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Agree with others that the numbers only suck. The numbers aren't memorable - recognizable the way a name is. Hard to have a conversation if you cant recall if 12345 said something to me, or was it me responding to 23456, etc. Even designated single thread names would be better than this.

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LOL the impotent rage on display here...its...delicious...


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rando says

The problem in itself is not the quantity of posts from one user, but their quality

A limit should solve the issue by forcing the user to think carefully and (hopefully) only post quality threads. If a user wants to post 15 threads, 12 about Obama banging Hillary, and 3 about legitimate issues and only has 3 slots to fill, which will he choose? Right now, with no limit, there is no reason for the user to discriminate between quality and garbage.

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marcus says

rando says

Do you find it objectionable?

I don't know Patick. Is it that you really don't have any idea what my point of view is ?

Of course the fundamentalists are bad, the radical terrorist types that use it as an excuse for violence are evil.

I just don't believe that returning hate for hate is the answer, especially if it is returned to the generalized majority for the crimes of a tiny minority. Hasn't history proven this ? Maybe there was a logical reason for Jesus suggesting that we should turn the other cheek. Maybe it's basically game theory.

Why do I have to explain this again. You know. You're not stupid. I believe that growing the moderate part of Islam may in the long run be more important than we can possibly imagine (versus walling them off until they learn ?) This happens by bringing Muslims in to the west

I am not sure if Patrick knows this but his POV is very much in line with the goals of ISIS. The reason those fuckers blow up shit in Paris etc. is to provoke an anti-muslim backlash. ISIS is a master manipulator and the goal of the spectacular attacks is to create F.U.D., to get western people and governments to make rash choices and make life uncomfortable for the moderate muslims who choose to live among us. The hope is to polarize moderate western muslims so they must choose sides and (as ISIS hopes) realize that westerners are the enemy. Like much of Patnet, ISIS lives in a world of black and white and wants to eliminate the greyzone for moderate Muslims who are living in the West and feel like they can make a life for themselves here.

Thus, while it may not be intentional, by constantly pointing out the truth about islam, Patrick is indeed demoralizing the moderate muslims who intrinsically know all these things about their mid east counterparts. Constantly pointing out the truth does not make them feel welcome, and ISIS hopes this will cause them to come home to the middle east and create the all out culture war ISIS wants. I am not sure what the answer is to the problem, but I am sure that doing anything that would make ISIS happy is not it.

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curious2 says

somecrappynumber says

I am sure that doing anything that would make [ISIL/Daesh] happy is not it.

You seem to suffer from the too common fallacy that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, when in reality it can be an even worse enemy.

Yeah - I thought about that - fair enough.

Incidentally - you and I have very different ideas about what constitutes a "moderate" muslim. When I think of a moderate, I think of the guys I work with who say they are Muslim, but when we hang out and drink beer while watching the NFL call the Quran more "guildlines" than anything. Or the girl who has a prayer rug and does pray 5 times a day, but has a particular affinity for bacon and jokingly says that Muhammad wants her to spread pork to her people" In short they are more like the "catholics" who think the Vatican's stance on concoms is lunacy, or the "Mormon" who introduced me to the vices of alcohol, tobacco and pornography in my youth. All would be ostracized by the orthodoxy - but the contradictions between what their orthodox faith says they should do versus how they are - no matter the religion are fairly common to me.

curious2 says

Like it or not, confronting, denouncing, and containing Islam are the least bad options for the west

Maybe - but if Patrick is as committed to the truth as he says, he should also be ready to accept the truth that his views are very much in line with ISIS.

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curious2 says

On present trend, France and Belgium will hit 20% Muslim within one generation

So obviously that is a big problem. I agree that too much of anything too soon will overwhelm the culture. I am sure the English in western Virginia abhorred the polish and Czechs coming in massive waves to mine the coal. Same with the Southern US border - or even one generation ago in Miami with little havanna. Likewise, if we had a real threat of even - 10% of our population - 30 million MENA immigrants arriving in the next 20 years - I would go apeshit.

However, I think we are a long way from that - at least as far as the US is concerned. The first group I noted above is mostly assimilated - (but you do find "hollers" where the old folks speak Hungarian to each other) and I think the others are on their way to that as well - albeit we adopted theirs in part with tex-mex cuisine and mufongo. That said, I would watch Deerborn MI and other clusters like that like a hawk - but for the guys I know, some who are the 1.5 generation and 2nd generation muslims, the fervor to kill the infidels - dies off when you have al the distractions of western culture at your disposal.

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rando says

somecrappynumber says

or the guys I know, some who are the 1.5 generation and 2nd generation muslims, the fervor to kill the infidels - dies off when you have al the distractions of western culture at your disposal.

I wish it were so, but no.

So what would you call the people like the ones in my office that don't wear hijabs - and drink alcohol - and sometimes intermarry - and complain about the "fucktards" who blow shit up but call themselves "muslim"? Moreover, what about the nation of islam guys who have been in the US for 85 years and who also call themselves "Muslim"? The latter group does have a history of hate and violence - yet why aren't they (and my employees) strapping on suicide vests or hijacking trucks of peace and killing American infidels en masse?

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Booger says

More evidence of Soros involvement:

LOL - wrong city and wrong state, but otherwise, nice sleuthing there chief!

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Tenpoundbass says

LOL - STILL wrong city and wrong state!

Where is Gary with his moulage kits? NO TEARS!!!!

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YesYNot says

Removing a statue is not erasing history. It's just recognizing and celebrating different aspects of our past through public art. It doesn't have to be any more dramatic than replacing artwork in a museum, as long as the monuments are not destroyed.

Thing is, these statues are so old they are becoming historical themselves. I saw an article that some city took a balancing approach and decided to add a plaque to the old confederate monument giving it context (the plaque explains there was a strange romanticizing of the war from 1860-1900 and here we are in 2017 looking back at how f'ed those people must have been for thinking that at the time). The city has also preserved a "whites only" lunchcounter as a living history of the Jim Crow era.

In a way, its not terribly different from a cave painting depicting some atrocity from way back. The Mexicans do not run from the history of the Aztecs and human sacrifice. Instead they embrace it as a look back at how fucked up we (their descendants) were. In 500 years when (presumably) there is no discernable race, I doubt these statutes would be so controversial. If I were to take it down, I wish we would preserve it as a testament to our screwed up past.

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I suppose pride is OK but the main problem with it (in todays culture) is that it is too much associated co-opted by the Neo Nazi KKK etc. who do have a very sinister past of intimidation, supremacy etc.

If I had to guess, I think that many of the aggrieved whiteys feel like they are being left behind and simply want a seat at the table the way other groups do. If caucasians as a whole were truly concerned about this, they would need to start a brand new group with different messaging and stance -- while standing in stark opposition to the white supremacy groups which are the recent focus in the news. Its a very tough line to walk - especially as whites represent 70% of the population - and probably 90% of the powerful.

If this is correct, in many ways, their message is pretty much identical to the "we are the 99% ers" from a few years past. The 99% ers were new, novel, and did get the attention they needed. Problem with such a broad group is that it is difficult to do the necessary follow up with concrete suggestions while not getting co-opted by all the other fringe parts that glomed on to the 99% ers who severely muddled the message - if they ever truly had a message other than being butthurt.

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You mean as it drove by - the people who watched it barrel into the crowd were mad? Uhh yeah. See that guy take the swing at the 4 second mark:

Not seen here, but the antifa thugs also beat on its back end as it reversed back up the street - whats your point?

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BTW - the paranoid BGMAL/Gary crowd is already claiming that this guy with the flag that hit him may have "startled" the driver and caused him to "panic" hitting the crowd - LOL Yes I am sure as he barreled down the first 150 feet toward the obvious crowd he had good intentions - only to suddenly panic in the last 25. 2/1 odds you tube will have videos claiming that the screams were fake - NO TEARS - COCKEYED ARMS!!!!!

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WookieMan says

To make millions of kids change part of their diet to maybe prevent 5 deaths a year at a school is ridiculous (I don't have a source, just guessing). If it's such a big deal, which it sounds like it is in most places, don't have the kid with the nut allergy go in the cafeteria.

Interesting article - looks like telling parents to keep kids from peanuts has backfired so badly the NIH has completely flip flopped and now recommends early and often exposure:

With time, maybe it will be back to like when we were kids and these sorts of allergies were unheard of.

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Patrick says
The richest people already have the best houses. They are not really a factor in housing for ordinary people.

You misunderstand Heraclitus point. If the rich already have the best, in a limited supply environment then the "next richest" will get the "next best" and so on and so forth. Ordinary people and anyone below them don't matter in the equation - the ordinary people are squeezed out and forced to rent, double up, move further away etc.

Its pretty easy to understand this once you understand that price to income and any other housing rule of thumb is just that - a rule of thumb - and not any sort of fundamental principle that will apply to all or even most areas.

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Newbie123 says
Unless the market comes down by 30%+ I wont buy.

Hate to say it, but that sounds like a recipe for renting forever. You had 30% lower prices a few years back, but instead of buying, you went out and bought Patrick's book and fence sat.
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Patnet rule #1 - NOBODY should EVER be fired for speaking their mind!!!! As long as she (it) keeps its looks, it should be completely free to launch multiple stem-winders about white people, reparations, genocide, etc. and L'Oréal must stand idly by and take it.

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Patrick says
Might buy soon though, just because I can easily do it now with no mortgage, lol.

The message always was and still is: every house has an appropriate price, and it's not whatever anyone would pay. It's how much a landlord would pay. It's the price that is equivalent to or less than to renting the same quality house in the same area for the same period of time.

So since nowhere on the peninsula has rental parity, you are moving out and buying elsewhere? If not, seems like you would be contradicting your own message.
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just any guy says
I don't want to be under water because I bought at a peak, which is my biggest fear

You understand that pretty much by definition, when you buy you buy at what is then the "peak" correct? The only way to get around this is to buy in a declining market (which scares the shit out of everyone) or go back in time and buy in 2012.

As such, if you examine your words, I think you will agree with others that you very well could be renting for a long time - perhaps forever. I am not saying this is bad however - just be very self aware of what your risk tolerance is. You may just find that buying is not right for you. Likewise, understand that if you don't buy, you very well will be nibbled to death in rent increases where you have no choice to move away. This choice isn't great either, but again, its all about self awareness IMO.
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Strategist says
just any guy says
Strategist says
You will be renting for a long long time.
Talk to someone who bought in 2005.

My gardener did. He bought a house with no money down, stayed free for more than 2 years before they kicked him out. Lucky bastard.

If the 2005 buyer could afford it, in most places he is above water now. And he is now 12 years into his note - 18 years til being payment fee and eating through principal at a very fast rate. I'm sure the first years of worry sucked, but he would much rather be where he is now than having rented for 12 years and NOW thinking about starting that 30 year clock to freedom.
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NuttBoxer says
Calculated against inflation? Guessing not.

I said above water in part because of principal pay down - inflation is a fair point and more important if you are looking at better investment, but this has little to do with under/above water which is nominal.

NuttBoxer says
somecrappynumber says
30 year clock to freedom.

If freedom can only be purchased with 30 years of slavery, it's not worth shit. 30 year originated for vets, 15 used to be standard. For responsible people, 15 is still standard.

Ok then, for the responsible person that would be 12 down, 3 til freedom. Still, even at 30 years, very few people who rent for 40-50 or 60 years would call a mere 30 year payment term "slavery"
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marcus says
Patrick thinks he is identifying a profound truth when he states that it's not politically correct to emphasize the connection between the religion of Islam and Islamic terrorism. I have never understood this point - because the connection seems obvious enough to me

Very much agree. The reality is there are many painful self evident truths that we all know, for example:

Many islamists are terrorists
Many women lie about rape/trap a man/etc
Many black people are not as intelligent as others.

I could go on and on. Yet, what as a society are we going to do about it? Are we going to round up all members of these groups and punish them? if the answer is no, what exactly are we accomplishing as a society by polarizing the good members of these groups by labeling them with the bad ones?

I mean, its not like we as a society have ignored the issue. We examined the evidence and decided the current policies is the best "least worst" option we have. Not everyone (particularly on Patnet) is happy with the results, but in life many things are a balancing act, and the people who want the two binary extremes never get their way.

But again, perhaps I am missing something. So let me ask @Patrick specifically - describe in detail the profound: "lightswitch" or "aha" moment you envision by continuously pointing out the bad behavior we all know, over and over and over again?
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Patrick says
At work, yes, unless he has some compliant about his job.

Let me see if I understand this. So if he punches out at 5:00 then on his own time he can criticize his employer (the memo was called the Ideological echo chamber) send it to everyone within the company (knowing full well it will go viral) and then come back to work with no repercussions? Really?

If your answer is "Yes that's correct", my follow up is, can he do or say anything about his employer on his own time without consequence? Can he say "my boss, John Smith is a Fuckwad", send it to the rest of the company, then next day at work nothing happens?
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errc says
Article is over five months old. Hopefully, they’re wrong

Methinks that our new friend (the poster) is a somewhat sentient bot. He has 70+ posts and 70+ comments in less than 24 hours of existence - numbers that would put CIC to shame.
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Updating the title as the bot's name is now NYC
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rando says
The solution is simple and ancient. A woman should never agree to be alone with an unrelated man unless she does in fact intend to signal to him that she wants to fuck him, right now. If she does agree to be alone with a man, courts should assume she intended to have sex with him.

As a SV doctor, I use this presumption to my advantage. I see mostly housewives of engineer cucks who come to me for "service" and I bang every one of them, whether they want it or not. With healthcare premiums cut to the bone(r) I have to see 20-30 a day, its exhausting! Thanks Obamacare!
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Philistine says
PNet has demonstrated what I've also observed on other forums and comment sections with voting. The more politically associated a topic and comment are, the more likely to get a high number of up or down votes.

The correlary is that moderate or apolitical posts get almost no votes either way, despite these viewpoints typically expressing more thoughtful commentary.

My conclusion is up/down voting is more often a reflection of tribalism and emotional reaction.

Very astute, and something I have been trying to crystalize in my mind for some time. It is true, the logical, thoughtful posts get almost no traction or interest, whereas the emo laden rants about Trump or Hillary get all the action.

In other words, this site will never be of any real consequence because no one wants it to be. Anything that takes thought or effort is nowhere near as entertaining as the mindless tribalism of the "liburals" and the "repubfucks".
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home says
Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependence on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one's government is not necessarily to secure freedom.

FYI - this is the same image that our sentient bot "Freespeak/NYC" posted a few days ago. So id now say with 99% certainty, ya'll are responding to a bot. Have fun, but don't expect a meaningful response to a question.
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Updating this post as I am now sure that "Home" is the successor to Freespeak/NYC. I still am not sure if this is a very good sentient bot, or an honest to goodness paid troll from Hong Kong who has all sorts of anti American responses and posts cued up and ready for release.

In fairness, it appears to have learned, and went from the 1 post per minute pace of Freespeak to the pace that would resemble some of our active posters here. This also poses an interesting "free speech" question in that its very likely that ether the creator of the bot or organizer of the paid troll is almost certainly an outsider seeking to sow seeds of doubt and division amongst Americans who inhabit this site. Do we give them a platform to speak and further their message if their ultimate intent is to weaken/destroy America?

@Patrick, if you decide to take action, please just disable him like you did "Freespeak", do not nuke like you did "NYC" as I find it interesting to track whatever this is coming out of Hong Kong.
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I was assuming "anti" in that it seems to me that the general "bent" of the message is that the US is not what it once was, and is now on its way to third world status. But I suppose that you could take that as "pro" in that the implication is we should do something about it.
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Patrick said... Hell it may be myself!

You are on the short list for sure, but you have company. Other nominees are curious 2, Dan, Possibly JustMe, Heraclitus & Blurtman too.
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WookieMan says
New username Oil? Early in the pattern, but seems on par with past behavior.

Looks that way. It does appear to be learning in that it doesn't spam the board like it did before. Interesting too in that unlike some patnet commenters who got rickrolled into posting things from fake sites like the "Denver Guardian" it does appear to pull stories from legitimate news sites.
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CNN? Why are you posting this? Isnt CNN just fake news?
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Sorry - isn't CNBC just more fake news?
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mell says
There should absolutely be a shorter time limit on when to report such accusations, maybe a year max. Otherwise this box of Pandora will take down many many more until there are no male-female interactions anymore that are not signed off with recorded electronic consent by an app.

Report to whom? The girl reported to the police when it happened in 1986, and decided not to prosecute. Are you saying she cannot now exercise her rights of free speech? Or if the Mail got hold of this 30 year old report, are they not allowed to exercise their rights and tell us about it?
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Patrick says
Would it be inappropriate to ask where the 16 year old's parents were when she was given the key to Stallone's hotel room?

Did you read the report? She is 16 years old and out with a girlfriend in the year 1986. Old enough to drive and before the cellphone era where you yourself were turned loose and told to come back by some time. That aside, both the girl and Stallone were staying in the same hotel - meaning the 16 year old likely didn't even have to leave the hotel grounds. According to the report they started doing it at 8:30 PM. Unless the Italian stallion is into kama surtra, she likely got home in time for her 10:00 curfew.
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mell says

She can absolutely exercise her rights, but there's nothing that should happen by law at this time.

Who said anything is going to happen? Most states do have a statute of limitations, and even if Nevada didn't, why do you think it would happen now? Apparently someone from the LV police department leaked this dusty old report to the daily mail - possibly for cash. That aside, who would prosecute this? For all we know, the "victim" died a few years ago from cancer or something.

mell says
Again, if you're an underaged child in the film/entertainment (maybe any) business, do not go up and party in private with any of the "stars". Every parent needs to stress this. Go to your own hotel room.

She wasn't an actress. This was a chance encounter since he was filming at the hotel they were staying. That said, I think that the normal warning you give your teenage daughter about men and their intention is sufficient. I do not think "every parent needs to stress" about what their 16 year old daughter should do if say Vin Diesel or Chris Pratt happens to contact them in the next year or two.
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