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"Gunfire ringing out in American schools used to be rare"

Seriously, when will this idiotic phrase "gunfire ringing out" be put to bed, along with "gunfire erupted". Gunfire is not some natural phenomenon like lightning or earthquakes. It does not passively ring or erupt as if nobody pulled the trigger.

Sarc: Guns don't kill people. People don't kill people. Gunfire ringing out does.
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Bump, anyone else have knowledge of brokers or websites that will create customized option valuation metrics without having to spend weeks having to learn their brain-dead scripting language?
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CBOEtrader says
The price is where it's trading. The price you can get filled for is the only price that matters. Either you want that product at that price or you dont.

Exactly, and that is why I am looking at valuation measures that one can compare between between different stocks. For example, should one buy puts on SPY, AAPL, NFLX or or NVDA? Some of these options are wildly more expensive than the others, but can you get almost the same result by buying some of the other ones? Similar considerations apply if you want to sell (underwrite) options.

What timeframe and what strike price? One needs to normalize the valuation measures between instruments, and Implied Volatility is just one way to do it, but as I have said and several others have repeated, IV is derived from price, and not the other way around. Hence I do not like that valuation measure.

All: Appreciate the responses, i may have additional questions.
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anon_8f378 says
Great--Same question as above. You've got evidence of this?

There is no evidence, only ideology.
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Here is another question I have been pondering: Is each option market-maker just a bookmaker that prices their options and arranges their portfolio according to bookmaker principles, meaning that the "price and odds" they offer always are a reflection of what bets the customers already have bought, so that the bookmaker (the house) never loses? There is of course always an initial problem of filling some orders before one can meaningfully spread the risk across many bets, but still, it seems possible.
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So, @GrabUbythePussy, what existing or old username are you a reincarnation of?
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The Star Wars franchise is pandering to women. The whole point of this propaganda thread is to try and convince white working class males that their interest is better served by Republicans than by Democrats. You are trying to get white working class males to vote against their own economic self-interest by invoking feminism as the bogeyman, and Republicans and Trump as their savior. This has been standard operating procedure for Republican propagandists probably as far back as 1960, if not before.

As usual:

1. "leftism" is one of the new designated propaganda words of 2017-2018. Before that I never heard of it, now it is being echoed everywhere in the propaganda echo chamber.

2. equating feminism with "leftism" is yet another propaganda technique. This particular thread is a perfect example. Rather than arguing against feminism, which is what it should do, it argues against "leftism" by equating it with feminism.
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It is always the muslims fault! (sarc)
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Death Match 2017: Christian Capitalism and US Marines versus the Children of Syria
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Nancy Pelosi is remarkably sharp and cuts through all the Republican nonsense like a knife. Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, now there was a senile Republican that should not have been in office.
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The above is a cartoon of trickle-down economics, with the fat cat capitalist sitting in the chair. Just fix the text and the cartoon is spot on.
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Patrick says
Yes, this is an excellent idea. I'm actually going to start a website with one post for each of the 535 Congressmen, so we can comment on them personally and on how they voted.

That could be really good. Rhymes with my oft repeated old suggestion that patnet should be more like a wiki, where there is only ONE place to discuss a topic, instead of endless new streams of threads all with the same propaganda. The devil is in the specific implementation details.
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Quigley says
That’s why we elected Trump. To stick a fat orange finger into the elites’ eyes and remind them that the common people they’ve been pissing on still have some electoral power.

Too bad we ended up with a big fat orange mole for the same old oligarchs as before.
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The thread itself about shebagging was good, then the racist drivel started.
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BayArea says
You ever ridden BART or MUNI and caught a glimpse of the harassment young women deal with from low lifes while on the train or bus?

I have not seen that, please educate us if you have statistically significant observation of such harassment in person, rather than reading about people who claim it is rampant.
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I wish it were true that solar is cheaper than coal, but if it is, why does China have so many coal-fired plants? I'm all for solar, but the claim that storage is cheap is just not true, yet.
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We can only hope something good will come out of this initiative. But all those expensive new medical buildings have already been built, and someone has to pay for them. I'm afraid it is going to be you and I that end up paying.
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DJIA ended down 665.75 points, or down 666 points. The number of the beast :-).
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Undoubtedly this does happen, and I have written about the topic before, but have at it. Also psychologically related, rape fantasies of women are an expression of their vanity. Being irresistible to a man that she already desires very strongly, irresistible to the point of the man risking life and limb and freedom to be sexual with her, is the ultimate compliment and the most ultimate satisfaction of vanity.
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Indiana Jones says
So women rely on men to act with dignity, grace, respect and kindness. Otherwise it would be a brutal world and society would ultimately break down.

Men mistakenly rely on women to act with dignity, grace, respect and kindness. Because they don't, society has broken down.

There. Fixed it for you.
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The Trump Pump turned into the Trump Dump.
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The usual financial adviser suspects are being trotted out on all the evening news programs to tell the sheeple not to sell -- it's like 2008 all over again.

Would be fun is someone made a montage of old video clips (the ones telliing people not to sell) from 2007-2009 and marked them off on a timeline of DJIA dropping from 14198 to 6470. Has anyone seen that?
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
And? The one who didn't sell got whetever they "lost" back and then some. The one who sold and stayed on sidelines missed the rebound and ended up worse off.

You seem to have forgotten that there is a 3d option. Sell now and then buy back in after the market drops 50-60%. The market may or may not recover, but at least you didn't lose 50% of your investment.
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mell says
But this is not 2008. The economy is during pretty well (still).

LOL. The economy is not doing well. The only thing that WAS "doing well" for stock prices was 4.3T (that is T as in TRILLION dollars) of Quantitative Easing.
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I have not found yet a video that does market index values side-by-side with Wall St "hold-long-term" investment advice, but here is a collection of news video clips from Dec 2008.

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mell says
Lol futures are coming back despite CNN posting one market horror story after the other because tds.

Correct me if I am factually wrong, but DJIA closed at 24345 and right now the DJIA futures are at 23443, which amounts to another 898 points drop in the making after market close today. Nobody knows whether this new drop will last until tomorrow morning, but it is well within the realm of possibilities.
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Unless someone can show reliable statistics that illegal immigrants drive drunk more often or in a more deadly way than other subgroups of the population, I think using tragic drunk-driving as an argument for deporting people is just a propaganda trick.

How about we start deporting some criminals from Wall Street or the Pentagon/DoD or the US State Department instead? They seem to cause much more death and destruction than any illegal immigrant that I have heard of. Perhaps deport them to Guantanmo Bay?
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Blue murder again. Sick, and sickening. Shows exactly how the police operates in the US. It is beyond horrific.

Obligatory biting sarcasm: Can we now deport the sheriff and the shooting policemen back to where they came from , or to Guantanamo Bay if nobody will accept them? If their ancestors had not come here illegally in 1776, this never would have happened.
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OMG!!! BAO, when will you "open up" about this big new relationship between and right wing politics? Will the reveal involve any Celebrity/Tabloid News shows? Have Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner signed up to lift the curtains?

(intended in the spirit of the parody)
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Another big gain today:

DJIA is up 0.44%, but NASDAQ is down 0.56%. What up with that?
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String the judge up.
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There is also a fabulous video to go along with the NOT-YOU theme, where poor old Suzanne has been replaced by glamorous Elizabeth Banks. Burn!!

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Indeed, Officer Mader is a hero. A truly brave man.
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The State Assembly of West Virginia is also against free speech. In fact, they are so much against free speech that they forbid "personal comments" about other members of the assembly. Case in point, assemblywoman Lissa Lucas is forcible ejected from the speaker stand for reading a list of politician names, donor names and amounts of campaign contributions.

It is amazing to see that even a state assembly can have rules that censor the speech of its lawfully and duly elected members. Absolutely frightening. Should this not be a case taken to the Supreme Court?
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anon_349ac says
As someone who acted as parliamentarian at a contentious hearing I applaud the removal of these people.

Bogus argument. You probably wrote a bad law. Then you complain that people would rather speak out against the law than participate in the writing of said bad law? Look, if your intent was deemed bad to begin with, why would people legitimize it by participating? Why should they have read every detail of 85 pages of what they know is generally wrong, just to see if there might exist some gold nugget of goodness in there? The goodness of a law is not measured by how much time somebody spent writing it, but by what the intent and consequence of the law is.

>>We hade a core group of committed people- some lobbyists- some committed volunteers who poured their blood sweat & tears into this.

See the problem here? Oh, those poor hard-working lobbyists that did not get the law they worked so hard for. Oh, the disrespect of the voters that did not like our bad law! Oh, the humanity!
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anon_349ac says
the city didn't have 175 million we offered to sell a portion of it to a hotel who would pay.

The above may have something to do with the resistance against the law? Lobbyists, developers, selling of public lands for below-market value? Seriously, there is no way to verify your version of the story. But in any case, the original argument is about censorship, in a state assembly house no less. It is frightening that you can argue against free speech in the state assembly of West VIrginia.
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anon_349ac says
- we will limit your time.

False analogy. The West Virgina case was pure censorship of content, not a time limit.
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anon_349ac says
By the way - the content restriction came in after one guy in the 90s would bus in the homeless and have them prattle on in exchange for a dollar.

What on earth are you talking about? This was the case of an elected representative in West Virgina that was not allowed to use all of her duly alotted time because the majority leader wanted to censor her. Don't come trotting out a false analogy of someone supposedly paying people to complain at a PUBLIC meeting.
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Jesus Christ, Patrick. Cash out the money and run. P/S is something like 26 and no profit ever.
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The following article claims that mass killings/shootings is a side effect of handing out anti-depressant drugs (SSRI drugs) like candy to everyone that says they are depressed or unhappy. This includes Prozac, Paxil and similar drugs. I wonder if there might be some truth to that claim.

Come to think of it, is it possible that many current societal ills are caused by anti-depressant medications? People, young and old, are dissatisfied with their lives. They take antidepressants to feel better, but does the medication also make many of them completely uncritical of themselves and their own actions? I could see this could lead to blaming everyone else for what is wrong, and then lead to rage and mass murder. It may also have the (milder) effect of people having a very high opinion of themselves and treat other people with little regard. Sort of a sociopathic effect caused by anti-depressants. And it does not just apply to men, in fact from what I see women have never been less critical of themselves than in current society.

How common is it to take anti-depressants? I personally know only one person that will admit to it, and he said he has since gotten off the meds but that it was difficult to quit. That's all the details I know. He seemed a bit hyper in 2016 -2017, but not sociopathic. He has always been a very decent man.

Here is the article: