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Quigley says
Looks like Trump is making major gains with the black vote. Turns out they aren’t big DACA and illegal immigrant fans because that makes it easier for employers to discriminate against black workers in favor of cheaper foreign labor. So ya, while Democrats flagellate the immigrant issue, loudly claiming to have moral high ground, black voters are escaping the Democrat plantation.

This. Only logical. Blacks have already historically a disadvantage in the hoods they grow up, and any not highly skilled immigrant will compete directly with them, esp. illegals. It's in the black populations's best interest to take a hard stance on immigration.
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HeadSet says
It's going to be a Liberal female shit show the next few elections as all of the Male Candidates castrate themselves for the good of the "Resist Trump".

Let me guess how this is going to work when selecting the next Democrat nominee for President in 2020:

Any male who enters the nomination race with any chance of winning will find a slew of accusers claiming sexual harassment or related inappropriate behavior. Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren will lead the call for such male nominees to resign. They will. With all the male candidates cleared out, only Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren will be in the running. Kirsten Gillibrand will end up being the nominee after the Washington Post publishes a leak that Elizabeth Warren has a penis.

lol. mosdef possible.
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Ponzi scheme
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Yeah there is very likely a man-made effect, however CO2 concentrations have been much higher in the past and yet the earth still experienced harsh ice ages. The question remains if this is something to really worry about or just keep an eye on. My bet is on the latter. Compared to the sun activity and its maunder minimums this effect is likely negligible.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
anon_e09d2 says
u mean prices won't drop a dime even after a massive 7.0 - 9.0 earthquake that levels everything and then brings Tsunami that levels whatever was left remaining?

Dude, I repeat: after a massive EQ in CA the resulting tsunami will be outbound. It will flood some expensive RE for sure, but not in CA. Try Japan.

There are tsunami evacuation routes though everywhere here near Ocean beach. So there is the possibility of an inbound Tsunami. Still this has little to do with house prices, which I expect to stall and possibly drop a little on rising rates and unaffordability. No crash in sight yet, stock market becoming a it more volatile though.
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FortWayne says
Housing had some nice appreciation in last 6 years, but so did everything else. From 2012 and on you could have put money into stock market and gotten all same gains as houses. Hell some stocks would have made you an instant millionnaire.

Only difference, is you can't borrow money to buy stocks. So some borrow money to buy houses, and hope to cash out on appreciation. Although most house purchases are still families.

You can borrow with a margin account, but the leverage is less than when buying a house. Still you can get quite a decent leverage for ~8% APR.
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anon_e09d2 says
Logan Mohtashami says
Whatever net equity you create that is even better as that goes into the forced saving thesis.

I bought my million dollar shaq in bay area in 2009. Now its worth $2M. I have a loan of $420K remaining on the property (it would have been lower if the bitch didn't ditch me and cash out her share of equity in the house) and my mortgage is around $2500 per month, out of which around $1500 is interest. So I figure my real cost of staying in the house is $1500 (mortgage interest) + $1000 (property tax) = $2500 per month. After cashing out all the equity in the house, my ex-bitch is now paying $3600 per month in rent compared to my $2,500. I already feel like I am one up on the bitch. If I rent out the house, I will get $5300 per month in rent or around $1500 profit every month.

Did you buy that house by yourself and let the bitch onto the title? Don't do that again, if you are the primary buyer, only you are on the title. Period.
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ja says
anon_eba5e says
I’m an old timer from this site’s past.


Did you calculate if this investment would still be possible in Nevada? Or whether it would have been possible in a big city at all?

I"d be careful believing anything that is said on the interwebs. And today you should be doubly careful when buying for investment purposes, the ROI simply isn't much there anymore and the possibility of quite some depreciation is real. The 2008 crisis and the following QE bonanza was an anomaly for the market. Phoenix and Las Vegas areas WERE cheap though following the crash.
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Logan Mohtashami says
Be mindful with housing that real home prices national are not back to 2006 levels here in the U.S. and interest rates are 2% - 2.75% lower in this cycle duration period which lasting a long time.

Channel out 10 year yield peaks in 2000 and 2006 & 2007 and we haven't even come close to breaking over the 3% 10 year yield data and even with more PMI data on fire our 10 year yield is still sticking in it's big cycle channel between 1.56% - 2.62%

2 year yield is up over 2% and we can easily see an inversion this year with any market pull back and drop in oil prices

I see the possibility of a drop in housing prices if rates rise significantly, but will they, that is the question. Not enough rumbles in the bond/rate market yet.
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anon_b7985 says
Oh man.... I put bitcoin buy orders in between 8-9k. Was hoping it dips more. See strong buy activity at the moment. Some people will make a killing off this dip. I was hoping the panic sellers will put more pressure on the prices. Oh well, at least I picked up some ltc and ETH on the low side. If we start the rally now I will add more to all my positions.

You can't see any activity as most buy and sell cycles are really lengthy (take 24 hours or more) until this is better controlled with many ETFs and futures. This is at the mercy of the few whales and already lost 50% for its peak. Could crash further if more whales decide to sell.
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Hutch says
TwoScoopsPlissken says
Tom Friedman, John McCain, the Clintons, Schumer, the Bushes, David Brooks, etc.

So who isn't a swamp creature in DC?.... Besides Trump, of course.

Ron Paul, Rand Paul. Kucinich (ex). Sanders (though he is a really "good" socialist redistributing career-politician). 80/20 rule usually works well everywhere in life. At least 80% are swamp creatures.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
I think incivility is defined as attacked a poster specifically. You can crap on ideas or classify groups of people, just not the individual themselves.

"I've never seen so many people fawn before Court Historians, when just a couple of years ago those same people were warning about Media Consolidation" is fine.

"Username is an A-hole." is not.

Yeah but the whole incivility thing is just a crutch because of some people not being able to control their speech on this site while simultaneously demanding changes and moderation rights. I still prefer the full; freedom of speech version of this site, and why you should not be able to call a shithole a shithole is only a thought for leftoid TDS minds. That being said, the site has cleaned up a bit and people can discuss diametrically opposite viewpoints without crying or leaving. Pros and cons..
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HappyGilmore says
mell says
why you should not be able to call a shithole a shithole is only a thought for leftoid TDS minds

lol--it was Trump supporting special snowflakes that pushed for civility.

No it was unnamed feathered animals cries for moderation or selective whacking of "trolls" while lashing out with extreme vulgarity at any opposing view. I think this civility thing only came to fruition because it is the least subjective moderation criteria. Not a fan of it, but have to admit it has worked at least some.
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Regarding San Francisco though I think that the city should simply put up as many public restrooms as feasable. This is an expenditure that doesn't cost the world and would improve its image and tourism drastically. Win-win. But they have to protect their lush pensions so they cannot spend any money on stuff like that.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
mell says
Regarding San Francisco though I think that the city should simply put up as many public restrooms as feasable. This is an expenditure that doesn't cost the world and would improve its image and tourism drastically.

They tried. And fucked up as usual:

"When the city debuted 25 automated, self-cleaning public toilets on some of San Francisco's busiest streets, they were supposed to alleviate public urination and keep our streets cleaner. At the time, city officials promised "a little touch of Paris."

Paris never smelled like this.

This week I walked into the public toilet on the bustling intersection of Powell and Market and immediately thought - how long can I hold my breath? The place smelled awful, the floor was wet, and there was something horrible in the toilet. Welcome San Francisco tourists!

The toilets were installed in 1995 and ever since have...

The problem is they likely cut a corrupt sweetheart deal with that company, they always do. Automation is not always cheaper and it was obvious it wouldn't work here. They should put welfare recipients to clean up work if they want to keep their benefits and maybe offer shelter in exchange for homeless able volunteers. Despite the rhetoric human labor is still affordable - unless leftoids continue to fuck it up and raise the minimum wage of a burger flipper to that of a surgeon - and the threat of withholding welfare benefits can work wonders. Just put simple toilets in there and have people clean them daily, you know, like Starbucks does.
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anon_ee4d1 says
Even if he did that she would still received half of the equity gained during the marriage. Unless the house has been in an LLC with its own money that never took any money from the him or her or community funds during the entire marriage. Correct?

Need some expert divorce Laywer or victim to confirm or correct this.

mell says
anon_e09d2 says
Logan Mohtashami says
Whatever net equity you create that is even better as that goes into the forced saving thesis.

I bought my million dollar shaq in bay area in 2009. Now its worth $2M. I have a loan of $420K remaining on the property (it would have been lower if the bitch didn't ditch me and cash out her share of equity in the house) and my mortgage is around $2500 per month, out of which around $1500...

Yeah, half of the appreciation, but if she's on the title it's half the value which is significantly more.
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Patrick says
(Unless you buy on margin, generally a bad idea.)

I thought so too, but on the long side it has actually made me good $$. It's like an 7%-8% credit card with current rates, and if you don't buy extremely risky stocks but those on a good growth path this extra leverage can be awesome.
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errc says
anon_b7985 says
Aaaah, the rocket started :( not all of my buy orders filled. We are Witnessing a mega rally now.....wish I could have picked up more but happy I got a steal on a few ones. Gotta be happy for what I got during this dip. Would not be surprised if we see new all time highs soon.

I wish I had more ETH

I’m curious to here the reasoning of all the people who keep saying that it is a bubble and how they’re so sure it’s going down. I just glanced at the charts, I’m not so certain that it’s a bubble or that it’s popped. Bitcoin is 50% off it’s peak deserves some context. How many ‘bitholders’ were created at the peak?

Ethereum is still up 50% from 5 weeks ago lol.

It's backed by nothing, at least the supply is limited, but nobody knows what the intrinsic value is and the turnaround times for buys and sells are way too long to not get stuck. As a form of payment it is here to stay but I doubt we will see new highs any time soon, more likely more corrections. I'd agree though that the frenzy/mania hasn't settled yet and it may be too soon to call it done.
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MAGA! Trump is president!

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Can't stop the winning! This tax reform will turn out as one of the biggest boons to the economy. MAGA!
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Trump is president!

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It's a leftoid mental disease and should be treated as such.
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Patrick says
It's not the lady that's in danger.

It's more like "Dude, you want to employ a woman, you'll have unlimited liability depending solely on what she says about you for any reason or no reason. That's the deal."

Absolutely and many small biz owners will tell you off the record that they avoid hiring women for that reason. Muh discrimination! ;)
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FP says
Patrick says
if a woman voluntarily goes into a private space with a man, with no witnesses, it should be assumed that she intends to have sex with him

Can't she change her mind after she gets alone with the man? What if he pulls out a 16 inch green dick? You can take this extreme example and work your way gradually back (e.g. what if it is a 15 inch green dick, what if she finds out at that moment that he had fucked her grandma, what if...?)

Possible but then there should be clear marks of violence on her body next to his DNA as well as sperm. You can't come out and say I consider it rape now because his dick didn't feel good. Believe me any man who has sampled a bit knows that there are vajs that don't feel (or smell) good either, but sometimes you have to take out the scuba gear and suck it up, or respectfully leave without crying wolf. It's part of being treated equal regardless of gender.
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Btw. if you want to see a real shit show tell her you reconsidered after she stripped down naked for you and you're passing on sex and tell her to put the clothes back on, You will be verbally and possibly physically assaulted for not sexually assaulting her after she stripped down (because womyns 'logic') and she will never forgive you. Ah the good old bachelor days...
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yeah, some failed predictions here from unnamed feathered animals as well. You can say a lot about Trump but surely not that he's been pro-establishment so far, lol. He's got literally the whole deep state swamp and lamestream media agains him, MAGA!
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Dems will never recover from this. Leftoids have mushed their brains. MAGA!
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Did market ticker call for indictments for all Republicans that employ any illegals?

Actually KD did, many times, call for jail time if knowingly employing illegal immigrants.
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anon_73126 says
HappyGilmore says
according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Friday.

yes, we all know how accurate their polling is. Remember the election, is Hillary President yet, they had her ahead by 10 points?

Correct. Rasmussen is one of the very few pollsters that are accurate due to missing leftoid cheat mode.
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That's fake news. For example the support for Trump in Germany is much much higher than its lame-stream media is reporting. Do not conflate propaganda media outlets with the sentiment of the people. Trump is yugely popular in Poland, Hungary, Austria and many more European countries. MAGA!
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anon_713cd says
what shutdown? You mean they might close Yosemite for 12 hrs? Then a sudden bi-partisan extension and back to business as usual. Lots of photo-ops and hand shaking. How many times have we already seen this episode and yet the sheep are still able to get in panic mode.

Usually that is how it works out. Still this time the leftoid fuzz to protect illegals is a new low.
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Germans are starting to rise up. Thousands demonstrated in Cottbus after knife attack. Lamestream media is trying to suppress it, but the tables are turning on the leftoids, and that self-flagellating mental illness is being exposed and opposed by more and more Germans. MGGA!
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Trump is president!

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Europe doesn't need anybody. They have all they need. Birth rates are rising again. They should follow Trump and close the borders and make Europe Great again! It's coming - MEGA!
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Fuck Scumer! MAGA!
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jvolstad says
anon_cc33d says
The Republicans are being obstinate over immigration by refusing to vote for something popular

Like voting to keep these ILLEGAL guys in our country? Do you think protecting these guys with a appropriation bill should be in the same bill as keeping the government open for services for American CITIZENS?

Future members of the California Association of Realtors.

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Genius and funny. MAGA!