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He's protested 50 days and a row. Has anyone here ever had 50 free days? I'm mean, even when I started teaching with no kids, I didn't have 50 free days in the summer. Here's him saying "people are too much a pussy to do anything about him and his AK47" last night. I guess those words didn't age well.
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just_adhom_preaching says
The guy with the AK-47 fired 5 times at the driver, missed all 5 shots, and the driver fired back 3 times.

how the hell do you lose a gun battle with an AK47 when you shoot first?
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Would have killed to see this fight in the 90s.
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It helps to just turn off the internet. It's a waste of time at this point. If you remember in the late 90s early 2000s internet, you'll realize that the internet has become a steaming pile of dogshit. I remember the talks in 1994 about how it's going to increase the intelligence of the global populace. Boy....they were wrong.

If you notice, they've started to remove the comment sections in the news stories over the past year. This is not a coincidence. They don't like people speaking their mind.
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Only leftists could take an activity invented by the Polynesian culture and refer to it as racists because whites enjoy it as well.
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Well, the one problem is that they failed to bring up the fact that Zinc is what primarily is supposed to inhibit the virus. There is a study showing the effectiveness in Zinc improving the outcomes.

That being said, the left has dedicated to censorship, and it's a huge problem for society.
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I have been avoiding trader joes because they have a gigantic line every day outside to minimize the traffic inside. I may just have to go to get a few things out of respect.
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I saw my brother for the first time in 4 months. He was a delivery driver who delivers food all over NYC, North Jersey, Philly, and sometimes Maryland. Turns out, he got Corona in February. He lost his sense of taste and smell and occasionally had trouble breathing for 3 weeks. But since he couldn’t taste anything, he apparently just consumed habanero peppers left and right to open up his nasal passage and have the air come flying in. He said he could barely taste the spice. He said it was just annoying...nothing more. The vast majority of the population can function with this stupid virus.

Simple straightforward policy would be:

If you are overweight, diabetic, high blood pressure, etc.... shelter in place. We could even fund their unemployment.
Everyone else, get back to work.
Guard nursing homes with extra precautions.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says

Florida reported 253 new COVID-19 related deaths on Thursday. The fatalities mark the third day in a row that the Sunshine State has reported its highest single-day death toll during the pandemic.

The Florida Department of Health on Tuesday reported 186 new deaths due to COVID-19. The next day, that number jumped to 216. Both records were eclipsed Thursday when 9,943 additional COVID cases were also confirmed by the state's department of health.

More than 6,300 people in Florida have now died from the disease, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. There are more than 460,000 cases across the state, and over 26,000 hospitalizations. This comes as the U.S. is fast approaching 4.5 million total cases and at least 151,0...

Call me when their death total is even half of New York City's.
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If you go through his paper, he uses statistical methods to prove that even though the trials were not randomized, the results are statistically significant. This can only happen for something that is very effective.
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You neglected to predict massive demonstrations where hundred of thousands of people held hands and spit all over each other.
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Here you go, funny.

You gotta be really stupid as a girl to throw coffee in a guy's face when your man is outnumbered 2 to 1.
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NoCoupForYou says
Starting to formulate worst age group is give or take a few years from 30. This lot seems to be about this age or younger. Like I said, many of those born after 1990 are shocked, SHOCKED! that actions have consequences. They expect to grab people, pour coffee on them, throw molotov cocktails at things, and are absolutely gobsmacked when somebody fights back or a cop arrests them.

If you look at arrests, unlike previous social discord in the USA, the average age of the arrested protesters is about 30. Some are 28, others 32, but all around that 1990 timeframe. I do remember in the mid-late 90s the whole participation trophy/self-esteem/whole math thing was in full force.

This literally coincides with the "don't spank your child" movement and have a discussion with them. Anyone who has had kids knows your kid is incapable of rational thought below the age of 10. I routinely watch 6 and 7 year olds walk all over their parents in my neighborhood. Even 2 year olds. My neighbor is like "we have to go", the kid says "no", and it's fucking checkmate. He has nothing to respond to.

The worst part is, this girl tells them they should be wearing masks while her BF is talking with his nose exposed. How the hell can you be the mask police when you don't even wear it over your nose?

You have a generation of people walking around now that never had any consequences for their actions. Moreover, the people on the left also think they are morally allowed to assault people. This couple comes over, starts fucking with two guys, throws hot coffee on them, and then have the nerve to try to play the victim after the guy gets his ass beat. This is what you are up against. People that assault you and then lie about it. The guy is lucky he was so restrained.
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We were supposed to go but I'm not wearing a mask in 100 degree weather. We've moved it to next year.
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prodigy says
How many people die from flu each year in US?
While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

You seem to think Covid is capable of taking out that many people on an annual basis. It can't. It takes out the weak first and is likely to not b able to take out the survivors later on. The only reason the rate of transmission is so extremely high because no one ever had it before. So it can spread much more rapidly than the flu.

The reason the flu doesn't kill as many people is because we have yearly vaccines. Moreover, we have a large degree of exposure to previously mutations so immunity can carry over from year to year until it mutates more.

That being said, statistically speaking, this virus is FAR FAR FAR less lethal than the flu to children. Last time I checked, we were only in the teens for deaths of anyone under 14.'s more dangerous to people over the age of 60 and almost harmless to children.

So basically, yes, in year 1 Covid kills more than the flu does on average. This is not worse than the flu on a long term basis. Here's why. Young people can easily gain immunity from this disease without even getting sick. Also, this virus appears to be much less mutagenic.
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The sad state of affairs is, they have it all on video and he won't press charges due to fear of political reprisal.

According to this guy, he won't press charges for the coffee because as he says:

I will not risk getting involved with some activist D.A. here. Only one lady on Manhattan Beach City Council is not a rabid leftist. The new Police Chief was a BLM hire.

I made my decision. I am letting it go..... unless they decide to do something stupid. Then reprisals are in order.
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I am planning to supplement with Quercitin, Zinc, and Vitamin D when I return to the classroom in a month.

Quercitin is a Zinc ionophore and doctors have been using it in place of HCQ if they are unable to get HCQ to the patient. The research on it in combination with Zinc is here as far as uptake is concerned.

Zinc inhibits RNA polymerase so it naturally slows the production of the coronavirus.

I had decided to go with this regiment after this Medcram video.

I'm not sure any of this matters because I am almost positive I had it mid February. Many of my coworkers tested positive and many of my students tested positive for antibodies. I also had cafeteria duty so I was in the room with 300 kids at the peak of the spread here. I also tutored a kid while his parents appeared to be on their deathbed coughing from 20 feet away in February. The school is in a train town not far from NYC and pretty much all their parents commute into the city. If the illness I had in mid to late Feb was in fact Coronavirus, I don't fear the reinfection at all. It was a joke and it gave me a fever and no appetite for 3 days. That's it. I still did everything I wanted to that weekend.
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In the middle of June, BLM protestors were allowed to congregate approximately 15000 people standing together holding hands, yet my 2 kids were not allowed to go on an empty playground. Because science!
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I don't see what the problem is. That's the best fucking advice anyone can give him. He's going to get slaughtered if he debates.

Now the reasons not to were bullshit. The reason he shouldn't be debating him is because he doesn't have the mental capacity to put together a paragraph anymore.
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I actually have a suspicion that Biden went off script when he got asked the debate question on whether he would commit to choosing a woman for VP. They probably had someone lined up for the spot and he fucked them over with his response. Thank god Tulsi Gabbard mauled Kamala at the debates.
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I don't think they will be able to convict any of the officers.
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Orwell definitely wrote a brilliant novel in 1984, however, he still believed socialism would be successful if implemented through democratic means. Still misguided.
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Patrick says
The important questions:

1. How did the division get so deep?
2. What can be done to bring people back into closer agreement?

It all started with the GWB election. The first four years of Bush's term was met with a media hissyfit as well.
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Patrick says
WookieMan says
viral infection that kills only 3.9% of those infected

@WookieMan you might be quoting the "case fatality rate" there, referring to people who have gotten sick enough to see a doctor and become a "case" thereby.

The infection fatality rate is only 0.3%, less than one tenth of the case fatality rate.

That is, only about 0.3% of people who get infected with the virus end up dying from it. The large majority of the infected have very mild symptoms or none at all.

Moreover, many people fail to comprehend the fact they don't actually have a .3% chance of dying but much less. For someone in their 20s or 30s with no health issues, it's probably 100 times less than that! That being said, people 80 and above have a 14% chance of dying so they should take precaution. It's insane that the working population is essentially able to fight this off like a cold but being told they can't work to save the people who are on their 20th year of collecting social security. Meanwhile, nothing would be stopping them from sheltering in place other than their own selfishness.
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Doctors and nurses are as well. But they don't publicize it because the media will try to drag them through the mud.
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No you aren't. You were supposed to cook the dog live. And yes, I'm Chinese for anyone that gets butthurt.
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I start Rin pills in 2 weeks.
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Chinese Americans are largely a group that fled communism and are American through and through.
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The peer review process is a joke. When my research group would submit studies, if we got a pain in the ass we disagreed with, we just sent it somewhere else or my boss made a few phone calls. It is politics just like anything else under the guise of integrity. The ugly secret of science is that bad science is ignored rather than dealt with.
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They were experimenting with this in South America. I believe they found that EPO was helpful not just in increasing red blood cell count but also preventing damage to other organs by stimulating tissue production with respect to this virus. This was done initially because they notice people at high altitudes who naturally have higher levels of EPO seemed to be drastically less affected by coronavirus than people at lower altitudes.

I would go one further and suggest that we do what cyclists do to dope. They harvest their red blood cells, store them, and inject them to up their RBC count.
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Rin says
theoakman says
I would go one further and suggest that we do what cyclists do to dope. They harvest their red blood cells, store them, and inject them to up their RBC count.

Which begs my question, where's this American Dream Team, the bioworld equivalent of the "1992 Barcelona Olympics US men's b-ball" squad with the best and brightest, solving this problem?

According to rdm and others, they should be fully engaged in treatment protocols and medicines and that as amateurs, we know nothing.

Instead, I see conforming corporatists, who're working non-stop on highly expensive and perhaps even doubtful solutions.

Here's the thing. I doubt there's actually much more work to be done on this in terms of discovery. Doctors are in the know that HCQ + Zinc in the early phase, remdesivir/favapir/various corticosteroids for those hospitalized, oxygen supplementation later on. That's why there's no widespread carnage anymore. They are doing this all quietly while avoiding media attention.

On Joe Rogan's podcast last month, his two comedian buddies got infected when they went to Texas and high fived 400 people after their standup gig. They tested positive right away. The doctor said basically "listen, I don't know what side of the political spectrum you lie on, but there's this drug, HCQ, the one Trump promoted, it works if you take it early". I've attached the clip.

It would be nice if they made the data available for death by age group as a function of time because I'm pretty sure that statistic is likely improving.
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joshuatrio says
Two anecdotal pieces:

1) My sister who teaches said both parents and teachers want school open, but it's the union leaders who are trying to keep it all shut down. She said the unions are completely lying about what people want due to politics.

2. My kids started school today - mask free - in person. There a huge uptick in private school enrollment with all the local options now carrying a massive waiting list. Public schools will now start having serious competition in the months/years to come.

The NJEA has not contacted any members on whether or not we want the schools open. They just put out messages on their own.
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How long before CNN scrubs this video. This was Harris' attack on Biden followed by Tulsi Gabbard murdering her presidential run. If it wasn't for Gabbard, I have no doubt Harris would have been the nominee for President.

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ok, so I just had dinner with a friend in NJ. His brother, age 50, caught it 2 weeks ago, presumably he caught it at the Pharmacy, where he works. No way to know though. He thought it was allergies and it lasted for 2 days. He got tested, and didn't even bother checking because he felt 100% better after day 2. The only reason he knows he had it is because the testing place called to notify him because he didn't check the results online.
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AIDS was essentially a death sentence. Wuhan Flu, for 50% of the population doesn't even give you a cough. For the next 30%, it gives you the sniffles.
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It's also now easily treated with Remdesivir and corticosteroids after hospitalization.
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Onvacation says
SunnyvaleCA says
WuFlu, even after just a few months, was already 1/7th as deadly as AIDS

Imagine how bad AIDS would be if they had not found treatments. They still have no vaccine.

Bill Gates has like 7 vaccines for Covid-19! He's gonna mass produce the one that works, as soon as he figures out which one that is. Remember the DOS patches? It's going to be like that.

If we are actually being truthful about numbers, AIDS killed 15 million if Africa alone. This is a disease that killed millions of young people. Wuhan Flu's average fatality is around age 75.
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Misc says
Just wait until the Asians are taught by Black woke-ass teachers.

It doesn't matter. I've taught in districts that have had hundreds of Asian students. They always find a way to succeed academically. If the public schools fall short, the Asian community finds a way to fix it for themselves. They all send their kids to Kumon or something else in early years. They have their own community schools on the weekends. I had one student that would travel an hour and a half to "Japanese school" for her entire k-12 life. First as a student, then she became a mentor at age 16 to 17. If their high school teachers are falling short, they won't hesitate to hire private tutors.
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