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It's the default MS explorer or Edge browser.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Not how it works. Those making the assertion - that somebody is guilty of lying - are responsible for providing evidence.

There is plenty of evidence given with each pants on fire level lie. And aslo with some of the links I posted that were deleted. The funny thing is, that even among republicans that aren't totally dishonest dirtbags, Trump's lying, that is the fact that he lies constantly, in a totally different way than any other politician in modern times, about things both important and unimportant, is not a debatable topic.

I'm guessing that even TPB would agree that Trump is bullshitting constantly, constantly lying. That's why he likes him (correct me if I'm wrong).

You like it. Okay. His lying that is. CBOE wants to say it really isn't lying. OR he wants want to insist I talk about one specific lie. I've already seen two failed attempts to discredit two of his t very unimportant lies (that were totally 100% lies). If I thought he was capable of arguing about Trump in good faith, maybe I'd play.

I posted a page full of links to what various journalists risked their careers defining what they believed were Trumps biggest lies of 2017. I get it, maybe you think truth or verifiable facts are just ivory tower bullshit that those liberals in academia believe in. But in my world and fortunately the world of most halfway honest people, you don't get to totally lie about what's a lie, just becasue you're the New York Times. Or at least not without ruining your reputation with reality based folks.
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CBOEtrader says
Then you should have no problem choosing one and discussing it.

If something is widely accepted as fact, and you can easily spend 5 minutes evaluating that yourself, there's nothing to discuss. Twitter had a bigger news feed for the 2017 inauguration live streaming than the 2009 one ? Say it isn't so. Next thing you'll be telling me is that the typical person has a way better phone and data plans in 2017 than 2009.

Even if the one photo is a little early or something. The other from the other perspective is quite clear. Trumps wasn't the biggest. But he didn't say it was the biggest becasue he thought it was the biggest. I believe Trump knows the crowds were smaller than Obama's, and the reason he lied about it, is that his (Trumps) inauguration was surprisingly big. He was interested in making sure the media was talking about how big it was, and if it took some lying to accomplish his goal, then so be it. That's just how he rolls.

CBOEtrader says
Trump estimating his inauguration had the largest audience in history is legit

The disagreement was about the crowd size, not the audience. Maybe it morphed in to that but thats not what Spicer and Kelly Ann and Trump himself were called on lying about right after the inauguration.

But if you're going to play that game, of changing the lie to something else, can we talk about after OBama apologized for saying you can keep your doctor and clarified the reality of it, later that is ?

You win. You got me to argue about a lie neither of us give a flying fuck about.
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Patrick, am I on some special list where a video doesn't post until approved ?

I kept posting that video, but it was gone on a refresh. It's ture, I'm critical of this site, but only becasue of the kinds of people it attracts. It was decent at one time. There used to be a decent proportion of reality based people here.

So what, I'm black listed now for being critical ?

Or is it broken ?
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CBOEtrader says
Spicer very clearly goes over the online stats when responding to the "total audience" question. Spicer "I didnt say in-person. I said BOTH IN PERSON AND AROUND THE GLOBE." He answered the question with no uncertain terms that day.

Wtf ?

What do you think both in person and around the globe means ?

That means he had the biggest audience in person, and that he also had the biggest audience around the globe (whatever that means).
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The idea that democrats want open borders any time soon is a straw man. But sure, sometime in the distant future if Mexico was a lot like Canada, that would be great.

Maybe not doable. PRobably Mexico and the U.S. would both be self sufficient on energy before that happens, which was the context in which Hillary was talking about it in a speech. It was an aspiration, not a pragmatic suggestion about the near future.
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Trump sucks worse than Hoover.

Get it ?
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Trump is doing a lot of stuff. That looks good to many - he's not just sitting around doing nothing. But once the effects of what he's doing kick in, it will be a different story.

Most of the media is silent about how bad his trade policies are for us, in the hopes that they are wrong ? I don't know. There are economists commenting on the reality of the likely impact.

I still say Trump is only interested in causing inflation. Which is insanely good for him, and might be good (only in some ways) for the federal government with it's trillions in debt.

But you can be sure it's not going to be good for most of us.
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Quigley says
Trump’s America

Reality has a way of eventually becoming clear to almost everyone.
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Sniper says

I guess if you want to call beefing up border security in a huge way, while net immigration of undocumented mexicans went negative, nothing, then fine, that's just how you express your TDS.

One of Trumps biggest lies was when he was campaigning in the rust belt and he tried to sell them on the idea that the reason they didn't have good jobs was that illegal Mexicans and the Chinese were taking them.

The surprising part is how many gullible (perhaps not so intelligent) folks that resonated with, for some reason. You can't make this stuff up.
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Is somebody short Tesla stock ?
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Consider how much republicans are willing to tolerate in terms of questionable behavior from Trump. Ask yourself, is there anything he could do or could have done in the past that would disqualify him for being President ? Why is that ? I think it's becasue he's tearing down our democratic institutions and all the best of what America stands for.

It's funny sort of. I recall right wingers saying Obama was a dictator, not sure what the evidence was for that. Perhaps some of his executive orders.

Trump outdoes all previous presidents in executive orders and the obvious power he would like to yield. As far as I can tell that's why he's so involved with threatening trade wars. He's more or less a gambler that want's "action." He doesn't care about how sensible it is. He knows that there's no downside to what he does, becasue he is already guaranteed to be viewed by history as some sort of bizarre anomaly, and certainly to at least half the country, the worst American President ever. Is it even possible at this point to bring back any semblance of intelligence and dignity to the U.S. Presidency ?

Trump obviously admires strongman totalitarian leaders. He seems to wish that he could be one. Why don't I hear any republicans being troubled by that ?

I'll tell you why, it's becasue it's true.

CBOEtrader says
jazz_music says
Democracy. Liberals believe in it. Conservatives don’t.

Russian bots ? Your thoughts ?
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Which is more accurate, this picture of your typical liberal ?

lostand confused says
We live in dangerous time, where the left spews ahte and is willing to attack, kill congressmen, rejoice when a mass shooter shoots a country concert in las vegas-because the victims are probably Trump supproters.

Or this picture of the typical Trump lover:

Aphroman says

Nuff said. Russian bots, your thoughts ?
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
By this metric, I have balls the size of the Liberty Bell because I was a Goth Kid wearing Mascara in 1991

Now that's interesting. Didn't know that was a thing in Russia. (jk)

Actually it makes sense. I guess being cool as a grown up isn't as easy as it was at 15 ? Now you have to go out on even more of an insane limb. Isn't the human ego a strange and wonderful thing ?
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Tenpoundbass says

Nice image of Obama as radical. But the truth is that by any reasonable measure he was pretty damn moderate. The only legit critique you could make of him is that he was too status quo moderate. For all intent and purposes, to the right of most republicans a few decades earlier. OH wait, he did say that a tranny in NC has the right to go to the bathroom, so yeah, you're right, he's a commie.

But this incompetent "make America White again" guy, that you love so much ? Now he has a radical message. Let's have a race war seems to be what he and you want. Although as far having a plan or the ability to execute it ? That's another story. A whole different kind of radical there.
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lostand confused says
You make my point for me.

Okay, you say so.

But for the record, I don't need to identify you with violent far right wing nazis willing to do violence, to feel justified in my point of view about the Trump Presidency, and Trump supporters.

Not that I believe you can or will do this, but care to give me an estimate ?

What percentage of the 50% or so of the country that identifies as democrat or liberal, fits this description ?

Lost and Confused says
the left spews ahte and is willing to attack, kill congressmen, rejoice when a mass shooter shoots a country concert in las vegas-because the victims are probably Trump supproters

Take your time. Try to remember what non-emotional objective honesty feels like.
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I didn't think so. Allergic to the truth are you ?

I mean constantly lying and trolling is one thing, but sheesh !

I didn't think I was proving anything. But I did pose a question, the answer to which I think I know, at least to anyone that's relatively moderate, honest, and as neutral about Trump as a moderate could be.
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lostand confused says
The point is we may be at a tipping point at unhinged hate

From my pov the tipping point of unhinged hate was the election of Trump.

I've been listening to unhinged hate being spewed by the right for decades.

The best reason I've heard thoughtful people give for why impeaching Trump would be a bad idea, is becasue of the violence that might result. IT would not matter what Trump had done.

Unhinged hate ?

For some reason this kind of thing totally resonated with the Trump loving crowds.

I doubt you'll watch that entire video.
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Out of control political correctness, and ignorance among say SJWs (a very small percentage of the left) isn't about hate.

It's a similar kind of ignorance, intolerance, and self righteous assholishness as the people that shouted down the politicians (and wouldn't let them talk) that wanted to talk about health care reform at town hall meetings in the summer of 2009. Those people were called "the tea party." MAny were supposedly paid by Koch brthers or other such oligarchs that prefer to keep our system that doesn't serve everyone.
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lostand confused says
What you liberals are surprised is that people are calling you out instead of cowering in your awesomeness.

Again, for the record, the "you liberals," implying you're talking about me or my group, speaks to you're dishonesty and to the deep cognitive dissonance you apparently have about your lies.

lostand confused says
act like trigglypuff -LOL and then except us to worship your awesomness

I see implied in your argument, that you somehow understand that liberals, not becasue of, but in spite of their virtue signaling, still have the higher ground morally and intellectually.

"awesomeness" ?
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lostand confused says
Tea party did not go around chasing and bloddying liberals. tea party never called Sasha and Malia Obama c*nts. tea party never wished Malia and Sasha Obama to be lcoked in cages with apedophiles. tea party did not speculate Michelle Obama was a street prostitute. tea party did not chase people like Milo from bars . tea party did not attack crowds with clubs for expressing their opinions and barring any liberal from daring to step foot to give a speech.

I never hear about any of these exceptional events. Maybe I don't watch Brietbart enough. You're talking about way less than 1% of the 50% I asked you about earlier. It makes for a great argument if you can put all of the left in that container. It's pretty much the only argument you, CBOE and others have. CBOE loves to talk about those Nazi left wingers.

What's different about you from me, is that I never tried to pin the things that Ted Nugent said about Obama (calling for Obama's murder) on you. Although I did notice a lot of republicans loved that stuff. How easily you forget.

At least TwoScoops sometimes tires (but fails) to explain why Trumps behavior as President, or his trade policies, or the tax cuts, are going to be good for us.

We will have to just agree that people believe what they want to believe.

I have problems with the left, and the fact that the "minorities" camps within the left react to things Trump does as planned, by doubling down on identity politics. It's brilliant on Trump's part.

I have mixed feeling about it, becasue the media is so fucking dishonest anymore, that maybe having republicans retain power for a while a reap the consequences of their policies will be ultimately a good thing. I don't like the risk though.
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HowdyThere says
You sound like you hate all liberals, almost in an unhinged way

Exactly. "You liberals."

I never said "you republicans" about Ted Nugent, or TPB. I always thought of them as ignorant outliers.
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mell says
Nowhere ever has Trump or any other important righty called for violence against anyone (it's usually the opposite), so the facts are pretty clear here.

I showed a video above with many examples of Trump calling for violence at his rallies.

I also cited Ted Nugent. How many times has he called for someone to take out Obama ? Okay he's not important.

How about Sarah Palin's "Target list" that included Gabrielle Giffords ?

YEs there are some wacko left wing politicians that were calling for harrassment of republicans, becasue they thought some of the thngs going on at the border were evil. I'm not justifying it. But what was the motive of that shooter of Giffords and others that were killed ? Obviously it was right wing talk radio, which is Hate Radio.

One fnal thought. If the right can succeed in triggering a full on race war, which will be the fault of the left for reacting in that way and inflaming it. But wtf ? Either reult would be bad.

1) In the short run it would be great politically for republicans and the top 10% of the country.

2) In the long run we would all lose BIG TIME. Let's figure out a way to avoid that.

Example: In a functional government, congress and the President would work out a compromise for restructuring ICE. Or solving it's issues. Where as this is Trumps reaction, trollish political nonsense:

"the Liberal Left, also known as the Democrats, want to get rid of ICE, who do a fantastic job, and want Open Borders. Crime would be rampant and uncontrollable! Make America Great Again."

There are issues.

The Texas Observer reported that nearly 20 ICE regional supervisors wrote a letter to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen requesting that ICE make Enforcement and Removal Operations and Homeland Security Investigations two separate, independent agencies.

While the enforcement and removal unit goes after immigrants who have broken immigration laws, the investigations unit focuses on issues such as fraud, human trafficking, and the dismantling and disrupting gangs and drug rings.

The letter said the "disparate functions" performed by both units caused confusion.

"HSl’s investigations have been perceived as targeting undocumented aliens, instead of the transnational criminal organizations that facilitate cross border crimes impacting our communities and national security" the letter said.

Everything gets played for maximal political divisiveness. That's bullshit, even if it does serve the interests of those that want to put their own puppets into positions of power.
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Aphroman says
Everyone knows that Hillary is the only criminal! Lock her up!

Yes, it's all about her email server. Forget about how Trump went from bankruptcy to being worth billions in just a few years. That's nothing compared to why we possibly can't see all of Hillary's emails from her personal server !!
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95% of democratic voters could give a fuck, and will gladly become a customers if his food is good and decently priced. Looks like a nice place.

But it's not that surprising. LA is a Latino dominant community that has major issues with Trump and his immigration policies, which this guy says he supports.
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steverbeaver says
Either way, Mueller needs to shit or get off the pot.

Which year of Ken Stars investigation of the Clinton's did you start saying that ? The second ? The third ? The fourth ?

Hell, what Ken Star finally "got him" on, that is lying about sexual infidelity (as if that's our business) was something that didn't even happen (i.e Clinton fooling around with Monica) until a couple years in to Star's investigation.

Is that not mind boggling ?
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This is nothing new.

Here, this is from a Clapper interview in March.

"More accurately, I think I sort of backed into it. The issues with President Trump started when he was President-elect, and when we- I say “we”, the Director of the FBI (then James Comey), Director of the CIA (then John Brennan), and the Director of National Security Agency (still Admiral Mike Rogers) and I- went to Trump Tower on the 6th of January to brief then President-elect Trump and his team on the Russian interference.

And we had completed what’s called an Intelligence Community Assessment, which was tasked by President Obama around the 5th of December, to put together all the reporting at whatever classification level, to put in one place, one document, the extent, magnitude, and depth of the Russian interference in the election.

And, early on, then President-elect Trump just couldn’t accept that."
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MrMagic says
More notable, Mr. Brennan then took the lead on shaping the narrative that Russia was interfering in the election specifically to help Mr. Trump

Maybe there were specific Russian facebook posts about pizzagate, or Clinton murders, strategically targeted to key markets, that supported that conclusion.
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lostand confused says
blah, blah, blah, blah-I can't argue with facts and so it must be alie-more blah, blah. LOL

Sounds like a child with his fingers in his ears. Too intellectually lazy (or just dishonest) to make sense out of the quote, or anything else I'm saying.

What is it, triggered becasue I could tell your source for this is Rush Limbaugh. Yes. Lying. Using the word "blames" is a lie.
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lostand confused says
Come down to the real world and have an adult conversation, then we can talk

Like this ?lostand confused says
blah, blah, blah, blah-I can't argue with facts and so it must be alie-more blah, blah. LOL.
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lostand confused says
Well, well, well- Clapper blames Obama for the entire Russian witch hunt-LOL-this is going to be fun.

Yes, the word "blames" makes this basically a lie. I attribute it to Rush Limbaugh, based on a quick google search.
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lostand confused says
marcus says
lostand confused says
Come down to the real world and have an adult conversation, then we can talk

You mean Like this ?

lostand confused says
blah, blah, blah, blah-I can't argue with facts and so it must be alie-more blah, blah. LOL.

So you flagged my post-how liberal. . That is a mirror tot he way you are acting.
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lostand confused says
Nope , he basically just came out and said everything is Obama's fault. But liberlas, liberlas.LOL-you guys now just make me laugh.

I wish that your repeating an assertion being the extent of your willingness or ability to even hear me, made me laugh.
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lostand confused says
everything is Obama's fault

There it is again. You really can't see the lie ?
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If and when the full story of Russian involvement comes out (I'm not even talking about Trump's compaign's involvement (clue:neither was Clapper)). if and when there is a ton of proof of Russian involvement in the election, are you still going to continue with this kind of nonsensical fake news ?
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The difficult thing for Trump and Trumpeters is that even if there wasn't collusion directly between Trump and Russia in our 2016 election, the idea that it's possible that Trump only won becasue of Russian involvement, triggers the hell out of you people,

IT's especially difficult for Trump to accept that possibility, which in turn makes his behavior even worse than it already was.

Whcih did he say ? Was it that he couldn't see why it "wouldn't" be Russia. or couldn't see how it "would" be Russia. Which is more consistent with the sentences that followed about how Putin "strongly and powerfully denies."

No biggee it's at the same level as countless lies we hear per week every week from Trump. No biggee.
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lostand confused says
Hilalry and it appears the FBI and Obozo colluded witht he Russians to spy on trump and derail his campaign.

I'll credit your imagination. But this is more recycled fake news. In the reality based world it's already been accepted that the spying was done on people other than Trump, but in his campaign who were in fact guilty of at a minimum entertaining offers from Russia without reporting them to law enforcement agencies.
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lostand confused says
Out comes Clapper saying-hey it was Obama -he si responsible for everything including the special counsel.

I understand that your sources spin hard to the right. But if you read carefully, you will see that Clapper is only referring the "Intelligence Community Assessment" which was basically a request to put all existing intelligence reporting that already existed on Russian involvement in the election in to one document.

Sure, much that followed including congressional briefings, and the Mueller investigation may not have happened without that report. But be objective for a moment. Why is Russian involvement in our election not a big deal ? And I'm not talking about collusion with Trump now.

I believe that if Trump was more secure about all of this, and if he had normal Presidential leadership skills, he would have taken the lead in chastising Putin for his involvement in our election, and he would be praising Mueller's investigation, even if it is uncovering bad actors in his own campaign. Instead, being the stable genius that he is, he acts like he's guilty of something and terrified about what's going to come out about him. I guess the most generous interpretation is that he's trolling the left, and that he's thinking of the ratings for this reality TV drama we call the Trump Presidency.
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Newsflash: The objective of the Mueller investigation is to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

It doesn't say anything about connecting it to Trumps campaign. We just don't know how involved Trump was. Sure there's shoddy "journalism" and internet based and other commentary garbage on both sides of the question about collusion. But it's not even the goal of the investigation to show that. Considering that Mueller is a republican, I would assume the hope at least would be that they try to find evidence of collusion and fail. If Trump is confident that he and his sons weren't stupid enough to collude with Russians (although there are stupid public statements by Trump more or less asking for Russia to Hack in to Hillary's email server - he was "just kidding."), then he should be saying positive things about the investigation, while maybe expressing disappointment about some of the findings so far.

Sure you can find garbage on the internet that is liberal spinning that's nearly as bad as this from the OP:

Obama was behind spying on President Trump and all the corrupt and criminal actions involving the government, including the Mueller investigation –

From one of the first lines of the opinion piece that was posted above.

Why the need to talk about OBama blame, and "criminal corrupt actions."

IT's almost as if they are programming the base in fear of some bombshell that's going to come out..

The sad thing is that I believe all this propaganda might actually work. Or maybe it's not sad. We don't want the TPBs of the world on on the street killing liberals becasue Trump was impeached out of office (which you guys would spin as a coup d'etat )

The Housing Trap
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