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Automan Empire says
One of the big issues about solving the carbon issue is, the benefits are enjoyed by people who will be DEAD before the bad effects are felt. These bad effects are left for Greta's generation and younger to suffer and pay for, without having enjoyed the benefits. That's why I respect young people speaking out about this issue.

OK that said, Greta really DOES display weird eye movement and unusual affect. If she's really a plant by "handlers," couldn't they have picked someone who's weird-but-possibly-cool like the Toaster Strudel kid? Instead, Greta is weird-but-possibly-Carrie looking in my opinion.

That curl in toaster Strudel's hair is creepy.
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The other risk here is not just the loss of jobs, but the manufacturing base. We won the last big war (WWII) by being able to outproduce the competition. We only did that because we had the manufacturing capability in the USA. Trump is doing our grandchildren the biggest favor ever by returning manufacturing to the USA. If there is another conventional war, especially with China, Asian Proxies, or elsewhere, we may again be able to outproduce. Unless you want your kids speaking Chinese.

We have to take care of the electronics sector - Huawei simply can't be allowed to have any presence in any computer or electronic devices in USA military and civilian equipment. Too easy to put in backdoors to snoop secrets, cause power grid shutdowns, and military hardware failures during wartime. The threat is possible, so it's entirely real. I have to believe we are taking serious steps to prevent this, but then I remember: congress is in charge of the funds. Even the saints can't protect us from Congress.
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I watched the first 5 minutes of Shiff's lead-in remarks and almost puked. A toadying opinion piece with no substance. The Rep response was blistering, and pretty much summed up what the American public already knows: these baseless arguments are a shameful attempt to deflect public opinion. The Dems have no viable candidate for election, so they must "un-elect" Trump instead. They think it's "keeping their base happy." Mueller didn't work, but let's keep trying!!

All this posturing is preventing lawmakers from doing actual, meaningful work in service to citizens. The swamp can't be drained fast enough.
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Lingerie Football. It's a thing.

Oh, and WWE of course. They draw a HUGE following.
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I'm 62 and actively looking for work. A few more years will add a nice cushion so we can take vacations and such.

I know the fees sound "high" - they are about half what Fisher would charge, but 2.5x what Vanguard would charge (but there are fund fees too, right?) I'm going to let them manage my stuff for a while and compare their performance. They really worked hard for my business, and their online tools for Retirement Planning, Net Worth Dashboard, etc. are excellent. I can see everything at a glance. Plus a free iPad and three months free of fees.
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Agreed, Clambo - but Personal Capital does have people on staff that are knowledgeable, and take care of the customer. In this case, it was the online apps that won me over. They made it clear what our best options were. No other site, service, or person we talked to had the software needed to do projections into the detail we needed to make the right decision. And they counselors helped us clarify the analysis more precisely.

I could never have built out our portfolio as well as these guys did. I'm not a financial wizard and I've never traded an individual stock. So, to make the decisions and buy all the diversity they chose for me would have been impossible. I would have had analysis paralysis - for months. Now that it's all done, I can get the helicopter view and drill down however I like. Pretty cool. And I can override any decision they have made - if I think I'm smarter than trained pros.

What tools does everyone else use to manage their net worth?

Also, my son never finished his degree, yet he's very successful in business. MBA's aren't the only measure of success, especially in the digital world. Ask Bill Gates.
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That law seemed like the ravings of a demented child - but then the adults step in:

Demented Child (California Legislature): "Trump won and we aren't happy!! Waaahhhh!! You can't play in our sandbox anymore! Go away!"
Parent to the demented child (CA Supreme Court): "No, dearie, it's a public sandbox - you can't keep anyone from playing here."
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WookieMan says
BobD says
WookieMan says
This entire process is a threat to our country though. There's no other way to look at it.

It is no more a threat than the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. Get over it.

Got it.... So from day 1 (hell before day 1) Clinton was threatened to be impeached? For zero reason? Got it.

This whole thing has been hysterical, but thank you for giving me a good morning chuckle to get the day started. FYI, Bill's impeachment was bullshit too. So guess what, I'm over it buddy as there was nothing to get over.

Yeah, except Clinton was found guilty and later fined and disbarred for a while.
They'll never convict Trump of anything - there is truly no crime here.
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WookieMan says
BobD says
WookieMan says
This entire process is a threat to our country though. There's no other way to look at it.

It is no more a threat than the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. Get over it.

Got it.... So from day 1 (hell before day 1) Clinton was threatened to be impeached? For zero reason? Got it.

This whole thing has been hysterical, but thank you for giving me a good morning chuckle to get the day started. FYI, Bill's impeachment was bullshit too. So guess what, I'm over it buddy as there was nothing to get over.

Yeah, except Clinton was found guilty and later fined and disbarred for a while.
They'll never convict Trump of anything - there is truly no crime here.
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He's reserved $31 million in TV ads already. We'll see if money can buy votes. Hey, it worked for JFK. Oh, wait, that was actual cash to people in the south! My bad. Never actually proven...
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And I just dropped my entire 401K into a rollover IRA: 50% Stock, 40% bonds, 10% alternatives. Probably buying high.

/sigh, I better have a long time horizon.
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Shaman says
Yah that tv ad thing worked so well for Tom Steyer...

Yeah, he has spent almost $60mm already.
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Magic Tricks! And ruthless Presidential Candidate evaluation.
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High G acceleration requires liquid filled lungs to prevent collapse. This has been explored pretty thoroughly in mice, including fluorinated liquids saturated with O2. Military wanted it for pilots to sustain G's higher than normal. Not sure what the state of the art is today....
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I always go with the Pros: They have Trump at +125, Biden at +550. Biden is the closest, still about 4x less likely to win.
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So, after you sell or toss everything in your garage, you rent it out. Check. Where do you park now that you have someone else parking in your space?
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Babylon Bee is "The Onion" for Christian Conservatives - but it's hilarious for everyone that's not to the far left.
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One video (which, of course, can be faked these days) looks very much like other missile strike videos.

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Read "Guns, Germs and Steel" for a pretty good rundown of how the New World was won. This spawned a rash of SF Alt-history novels.
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I think Trump certainly staved off a recession. Businesses like his policies and that spurs investment. If he's elected, these policies will continue and should be good for American interests globally. China should feel a pinch as businesses decouple. I'm a hypocrite, I'm using Apple gear made in China - but I'm actively looking for ways to not buy Chinese. Trump's policies put America first - and a rising American economy floats all other boats.

Will there be a market correction? Almost certainly. Will this lead to recession? Maybe. But perhaps it will be short and growth will return apace.

Long-term, any slowdown in Chinese economic growth weakens them militarily, allowing balance from India, Japan, Australia and so on in the region. We do not want an ascendant communist country to grow in power. Best to choke them out economically.
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I was thinking of registering Democrat just to vote for the loser in Primaries.
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Elysium! Life extension. But just for the rich. Like Keith Richards.

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I build my PC's (so much cheaper) and was an AMD Fanboy for decades. But my last build about three years ago was with an Intel mobo/cpu. They had the edge. The build was very easy with free Windows 10 off the web. It looks like AMD has turned the tables again.

The crazy part is high-end graphics card prices. I love playing games, but it's hard to justify graphics card upgrades when they are kept artificially high by Bitcoin/ecoin mining.
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Ceffer says

I had to look up incel since I'm so out of it. In my day we would call this guy a wallflower or terminally shy. I think it's deeper than this - before the 80's, men and women just expected to get married. Even ugly guys would eventually find a gal because being single wasn't a societal option. Training from your parents and school programmed people to get together. Singles over 30 were just....outliers. But my feelings are immaterial, here is the data:
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Wait - taxes were cut - and business is booming!
1. Manufacturing took a hit but looks like it's bouncing back
2. Unemployment is WAYYYY down
3. Inflation is low
4. Interest rates are low
5. Wages are up
6. Stocks are crushing it
7. Housing starts had a record month

But this is BAAAAADDDDDD! The sky is falling! Run to the bomb shelters!
I grow tired of Forbes.
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As long as there aren't tornadoes, I'm cool. But yellow and above areas on the map can have tornadoes. Not cool.
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Gen Xer: "Kill the olds. It's the only solution."
Millenial: "But the olds have all the money! I'll get it when they die!"
Boomer: "Not after the big Pharma and Med are done with them!"
GenXer and Millenial: "So USA health care is just a wealth transfer system to moneyed interests?"
Boomer: "Took ya this long to figure it out? I'm moving to Mexico, or maybe India."
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I definitely do NOT want to be the next guy to rent ANY of those costumes. Ever. Some things just don't wash out.
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If economists are so good, why aren't they the richest people in the world?
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If you watch the opening to the Expanse series (on Amazon Prime) to can see lights in the canyon walls. Valles Marineris is 2500 miles long, 225 miles wide and up to 6 miles deep. You could fit several entire Grand Canyons inside it. That's a LOT of real estate. Probably water ice somewhere inside the structure that could be mined. Living under several meters of rock is good enough rad protection. And if it gets terrible, docs do research to mitigate radiation and promote DNA repair. Probably leading to life extension treatments as well.
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Patrick says

Is possession of dick pics illegal? Can't consenting adults send pics to each other? Now, if some were underage, that's a different animal. But how would you verify?
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Oooooh, now it's getting juicy.
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Wuhan is about 11 million, so I would expect about 33,000 deaths. If it were to go Global, with full exposure, possibly 230 million. But containment is already underway, so this is highly unlikely. Perhaps another 1000 globally.

Not close to a culling. Humanity survives and thrives.
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Yeah Kramer thinks there is more downside.
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Wow that was a quick son said he just bought a few shares on the "shoulder".
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Of course, the lawyers will make money on the deal(s).
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Hmmm. CNBC reports investors flowing money into vaccine makers. There's always a silver lining when capitalism is involved!
Honestly, unless this item mutates into some killer flu.
In 2017, the standard flu virus had a death rate of about 0.13%. This was a very bad year for the flu.
The flu was estimated to have infected about 44 million in the USA.
The current coronavirus death rate appears to be about 2%. This would be about 880,000 deaths. But likely higher as hospitals couldn't handle the influx of patients. But is this pandemic level? I guess. I'm happy to see they are taking steps to limit the spread.
Looks like I picked the wrong time to get into the market. /sigh
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joshuatrio says
I would not be surprised if the Dems tri d to impeach twice.

Oh, yes, please, let's impeach twice. Before the Election. Surely this tactic will help them?
Trump can campaign hard while his so-called opponents have to sit in a kangaroo court. Great tactic.
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Pardons are on the way for Stone and Flynn (Flynn may not need any help.) Stone didn't make things easier for himself with the jury tampering but it was all politically motivated.
Is Stone an agent provocateur? Sure. But the sentence is silly.

Of course, as soon as the pardons are issued, more moaning about "ORANGEMANBAD RECKLESS UNHINGED DICTATORSHIP" will ensue. CNN still has to sell ad space, after all.
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