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Oil is a bot too, from memory
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So they are trying to get ahead of trumps second term. Nice
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I can't seem to start a new thread. I'm new, and logged in. Using brave on mobile.

Where is the "new thread" link?
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Holy crap, I'm blind, Found it hiding in plain sight... gonna have to change my screen name now to avoid ridicule, haha
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Hey TPB ,
If you don't mind saying, what company are you suggesting?

Tenpoundbass says
I have a domain, and pay for internet hosting with email.
It's everything. You got a private repository to store files and data on, and you have a place to build web apps for professional networking purposes.
If you're a professional in the tech industry that interviews for jobs at least once every three years. I highly recommend getting your own domain and all that goes with it. Like Email.
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As I recall, with protonmail, you only get to use one email address per domain. Not ideal for a household.

rd6B says
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HeadSet says
Is this worth anything? Or just another DuckDuckGo?

Verizon introduces privacy-focused search engine
Verizon has launched privacy-focused search engine OneSearch, which does not track or store personal or search data -- or share it with advertisers. OneSearch displays contextual ads based on factors such as search keywords and IP address location, rather than cookies and browsing history.

Verizon has no credibility in my book
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There are lots of savings to be had with a stay at home parent

Daycare $800 -1200
work commute $200
Eat in vs out $500
lower tax bracket
No missing work for sick kid
Fix vs throw away I.e. clothing
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It's good for shopping, or just joy riding. The streets are empty
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Who in their right mind would have Hillary as their vp? That's just dangerous
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"Leisurely? Would you call hunting down a
woolly mammoth with a spear or ....."

They were probably also smoking cigars and making un pc jokes. Probably not too boring of a day/week
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"Comments disabled" haha

This is a good article to have in your back pocket for debates.
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It's not required. I don't want to see Bernie's and it's private information. I've never understood this.

Agreed, ... was just anticipating the media forgetting to bring it up.
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The real question is if pizza delivery places will stop charging the delivery fee, that was put in place (so they say) to offset high gas prices.

Sorry pizza dude, your tip will always be what I would have tipped minus delivery fee
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marcus says
But their bias is often (if not usually) in the direction of truth, and still even then called bias by right wingers.

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PMack says
Dont catch the proverbial falling knife. But eh your money I ploughed some money into integrated oil so im in no position to tell you dont do it. Oh and dont put more money in the stockmarket that you cant afford to loose in that casino.

I've been waiting to pull the trigger on oil.
Looking at OKE, XOM, DIG
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They tests were purchased off ebay, from the same company selling male enhancement pills. You sort of have to expect something like that to happen.
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Booger says

Rats swarm New Orleans' streets as coronavirus precautions leave them empty

With restaurants closed save for take-out service, far less food waste is being discarded in the city's alleyways, driving the local rodent population out into the open to search for scraps.

Government cheese for the rats too?
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just_dregalicious says
But what's it smell like?!

Like Gwyneth Paltrow's candle
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noobster says
They tests were purchased off ebay, from the same company selling male enhancement pills. You sort of have to expect something like that to happen.

@Patrick: Looks like your site have attracted attention of Chinese bots. Again.

Not a bot
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Shaman says
Nazis gonna be nazis
All authoritarians are Nazis.

I remembered another story of busybody lifegards in SoCal asserting their "authority" over citizens: there was that Armenian guy walking down the pier with his GF and him (or her) smoking a sigarette. A lifeguard sitting on the tower there chewed him up publicly for it and was promptly told to go and fuck himself .... err... concentrate on doing his job. Instead of taking this very sound advice the fucking Nazi in red trunks descended from his perch and started grabbing him (or his GF) for which he promptly received a well-deserved ass-whooping. Of course it went downhill from there with police, arrest, charges and all that jazz. The question is: are we really-really paying these guys to enforce smoking bans too? What would happen if somebody started to drown while that fuck was enforcing some regulations, irrelevant for the job he was hired for?

Charge him for manslaughter, and smoking?
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He was driving his car, and had a corona coughing fit, causing him to run a red light. Killing himself and another...
Boom, two more corona deaths.
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Once the surface oxidizes and gets buildup, does still inhibit growth?
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Zero dollars is not a living wage, why don't they protest that?
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It would be fun if the onion posted one real story every now and then, just to see if people could tell the difference.
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He already had the vaccine, it's okay
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But he plead guilty?
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Can you still get drafted though?
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I see some trigger safety from third guy from the left... that's good
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Ceffer says
They aren't practicing what they are preaching, or they are trying a publicity stunt for sympathy.

Fauci et alia caused a runaway train wreck of epic proportions based on a campaign of fraud, fear and panic, so they are starting to walk shit back to hope the engines of blame don't light on them.

Big Pharma GlobalistFucks: "Hey, Anthony, go unleash an economic train wreck on society under color of public health. The timing is perfect." Fauci: "OK, Lord and Masters!! Your wish is my command!"

Fauci: "Lord and Masters, they are coming after me like howling banshees of retribution. I'm going to be in court for the rest of my life and have to go into hiding."

Big Pharma GlobalistFucks: "Not our problem, we don't exist!"

"Let's fuck everything up real bad. Then blame it on Trump for not doing enough"
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I'm just waiting on the correspondence emails that prove it.
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I've clicked stuff unintentionally while nodding off reading late at night on my cell phone.

It could be as simple as that.
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Serious question, does china own part of cnn stock?
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Did you install their software on your machine?
Don't do that.
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Where would medicaid malpractice / botched surgeries be on that chart? Should be at the top somewhere I would think.
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Patrick says
WookieMan says
There's more to this, or a pandemic is being used as a weapon. For what cause I don't know.

It's definitely being used as a weapon, though I'm not quite sure what they hope it will accomplish. Trump is very likely to be reelected in a landslide.

It's being used to further along the electronic medical records. So that gov will know every health detail about everyone.
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Texas should pass an amendment, that only natural born Texans can be public servants
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Jury of 12?
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Looks like judge doom from Roger rabbit
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