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Why would the pressure hospitals to put death as covid when it was something else? Seen peoples stories as well.
this just keeps getting more interesting!
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another scary video that will be taken down soon dude wtf.......Molecular Biologist ➜ Dr. Judy Mikovits
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Can I wear this? Jokes on Palo Alto since face coverings don't protect you :P
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That's what I'm worried about it's going to change the culture. They're letting people out of jail in California but I go to jail if I go to the park? Hmmm how does that make sense?
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In the future will be the right time to buy when everything tanks and goes on sale. Patience will pay off. Guessing bottom is a year out?

@patrick Options is not that difficult and the risks are low. For example this works in your favor you can sell a put on a company you're eying and you know the intrinsic value/what you want to pay and just collect a premium and who knows maybe you'll get put the shares you wanted to buy in the first place.
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Where's that video with the two guys and one has the masks? Funny thanks @patrick
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Where's the video of the two guys one has the mask and the other doesnt thanks wanted to send it around @patrick
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Dr. Lisa Koche Tampa Bay Florida had a good video now it's down. Gesh the censorship is nuts. Thinking why are we denying a treatment a) political gain/ elections or b) sell the shit out of the vaccine in which case I've read many doctors say it's been 20 years trying to make it with no luck. There's too much money on the table so they're probably make something work right when we've acquired immunity.
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Dholliday126 you're still paying the highest taxes. Yes I do go to the park someone is pulling off the tape ;) I'll just tell the cops Oh Governor Newscum's winery is open I thought parks would be too.
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Ditto - Expensive housing, Fires every year, highest taxes, no more medical freedom. I'm leaving next year.
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So weird it was quiet there yesterday but mask culture is hard core there. I see people running, walking with no around and biking with it even in areas where there are not many people. Only the wacky people wear masks outside in the North Bay.
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mell says
mich says
So weird it was quiet there yesterday but mask culture is hard core there. I see people running, walking with no around and biking with it even in areas where there are not many people. Only the wacky people wear masks outside in the North Bay.

I always run without mask and some people jump into the street out of fear. One guy threatened to shoot us when we were taking a walk outside. Leftoids have wreaked a lot of havoc and created generations of idiocracies mixed with cultist elements. Sonoma is much better, Napa, Glen Ellen even better than Sonoma. SF is hosed until there's a reset.

Yeah so weird my bro in law said someone yelled at him for not wearing a mask and they're in a super quiet neighborhood. I joked thought you guys were open minded and open to critical thought.
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ha me too Pacific Northwest! Was planing next year before Ronnie but may have get out sooner. I'll take rain over smoke any day!
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Time to get gold! always does well during the worst of times. Not that paper stuff GLD. A good place to start is CEF. Thank me later!
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mell says
Automan Empire says
Patrick says

Part of my retirement plan is to avoid California income tax entirely by moving to a state with no income tax,

So you're moving out of state to avoid the income tax when you retire and stop generating income?

Sounds legit.

What many don't understand is that traditional 401ks are not that great since taxes are likely going to be higher when you retire given the fact most - esp. leftoid politicians are thieves and thus taxes only go up and hardly ever down during your lifetime. It's a bit of a scam.

They're too restrictive! They're only worth it if your company matches. Take the free money. Otherwise, you can just open your own IRA and pick yourself.

Now I can go walking because the air bad! Man Cali is sucking hard! But I'm the same :)
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Also If you want to know how over-valued the market is the best metric is the Schiller PE Ratio It uses average earnings over the last decade helps to smooth out the impact of business cycles on P/E https://multpl.com/shiller-pe

16 is normal
30 before the great depression
We’re at 32

Another is the dow/gold ratio where 15 stocks are expensive and 5 gold is expensive. I'd have some cash for upcoming opportunities ;)
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Vegan is terrible for your health! Meat is getting a bad rap just so then can sell more Frankenstein burgers. Just like when butter was bad for you here's crap inflammatory canola oil. Just do the opposite of everything they say
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Stop loss set! I think there's going to be a bloodbath soon! Opportunity awaits :)
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Not aggressive at all. I guess now I decided I'm neither but started to think about it more after California no longer has medical freedom and some of the strictest lockdowns. I never liked Trump but it's not all bad like the media paints. The media is pretty much manipulation under 6 companies. Biden's 39.98% capital gains tax is a no vote for me. I do like my tax return with Trump however ;) sometimes I don't know why people get all huffy and puffy over this stuff it's the uber rich who really have the power.
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WookieMan says
I know Ceffer has also posted some anti-mask scientific stuff. I just wish there was a site that visualized it as most humans are dumb and need pictures. These graphs help but there has to be a better way to wake people the fuck up. I wear a neck gaiter (when I have to be a sheep) and no one has hassled me even though my beard stubble pokes through the god damn thing.

Unless it is people passing through, basically no one in my town wears masks. We should be a super spreader community and it just hasn't happened. We have two main bar/restaurants and even the staff has stopped wearing masks the last month or so even though "legally" required to do so. Capacity and spacing requirement by patrons completely ignored. It's a small town so everyone knows everyone to some degree or another. There's been no Covid outbreak here and likely never will be. And this is with a road that brings 6k vehicles a day through town.

November cannot come fast enough. Although they...

I know Funny any one could just take the data and plot it. I would but don't have the time. Visuals do help see the bigger picture. One point I make when people say oh Americans don't follow the rules w masks bla bla Here's a graph of mask loving Japan hmm why are the cases rising? Whoa where you at man! I feel pretty lucky in the North bay it's not as populated and I never put a mask on my 3yr old. I can talk downtown w/o it and pull up when I'm in a store. Old bar men here we're making me laugh saying this stuff needs to be over. It's all political. I was just in a small beach town in Menocino and it's really sad all the vaccant buildings it's like they shot themselves in the foot.
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