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BayArea says
tovarichpeter says
Why has baseball never caught on as a high school and college sport?

Because it’s considered boring and the competition isn’t so physical.

because the MLB pros play 150 games. NFL plays 18. There's more demand, less supply so college takes Saturday.
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Actually, it's been a boom in natural resources that masks the outsourcing in that graph. Or...maybe you care to explain how every single consumer good the past 20 years has come from China.
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You have about a 0% chance of any of the models being real. That's the way models of complex systems work. They don't.
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There was a study out of Berkeley showing that the increased CO2 levels have led to a record breaking "greening" of Earth which is responsible for the slow increase in CO2 in the atm despite the much greater increase in overall emissions. Does this stop the effect of warming? No? Does it lead to a more fertile earth? Yes. Has it been proven that increases in temperature lead to a decrease in quality of life? No...quite the opposite in fact.

So far, the past 100 years gains in productivity, standard of living, life expectancy, and a number of other things have been positively correlated with a rise in temperature. Why should the next 100 years be any different? Scientists who argue otherwise have not even come close to making this case.
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Almost every retail store in the mall has a policy of not confronting shoplifters. The most they can do is call the cops and hope they show up in time. The shoplifters know this so they just go in and out real quick. In the old days of mom & pop stores, the people would actively address it because it's their livelihood. For corporate, it's just another cost of doing business.
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If any of these "scandals" were ever actually real, they would have still clung to them to this day. As soon as the Mueller testimony failed to do what they hoped it would, it's on to the next manufactured outrage. I find it hilarious that the resident libs on this board are no longer complaining about Putin or how "Trump is a rapist".
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The Soviets were murderers too. But he still took his honeymoon there
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I know someone that just went to both Beijing and Taiwan. He said the news in Taiwan was so refreshing and nice to listen to. Beijing was 50% propaganda and 50% actual news with a communist spin.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Patrick says
What does that mean for patients? “They’ll be able to check them, compare them, go to different locations—so they can shop for the highest-quality care at the lowest cost.”

1 -You typically don't know what care you need, and
2 - people typically will not try 2-3 hospitals to see what the prices are. If you have an urgent issue, you don't have that luxury.
3 - Once you are there, you take whatever they say, in sequence they tell you it's necessary. You may come from 1 issue, then do something else.
4 - Usually you don't even care, because besides your deductible, it's for the insurance anyway.

The entire idea that competition will do the job of reining in costs is lame from the start.

So, can you come up with a reason why this shouldn't be done?
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"The American Medical Association (AMA) on Tuesday called for a total ban on all e-cigarette and vaping products that are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as smoking cessation tools.

The AMA is urging regulators and legislators at the state and local levels to ban the sale and distribution of all e-cigarette and vaping products, and stipulates that those products should only be available by prescription."

It looks like the country's labor cartel of doctors want in on the vaping profits. Their goal has always been to make healthcare as expensive as possible.
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Shaman says
theoakman says
It looks like the country's labor cartel of doctors want in on the vaping profits. Their goal has always been to make healthcare as expensive as possible.

Or... maybe they are concerned that the vapers aren’t going to be needing as many lungs removed, cancer treatments, and lung transplants. safer vices mean less medical treatment which means less money for the AMA.

Yeah right. They want to charge you a monthly visitation fee to get your vape on.
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I grew up 10 minutes from NYC. Now I live 45 minutes outside of Philly. If you go into South Philly, the food is far superior to anything in NYC. Dumpy yes....but it can't be beat. The Italian market and the surrounding area has an unlimited amount of gems that NYC will never have.
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Rin says
theoakman says
The Italian market and the surrounding area has an unlimited amount of gems that NYC will never have.

Dude, we have that exact thing in Providence Rhode Island, which has more Italian-Americans per capita per state, than most other northeast cities.

I don't have the patience to deal with muggers and vagabonds following me around town.

No you don't. You just think you do. Get down to the area of 9th st near the Italian Market and get something other than a cheesesteak. You are missing a whole world of amazingness as far as sandwiches go. Moreover, the whole area of South Philly is very low crime. It's an old school type neighborhood. North Philly is a shithole.
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The belief that any major breakthroughs can occur in the future is more than enough reason not to dump billions of public money into infrastructure that will be obsolete once said breakthrough happens.
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Boston is nicer than Philly. Much nicer. But Philly has better food. If you are in center City, it's fine. Same with historic section. Just stay out of the ghetto. BTW. The ghetto in Philly has amazing food as well.
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lol she had to be rescued by some black woman
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Find me another candidate willing to take on China, countries that practice unfair trade, and uncontrolled mass immigration. All of these policies are pro labor and give the American public greater bargaining power in wages.
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What is hilarious is that so inept she's left like a deer in the headlights in front of her own crowd? I'd love to see someone actually ask her a tough question.
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speaking of much of a friggin failure do you have to be. You are a member of the Royal Family with inifinite riches...and you have to team up with a pedo to get laid.
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I don't care how much money they do or don't bring in. You live in a castle...and you can't fucking get laid. What a loser.
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Altria now up 20% and still yielding 6%. Buying that dip was a home run.
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An author wrote an article about how Greta Thunberg was being marketed to be a big name way back in January, before she ever appeared before the U.N.

It was titled "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg". Her entire rise to stardom was no different than a record executive turning a no talent hack into pop music's next big thing. It's been very effective on the leftists masses who eat it up...She serves as a propaganda tool because if you disagree with her, you will immediately be hit with an argument about how you are against a child.....

The reality is, the girl is scientifically illiterate and cannot debate the science with anyone. She's 16 and has been skipping school.

Climatology is hardly a science that has even remotely come close to making any significant contributions to society to date. It is still in the stone ages with respect to Physics. If it were at all accurate, you would be seeing people referencing all types of articles from the 80s and 90s about how their corrections were correct. You don't see any of that...because as it stands, the field involves scientists who invent a black box that spits out data based on input. They've created their own fictitious reality and act as the gatekeepers to truth. In Physics, we generally ridicule theoreticians and simulations because they have no basis in reality.
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It's already working. In my son's 2nd grade class, their is a set of parents...I swear the father is Transgender but he openly advertises how he's raising his kids "non-gender binary". Another mother claims her son is gender fluid. Since the age of 5, sometimes he's dressed like a boy, sometimes he wears dresses. According to the parents, there's a total 7 others in town in the younger grades. On the bright one ever seems to be trying to convert their girls to boys...only boys to girls.
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I rode my bike to work for 6 years straight during graduate school. I always had to bring my bike into the lab as opposed to chaining it up outside because there were thieves who would just cut the locks and be on their way.
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The educational system is a disaster but it has little to do with the government or conspiracy and everything to do with academia at the collegiate level. Educational theory is easily the 2nd most intellectually dishonest profession behind economics. They create new methods of teaching, "test them" and always conclude that their way is better. They then go off and sell the admin on it who always are looking to change the way something is done to leave their mark. The admin force it on their teachers. The older experienced ones ignore them. The younger ones that don't know any better drink the kool aid.

I teach AP Physics. Most teachers have no interest in brainwashing anyone. In fact...most of them are disgusted with the nonsense that goes on at the high school level. When we get the students, they don't have the background they did 10 to 15 years ago. The elementary and middle school levels are not adequately preparing them because the teachers at that level, specifically the elementary, usually aren't experts in any one field and they'll do whatever they are told as far as teaching. The admin constantly brings in the new hippest math program and it always falls flat on its face.

Common core is not indoctrination. It's just a crappy standard developed by academia that was falsely put forth as something that was effective. The problem is...there's no glory or money in doing things the old fashioned way.

Basically, my job as a parent has shifted from what it would have been 15 years ago....because I am forced to fill in all the voids in reading, writing, and math that the elementary school has failed to fill. The other alternative is to hire private tutors to supplement the instruction. For the most part, it's a system that has evolved on its own. There's no one entity to blame. Most people take zero interest in school policy, fail to vote in BOE elections. You get a bunch of unqualified people sitting on BOE boards throughout the country and this is what happens. The very best teachers in the school who do things the old fashioned way are looked upon from the outside and above like disgruntled workers who "refuse to change".
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tovarichpeter says

Do you know that Asian Americans in the US have a higher life expectancy than those in Japan and Singapore. In an apples to apples comparison, the US does pretty well.
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When I lived in the ghetto...people would steal everything from your porch or side. They stole my rosemary plant. They would swipe my tomatoes on the vine. On my rose bush, people would come by and clip the roses. I can't even imagine having an amazon package on the porch.
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China has been subsidizing their industries to the point that it's cheaper to import a product than the domestic producer can purchase raw materials to even make that product. This makes it absolutely essential to tariff because it makes domestic production impossible otherwise. The folly about anyone trying to make the counterargument is that they don't take any issue with existing subsidies or tariffs other countries use against us...

Basically, if you invent an industry or product, China will steal it, subsidize it to lower costs beyond your ability to even purchase raw materials, put you out of business, and then they get all the profits.

They keep screaming about Soybean farmers, when in reality, the other 99% of industries that have may benefit are ignored. I have no problem with supplementing farmers for the losses they incur as a result of these tariffs. It's a cost we need to take for moving in the right direction for ALL INDUSTRIES. Every counterargument I've seen against the tariffs easily fails to truly look at the entire equation.
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This system worked well for many years.

It did...until the 90s when they decided to drop just about every tariff. The system has been awful for the past 25 years...and if you think it worked are delusional.
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WookieMan says
Liberal_in_blackface says
The last thing I would want is to be involved into FBI investigation when somebody downloads (or uploads) some pedo shit over the connection with my name on the account.

Yup X10. I don't even like having a guest network and allowing people on it. My former employer would incentive potential tenants with free internet all the time. I'm not sure the damages, but he got fucked by one of his tenant stealing movies. Didn't cause long term harm, but it was one of those ISP attorneys that get the info on what was stolen and send the letter to the account holder. Basically settle for $1k or go to court and lose and pay $20k. It's a scam, but totally legal. Fuck attorneys. (although my old boss deserved it, lol).

Decades ago, we had a descrambler to get all the PPV movies and events for free. At one point, the company most have sold their list to the cable company and the cable company was threatening us with a lawsuit. They said we could settle out for $10k. We told them to go F themselves. They never followed through with their threats.
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MAGA says
I'm sure Bill is one of the many. Keep Hillary out of his hair.

Harris drops out. Elizabeth Warren's support suddenly is dropping via the AP. All of the sudden...she's making rounds. She was on some talkshow last night with Chelsea. She was on Howard Stern a few days ago. She's back.
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Being a Democrat and not actually sticking to his guns.... he probably didn't sell shit
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Why couldn't Biden just set up Hunter like Bill and Hillary set up Chelsae with fake jobs domestically. Trump bankrolled his kids businesses. He didn't set up no show jobs for them.
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Generally, I'm a supporter of police...and this is a case where they have to make split decisions...but I can't stand the fact that they used civilian vehicles as shields with civilians inside.
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I've been saying this for years. If you graph food production, gdp, standard of living, life expectancy...basically any of these things...they have been positively correlated with upward shifts in temperature. The idea that another 1 or 2 degrees would break that current trend is not reflected in any data. I live in Zone they honestly expect me to believe it's Armageddon if my climate shifted to Zone 6 over the course of 200 years?

These people suffer from pre traumatic stress syndrome.
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Gotta love this girl. She campaigns against climate change in every friggin city I can only dream of visiting. She somehow makes it from Europe, to NYC, to middle America, back to Madrid all...while being "carbon neutral".
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How many times is she going to pass out and be dragged around like a corpse this time? Her health was awful her entire campaign last go round. It's four years later...your body doesn't get stronger at that age.
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how many times does she need to lose to go home? Obama kicked her ass in 2008. Trump in 2016.
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The books I use for Physics were published in 1998. It's always been a scam.

When I was in graduate school, there was a BitTorrent file for both Physics and Chemistry. It was like 15 gigs worth of PDF files of textbooks. It was awesome.
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How pathetic is it that Biden is their leading candidate after a flurry of videos of him acting like a pedo and sniffing girls. Then on camera, admitting he withheld foreign aid in exchange for a firing...which just coincidentally, worked out in favor of the company paying his son millions of dollars to do nothing.
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