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Corps should never have been given rights like people. Citizen's United ruling needs to be overturned or Congress needs to legislate differently.
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The best part is: They're made in America!
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That's some serious hardware on the boom vang, and I like the black winches. Easier on the eyes than stainless steel. Clearly, you take good care of the ship!

When I sailed at Navy, our chutes had almost the same design, but in Blue and Gold, of course. Good times.
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Onvacation says

Learned a new word: "Homoflexible"

My dictionary knew it!

This video proves one thing: Men who want to look like women can do an excellent job putting on makeup - much better than most women.
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This is a publicity stunt. Rides to space are super expensive vanity money disposal schemes. So you can brag to other super-rich folks who haven't yet been to space. Then brag that "of course the money goes to charity" so you can be doubly vain. At the same time getting tax write-off.

All the while, Musk plods along, providing real launches for real payloads, orbiting the world's largest internet satellite network, earning money to seed humanity off-planet to ensure the survival of the species. Ho-hum.
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The success of America is the ability citizens to live in freedom, while assimilating other cultures. We respect and even promote most other decent cultural norms. We reject hate and exploitation. Hence the reluctance of everyday Americans to condone or accept radical religious tenets, while still allowing them to exist within our borders.

For example, Mennonites, Islamists, Buddists, Latter Day Saints, and Jehovah Witnessers are allowed to practice within our country. A literal interpretation of many of these religions' published beliefs aren't allowed in the USA. When religious practice runs afoul of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we say no. Or the Supreme Court steps in and makes a decision.

So, if you're ok with "watering down" your religion to live in the USA, come here legally and live peacefully with the rest of us. Otherwise, you're welcome to practice elsewhere.
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2020 "Election"
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HeadSet says
A 12th Federal Holiday. Those workers get enough time off as it is. They need to delete one of the others.

Is Columbus day already canceled? Because, you know, Columbus.
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Highly unlikely. Dem registered voters outnumber Repubs 7-to-1 in NYC.
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HunterTits says

Skimmed the whole article until I came to the part about "great in bed." Just ignored the rest.
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The Female voice is more easily recognized, especially in the presence of background noise. Generally used in planes, such as the "Bitchin Betty" that gives warnings to "Pull Up" and such. First used in Warplanes like the F-15.
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Ceffer says
Military bases were removed from the Philippines at their request, so it does happen.

100 year lease ran out, and honestly, the bases we all covered in FEET of ash from Mt. Pinatubo. Reconstruction would have cost billions.
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Highly recommend the Aubreyaid (Master and Commander Series) by Patrick O'Brian. Excellent on every front.
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I wish some sort of MSM (ANY sort, actually) would report this. AP or Reuters would be fine too. The quick search I did reveals only references back to the original source.
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So this means men surpass women in EVERY category - even being women. Do women not see this as a threat?
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The company that made the containment vehicle just sold all stock and property for cash, transferred the cash to shell companies overseas and declared bankruptcy. One and done!
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Feminine hygiene device. (Hork!)
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TANSTAAFL. Systems with high reliance on mechanical system reliability require high maintenance. Refrigeration pumps don't fix themselves. But, someone got a promotion.

Storage Batteries are relatively maintenance-free, with few moving parts. Tesla already has this solution. It works and makes big $$$ for utilities.
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Yep, she's retreating to the historically black Howard University. These universities should be demolished. They only serve to produce a lower quality graduate that can only get hired within the black community. Employers are well aware of the lower standards at these places.

If black students can't make it at everyday colleges, then they should find other vocations. Trades are in desperate need of workers! I taught millwrights, pipefitters, electricians, etc. them most of my adult life. They are generally sharp kinesthetic learners that will run circles around you while they fix real machines. Trades pay very well and provide for retirement, even if non-union. Most of the guys I knew had all the toys: big new trucks, ski-doos, boats, Polaris ATV's, etc. And most raised good families too.

Airlines need pilots. You don't need a college degree, but you do need some math and mechanical aptitude or at least desire to learn. You can get full low-interest funding for pilot training (United and American both have programs.)
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As Maggie Thatcher said: "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."
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Ah, the currently installed Fascist State has a Brownshirt Brigade. Who knew?
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Didn't CNN play this guy up as a possible Presidential Candidate??
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
You're a Woman Now, Charlene Brown

That's a Charlie Brown - Mileven Crossover. Millie Bobby Brown played Eleven in "Stranger Things." The blood from the nose is the giveaway.
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This is complete bullshit.
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Court. For at least a year.
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Patrick says
I dream of silver and gold currency once again.

It's just so beautiful and durable, and impossible for the banksters to create more of with just a pen and a gullible public.

They both do inflate a bit over time as more silver and gold is mined, but that's fine with me.

But there are some sinks for gold and silver like industrial usage. Gold mines keep high value strikes in reserve for hard times, or when the owners want to sell or need some money. Even then they might leverage or borrow against a known strike. They mine the low value ores when the price of gold is high and they can reap profits. Capital costs are high for mining. When prices go down, they don't mine as much, idling less profitable sites.
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The Courthouse in my NorCal County Required Masks when I reported for Jury Duty on Monday. I was excused for hardship when I wrote that I get angry and can't concentrate when wearing a mask. The Judge agreed. I'll be happy to do my civic duty when this madness ends.
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If we can retake the Senate and Congress in 2022, watch the investigations begin to roll out again. The current asshats have about 18 months to screw things up even more before we can start setting this country back on course again. They have and will continue to do a lot of damage until the midterms.
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Ceffer says
They must represent huge sunk costs at this point. That's a lot of money keeping all those lies afloat. Lies are terribly inefficient to keep going, because maintaining consistency is impossible over time. Truth is cheaper to promulgate.

I AM surprised at the seemingly endless supply of talking head whores who will do anything and say anything to stay in front of the camera.

Executives need a steady supply of pretty new ho's, just like pornhub needs new content. Those dicks don't suck themselves!
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Patrick says

Hey, wait a minute - isn't that Ursula the Octupus from "The Little Mermaid"?
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I keep telling my wife we MUST get solar because of PG&E. Rate hikes going forward will be nuts. Solar incentives are still huge.
But she doesn't want to cut down three pines in the backyard. There will still be three huge pines left. AAAUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHH.
I have very positive ROI calculations with 4-6 year payback. She is unmoved.

Suggestions? (Girdling the trees is not an accceptable suggestion.)
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DNS servers went down due to a patch yesterday. The patch was rolled back, all better now.
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I used to hear that many scallops are actually Ray or Skate wings? is this still a thing?
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Patrick says
How much would it cost to generate electricity from natural gas for a house?

I knew a guy who had a compelling business plan showing that 7-11's and other convenience stores could save a bundle by locally generating their own electricity from gas.

But then, PG&E has the gas monopoly as well.

Maybe you could get big propane tanks set up in the back yard.

Propane goes for $1.41-$1.90 a gallon - high seasonal variation. I have a 250gal tank, lasts 2-3 months unless it's freezing or below, which might happen 10 days a year.
I could bury a larger tank, no idea how much that would cost.
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Pelosi just selected a RINO to be on the Jan 6 "investigation." Minority Speaker McCarthy pulled all 5 Republicans nominees when Pelosi began to cherry pick who she wanted on the committee. Now she's adding her own Repub RINOS without the approval of the party leadership. Pure Political Theater. I guess they simply do not believe that rank and file folks will figure out this subterfuge.

In any case, her efforts will likely be as well attended as Biden's last Townhall meeting - sparsely. Every MSM site has significantly reduced viewership. Not surprising since Polls indicate MSM are slowly dying. Let's make it a quick death - boycott them all, and their advertisers, and convince all your friends to do so as well!
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Here is the original source, for those that want a deeper dive:
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40 years this December. We decided on a Monday to get married in Vegas on that Friday because they didn't require a waiting period. One day honeymoon, then I shipped out for a 6-month deployment to the Philippines. (she joined me out there, and we've never been separated by more than a month since then.) The most expensive part was plane tickets to get to Vegas.
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Bachelor recipes in order of increasing complexity:
1. Best Chip Dip: Stir together 1 part Sour cream and 1/4 part of your fave BBQ sauce. I use Sweet Baby Rays.
2. Lemon Pie: Fill a graham cracker crust with a mix of 2 cans Sweetened Consended Milk, juice of 3 smallish lemons, and a good dash of salt, WELL STIRRED. Refrigerate 4 hrs. Eat.
3. Fast Ribs: Salt and Pepper rub 2 racks of baby back ribs. Put in the Instant Pot for 40 minutes with 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup APPLE CIDER vinegar and a teaspoon of Liquid Smoke. Slow Release. Remove, smother with BBQ sauce and broil or grill until kinda crispy.
3. Fast Pulled Pork for 8-12: Cut a Boneless Pork shoulder into 3 pieces. Put in the Instant Pot for 60 minutes with 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup APPLE CIDER vinegar and a teaspoon of Liquid Smoke. Slow release. DON"T TOSS THE LIQUID YET. Remove the pork and shred with 2 forks in a 9x13 casserole dish. mix in 1/2 cup of the liquid and 1/2 cup BBQ sauce. Should be a little squishy, add liquid if needed. Broil until kinda crispy (Watch em! You want them burnt ends, but not charcoal!!) Cut 2 packs (24 total) Kings Hawaiian Rolls in half horizontally with a long knife WITHOUT SEPARATING FIRST. Set the bun tops aside, put Pulled Pork on bottoms, replace top. People can break apart however many they want. I serve with Cole Slaw and extra BBQ sauce.
4. Cole Slaw: Buy the bagged stuff and stir in the included dressing. Better: lose the bag dressing. Mix together 1/2 cup Miracle Whip (NOT MAYO!!!) 1/4 cup APPLE CIDER vinegar 1/4 cup white sugar and 1/2 teaspoon Celery Salt (Salt is ok to sub.)
5. Devilled Eggs: Only attempt if you can boil and peel eggs. Cut 1 dozen peeled boiled eggs in half longways. Pop the yellow center parts into a medium bowl. Put the white parts on a plate hole side up. Squish the yellow parts in a bowl until all broke up (no "chunks" left). Add 3/4 cup Miracle Whip, dash of salt and 1 Teaspoon TIGER SAUCE (best sauce evar. and mix up real good. Take a Red Solo cup or mug and put a plastic sandwich bag inside. Pull the seal part of the bag over the top edge of the cup. Load all the yellow egg mix in the bag and seal it up. Cut 1/2" off one bottom corner of the bag on the diagonal. Congrats, you just made a fancy Chefs "Forcing Bag." Squeeze a mound of the yellow mix into each egg white hole. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Serve with Tiger Sauce. A line o' sauce on top is da bomb.

Handy portions:
1. Pinch: what you can hold between two fingers
2. Dash: what you can hold between three fingers
3: Cup: what you can hold in both cupped hands. If you have HUGE man hands, calibrate accordingly. (Not accurate enough for baking.)
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They basically made Ireland a Tax haven for corps and got tons of jobs in return. Go figure. Lots of Semicon-related companies moved in in the 80's-90's.
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Took a few days, but I had to ignore Sumatra Bosch. Sheesh.
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