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Aphroman says
The pussification of America

Why are white Conservatives such spineless wimps? Stand up for yourselves if you feel so attacked for christ sakes.

I can tell you as a savagely unapologetic bad ass American Man, i would never subject myself, nor put up with, such nonsense

You gotta get shit done for yourself, not sit around always playing the victim, whinging about it and crying foul.

It's not always up to them, you are not supposed to take the law into your own hand (unless in a self-defense situation), esp. in CA/SV. And maybe they want to avoid unnecessary confrontation/violence, so reporting to the authorities seem appropriate.
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bob2356 says
mell says
The debt is still in the news everywhere, it's not being suppressed, and it is a concern, no matter if Obummer or Trump is racking it up.

How many times have mcconnal, ryan, etc. etc. called the debt a national disaster since election 2016 if it's still a concern? Hint it's a number less than 1. Pretty odd after 8 years of non stop hysteria about the debt wouldn't you say?

Yeah I'd agree on that, but that's partisan politics done on both sides. I was referring to the media/news (as stated above) which definitely reports it regularly. I have no doubt that McConnel, Ryan et. al. are deliberately not talking about the debt now.
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bob2356 says
mell says

Yeah I'd agree on that, but that's partisan politics done on both sides. I was referring to the media/news (as stated above) which definitely reports it regularly. I have no doubt that McConnel, Ryan et. al. are deliberately not talking about the debt now.

I read a wide variety of news every day and sorry but it's not there very often at this point.

The thread is about when the republicans were screaming about the debt, no the news.

No also the allegedly suppressing oligarch media is explicitly mentioned. And that's a falsehood as the debt is still topic in plenty of news articles every week. So yes the repubs whine less about it now that it's their debt, the media reporting hasn't changed.
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Patrick says
Aphroman says
I’ve read APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch lay out in detail the known particulars of Trump laundering Russian Oligarch money thru Trump Tower

I'm sure that the Democratic Party would be desperately hyping this angle if there were any evidence at all.

And yet they are not. Conclusion?

Any day now.
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Funny thing is regardless how great of a businessman Trump really is he was celebrated as the great template American business man by the same people for many years who now must rezist and claim he sucks at doing business! Can't make this shit up.
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Loved the MAGA test alert!

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Goran_K says
Seriously, that was the point of my original post.

Fact: Obama and Hillary Clinton made millions from "speaking engagements" (aka corporate bribes)

Democrats: "So? Who cares? Rezizzssst! Occupy Wall Street!!!!!!!"

Total hypocrites blind to justice when it serves their own party.

It's eye-opening and powerful to leave the leftoid plantation, anywhere, anytime.
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WookieMan says
Lol, the debt is never getting paid back! No point in fake outrage from anyone here or elsewhere. Enjoy life, you've only got one, and no individual here is doing a damn thing about the debt. Too much god damn complaining around here lately from everyone. You could be dead tomorrow and what does the debt matter? Your kids and their kids will be just fine. Just move the money around on the piece of paper/computer.

Debt is a yuge deal for countries that don't have the reserve currency everyone is tied to, for the US currently not so much, as long as the GDP output grows in a similar fashion. But that's why one must monitor what the rest of the world does, if they move to another currency or into hard assets such as gold/silver and start dumping US debt papers then it's time to pay attention.
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WookieMan says
When did American's become so unconfident in themselves? I'd see that as the bigger problem.

Well Trump is fixing this right now so this should not be a problem anymore after 4 more years.
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cmdrdataleak says
(I have been a monthly contributing member to ACLU for approximately 2 decades.)

The penultimate straw:

At a time when my city is a disaster zone because of violence and crime, the police department finally gets on top of cracking down on thugs and drug dealers only to be attacked by ACLU pushing more fake race hate fears. It is bad enough to see the deterioration around here and to hear ordinary people and families plea for the city to do something about the lawlessness, but to have ACLU try to racialize an issue of safety and crime is salt on the wound.

The final straw: this email I received about an ACLU press release a couple days ago:

Imagine an America in which a man who has s...

I have been living in SF for many years and commend you for taking that step. Well written response.
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Goran_K says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Either way, the Dems are screwed. The brought out the playbook, but because Kavanaugh has a trouble-free adulthood, they had to drag Gofundme Dollar Bills through Research Parks to craft ancient accusations working with the very avatars of the Democratic Base: Middle Aged Professional Coastie Women. None of it stuck. The pivot to "Drunk Angry Man " failed because nobody is buying that College BInge Drinking = unsuitability for the SCOTUS ~35 years later.

Yeah, they should've brought out a black transwoman. May have had slightly better effect.

Honestly though, I think the Dems just handed over a few senate seats and possibly the house. This has only happened 4 times in the history of the country for the incumbent party.

Thanks Diane!

Collins is not only reasonable but also smart. In Maine people are raw, often working in nature, they are no bullshit types that loathe leftoid SJWs (there are many Dems but most are heartland type Dems from the center), if she wants to get re-elected she needs to speak for her people which she did.
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Leftoids and SJWs will make this rape accuser sheet become like a waitlist at a restaurant - just with potentially dire consequences for the accused: just write someone's name on the list and you/they will be called up, we will send you a text message when we're ready for you. What a disgrace for real victims of rape.
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Btw. if you listen to Collins' full speech, this is what FACTS sounds like. Well done.
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Goran_K says
lostand confused says
Does she remember where the threat came from, from whom, when?

It was probably in the Summer of 1982, or maybe the early 90s. Somewhere in between or perhaps 10 years later.

Lol was going to type same, prob 35 years ago from am unknown source to an unknown address. Or so.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Goran_K says
Well, let's be honest. If you're not some brain dead partisan hack, Ford is about as unbelievable as they come.

Unless you are some brain dead republican partisan hack, she is totally believable.
This board is a right wing echo bubble. Don't believe each others, you are not representing what people think. Just listen to someone like Sam Harris (frequently critical of SJW) on the subject.

What?? This was one of the most unbelievable accusations that I have ever listened to. And many others, not just Republicans. Otherwise K would have never gotten confirmed. You have to be kidding. I do reserve the possibility that something similar what she described happened to her and and even slimmer possibility that K was involved, but to say she is credible is ludicrous. Many of my Dem pals and girls think the same - not a iota of evidence was provided and pretty much everybody else who testified directly contradicted her.
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cmdrdataleak says
HeadSet says
All of the vanguard institutions of the left are proving themselves incapable of taking a truly principled stand anymore.

Now that is an interesting point. I noticed how some patnetters are claiming that this blog has "moved to the right."

Maybe the patnetters are essentially the same, but the "left" has changed. For example, I do not think people have stopped believing in equal rights for all, private sector unions, Social Security, a true safety net, and so on. What is disagreed with is the left's support of wide open borders and the current guilty because accused treatment.of Kavanaugh.


I feel this way, too. My political perspective has changed very little over the last 10 years, but over the same time, institutions I once saw eye to eye with have become increasingly extremist.

And I don't think it is that they've moved left... ...

I have ex-gfs in the bay area, womyn who I otherwise cherish and think highly of them, smart, successful, capable. Yet they started posting after Trumps election things like "If you support this it is time to cancel our friendship and I encourage others to do the same". They are otherwise rational, but in the end they are womyn and their hindbrain just works in very mysterious ways. And it seems the extreme authoritarian-left bubble the bay area is in poisons the minds of otherwise sane people. I strongly believe they would have never posted such crap if they lived anywhere else in the US. But there's a reason why you never see anybody running around with a MAGA hat, there's a lynchmob mentality here for those who think politically different.
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HeadSet says
everyone knows that a supermajority of people with IQs in the top quartile are liberals.

And you know that how? Because you are a "Liberal" and have appointed yourself smart?

It may be somewhat true, but with the caveat that the original Liberals are today's Conservatives and Libertarians. Dems and their cultural-marxist, authoritarian left cabal have nothing to do with it (liberal).
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Heraclitusstudent says
mell says
What?? This was one of the most unbelievable accusations that I have ever listened to.

Yeah... some drunk boy in college would grope some girl... totally unbelievable... Couldn't happen. Period.
You guys give too much credit to the echos you hear in your bubble.

Grope? Nobody said anything about groping - this was about "sexual assault" "covered my mouth" "I thought he was going to kill me" shit. And no, not one of my male friends and acquaintances throughout life has even done that to a woman, drunk or not. Yes, I don't believe her, but it is "possible" of course. Many things are possible.
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Look at these one-worded, unwitty cunts compared to a class-act like Collins.
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Goran_K says
Heraclitusstudent says
Don't argue with me. I give it a 60% chance she is not lying. And I really don't care. The uncertainty is just large.
People who say she almost certainly lying, and those who say she almost certainly isn't, are putting their egos in partisan places. This affects their judgements. imho.

6 background checks.
1 FBI investigation.
Over two decades working at the federal level without a single complaint or incident recorded.

So suddenly this gang rapist who runs trains on high school girls while drunk off his ass becomes a squeaky clean father of two daughters, federal judge with zero hint of his evil past?

Riiiiiight. Very believable narrative there.

Don't forget he's a regular punch spiker as well.
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marcus says
MEanwhile, other are now against his confirmation becasue of the outrage and non judicial temperment he showed at the hearing.

This is such nonsense. Back in the days nobody would make up crazy frivolous shit that would taint another persons life forever because you'd be challenged instantly to a duel and could lose your life, so at least by force you reconsidered lying. Today womyn can lie freely about whatever they want for incentives and get off scot free - and they have been doing exactly that. Nowadays womyn can talk any shit they want to you and push all your buttons and the minute you show manly temper for being offended in your honor you are the bully and the problem. This is not a chess match. How would you have reacted standing in front of a kangaroo tribunal being accused of a very vile crime 35 years ago by somebody you have never met? This whole charade almost had something kafka-esque to it. I'm glad it's over.
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Great video btw. looks like the Catholic church is finding its balls again. I approve this message.
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Goran_K says
How painful must’ve it been for that CNN editor to approve that front page headline?

Was she literally shaking?

I think so.

Probably. What happened to the manly though gentlemanly acceptance of defeat and acknowledging that your opponent had the right strategy instead of acting like pussyhat wearing manginas being triggered by every move?! When Obummer won I was like alright that guy had the better message and strategy, esp. since people were tired of warmonger Boosh. So it was congrats Obummer, no need to walk out and have meltdown.
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Great letter. Will share.
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bob2356 says
marcus says
Can't blame you. You're not the slightest bit racist.

ROFLOL. No not the least little bit.

It''s really sad to see people living in such a dark ugly hate filled alternative reality that they have created.

Funny, TPB regularly talks about talking to black friends, colleagues etc. about politics. They seem to get along even if they have political differences, talking to each other like adults. I don't know anybody who has even been accused by a black friend/acquaintance as racist. It's always the white leftoids that need to shit on every friendship, business relationship, sports and other rivalry or whatever else between grown up adults of different color by injecting the cry for racism. The same for women. They ruin everything by treating blacks and women like deranged children that need special plantation protection. The best thing about equality is determining your own course in society, business and politics regardless of color or gender, and surely without some dickweed white twat constantly tell you you're the deranged victim that cannot stand up for themselves and make their own decisions, good and bad.
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It's fucking twilight zone, it's like lefty whitey constantly talking into your ear "no you can't be friends with that woman/black cause your rays cyst / mysogynist!". I'll make the bet if modern cultural-marxist Dems would piss off tomorrow and never be seen again that race/gender relations would improve rapidly and the country would finally unite.
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Patrick says
Uh, do you have any example of something you said that was censored?

The messages get flagged by default until somebody approves them.
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Patrick says

Here are the lessons (and winners) of this epic, historic battle.

First, America always does the right thing…but only after exhausting every other option.

Second, the biggest winner is President Trump. Notch another victory on his belt. The score after about 21 months in office is Trump 100, Democrats 0. Against all odds, Trump just keeps winning.

Remember this week Trump also won the Mexico-Canada trade battle; unemployment dropped to the lowest level since 1969; Hispanic unemployment dropped to the lowest ever; manufacturing jobs growth was the best since 1995, and Trump’s approval rating soared to 51 percent in the latest Rasmussen survey. Polls show Republicans pulling away in Senate races acro...

Should also be good for stock futures on Sunday night and the open on Monday. Expect a rally with the confirmation now done.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Patrick says
BayArea says
I wasn’t always a republican!

Me neither. Kind of sad about it, but feel just like Reagan on this: "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, they left me."

My parents were Democrats and so were my grandparents.

In 1984 my grandfather and grandmother on my moms side switched parties and voted for President Reagan. Keep in mind my grandfather was a factory worker most of his life, and then a union steward employed by the union for his last ten years or so. Of course he also was forced into retirement because after he warned his union repeatedly that if they continued to push their contract demands, the company would relocate overseas(They did and the company did, forcing the retirement).

In my preteens, I idolized Alex Keaton, somewhat to the chagrin of my parents(wh...

Very similar to Salvini's rise in popularity with the people in Italy. Salvini = Italian Trump
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Goran_K says
Look man. I agree with you. I don't understand the whole weed thing with ultra conservatives. I think all adults should be responsible for their own choices (weed, beer, etc).

But I think the GOP is leaning more towards liberty than the Democrats. I'm not sure how you can argue that any other way.

I voted for Ron Paul twice who was very open about weed. I also voted for Johnson.

2020 I'll probably vote for Trump. He may not be perfect, but he's better than anything we've gotten in the past 20+ years.

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Patrick says
This is true, hard to find much info about it:

I found out almost 24 hours later, and I think most on this board are newhounds. I sure missed it.

So somebody mailed Mattis and the WH, there was an arrest, but the media didn't cover it. If it was Obama, they'd be saying "a WHITE guy from Utah. A WHITE MALE from Utah."

Absolutely. And the lamestream leftoid media would go nuts with covfefe. 24/7.
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Aphroman says
mell says
Goran_K says
Look man. I agree with you. I don't understand the whole weed thing with ultra conservatives. I think all adults should be responsible for their own choices (weed, beer, etc).

But I think the GOP is leaning more towards liberty than the Democrats. I'm not sure how you can argue that any other way.

I voted for Ron Paul twice who was very open about weed. I also voted for Johnson.

2020 I'll probably vote for Trump. He may not be perfect, but he's better than anything we've gotten in the past 20+ years.


Yet you will chide liberals 100x and Republicans never, while they hold power and enforce Failed Prohibition. You always used to claim to stand for all the things that Republicans violate, so why are you so quick to get into bed with them, and then defend t...

I differed wrt neocon warmongering, drug and prostitution laws and the patriot act mass phone collection and subsidies. All of those differences except for the drug/prostitution laws and some subsidies are gone with Trump's reformed Republican party. That's a pretty close match. On the Dem side I may agree with 2 or 3 issues instead and fiercely disagree on the remaining majority. 80/20 rule clearly in favor of the Repubs. Plus some issues carry more weight than others. So I'm looking forward to 4 more years unless miraculously a better candidate comes forward. Trump or Rand 2020.
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CBOEtrader says
LeonDurham says
What did the US get from NKA?

A complacent, disarmed Kim, as opposed to one who wants to bomb us.

What do you feel we lost in the deal? Do you not remember the missile scare? That was where team Obama left us and where HRC was taking us.

Absolutely. The facts are clear here.
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marcus says
"yeah, he was an asshole in his youth. It's hard to know exactly how much of an asshole, but there is plenty of evidence, including a police report from an incident at a bar."

Without knowing somebody personally with one police report about throwing ice (lol) at somebody at a bar and 3rd party reports of occasional heavy drinking in high school/college you can't say shit about a person. Could be the nicest guy ever. It reads pretty much like every other guys resume. Nobody said he is the nicest guy ever, we just said there's zero evidence or reports of anything that would preclude this guy from taking any job.
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CBOEtrader says
marcus says
Trump has lowered pollution requirements for Coal burning factories and future cars. This is established fact.

It is established fact that Trump removed regulations, giving power back to entrepreneurs. You have yet to make a case that this is bad for the environment. Simply eliminating a regulations that "aims to help" a cause, does not mean that Trump is hurting that cause. More likely the regulation was simply more harmful than helpful. If you want to make a case against one of his decisions, please do so.

This is one of the points where I think discussion is warranted. I think clean coal is fine but there were a lot of regulations rolled back and it probably would take a while to go through each one. I am def more of a environmental protection (globull warming bs aside) and raw organic food guy, nothing better than fresh organic meat/produce/fruit. But it's asinine to prevent the betterment of coal and oil mining technology by decree, let them - including "renewable" energy - compete against each other and become cleaner and cheaper. Plus permitting more drilling not only caused a boom it also reduced dependency on foreign oil. When you have reserves like these it's plain stupid not to make use of them. And remember the most important thing for a man is to be a productive member of society by having a job, their dignity and feeding and taking care of their family. There's not enough meat here as well to make a case against Trump, but the specific items can certainly be discussed.
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LeonDurham says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
I just want to thank Senator Collins and other White Women for insuring that the Assumption of Innocence remains a Societal Ideal, despite pressure groups to end it in the name of Identity Politics.

A job interview is different from a trial.

Biggest bullshit argument ever. Same standard applies everywhere. There's libel and slander laws for good reasons. If the Ford case continues to fall apart like this she should be sued, maybe even trialed.
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Heraclitusstudent says
CBOEtrader says
Because he is living in a pre-trump america wherein you must fear the PC mob. They are still scary, can attack you in a restaurant or on the street, can get you fired for no reason, can keep you from getting hired, and can launch baseless #metoo accusations against you... but at least Trump is slowly slaying the dragon.

What? "In victory, magnanimity."? Why did it offend anyone?

Someone needs to have the balls to oppose that.
If you feel you don't have anything to apologize for, then don't apologize.
Let the nuts go too far and look like nuts.

This is the big problem that people reflexively and pre-emptively apologize. Trump changed that and the leftoid mob suddenly is facing opposition. Just for this his presidency os worthwhile. It also helped a lot of change in other countries such as Italy, Austria, even Germany where "our country first" approaches are suddenly popular again vs the globalist cultural-marxist leftoid mantra of destroying your nation with more than enough rapefugees. Salvini is cleaning house as we speak and shutting down all access routes. Watch Italy thrive again.
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Honestly I think a bit late for that. I trade mostly those but the market is pretty much forward looking as you can see the big rally due to Trump's excellent MAGA economy. But recently volatility has set back in and the more important benchmark for small caps are rates and if rates keep spiking it won't be pretty for them. I foresee a very volatile 2019 like it already has started and thus you better pick winners if you buy and hold. The big run is over. Of course if rates suddenly would start relaxing again and the VIX dropping etc. and capital from the sidelines would signal it is ready to flush the markets it would bode well, but currently we're looking into the opposite direction. Don't expect a crash either as long as the economy is that great, but probably better of with DOW bellwethers if you want to go safe.

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