on ad infinitum.
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Meh, what a load of propaganda from the American Enterprise Institute, a right-wing propaganda tank in Washington. AEI did not even show reduction PER CAPITA, because if they did, US would NOT be on the top of the list.

For a much more informative view of emissions, consider instead the absolute levels of greenhouse gas emissions PER CAPITA, as shown here:


The US already consume and produce way too much per capita, and when you are a big country, the AEI kind of statistic can easily be generated, ignoring both the absolute levels of emission and the historical cumulative emissions. And per capita is always important.

Additionally, it is estimated that 1/6th of China CO2 emission is for making goods exported to the US.
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FortWayne says
Will make housing more expensive.

Giving tax breaks to poor people makes them poorer. Giving tax breaks to rich people is the only thing that works. Everyone knows that.
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jazz_music says
Northern Mexico is a Grover Norquist wet dream.

That's a great analogy, Jazz. If I may add to the analysis:

If a country is socialist, we want to tear down their wall so that their workers can escape and the country can collapse. Then we will institute capitalism and send the people back so that proper capitalism can exploit them.

If a country is already capitalist, we want to BUILD a wall so that their workers cannot escape.

Alrighty, then.
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Come to think of it, the solution is obvious: Mexico just has to turn socialist, and we will tear down the wall again and welcome all Mexicans with open arms.
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Ah, I see. Another propaganda article: 'It was Democrats fault when/if families were "broken up" by politics'. What nonsense.

Seriously, is there nothing better to do than to post and celebrate these feel-good Republican/Trumpist propaganda articles?
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See, it is possible to post something that is interesting, relevant to people's lives, and not just propaganda. But why does it not happen more often?
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Personally I am more tired of in-grates in general than of immi-in-grates in particular, but I doubt that will stop anyone.
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I think someone just insulted himself with a personal attack.

Isn't that illegal?

The Housing Trap
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