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As a person of color-this is the most insulting tripe I have ever read. How dare you-your kind are the embodiment of racism-Buzz off .
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These types disgust me. The premise is that as a white person you are born superior and therefore feel terrible at su inferior colored folks. It doesn't matter if whitey is a druggie plumber and darkie is a nuclear scientist-whitey feels terrible for darkie. That is the worst form of racism-I don't care what you are, the color of your skin makes you inferior and you deserve my pity for your terrible life-pig.
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Evan F. says
It seems fairly simple to base taxes on market value. I mean, you pay sales tax on crap you buy at the supermarket, or Amazon, or whatever, based on their current market value. But no, for your house, you pay tax on that based on market value from the 70's. Horseshit.

Next time I go to trader Joe's for groceries, I'm going to insist that the sales tax be based on the market value of my carrots from the 70s.

Well on the flip side is iL-where your taxes can go up 23% in one year while house prices just went up 2-5% or in some cases declined.
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It will be interesting when enxt year's tax returns are due and high tax states stare at the abysss as their millionares consider moving. if someone can save millions by just moving to NV, AZ, TX, FL and keeping their home as a second home in CA -how many will leave? Same for NY, IL, NJ etc.
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Aphroman says
They like to be the ones doing the sucking, not getting sucked, obviously. That’s why everyone calls the TDS: Trump Dick Suckers

Aaah all the fat/ugly liberlas want to suck Trump's dick and he won't let them and so they have gone mad-makes sesnse as any other reason to explain the madness of the left.
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curious2 says
in 2016, Democrats had TDS, and it was not enough. So, I do think Democrats need a coherent agenda to put Americans first.

Yup voters like me. I have no problem voting dme, republic. IT is more what they represent-not the label. In IL, voting dem is suicidal-they support public unions and refuse to do anything about the disastrous real estate taxes. They have the votes to amend the constitution-but instead pretend to ass some bandage measures which they know the court wills trike down.

In general, mass unlimited immigration, tariffs/free trade(surprisingly this was a strong dem position-now dems loathe it) etc. Now I support gay marriage etc-I am libertarian-but I don't support 32 or is it 112 genders and requiring us to keep all these different bathrooms or anyone saying they feel x gender at this moment and so use x bathroom. If not that is a violation equal to slavery and the holocaust.

What scares me is the SJW, free speech and violence to ensure that only one form of thought is accepted. I saw it at the Trump rally and the recent racist turn of the dems-where they were calling the ICE agent the N word and house n*gga in Portland and several such incidents-chasing Milo out of a NY bar calling him NAZI-antifa-these terrify me for our future.

Last but not least and absolute dela killer-socialism, where they want government control of businesses and redistribution-hell no.

Not to mention Obama's use of the police state to target his rivals-that has gone horrible-Thank God for Trump.

In life we sometime come to a fork. The dem want us to go to a fork where government controls everything, from what you think, what you can express, redistributing your assets and basically eb where Russia, Cambodia, Germany all went.

The repubs are pointing us towards freedom, while the govt protects us from places like cHina etc , but true freedom. I believe we are in a dangerous place and the democrats could lead us into terrible disaster-a world where the govt decides everything-the question-are there enough people as the dems say "woke" enough o move away from the commie filth?
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BayArea says
Prop 13 is downright criminal

Be careful what you wish for. Coem to Illinois and pay 15k for 350k house ayear and then there is no cap on taxes. The pigs here want to increase income taxes also.
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BayArea says
Prop 13 is downright criminal

Be careful what you wish for. Coem to Illinois and pay 15k for 350k house ayear and then there is no cap on taxes. The pigs here want to increase income taxes also.
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LOL freedom of the press-press say anything they want to-I can't say anything back. That is not how it works-except with Bush.
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Thanks for the laugh. There is the platform and there si what you see on the ground. Hey don't look at actions-just our words somebody wrote in a long forgotten document.
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I think repubs will keep their house majority. The crazy nevr stops.
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Quigley says
At ten percent, the whites are an extreme minority, but white people are the most vicious of all races when provoked. I would give them 60/40 odds of seizing power again should they find the will.

Not the liberlas-have you seen Europe and modern day leftist America?
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Great Venezuela just did a land redistribution and it worked out so well-as did Zimbabwe. S A is a beautiful country-I have visited thrice. Even then it was getting very dangerous and I stuck tot he kruger game areas and Cape Town . I drove around the Cape and vsiited the sights-beautiful. Sad it will become another disaster.
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LeonDurham says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
US Eminent Domain has to be for a Public Good like a Military Base or Road, and it has to be full market value. And it can be Contested in Court. There is no "Eminent Domain Agency" that can simply refuse to review the matter

Or a Casino in Atlantic City....

You cna go to court, fight it and also get full compensation-full. In this case an entire race is being targeted-some who have been there for 300 years and their entire proeprty being stolen-with no compensation.
Only dems cna be so heartless and only look at politics.
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LeonDurham says
ow--when did Trump cultists lose their sense of humor. Obviously what is happening in South Africa is not the same as eminent domain in the US.

Only a cold heartless SJW dem would find humor in families being tossed into the streets peniless and still somehow bring trump into it. Then when caught-humor-yeah right. Many of these people ahve been there 300 years.
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LeonDurham says
Penniless? Perhaps you didn't read the article. They were offered $1.87MM.

Is it OK to make a joke now?

For a property worth 18 million. You think they won't have a mortgage to cover business expenses? If they have a modest 4 million mortgage on the 18 million proeprty-who is going to cover the rest-YOU???
This is just a start-they have openly said they are going to seize all the lands for no compensation-this maybe as good a sit gets.

keep laughing-one day if your kind has its way-this may be our fate too-redistribution is all the rage in your side of the aisle. Democrats sicken me-claiming to be peace and tolerance-but inr elaity -well Germany, cambodia, Soviet union all show what ahppeend.
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LeonDurham says
lol. They asked for $18MM. Do you have an independent appraisal of the farm? When did they buy it? What did they pay for it?

Do you? You are so happy theya r egtting 1.87 million. The govt is now saying they will give zero soon.
LeonDurham says
Thanks for your permission to make jokes. I will continue. And, yes, redistribution in the form of progressive taxation is absolutely necessary in a free market capitalistic society to prevent all wealth from accumulating at the top. That is a fact.

Wow!! Just wow!! Redistribution and socialism-now dems do not hide it anymore-it is out in the open. Folks this mid terms and the future few elections are as important as civil war.
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LeonDurham says
If you think progressive taxation is socialism then there is no point having a discussion. The midterms are important. It's literally fact vs. fiction. Truth vs. lies.

Progressive taxation is what we have-redistribution is what you propose-Lord help us. My parents came froma socialist countyr for this. My parents country ahs gone capitalist-time to move back?
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LeonDurham says
Progressive taxation is redistribution.

No it is not. redistribution si what they did in Venezuela and now S Africa-seize people's proeprties/assets and redistribute. Stop trying to spin your socialist plans.
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LeonDurham says
Again--the midterms is about truth and fiction. Facts and lies.

Yup democrat lies so far-now they openly embrace it.
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LeonDurham says
is cult members don't even know when they are lying anymore and they don't care.

Your ammo-you come here and accuse so many people of lies-perhaps look at your own beleifs and the way you swing around reality to defend them. The mid term and next few elections are critical to stamp out socialism and its horrors or God forbid we becoem Venezuela.
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bob2356 says
Let's start stamping out socialism at the department of defense, the department of agriculture, and the koch brothers enterprises A libertarian is someone who thinks the government spends too much money on other people.

I actually agree. i think our govt spends way too much -especially int he er of 20 trillion debt. We need tot ighten and start with defense. trump is doing a god thing making NATO pay more, but that si not socialism or redistribution.
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I am surprised at dems. They have doubled down on crazy and are now openly campaigning on socialism, redistribution, open borders, free trade, globalism-I mean wtf????

I am cautiously optimistic, senate sure, house a slightly reduced majority-not by much. A big stock market correction in 2019 perhaps and bigegr stock recovery in time for 2020!!

Oh and Jeff Sessions fired after the mid terms.
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Patrick says

That's a great benefit to the middle class, and if they don't churn, they will do fine

Yeah maybe just me-but my best investments have been "safety" stocks. The one I bought for appreciation left big holes in my pockets.
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mell says
What would Beavis say to leftoid insanity? I am the great cornholio! And I need TP for my bum hole!

I honestly don't understand -is this some sort of madness?
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Brazilians might feel at home in Khan's London.
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Actually as a non white person-I see this attitude quite often among liberals and it is grating-poor me , how sorry my life must be, how tough it must be-because of the color of my skin.

Now twice I have actually run into racists. Once In Flagstaff , AZ of all places while visiting the Grand Canyon. Two white people in an old beaten down pick truck yelled at me to go back to my own country-this is my country?? Granted I have dual citizenship.

Another time after 9/11. But otherwise not much. However the liberal attitude I have run into so much-not like in this video. But just a constant oh you poor thing, you must have lived a life of xyz-whatever their belief system-it is also one of the things that pushed me away from the left.

As Martin Luther King said," I dream of day when a man is not judged by the color of his skin , but the content of their character." Just my experience, liberals seem to put skin color above all else-the worst thing-unlike the open racists-they actually think they are good and sweet and kind . I am not your dog or pet you freak.
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What about mouth-is that gender inclusive? What about nose and ears -those are holes too-sort of?
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This bitch is the leader in the metoo movement-LOL!!!
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komputodo says
lostand confused says
Actually as a non white person-I see this attitude quite often among liberals and it is grating-poor me , how sorry my life must be, how tough it must be-because of the color of my skin.

What percentage of your non white friends would agree with you?

Quite a few among the successful ones. Once like me you become successful-I don't mean hedge fund/tech millionare succesful-but enough hat money is not your primary concern that much. I don't look at whites as superior or inferior -just another race and will judge by person. I myself have whites reporting up to me, among other races. It is not race, but who can get the job done and who is good for a certain role. As a non white, that is how I would like to be treated.

This is not to say the past racism, when non whites/blacks had to use separate fountains/toilets, not allowed jobs, segregation etc etc did not happen. That is bad. But this is a different world, probably the best it has been for non whites in America. I just don't look at white people as some monolithic WHITE MAN. But it is the person. If one white man is racist-fien he is not the whole race. Even in the civil war, plenty of whites fought and gave up their lives to end slavery.

But soemwhow it seems labelling has become very entrenched in the democrat party. I would like to think I got to where I am , because yes a few decades ago the rules were changed-but because I can get things done, handle budgets/people etc etc and not because some poor whitey gave me some crumbs and then want to pet me on the head and then they are horrified that I can be pro republican-like it is unfathomable for them, like some race traitor or an Uncle Tom.

I have skills , that are portable, survived being laid off, worked a sa consultant etc etc. Racism exists, but lumping everything into actually hides the few instances of racism-boy who cries wolf.
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Interetsing-are delibrations over or are they going to keep going? Muellar will probably spend another 30 million to have another shot?
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Hogg for President !
  lostand confused   ignore (0)   2018 Aug 21, 2:20pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

Russia collusion-this is Russia KGB-show me the man and I will show you the crime. Defense is weird though-they neevr mounted a defense-the judge seemed to ask more pointed questiosn than the defense.
  lostand confused   ignore (0)   2018 Aug 21, 3:04pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

This should get interetsing. if the dems overplay their hands like cLinton-repubs may get extra seats. What he says is not important-but he kept tapes-does he ahve a tape of the allegation? This is interetsing-lets see what else comes-but 30 million for an alleged campaign finance violation and no collusion with Mother Russia??
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Tenpoundbass says
So he could be fined 1Mil and get time served.

  lostand confused   ignore (0)   2018 Aug 21, 3:15pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

Lets give it a few days -interesting times.
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Aphroman says
“Bye bye nigger boy!”

Typical liberal-then turn around get angry when someone says there are only 32 genders.
  lostand confused   ignore (0)   2018 Aug 21, 5:15pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

I am cautiously optimistic. The aprty in power usually loses. But this will light a fire under repub butts. 30 million dolalrs taxpayer funds for a hooker and a tax case thatw as passed over by Rosentein and Manafort worked for Hillary's right hand man Podesta.

Make people mad-they will come out and vote-now we know deep state wants a coup-they are openly saying it for a while, Comey is giving dems strategy-lets see. Democracy itself is stake-if that pig Muellar is straight-he should go after Manafort's employer Podesta and Hilalry who actually paid the Russian millions to egt the dossier.

Sessions might have doen agood thing, if Trump ha dgoen after Hilalrya nd rightfully arrested her-there would have beenan outcry-now the outcry will be from repubs-this may give Trump the midterms and then all hell breaks loose-lets see.

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