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This whole thread is about how thunderlips11 AKA TwoScoopsPlissken was unable to understand that he did not know the meaning of the phrase "make 10", and therefore he had to get into a long discussion with Marcus and others in order to cover up his ignorance. "Make 10" is a standard trick for paperless and computerless calculations. Using the example of the dimwit propagandist youtuber, and doing "make 10" the right way:

26 +17 = 20 + 6 + 10 + 7 = 30 + 6 + 7 = 30 + 6 + (4+3) = 30 + (6+4) + 3 = 30 + 10 + 3 = 40 + 3 = 43

The idea is that you should be able to do this in your head, but of course it is written down so that the children can learn the principle. It is not to be used as a substitute for doing 26 + 17 the standard way. It is for paperless calculations only, to teach kids how to calculate in their head.

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, this thread was all a politically-motivated effort to denounce "common core curriculum", which is a favorite target of right-wingers that want each state to control their own school curricula so that they can dumb down and divide and conquer the country by pitting the working population of different states against each other. This is standard Republican procedure since at least 1960, and well known in world history. "State's rights" and all that tripe, look it up.

Sarcastic Summary: It's Obama's fault, again!
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Wow, she should be prosecuted for attempting to corrupt an officer of the law.

However, let's make sure that ALL police videos are released to the public. Not just the ones that make the police look good and others look bad.
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I agree with part of Patrick and part of glass torch. After the 2008 crash, about 7% of the housing stock changed hands from owner-occupant to landlord/corporate/hedge-fund. The homeownership rate dropped from ~70% to ~63%. Yes, this was a huge problem. But in certain cities like SF and SJ, there is an absolute need for building inexpensive highrises near transit corridors and employers. And, yes, bulldozing homes to decrease supply and increase prices is completely perverse.
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A good counter-propaganda would be videos of short, weak, poor and drugged-out homeless men, videos that fetishize their life on the street and insist that they are super-sexy men that smell good and should give you a big lady-boner wide-on.

Not that I would want to subject such poor men to ridicule, but perhaps half their face could be disguised or something, just like the landwhale in the video did not show her face.
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>>"IRAN LIED" about it's nukes

Iran does not have any nuclear weapons, so, yes, somebody*is* lying, clearly,
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
LOL. Police work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, so that's not saying much.

False, policing is not even in the top 10 most dangerous professions.

REFERENCE: http://time.com/5074471/most-dangerous-jobs/
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That 2017 surge itself turns out to be mostly a product of CBP changing its method of counting assaults to one that inflates its numbers, as The Intercept reported last week. In one incident last year in South Texas, for example, six people allegedly threw rocks, sticks and bottles at seven Border Patrol agents. By the standards of the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies, which makes yearly reports on law enforcement officers killed and assaulted nationwide, the incident would be recorded as seven assaults. CBP, under its new methodology, multiplied the six attackers times the three types of projectiles times seven agents. The total for that incident: 126 assaults -- or more than a third of the spike in 2017.

CONCLUSION: The Border Patrol Union is a bunch of public union crybabies. Did all the right-wingers notice the PUBLIC UNION part? Right-wingers usually hate public unions, but maybe there are special exceptions for violent (but not dangerous) professions that are involved in "keeping us safe"? Inquiring minds want to know!

Fake News Alert
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Wow, that was really something. Der Maus, version 2018?
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Let's not say or do anything that causes Trump to think that he should be doing more than just squealing.
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>>That can easily be fixed with multi-story buildings.


>>and kicking all hobos out.

Why can't the hobos live in multi-story buildings, too? The hobos are not pooping on the street just to annoy other people, they do not have anywhere to go.
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Propaganda. Here is the truth:

Republican Party: The party that spreads propaganda that there is no difference between them and Democrats, in order to make Democratic voters stay home and not vote.
Republican Party: The party that spreads propaganda that it does not matter who you vote for, as long as it is not Democrats.
Republican Party: The party that is virulently anti-worker, but fakes concern for working-class males in order to get their votes.
Republican Party: The War party

Democratic Party: The party that is virulently anti-male, and thinks that nobody has noticed all the anti-male laws that they have passed since the 1960s.
Democratic Party: The peace party that has become another war party because they care more about not appearing "weak on national security" than about peace (thanks Republicans for starting the "weak on national security" meme).
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It's the single-winner-per-district election system, stupid.
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Don't be so cryptic. The thesis of the article can be summarized as follows: (some) poor people resisted SB827 because they feared, rightly or wrongly, that the bill would cause their low-rent neighborhoods along transit lines to become high-rent and high-cost neighborhoods.

SB827 is/was the proposed law that would enable easy permitting of construction of high-rise residences near transit corridors, and to override zoning local zoning laws that otherwise would block such construction.
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I haven't seen the video yet, but I certainly hope that it takes more than some flag-waving and praying before a robot will shoot you.

But robots may be the end of urban terrorism. Up to now, the US has bombed and demolished entire cities or at least entire neighborhoods because the US soldiers are too wimpy to go house-to-house.

What remains to be seen, will robots allow us/US to be LESS trigger-happy and less murderous than before, or will the slaughter of anything-that-moves just be taken to new heights?
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>>The desire to be free of political coercion and outright racism and sexism is misrepresented as somehow being opposed to civility.

Don't delete me, Patrick, but Pat.net also has a code of conduct. Just saying, and enough said.
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QUOTE: Sometimes in bed, she recalls, he would be “shaking me and grabbing my face” while demanding that she repeat such things as “I’m a little whore.” She says that he also told her, “If you ever left me, I’d kill you.” -The New Yorker

"Sometimes in bed,"?? What do you mean, SOMETIMES???? "If an accuser comes back for more of the same so-called abuse, I would consider that firm evidence that it was not abuse but consensual sexual behavior.
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More quotes, from accuser Tanya Selvaratnam:

Schneiderman "not only slapped her across the face, often four or five times, back and forth, with his open hand; he also spat at her and choked her. “He was cutting off my ability to breathe,” she says. Eventually, she says, “we could rarely have sex without him beating me.”

Eventually?? Rarely?? She kept coming back for more of the same? Sounds like a masochist to me, not a victim.
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The population has ALREADY exploded. The bad effects of that overpopulation keep getting worse all the time. Once we have 9B people driving SUVs and jetting around the world there will be no more oil left and the climate will be hell. We are already here. The fact that this 9B people are not reproducing as much is only a small consolation.
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I have experienced that some banks (and the Venmo person-to-person payment app ) does not accept a Google Voice number for 2-factor authentication or other forms of phone-based-verification (PBV).

By the way, 2-factor authentication and PBV is another plague that is sweeping the land. Avoid 2-factor authentication if at all possible!. Even some cellphone services that are based on Voice-Over-IP are deemed not acceptable -- either by mistake or by design.

In any case, https://numverify.com/ will tell you whether you phone numbers appear to be "landline", in which case they often will be disqualified as acceptable for authentication purposes.

This is an important topic. Soon it will be so bad that you MUST have cellphone subscription with a major carrier in order to prove who you are. There really should be a law that any web-based service or business should not be able to demand that you have a certain kind of cellphone service to use their system.

Please, everyone, share your knowledge on this topic, I think it is very important and may become critical.
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>>they censor free speech

Imagine the following scenario:

Facebook disallowing "personal attacks" on any person that is a member of facebook
Twitter disallowing "personal attacks" on any person that is a member of twitter
Youtube disallowing "personal attacks" on any person that is a member of youtube

Would that create more or less censorship than the already bad censorship that Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are currently engaging in?
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Tenpoundbass says
You didn't sign in for the "Bug" did you?

Are you taking to me?? Please illuminate.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
US would learn from their murderous mistakes? It was the Viet Cong backed by communist China and Russia whose soilders embedded with civilian populations.

What balderdash. Do you REALLY expect soldiers of any army to line up to be slaughtered by an overwhelming enemy force, on some "clean" and civilian-free battlefield, in the name of avoiding harm to civilian population? Nobody is that dumb, and demanding it is unreasonable.

I don't see the US Military delivering bombs on foot to Syria. Why are they embedding themselves in the clouds with a safe stealth-technology bomber airplane?
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Most of the cost differential is the land cost, not the build cost.

>> Homebuilders have to pay $25,000 to $75,000 in fees for a single home to be built in some areas of the state.

That's not much on a 800k house, but developers like to bitch about the piddly stuff rather than the elephant in the room. I guess they don't want to piss off the landowners that may sell them the next parcel. So they do what Americans do, blame it on the government.
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From the comment section of the article:
last month
This whole article is b's. The houses cost 500k more because the land costs 400 to 500k more.
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>> 11. Male Ownership of Female Fertility – The notion of women as brood mares or children as assets likely didn’t originate with religion, but the idea that women were created for this purpose, that if a woman should die of childbearing “she was made to do it,” most certainly did. Traditional religions variously assert that men have a god-ordained right to give women in marriage, take them in war, exclude them from heaven, and kill them if the origins of their offspring can’t be assured. Hence Catholicism’s maniacal obsession with the virginity of Mary and female martyrs.

Complete, gynocentric balderdash propaganda. Such ownership does not exist, and never did. Note also the bizarre language being used. How on earth can anyone "own fertility". This is the hallmark of gynocentrism, using bizarre and illogical language to confuse the enemy and make serious discussion difficult. If you want to see the truth, you need to deconstruct the above propaganda and see what is really going on. Let's think for a minute...

Ah, I found out what is really going on: Women OWN MEN because men have high fertility and can easily be tricked into fatherhood. At that point (fatherhood), women will invoke "the needs of the child" as a mechanism to make her claim on the body (the labor) and assets of the man, and own him, and there is no stopping a woman using the man for her own self-serving purposes, rather than the needs of the child. And the child may not even really be his. Exploitation accomplished, mission accomplished.

So, the real problem, religious and otherwise, is women's unearned claim on male labor. The notion that men are just beasts of burden that should be exploited for their labor by all women, both individually and collectively, with no right to demand ANYTHING in return.
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How about anyone (cough, Trump, Cough) that may have used russian dollars or corporate dollars? That should be ok, right?
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It is complete bullshit that red pill is a right-wing ideology or even concept.

I hereby reclaim RED PILL as a metaphor for all lefties and progressives.

PS: Maybe it construed as progress that the expression "red pill" appears on the pages of the NY Times. But it is not progress when "red pill" is labelled as "alt-right".
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WookieMan says
I present US Representative of IL-1, Bobby L. Rush. This is not a joke, this is a real United State representative

Wow, another case of blatant censorship in the US house of representatives. Bobby L. Rush is forcibly removed from speaking, by the so-called Sargeant-at-Arms no less, for wearing a hoodie jacket and therefore breaking some cockamamie anti-democratic rule about "decourum".

Wow, just wow. Does anyone really think we live in a democracy when a US Representative is disallowed to speak his alotted 5 minutes for wearing the wrong clothes? Does anyone believe we have free speech?

"Clause of of rule 17 prohibits the wearing of hats in chamber when the house is in session"

To rewrite an old saying, "Decorum is the last bastion of scoundrels". You may all recall that the original saying is about "patriotism".
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>>Since their one and only tactic is to misrepresent your arguments and then shame you for being their misrepresented caricature,

Amazing how all them dar lefties are all the same, and how they are the only political category using such despicable arguments. Goes to show what a bunch of subhuman slime they are, does it not?
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@aphroman, I think you mean exploding, not imploding.
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And the park also has a tall fence around it, to keep the homeless out. Really stupid.

But please, enough with the rightist virtue signalling. A rightist would instead have erected a statute of some southern civil-war general on a horse, on which one also could not sleep.
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Excellent thread with lots of facts and calling out the fake news. A lot of the facts are really disturbing, but at least we get to know what is going on and what we are dealing with.

Keep up the good work.
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Once FRB officials start talking about activating the CCCB (*)requirements,it is already much too late to get started.

(*) not to be confused with the CCCP.
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Ah, yes. A rightist that thinks that Democracy should be suspended when the rightists lose an election.

What else is new.
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Must be my allergy to straw and strawmen
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A linkjreference would be good.
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The NASA data does not support the headline from Newsmax. So Newsmax is just making shit up.

By the way, do denialists understand that average SURFACE AIR temperature is NOT equal to the average temperature of ALL air, land, water and ice on the globe?
Nor is average SURFACE AIR temperature indicative of the average stored thermal energy of ALL air, land, water and ice on the globe. Do denialists even know basic thermal physics?
Do they know what heat capacity is? Do they understand that when a small area of the earth's surface consist of melting ice, the melting might cause the SURFACE AIR temperature to drop temporarily over a much larger area? What will happen when the ice-covered areas shrink and disappear because of melting from increased absorbed solar energy? That's right, the average surface air temperature will rise rapidly.

Denialist logic: It is colder today than it was yesterday, therefore, summer is NOT approaching.
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It is time yet again to explain out how Global warming (GW) follows directly from GE (Greenhouse Effect) and 1LT (First Law of Thermodynamics).

First some definitions: By (planet) earth is meant all the physical matter of the planet, including land, water, ice and the atmosphere. Everything.

GE: Greenhouse Effect implies that with increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, the earth's balance of energy absorbed from the sun and emitted back to space will change so that more energy is absorbed and less energy is emitted.

1LT: The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that deltaU=Q-W, where U is the internal energy (of the earth in this case), Q is the net heat absorption (increases when CO2 is increasing), and W is the work (mechanical work) done by earth on the surrounding space, which is zero. Hence deltaU=Q>0. So the internal energy of the earth increases. The increase in internal energy will be observable as an increase in the temperature of earth (although SOME of the energy will partially and/or temporarily take the form of kinetic energy such as wind or potential energy such as water vapor lifted up in the atmosphere, or the potential energy stored in liquid water versus ice, in case anyone wondered).

The net result is that earth temperature will RISE (there it is, global warming) just enough that average outbound heat radiation again balances the average incoming radiation from the sun.The temperature will manifest itself as an AVERAGE increase in air temperature, land temperature, water temperature, and, yes, ice temperature (some of which will cause ice to melt).

The above is high-school level physics and nothing more. That is all there is to it. If you cannot make yourself agree with the above, you are not just a climate change denier, you are a physics denier.
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>>Otherwise nobody would invest in companies anymore.

Let's be honest: Buying company shares in the stock market does not constitute investing in a company. You are investing in future value increases of the shares, and not in the company. The company gets zero benefit from your stock purchase.

And the main point remains: No benefit to jobs from the Trump tax cut.
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>>What is it about dogs, exactly, that make humans bond so closely with them?

I am very fond of dogs myself, but I do see a need to point out the obvious: Dogs have been bred ruthlessly for many generations to be of maximum utility to humans, as hunters, watchdogs and more recently, companions. It is not a coincidence or simply a wonder of nature that many dogs are loyal, loving and selfless creatures.

It is very hard to find a human being that is as perfect, beautiful, soothing, obedient and loyal as a dog. But it did not happen by some accident of nature. Dogs were ruthlessly bred that way.

If anything, the nature of dogs tells you something about HUMAN nature. And the fact that the US is swarming with dogs tells you even more about the state of interpersonal relations in the modern world.

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