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2016 Election Math:
Trump Popular Vote 62.98 million Cali Vote: 4.48 million Without California 58.5 million
Clinton Popular Vote 65.85 million Cali Vote: 8.75 million Without California 57.1 million
Clinton wins by 2.87 million votes: 51.1%. Without Cali, Trump wins by 1.4 million votes: 50.6%

I'm supremely glad the electoral college prevents a few large counties from making the decision about who leads the country.
No wonder Trump didn't campaign much in California: With no effort, he still carried 31% of the vote.
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Veritas = Truth, and perhaps Apple represents Original Sin. After that, I yield to biblical scholars. If my dead Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great x10^6- Gradma eating an apple makes me damned to hell unless I believe,

I'm out.
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A Trade Embargo with the new Country of CHAZ should do the trick in, what, three days? Hunger is a very strong motivator.

Then, an exit interview for all those that wish to leave:
1. By forming your own defacto country, you have renounced your US citizenship.
2. To which country do you now pledge allegiance?
3. We will contact your new country of choice. They will surely grant you asylum! You will be remanded in the closest embassy, costs payable in full to the US Treasury upon arrival.
4. If asylum is not granted, you will be remanded to the custody of the US Customs Department. Costs of detainment will accrue immediately.
5. Repeat step 2 as needed.

Of course, this could be resolved much more quickly. If you wish to exit CHAZ, please request an Officer of the Court to appear. Following your recital of the Oath of Allegiance ( ),
you will be charged with Sedition and Treason, and remanded to custody awaiting trial.

Your call.
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You said: "Trumpsters are not ready to listen to this country."
I respectfully disagree.
What if "Trumpsters," as you call us, don't really love Trump, as much as we simply despised Hilary Clinton. And maybe in the upcoming election, we don't believe Biden can lead this country out of crisis from the safety of his bunker. But Trump is the bully we elected to make things better. And by my observations (and almost every economic indicator before COVID), he has done a damn good job for three+ years. I'm willing to give him a shot at 4 more.

Biden? He can't remember who his wife is, much less be trusted to lead the country. His record proves his worthlessness. Has-been do-nothings don't get to be president.

Good day, Sir!
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The issue with these folks leaving the cities is that they bring their infection of liberalism with them. Note the change to Austin, Texas. No, I say: please stay in the big Ci-tay and rot.
If they were to disperse in 1's and 2's or families across the USA, our values might survive.
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It wouldn't really be fair. The county folk have all the guns and ammo. The city folk have gangs who really just want to stay in the city and milk the drug trade. So the cities would be left walled up in enclaves? What would they eat? Tofu comes from soybeans in the country. "Civil War" is not a real possibility.
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Why just men? The post title implies lack of diversity.

I'll vote for Ivanka Trump in 2024. She's being groomed as we speak.

The Left get's their First Female Jewish President!

Just not from their party....
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Well, gawrsh, this is a plumb surprise, fer sure. As someone said, a somewhat distant family member, out of the blue, is writing a tell-all book about a famous political figure, regarding old stories put to bed long ago. And it will be released right before an election! My friend Gomer Pyle would say "Surprise, surprise, surprise! Lordy me, ah cain't imagine why this little gal waited so long to put pen to paper. But ahm sure it'll be full of BLOCKBUSTER REVELATIONS that will turn this election around."

Now, can anyone tell me who is ghostwriting this thing, and who is bankrolling publication? Books don't appear on store shelves by themselves.
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The demand for free goods and services is infinite. (Jerry Pournelle.)
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FuckCCP89 says
What about Uncle Ben? Is he being cancelled too?

Uncle Ben is "under review."
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This may also have roots in the death of printed materials. No Ads, no money, no good paying journalist jobs. Quality suffers, and fewer buyers. Typical downward spiral.
Who actually reads a newspaper or printed news magazine any more?
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My son the financial wiz would ask: how do you know when to get back in?
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When called by the media: "We just make chicken sandwiches and stuff. Pardon me, but I have to get back to work. Have a great day."
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North American Cats have been documented going all the way across the country, one from Washington to Connecticut. Cats like to explore and have to find mates.

Bears were once thought to have a 50 mile range, but today it's thought to be 350-500 miles. No one really knows.
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I understand Hospitals get an extra $30K per COVID-related death. So you gotta believe they have added staff to "reclassify" deaths as "COVID-19 related." That's just free money.
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Yes, but Trump's event, in Tulsa, with thousands, was a "bust."

If his handlers have half a brain, they would never allow Biden to debate anyone, least of all Trump.
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He might lose the popular vote again. California is a huge lump of votes for demos - but California can only carry so many Electoral college votes. If the poll data were cross-referenced with EC, then we'd have a better idea. By age, Trump carries the vote dramatically over age 45. More older people vote. And I believe older folks will still get out of their chairs, put on a mask and vote - or mail it in.

Trump's "disaster" rally in Tulsa was only thousands. During a pandemic. How big as Biden's last "rally"? Oh, yeah, he's still in the bunker.
Wait until Biden chooses Kamala as his running mate. She'll do 90% of the talking on the campaign trail. Sleepy Joe will get pumped up with caffeine and Ginko Biloba for special events.

I give it a 80% chance there will be no presidential debates. It would be political suicide for Biden.
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New data look even better for the USA
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Yep, they're already spinning Senate races. Trump has already tweeted that "AOC would make a great senator." That is choice. You can see he's absolutely trying to force the dems to choose extreme progressives, which have an even poorer chance of winning.
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Those are the cheaper boobs. The best go in via the armpit or even the bellybutton. Celeb + millionaire boobs. Taylor Swift and such.
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I was hoping not to have to move To Tennessee. Or Texas. Or Florida. Are there any parts of Nevada that aren't barren and don't suffer extreme temperatures?.
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In my two semi-rural counties in NorCal with a total population of 500,000, the total cases are 578, total deaths from Covid are 10.
I have a whopping 0.115% chance of getting COVID-19 and 0.002% chance of death.

I like the country. Fresh air, clean water and a bit cooler. Another good reason to avoid the wretched hives of scum and villainy: San Fran, LA, etc.
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Rasmussen says 27% of Likely Black Voters Favor Trump. I guess they must like jobs, security, no war and a good economy.
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A monkey's fist is a useful knot for sailors. It's tied around a lead shot or small cannonball, whirled like a sling and used to pass a rope to another ship. Then larger ropes are attached and pulled across as needed. Useful in a storm to tow another vessel, or to rig a bosuns chair to pass over a passenger in rough seas. A bit outdated these days, but, I love the age of sail.

The traditional hangman's noose has 13 unlucky wraps for the condemned. The knot is laid on the shoulder next to the head, and when done properly, snaps the neck cleanly. No one wants the head to pop off the body like a cork (very bloody mess) and no one wants to see the condemned choke to death while struggling. The executioner's job required experience to judge how far to allow the body to fall based on height and weight for a right proper hanging. The executioner has a job to do, efficiently. No need for undue drama or suffering.
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Last I checked, the USA is a Federal Republic NOT a democracy. States agreed to form a republic with separation of powers and States rights. Germany has a similar Government. It's a grand experiment, but it has lasted well over 200 years. Might even go a few more.

I don't believe there is a single country on the planet with true democratic rule. Prove me wrong?
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Never Bet against the Fed.
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Well. When the first paragraph starts with "Jews did such-and-such" " I stop reading. But, I come to this board for alternate points of view. Sometimes I get the nutjob point of view. Thank goodness for Blocking!
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This happened about a month ago, but I am shocked. According to the MSM, I thought only Repubs stuffed ballot boxes?!?

I'm sure this guy at 73 years old is singing like a bird to shorten his jail time. Expect more convictions, unless this was a sting op.
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Never going to this once great city ever again. Shameful.
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Troll. /ignored.
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Thanks for this. My family is all living in mortal fear. I'm going along for the sake of going along.
Yes, there have been deaths. But worst is the cratering of the economy. Millions of jobs lost when we could have treated this like Obama did the Swine flu.
I have my suspicions the Star Chamber/TPTB/Illuminati/whoever have made the high level decision that Trump cannot be allowed to win. Because of one thing: It's likely RBG will not make it four more years. If Trump gets to appoint 1-2 more Supreme Court Judges, the literal path of the nation will be changed for 20 more years to a more conservative course. This they cannot abide. They have told themselves the economy will recover, but the course of the nation cannot be allowed to "regress" for 20-30 more years.

So, fear-mongering will continue, polls will show Trump is "in trouble!" and the election will happen anyway. If Biden actually shows up for any of the three debates, I will be surprised. If he survives these incidents, repubs will still show up to vote. Electoral college saves the day.

Can I just go into hibernation and fast forward to election day already? I am so sick of this.
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Ooooh a voice of reason amidst the madness!!

Troll. Ignored.
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The one nugget out of this mound of Word Salad was that Trump's gut calls, his innate skepticism, his common sense, his ability to sense BS, are almost always right on. Trump has a way of ferreting out BS like no one else. His supporters already know this. The hard left simply refuse to believe. The undecided aren't paying attention.
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Yes, we are much worse off than before Trump took the reins from Obama on National Security and Foreign affairs.
1. USMCA just started today: Win.
2. No more war in the Middle East: No more body bags of dead US soldiers coming home to families: Win.
3. Trade with China: more in our favor, companies re-shoring daily, decoupling with China on other fronts: Win.
4. N. Korea: no more appeasement. Win.

And yet, we are in mortal danger from a bat-shit crazy president. How?

All this from a book by a disgruntled, fired employee, all hearsay, no corroboration from anyone else in the room.
Oh, puh-leeze, CNN.
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The Colt 1911 was designed to have more stopping power. The Army .38 wouldn't penetrate sisal rope body armor worn by the Huks in the Phillippines, for example. The .45 cartridge fired just below center of mass of even heavy targets will sit them down. The immediate threat of a charging attacker is dealt with, follow up rounds will neutralize the threat. Even if fired off-center, heavy damage will result. When you run out of ammo, you can bludgeon them with the .45.

A 9mm doesn't have that kind of stopping power, but you can load 20 rounds in a single clip vs. 7 for the .45. If you practice, you shouldn't need more than 7 rounds to take out a target. And if you don't practice, why have a gun? Spray and pray is not a sound strategy for self-defense.
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Yeah, the .45 packs a punch! The gun is heavy and well designed, so the recoil is very manageable. Certainly part of it's popularity. I qualified expert pistol at 17 during Plebe summer at Navy. I had shot long guns plenty by then but pistols were a new thing to me. Easy peasy.
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Took me a second to get that one - well played, Patrick!
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We are a friend to liberty, but masters only of our own. We do not invite foreign entanglements. HK was a 99-year lease to the British. China allowed it to be a free trade zone for several years. Now they are re-integrating HK into the rest of China. If we were in the same position, we could choose to do the same.

All of us have opinions about the current Chinese government. Few of us have any quarrel with the Chinese People. If some wish to become citizens, we could offer a path to citizenship, provided they can show some capability to be a productive citizen and make a contribution to the strength of the USA. We don't want new burdens - we have our own to take care of. A prospective citizen should bring productive skills, demonstrated abilities to earn or add value, or investment in USA prosperity.
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