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georgeliberte says
A good article about the use of the label 'privilege' used to protect the actually privileged by shifting focus from equality to diversity and blaming lower class white males

This sounds very similar to what happened between the newly freed slaves and the white lower classes. The only difference between now and then is that the elites are now siding with the people fighting against the white lower class.
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The last time I checked, free market capitalism is not supposed to have bailouts. If the Democrats want to demand stupid shit and it stops us from picking winners and losers with a bailout, I am going to cheer them on!

The only way to curb and correct bad behavior is to allow the markets to punish mistakes with economic loses. If a company needs liquidity, they can perform an equity offering or borrow the money. If they go insolvent, let chapter 11 bankruptcy cleanse them of the bad debt, wipe out the equity holders and give the ownership to the creditors. Let the Covid 19 become a well studied event that is taught in business schools as to why it is important to have savings on hand to weather the occasional bad times.

The constant market intervention is nothing more than the rich trying to maintain the status quo and to socialize the losses. Our economy would be on a much better footing if we allowed incompetence to be punished. Many of these companies foolishly borrowed money to purchase their own stock back.

These market distortions from the central banks and governments do massive damage. They prevent the economy from ever achieving its full potential. The system that we have is not free market capitalism and we must abandon our current system if we are ever to get an efficient economy going again.


I am also not convinced that the massive shutdown is better than accepting the surge in deaths. It is a terrible tragedy if you happen to be the one that dies from Covid 19. Many people will die if we allow the virus to keep spreading. What about the damage being dome by the shelter in place orders? I wish the Trump administration would walk us through their decision making process and give us answers to why we picked the current path.
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Buy a Hipoint 9 mm handgun aka Yeet cannon. They are cheap and ugly but reliable. You can also get a Hipoint 995 carbine that uses the same magazine as the handgun. The carbine is better for home defense because it gets better performance out of the ammo. I say this if you live in California.

I prefer a good 1911 any day over a 9 mm. I also prefer a 300 AAC AR carbine which is probably a no no in California.

Pump action shotguns like Mossberg 500 are good. The Keltec shotgun is good if you can find it. I am betting a lever action chambered in 45 colt would be ok in California. I think Rossi just released a new lever action that can eat 45 colt and 454 Casull. The Casull would require only 1 hit to stop an attacker.

If you go with a Glock 17 or 19, look at You can easily turn the handgun into a carbine which is legal under federal law.
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NoCoupForYou says
If I had a two-car garage and somebody said, "You wake up to a huge inferno surrounding your house and have 10 seconds to drive out to the street and book it. In the garage is a late 90s Corolla and a MB. They haven't been turned-over or used in 3 months. Only one will start right up and take you 100 miles down the road without any problems", I'll take the Corolla over the Mercedes-Benz

Now, if I woke up in a gun fanatic friends house, and I know he loves his firearms more than his wife, and I hear Antifa screaming "Kill Whitey!" while breaking down the front door, I'd grab the Sig Sauer before the Hi Point.

Bingo! I have never had a malfunction from a Hipoint. They are the cheapest guns out there. They give best bang/$. The blow back action is heavy and large so you wont be able to conceal carry. I gave a $189 Hipoint to my wife and she hid it in the bath room for some odd reason. It was coated in rust when I found it. I took it to the range without cleaning it or cycling the action and the stupid thing worked. The rust was on the outside and it was a thin film. The internals were good.

Owning a Hipoint is a dirty secret pleasure that every gun owner should experience. Think of it like you are fucking a fat chick that gives the best head that you have ever had. Just don't get let your friends know.

I also own a Hipoint 4595 and it kicks ass. It is every bit as good as a CMMG 45 AR in throwing 45 acp down range. It also costs about 1/4 the money of the CMMG. Yes the CMMG is awesome but many cant afford that. I think most people can afford $200 to buy a HD firearm.

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You have to go to extraordinary efforts to kill a Hipoint.

Most times a Squib followed by another round is an extremely dangerous situation. Hipoint had a warranty return with 35 bullets stuck in the barrel.
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joshuatrio says
Not sure why the push for hi points other than they are cheap. I work in DoD with a bunch of military guys who know/love guns. Their impression is that they are an ok cheap solution if you want a firearm, but none of the people I know would trust one with their lives.

Most are carrying Glock, MP Shield, Sig & Kimber.

I own a glock and it has been a good shooter. I had a few malfunctions early on before it had been broken in and it has run perfectly since then. I also own three Hipoints (45 carbine, 9 mm carbine, and a 9 mm handgun) and they have never had a malfunction despite putting hundreds of rounds through them. I have never disassembled them. I simply add oil where the manual says to add it and run a bore snake through it.

What do you do if you need to buy now but can't get into a range to break a new gun in or you can't find anything "good" for sale?

My answer is to buy a new 45 Hipoint or find an old used 38 revolver. The 38 revolver is common, lots of old people have them, and they are not very popular compared to the semi-autos. There are probably many 38s not known about by the authorities so you can probably get one through a private party transaction without filling out a 4473. This is legal under federal law as long as the parties reside in the same state. I would be surprised if it were legal in California. You then have to ask yourself what is best for yourself.

If you don't own a gun right now, you don't have the luxury of time to get the best gun. You need something cheap that will simply work every time you pull the trigger. I would feel more confident giving my mom a heavy Hi-point pistol than a "good" new gun because the recoil will be less with the Hi-point and I know how idiot proof it is.

Lets talk about ammo availability. I would take this bet every time. I bet you will be more likely to find 45 acp ammo on the self than 9 x19 right now. I saw this first hand for many years during the Obama years. I would also bet you will find more 45 acp in the wild at a garage sale than 9 mm. Many if not most of these "good" new guns are found in the 9 mm flavors. The older crowd favored the 45 acp and they are dying off.

Ammo is not an issue for me because I have my press, plenty of spent cases, new primers, various powders, and plenty of .308" and .452" bullets (rifle and pistol flavors). I can feed my 300 AAC carbine for a very long time and I could make "new" cases from old spent 5.56x45 cases. I can also feed a 1911 or my Bushmaster 450 rifle with the .452" bullets. I love the .308" bullets because I can feed the 300 aac, AR-10/bolt action Ruger Gun Scout in 308 Winchester or my M1 Garand. Most people don't even know that it is possible to reload/hand load ammo! Had the 350 Legend been out 10 years ago (it uses .355" bullets), I may have gone with the 9 mm instead of the .452" sized firearms.

You have to accept what you can get and what you can find to feed the gun under the current circumstances.

Just remember California, you did this to yourself.
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RC2006 says
FuckCCP89 says
RC2006 says
Il be in ID next month can I just go in and buy a gun and bring it back in my car?

In a word, no. (Assuming you are in CA now).

I'm CA resident. Is that a NO or a no ;);)

Be careful with this. A FFL will not sell you a pistol if you are an out of state resident. They will sell you a long gun.
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TrumpingTits says
That was at the mayor's residence. They didn't have any castle doctrine rights there (If Missouri even has castle doctrine rights). It wasn't their own home.

So, I hate to say this but...they weren't standing on much legal ground there. If it has been their home, then yeah. Better.

Plus they swung the weapons in the protesters direction. Especially the lady with the pistol. Definite no-no unless they had real, probable cause to, which isn't shown either way in this video.

Interesting. I read a different account of the same incident.
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RC2006 says
At the closest basspro shop they have these in stock perfect for plinking antifa.

The 45 Colt is an awesome cartridge. Rossi has a similar model that will shoot 454 Casull or 45 Colt.

I have asked for Henry to offer this as an option because they both use 0.452" bullets. The Hornady FTX is safe in a tube magazine and performs a lot better than a flat nose bullet. A 454 Casull load shot from a carbine will achieve speeds in excess of 2,000 fps with 225 grain bullet. This will stop most animals or people in 1 hit.

The 357 Magnum version is good too. I dont own a 357 but I have shot them many times. You can safely use 38 Special in a 357 magnum firearm. You might even have a bit more magazine capacity when you load 38 special.
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Would a pump action AR-15 be legal in California? There are kits being used in New Zealand to convert the semi-autos to pump action with minimal effort.
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Tenpoundbass says
I'm looking at purchasing a cabinet full of AR-15s.

Buy some Magpul D60 magaznines. You can stuff 60 rounds in each and store them long term without weakening the springs. These are also the ONLY AR-15 drum magazines that I have found to work reliably. Stay away from Pmag and Beta C.
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FuckCCP89 says
thenuttyneutron says
Tenpoundbass says
I'm looking at purchasing a cabinet full of AR-15s.

Buy some Magpul D60 magaznines. You can stuff 60 rounds in each and store them long term without weakening the springs. These are also the ONLY AR-15 drum magazines that I have found to work reliably. Stay away from Pmag and Beta C.

I don't like mags over 20rd - they interfere when shooting from the prone position.

Not the D60. They hang down below rifle about same as 20 rounder.
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When they offer this is 454 Casull/45 Colt, I will be interested in buying it.
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California's power problems will only get more interesting with time. Diablo Canyon is shutting down in just a few short years. That will remove about 2,000 MW of power from the grid.
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I am a bit confused here. Is she upset about Kyle Rittenhouse? Videos clearly show a much bigger story here. His experience is precisely why we need AR-15s. It is a tool that is a great equalizer.
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*Sigh* I can't read AF's post. I always enjoy reading his posts even if I don't agree with them. Can you please let it post without any moderation?
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Eric Holder says
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says
Kyle doesn't need a lawyer - he needs and is entitled to M134!


I am disappointed. I think he peaked with his description about dining at Deny's. I have to find that post because it had me crying tears of laughter for a very long time.

Found it. APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says

Denny's is great. You can stand on a chair, belch, blow a fart, offer your dick to a toothless meth-head sow to suck in trade for a french fry and no one would notice, all the while enjoying the sight of the manager kicking negroes to death at the front door. This is what America is all about.

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I wish a criminal investigation would be launched to see if government employees had a financial interest in Remdisavir and had a financial incentive to stop people from using HQC.

Here are the facts:
HCQ has been out for almost 70 years and has a very good safety profile
There is plenty of empirical evidence that shows it is safe and effective for treating SARS-COV-2 in the early stages of the disease.

My main question is what is the root cause of the decision to direct doctors not to use it? If the answer is what I suspect it may be, people need to
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This case will be studied in law schools in the future. Read the complaint. It reads as though the DA wants the charges to get thrown out with prejudice.


Kyle traveled across state lines to a peaceful protest with an AR-15. He broke the law by open carrying the rifle. He agitated some of the protesters and a fight ensued. Kyle shot and killed 2 people and injured a third before fleeing across state lines.


Kyle traveled across state line to a riot with the intention of protecting property and giving first aid to injured people. He was at the riot with a medical kit and an AR-15 for protection. He agitated some of the rioters by extinguishing a dumpster fire that they had set for the purpose of destroying property.

Kyle was aggressively accosted by a convicted child sex offender and Kyle attempted to get away. The rioter ran withing arms reach of Kyle and was shot dead. Kyle was then chased down the street by an angry mob that hit him, and a rioter attempted to stomp him out. An individual struck Kyle with a skate board and tried to take Kyle's rifle was shot in the chest and died. Another rioter attempted to kill Kyle with a 9 mm pistol and Kyle shot him in the arm.
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Berkshire is backing another design that will be even better.
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It may not be "official" training. There are social groups in Federal agencies that offer "free" training. It can be a wide variety of things like retirement planning offered by a union or diversity and inclusion training offered by Blacks in Government. It is usually part of a lunch time that goes past the 45 minutes of required unpaid time.

Look at the combined federal campaign. This happens every year and eats up a bunch of time.
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Brd6 says
thenuttyneutron says
that offer "free" training

I work for State (and a conservative one!), not feds - and in our case we can't be on hiring committees unless we go through that type of crap.

Yep. Every September the evaluations are filled out. If you are a chair in these groups, you can get high marks despite not doing your actual job. It is an easy way to get a promotion. I simply keep my mouth shut and try to stay busy with my actual work. The hatch act is always on my mind and I steer clear of politics at work or anything that can get me in trouble.
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just_adhom_preaching says
extra clip

Now that you are part of the club, I have to encourage you to use the correct nouns. The gun is a magazine fed pistol. Clips are used to charge the magazine. I have never seen a clip used to charge a glock mag. I have seen Maglula speed loaders and highly recommend that you get one.

Enjoy your new purchase. You now get to treat it like a barbie doll by buying accessories for it. I recommend buying a good holster first. Also get some good hollow point ammo to feed it for serious work. Functionally check that the pistol can eat the hollow points and practice with cheap FMJ.
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Shaman says
w it’s all posts about Putin raping Trump’s butthole and I don’t need to see those.

He will get better and recover in 4 years and 5 months.
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I hope Trump nominates her replacement soon. Get the new justice in ASAP. It will have to be a conservative woman to help reduce the DNC outrage.
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Tenpoundbass says
You all know my policy on people who commit suicide. I don't think they are worthy of mourning, or sympathy, it's a cowardly act.
But damn this whole story makes me feel like a hypocrite.

We have no idea what was going on. I do wonder if he thought about going out in a blaze of glory in Portland but changed his mind.
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Until there is a serious discussion about using nuclear power and transitioning to a hydrogen based economy, all talk about the environment/climate change is a joke.

Entropy is a bitch and does not care about your feelings. You will either accept it and work within the limits available or you will increase entropy even faster as you try to fight it.

A real environmentalist would buy a 15 to 20 year old economy car with a 4 banger engine (Hondas are perfect here) and drive it until it can't be serviced instead of buying a Tesla. The amount of oil used to produce the Tesla is enormous! A real environmentalist would be pushing to develop very efficient breeder fission reactors to produce H2 and electricity. The H2 would then be used to make synthetic fossil fuel or power cheap fuel cells once the technology is better refined.
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Brd6 says
rocketjoe79 says


Ever used gasoline? It is far more dangerous. H2 can be used as a feed stock to make synthetic fossil fuels. The Germans did it in WW2 when they were cut off from their oil supplies. With "cheap" oil being more and more difficult to sell, synthetic gasoline may make economic sense. The alternative is to use sand tar.
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Brd6 says
thenuttyneutron says
Ever used gasoline? It is far more dangerous. H2 can be used as a feed stock to make synthetic fossil fuels. The Germans did it in WW2 when they were cut off from their oil supplies. With "cheap" oil being more and more difficult to sell, synthetic gasoline may make economic sense. The alternative is to use sand tar

H2 is substantially more dangerous than gasoline wrt to combustion.

Hydrogen possesses the NFPA 704's highest rating of 4 on the flammability scale because it is flammable when mixed even in small amounts with ordinary air; ignition can occur at a volumetric ratio of hydrogen to air as low as 4% due to the oxygen in the air and the simplicity and chemical properties of the reaction. The storage and use of hydrogen poses unique challenges due to its ease of leaking as a gaseous fuel, low-energy ignition, wide range of combustible fuel-air mixtures, buoyancy...

Have you ever worked with H2 or trained to be a fire fighter for an industrial facility? I have put out fire caused by both. I maintain that gasoline is far more dangerous. H2 has a LEL of 4% and this is bad but a H2 fire can be managed a lot more easily than gasoline. H2 also tends to dissipate a lot easier. Gasoline not so much. Gasoline is nasty stuff because it sticks around and is a lot more difficult to fight and contain.

H2 fires can be stopped by usually turning a valve. If that does not work, you clam it up in two monitor nozzles with a fog pattern and wait.
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Brd6 says
thenuttyneutron says
Have you ever worked with H2 or trained to be a fire fighter for an industrial facility? I have and maintain that gasoline is far more dangerous. H2 has a LEL of 4% and this is bad but a H2 fire can be managed a lot more easily than gasoline. H2 also tends to dissipate a lot easier. Gasoline not so much. Gasoline is nasty stuff because it sticks around and is a lot more difficult to fight.

Millions of cars on roads will be very different from a well-managed and centralized industrial facility.

Gasoline is a risk that we manage. H2 is no different and easier to deal with. pictures are worth a thousand words. I loved fighting H2 or propane fires because you simply aimed the monitor nozzle at the flames with a wide pattern and it was always above the tank. Gasoline splashes around and can be washed into areas you don't want it.
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Brd6 says
Will read the link - thanks.
Seems kinda counter-intuitive that something which is more flammable and kept under very high pressure than gasoline would be less problematic. We have to be quite careful in lab with H2. A few times back in day I managed to set stuff on fire while working with H2 (ignited because of presence of precious metal catalysts), running reactions under high pressures of H2 (lower than ones needed in tanks) required special, explosion-protected rooms, while flammable solvents never caused much problems on our relatively small (up to tens of liters) volume.

In the lab or enclosed area yes. That is where the H2 explosions are a concern. Why do you think there is an emergency vent line to the roof for a H2 cooled generator at a large power plant? H2 is used by most large generators at nukes or natural gas units.
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NoCoupForYou says
Hydrogen is the most reactive element in all reality. Keeping it separate from combining chemically requires super duper infrastructure and of course it's super explosive.

It's also not found in pure form in any quantity on earth; separating from Methane/Ethane, which would be one of the easiest ways to do so, takes more energy to split than just burning the Methane/Ethane itself.

Kyocera and a few other companies are developing solid oxide fuel cells that will burn CH4, natural gas (mostly CH4), propane or H2. They use common and cheap materials. I am sure they can also be designed to be used in a car. I am not sure how good they are at handling the huge current fluctuations. Only time will tell. I am very interested in putting a solid oxide fuel cell system in my next house and not even being connected to grid power.
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Dang! Intel supports the terrorists. I am in the market for a new laptop. I guess I will have to find one with an efficient AMD processor. Did Nvidia ever support the terrorists?

Update: I had an AMD processor system in college 20 years ago. It was nice but was energy hungry. It looks like AMD has really improved a lot recently. Their chips use a 7 nm fab process that Intel won't have until 2022. The AMD chips are more energy efficient and faster than the Intel offerings. The AMD mobile CPUs also include a pretty decent GPU.
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“More energy is needed to isolate hydrogen from natural compounds than can ever be recovered from its use,” Bossel explains to

No shit! It is called the 2nd law of thermodynamics. I wonder if this guy looked at the oil inputs into making "renewables"?

What is the recover rate on energy from fossil fuels compared to the energy input from the ancient sun that was used to make them? That has not stopped us from using them.

I have always said that a H2 based economy requires the use of nuclear power. It is the only thing that can give us the large amounts of energy required for making a H2 economy work. These morons keep thinking we can pull a magic trick and get around entropy. Physics does not care about the environmentalist's bellyaching, bitching, or their "feelings". You will either submit to reality and accept entropy or you will only waste energy fighting entropy and end up making the situation worst. You have to accept that massive amounts of energy is going to get wasted because physics requires it!

Pick your poison. Live within the energy budget of the sun or find alternate sources of energy. Fossil fuels was the easy choice and raised our standard of living. I can only imagine how many years it took to make what we burn in 1 single year. We can also scale up nuclear power now with breeder reactor designs. Fusion power is only 50 years away sarc. Maybe one day we will figure fusion out. Renewable energy ,simply put, is an extremely inefficient way of converting the nuclear fusion energy of our sun into electricity. Why is he not bellyaching about that?

The efficiency of a heat engine can be increased by having a larger temperature difference between the heat source and the heat rejection site. This can only go so far as you reach the limits of the materials that the heat engine is made of. Most nuke plants today use the Rankine cycle and they are limited to about 35% efficiency. Using the Brayton cycle on a molten salt reactor design would allow us to get to about 60% efficiency.
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I bet the land owner could fight it in court and win on 1A rights. The problem is, hiring lawyers would not be cheap. How is this sign any more of a distraction than a bill board?
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You never show the Beaver and I wish you would.
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Beaver lives matter
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Those russian bastards!

I do wonder if Chris Wray will go on camera soon and tell us that no reasonable prosecutor would charge Joe and Hunter Biden with any crimes. There is no evidence that Hunter ever sexually gratified himself with inappropriate and illegal pictures.
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It is crazy. HCQ has been out for decades and been a safe drug. Suddenly HCQ became a poison when it threatened the profits of Remdesivir.

I wonder when ivermectin will suffer the same fate?
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