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Onvacation says
Trump did not start the failed war on drugs. Unfortunately he probably wont stop it. A self proclaimed teetotaler Trump is heavily addicted to caffeine in the form of diet coke.

Trump already signaledhe will not stand in the way and treat it as a states rights issue which it should be - if communities can completely outlaw smoking tobacco they should be able to outlaw weed (or everything should be legal and communities and states have no rights to overturn). It's up to congress to pass legislation, Trump will sign it.
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The problem is that this has become an extortion business for any "protected minority" do jour, be it muslim, black, lgbtqq=xyzawesome or even women. It's not different than those lawyer skanks leeching around in supermarkets, restaurants and where not just trying to find any ADA violations they can sue the business owners for. People get fired, careers and business destroyed over that shit. If there is a legitimate grievance there should be some small claims court equivalent, fast decision with a cap on fines (like a parking ticket) for adjucating those cases but nobody should lose their job or business over shit like that.
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socal2 says
BoomAndBustCycle says
There's a reason the saying is true.... "Ignorance is bliss!"

Yet polls show that Conservatives are typically better informed on the issues than Liberals.

Conservatives are marinated in Liberal group\-think our whole lives through non-stop programming by our media, Hollywood and academia. So we grow up knowing both sides of the issues and have to have tougher skin to stand up for our views.

Liberals can go their whole lives and insulate themselves from Conservative points of view. Especially when they reach college and their formative years. When Liberals occasionally stumble upon ...

Yeah it has nothing to do with ignorance or intelligence. There are believers and non-believers across the full spectrum and likely fairly evenly distributed. I do think it is deliberate propaganda by lamestream media and elites that eventually causes people to groupthink and be mad at all the rays cysts who don't think like them. Divide and conquer.
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BoomAndBustCycle says
mell says
Yeah it has nothing to do with ignorance or intelligence.

The problem mainly you only have 2 choices... What options does a fiscally conservative and socially liberal atheist have in the current environment? Trump is treating the presidency like a reality tv show.

You can support the Trump policies and presidency without being a fan. In the end policies, concrete actions matter, not feelz or how you mince words. I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal as well (despite being Catholic). But I see no policies/laws enacted/signed by Trump that have harmed minorities or changed basic daily life. I supported Rand Paul but it was clear soon he isn't going to win. I'm not always with Trump and his deliveries but we dodged a major bullet by defeating Hillary and that deserves credit.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
She needs dick in the worst way. I volunteer. Trust me, in this case crazy eyes are NOT a bad thing.

And braces.
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RafiMaas says
Tenpoundbass says
The Chinese did, according to well-placed FBI sources.
well placed and unnamed source aka FAKE NEWS?

This is a testimony, very different from an unnamed source. Why would she be lying about it, there's no upside only downside for her. The whole thing confirms that women are better at being in it for themselves - it's smart on her side to cooperate here. Strzok got cucked, rightfully so. This is getting better by the day, let's see if this crucial detail makes it into the lamestream media.
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Page is testifying that it was the Chinese. Sure she has it from their sources but she is the one testifying. That is different from any blogger or newspaper who can make up whatever they want based on "unnamed sources" without any consequences for them, it will have consequences for her if she is caught lying. Could she be lying? Sure. Not likely though. You'd have to force the FBI to reveal their source(s) to get full confirmation, good luck with that. Esp. since they don't want all their anti-Trump operations to come out. And no matter whether you believe it's fake news or not, just for balance the lamestream media should report on it as they do routinely with all their anti-Trump "unnamed sources". They don't have to say it's the truth, just reporting on it would be a big fist step in the right direction from losing the fake news status though.
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Plenty of socialism in south america for them to flee to. The problem in mexico is corruption. Once they free themselves from it they will thrive.
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jazz_music says
mell says
The problem in mexico is corruption

America too

Agreed. No doubt but Mexico's dwarfs it. The more corrupt the poorer the country. And while it can totally happen in capitalist countries it's more prevalent in socialist ones.
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MAGAbrush says
mell says
And while it can totally happen in capitalist countries it's more prevalent in socialist ones.

Its like every time we talk about using our democracy to benefit the masses you and your pals switch the subject to socialism and how that is a bad thing.

The funny thing is that Hugo Chavez' big mistake was failing to permit the continued exploitation of his nation’s oil wealth on terms dictated by international oil companies, no one would have the least concern for any “tyranny” found within his borders.

Obviously wealth evolved beyond nation states now into one international corporate elite, who uses American military might to enforce their rule globally. The boom in military budget simultaneous with the loss of taxes will bring about the desired end of ALL programs like social security and medicare.

BTW the basic deal between elites and certain preferred elements of...

Disagree on a few points but interesting thoughts. So 1) what do you propose as a better alternative to capitalism (there's none so far) and aren't you then delighted by Trumps policies which embody traditional leftist protectionism as well?
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jazz_music says
mell says
a better alternative to capitalism

Is there an "ism" word for taking what we got and focusing it on the population instead of neocons who want to use our military to bring the world to its knees?

What kind of "ism" is that?

So far we don't seem to be able to stop the military build up simultaneous with the loss of tax revenues and the loss of our jobs, and jobs are the wealth that we create. If we can't regulate the neocons from gutting our country of all its wealth then we don't have much of country left already.

This recent tax break set us up to fall into corporate globalism as a bankrupt warlord nation.

You are going to be surprised how fast life is going to change into a new corporate feudalism if we keep going like this. Plenty of people feel the change already with the loss of retirement, the forced migration for short lived jobs, loss of homes, loss of he...

Prophecies like these have been made time and time before. At the end of the day you can look at all countries and see where life is worth living, and it's going to be 99% capitalist countries. Doesn't mean they have the best model. But they do so far. I so share some of your observations, the economy has changed quite a bit into a service-driven model where jobs are often temporary and people naturally now have to have 2nd jobs or other means of making money. I don't see how this is connected though to specific political influence, it's simply capitalism constantly evolving. We're certainly moving away from a warlord nation under Trump, so that's a good thing - if the left would stop complaining. I assert that if Trump wouldn't have so much resistance in the neocon / deep state / left space he would have been much much more isolationist and would have taken the US out of many more useless wars.
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Heraclitusstudent says
his complete immorality on matter of sexual conduct

He brought 5 children into the world in marriages that were/are far stabler than the average marriage today, provided for them financially and gave them - as well as his spouses - a good life. They (except for the youngest) are all successful an have their own careers now, haven't been in conflict with the law and have their own families. Far from being a saint, yet there's a million times more morality displayed than by the abortion-praising, men and nuclear family-hating, and murderous-criminals glorifying soy-laden pussyhatters.

Heraclitusstudent says
his total disdain for allies and adulation of despots, and enemies of the countries

This was never a problem when leftists visited countries where women, gays et al. are routinely stoned. It's called diplomacy and Trump at least achieves real change for the better in those countries.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Obama didn't brag about grabbing pussies

Every man does at some point in his life. Those who claim otherwise are most likely lying, going by Occam's razor. Most women brag at some point about wild romps with their lovers (or exes), penis size and girth and how they took charge (or were taken wildly when submissive).
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justme says
Ah, I see. Another propaganda article: 'It was Democrats fault when/if families were "broken up" by politics'. What nonsense.

Seriously, is there nothing better to do than to post and celebrate these feel-good Republican/Trumpist propaganda articles?

I know about many family splits where the left side quit relations with the right, I don't know about a single case on the opposite. We had Republican and Democratic presidents forever and families did not split up over this. Clearly the hyperbole that you cannot live in peace with a family member, friend, colleague etc. of the opposite political tribe is currently coming from the left.
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Heraclitusstudent says
But of course, all the holier-than-thou blessed-asses evangelicals are perfectly happy to look the other way.

There are many religious conservatives who have criticized or even denounced Trump over this. I don't think many that take religious sexual morals very seriously are looking the other way. It's just that Trump has a lot of support from other groups as well, he isn't the perfect candidate for the religious right for sure. But he's got something for everyone.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
By this metric, I have balls the size of the Liberty Bell because I was a Goth Kid wearing Mascara in 1991.

I listened to a lot of so-called goth music but never went for the fad and the looks. However on a few occasions - just because the girls thought it would be funny - they put white powder and a bit of mascara and dark lipstick on me. I remember coming back from a concert being accosted by a more islamic turk (some are very secular) for being a faggot and I told him just to mess with him better being a faggot than a stinking half-legal immigrant turk - he was steaming but we were all 6 ft 3 and up strong industrial/goth types so he just continued with verbal diarrhea since he was too afraid to attack. I have made fun of my own partial mediterranean (immigrant) roots with same rooted foreigners (back then the left wasn't quite as rabid) who then wanted to start a fight with me, the rayscyst (while my friends chuckled) because I talked shit about their rays! Good times. I miss those times where shit like this wasn't politicized at every angle and corner and it was just good fun and a few brawls.
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Also the recent Schnatter case shows the whole craziness of PC politics. The Papa John's founder was - during his own mandated diversity training - asked to come up with examples of bad treatment and racism in the past and he detailed something along the lines that "blacks were dragged from trucks until they died" - and he got in trouble and had to resign for telling a truth. Guess instead of reporting the real cruelties during slavery this was way to traumatizing to confront people with (the truth) and he should have come up with an example of a modern micro-aggression instead. And he's gone.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Quigley says
Everyone with two functioning brain cells understands that the mainstream media is utterly owned and controlled by six billionaires who are pro-globalism, pro-New World Order, pro-mass immigration, anti-worker, pro-debt, and pro-military industrial complex. They use social issues du jour and racial issues as a way of muddying the waters and dividing people into camps. Before Trump, those camps were divided down red and blue lines, but the party leadership of BOTH sides was following the script and the agenda set down by these billionaires.

Exactly, except instead of discussing globalism, immigration, anti labor policies, debt and crony capitalism, people are now screaming about pussy grabbers, Stormy Daniels, shitty nations, kids separated from their mothers, immigrants are rapists, etc, etc... Everything fell down to Trump's level.

There is no nuanced debate of complex id...

Sure, DT's politics are controversial and there seem to be points of gripe for many, but the unhinged, undemocratic, and fascist behavior is coming from the left. That is what the original article claims and the author is spot on here. I don't think the OP claimed that DT is always right or never lies or embellishes etc.
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Soon you won't be eligible for public office if hysteric leftoids profile your baby video collection and detect that you may have uttered the word negro at the age of 10 months. Could also have been lego or nigiri of course, but better to err on the side of caution.
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This is definitely an opportunistic flip-flop. He used to criticize the Feds ZIRP - to be fair a bit different than 1%-2% but still - but now that he is in power he doesn't want higher rates so that his economic numbers - which are by almost every measure fantastic nonetheless - stay where they are and don't decline. Don't think it's a big deal, the market barely reacted, neither did the Fed. Keeping his hate relationship with the Fed, could be worse. But def a flip.
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CBOEtrader says
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
spent nearly $250,000


This is one of those universally present facts about our govt. Partisan hacks have been accusing the other side of waste since propaganda was invented.

The big difference is that today the left is righteously calling for assassinations and public assaults of wrongthinkers.

Agreed. Also they would have to spend far less if the TDS'ed leftoids stopped whipping up so much hate against everything Trump so that there would be less threats.
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Strategist says
Rin says
Seriously, the age of the Clintonians has got to go.

I think the age of career politicians has got to go. Useless mutts. Lets bring in the smart businessmen.

That would be good across the planet, let's continue with Europe.
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clambo says
There is no need for the Fed to raise interest rates.

The purpose of raising rates was to combat inflation. Paul Volker raised rates when inflation was over 10%.

I hope they don't raise rates either.

Well there is inflation in local goods and services that cannot be imported, just look at housing or healthcare. Overall it is not super high, but prices in general have been rising a bit faster lately. I think the Fed shouldn't exist at all and let the market set the rates.

Tenpoundbass says
mell says
But def a flip.

If he said he was happy they would cut the rates to 0.025%, now they may raise it to 5% where it belongs. Just to Fuck Trump, Trump is so good he fucks them with their own dicks.

Ha maybe.
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Yeah I remember the story about the sale of aborted fetuses body parts. Thoroughly disgusting.
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I wouldn't call that a bad beating but it clearly shows the hypocrisy of the European Elite. Import rapefugees by the millions and let the common citizen deal with the crime fallout but being surrounded by bodyguards ready to step in as soon as some student soyboy even approaches them. Fuck the EUrocrats.
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Plus the chicks are hot. Loved the bloodhound gang.
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Tim Aurora says

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. bodyguards best US protesters. US did nothing

Erdogan is a dick(tator) but - on any diplomatic visit - if you get to close to the high-ranking visitor, esp. protesting and/or as a safety threat, you get a beating. This has been the case forever. Plus the US, long before Trump has been using Turkey as a NATO buffer to the middle-east. So there's nothing to "do" for the US here.
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"Some homeowners feared that allowing the public onto the beach would lure hordes who would litter it. Since Santa Barbara County is 46 percent Hispanic and has the highest rate of child poverty in California, at 28.8 percent, one could argue that there’s a whiff of economic and racial discrimination in that fear."

More leftoid idiocy. The same wealthy leftoids slamming Trump while advocating open borders surely close those borders when it comes to "their" beaches, because of all the Mexicans they brought in. The unhinged SJWs and other poorer leftist peons are just their pawns.

#walkaway already
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Strategist says
Why do we as Americans allow people who hate us to come into this country. It sounds pretty stupid to me.

The US is still better off as long as the leftoid lunatics are kept at bay and ICE can do their job. Europe is really fucked. At least here in the US you can lose your green card, visa, asylum status etc. for any violent crime and other crimes. In Europe illegals literally commit murders and then come back into the same country and bring their whole family on the dole with them.
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That cartoon makes only partial sense if at all. Yeah he - like every politician - occasionally embellishes and even lies - but literally every group in the US is better off under Trump than any other president, so it's the opposite of being ripped off. They are all doing better. So the only thing that's left to debate is the feelz.

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This is horrible. I shared it (I have a majority of lefty and left-leaning friends) and encourage others to share this too. There is a good post by the African-American conservatives on facebook about it. The more people see the derangement level of the leftoids the sooner we can get back to reasonable debates and civility, and - most important - free speech. If I am ever in the area I will make sure to patronize it as well and there better will be no violent opposition.
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marcus says
rom my pov the tipping point of unhinged hate was the election of Trump.

I've been listening to unhinged hate being spewed by the right for decades.

You keep talking about feelz and your personal interpretation. The only unhinged hate is the deranged behavior of the left, the rest is freedom of speech and political debate. Nowhere ever has Trump or any other important righty called for violence against anyone (it's usually the opposite), so the facts are pretty clear here.
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HowdyThere says
Have you considered that not everyone who votes liberal has the same values as the republicans assign to them?

Liberals is a misnomer anyways, most people labeled Liberals are actually leftoids. The true original Liberals originating in the Liberal bourgeoisie are today's Libertarians / Conservatives.
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HowdyThere says
mell says
The more people see the derangement level of the leftoids the sooner we can get back to reasonable debates and civility, and - most important - free speech.

You call people leftoids, and then hope for reasonable debate and civility. Good luck.

Much better than right-wing haters and Nazis, literally Hitler and so on though, don't you think. And I distinguish them from Liberals and moderate heartland Democrats.
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HowdyThere says
mell says
Liberals is a misnomer anyways, most people labeled Liberals are actually leftoids.

Liberals are leftoids. Germans were gerry during WW2. Vietnamese were gooks. Koreans were zipper heads. It's important to dehumanize your opponents in war, and politics apparently.

That's on the same line as Trumpcucks and I don't care about it. There's a difference between that and calling people Nazis, haters etc.
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Unbelievable. Then the lamestream media complains about being called fake news ;)
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Lol deranged. And that's why nobody in xir right mind can be a current leftoid. They will come for zir no matter what zir says or what zirs preferred gender Du jour is. Zirs opinion will never be fucked up enough and at the first sign of cisgender white speech zir's done.
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More Russian hotties, less rapefugees.

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