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The idea that Paul Krugman even has a degree in economics is laughable.

I've told this story before but, when he lived in Princeton, I lived near him. I used to plow driveways during snow season. When we went to his neighborhood, he always had a service plow his driveway. Then, an hour later, he would have his wife snap a photo of him shoveling the last remnants of the snow and post it on the blog about how he was done shoveling. In hindsight, I should have just knocked on his door and offered to do it for 50% of what the other guy was doing. Then, call him out online.
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tovarichpeter says

Will be a great pilot program. Let them do it. And lets see the results from far.

My experience is, people who work zero hours a week are more likely to rob, steal, and kill.
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He set the tone for too big to jail. It was 8 years of nonstop banking scandal ending with massive profits, fines (government gets their take), and no admission of wrong doing.
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Pretty much every employee of Well's Fargo who participated in using customers personal data to open up fake accounts should be in jail.
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BayArea says
Why is it hard for liberals to understand that if a political leader’s policy is completely aligned with my political stances, then that is more important to me than that leader being mean or saying rude things sometimes?

Because, liberals would rather be lied to so they can believe their fantasies. Trump is the only person who could have survived this onslaught of fake outrage because he flat out doesn't give a shit. Anyone else would have caved to political pressure. He doesn't. I'd say, his weakness is he caves to monetary pressure. I'd like to see him reverse course on the Saudis.
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lol, 16 to drink but 21 for cigarettes?
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I'm a high school teacher. Anyone who teaches high school knows a 16 year old is far from rational.
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"While we're on this subject. Why is it not a problem to have a president that benefits so much financially if the dollar were to suddenly lose half it's value ?

Why is that not a conflict of interest ?"

It is a conflict of interest. That's why the founders specifically stated only gold and silver could be legal tender.
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Give the man a trial and allow the public to watch it. Right is a severe injustice.

I think Assange is a hero, providing more transparency in government than anyone else the past 50 years.
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Booger says
HeadSet says
Seriously, one good inner city electrical black out would show the need for police.

Because police enforcement in the inner cities is currently a deterrent to crime???

You should reference when the Baltimore police stepped down their patrols following the riots and political backlash. How'd that go for the city?
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remember when stores used to ban people from entering?
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There are plenty of soup kitchens in the city. Part of me the manger, I would have a whole container of food ready for him and just give it to him if he goes away. Better than what we saw. But then....I'm reminded once when there were 2 ducks in my yard from the nearby pond. I was 7 and fed them bread for like 20 minutes. The next day, no joke, there were 30 ducks in the yard.
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rd6B says
Does anyone here know any person who has purchased Obama book?

I bet Soros ordered about ten thousand
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I also love the fact that they were able to negotiate the Princeton Graduate Student to be released before they did this shit.
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Bullshit...there's no way he didn't glance at it before biting in.
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Yes, we should only be firing missiles at European Countries!
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lol, savage. Tomorrow, we'll be seeing articles about how Greta owns him with her response.
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What are the liberals opinions on Bill Clinton launching missiles targeting Osama Bin Laden? Was that wrong?
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Michael Moore apologizing to the guy who slaughter nearly 1000 protesters a month ago.
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"And among these people, that are sympathetic to sjw points of view, most are going to be professional in that they understand that these are their personal political points of view, and not some absolute truths, and therefore not preach their political views to students. Same for very conservative teachers I know. They might bring up questions getting students thinking about issues or even have debates, but they aren't going to preach radical views. Not just becasue they know it's wrong to do this. But also becasue it can get them in big trouble with parents. "

Quite the opposite. SJW teachers tend to think their opinions are the absolute truth and that everyone else in the workplace shares them those same opinions. That's why when Trump was elected, I received an email from the school psychologist about how we should be making it clear "we reject sexism, racism, and homophobia, despite this election". That's why I received an email from the German teacher who thinks she's an environmentalist but has no knowledge about science at all about how amazing Greta Thunberg's speech was. The contrary, I've never seen an email from a conservative teacher. Either they know it's not appropriate, or they are afraid to voice those opinions.
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The military industrial complex wanted this one really bad and they in turn, got all of congress to agree to it. Colin Powell should be ashamed of himself...I remember, he was the salesman on that one.
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Altria was a huge buy when everyone and their mother thought Juul was responsible for the vaping deaths. 20% bump since then and 8% dividend off the original purchase. Still a decent yield at these levels.
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the only thing Krugman nailed was his student which he subsequently married.
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There is an old 87 year old guy that eats at a McDonald's in the morning with my mom and the others in the senior crew on the Jersey Shore. He said, his son in law was one of the "native americans" that beat the drum in the kids face. He said, he can't stand him, and he's not even a real Indian. Just some random dude from Ecuador. He basically just shows up with Nathan Phillips and company and bangs drums in people's faces to try to get a rise out of them.
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HeadSet says
Accept in her case she didn't do anything wrong other than buy into other people's misinterpretation of a video clip.

So, if I announce on national TV that private citizen Marcus is a pedophile, I can claim immunity from slander/libel because others said that as well? Good to know.

Elon Musk just got away with calling someone a pedophile so I guess the precedent is set
  theoakman   ignore (0)   2020 Jan 8, 6:10pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Colleges easily have the ability to cut their tuition by 60%. They are entrenched in a system where they have nearly every kid going to school and they can't get out of their loans. As long as this persists, they are raking in billions. And...they are making it rain. Every school in NJ has literally doubled the amount of buildings they have with state of the art facilities. They are swimming in cash.

They are going to milk this scam for all its worth...and then at some point, go back to normal business if Congress ever grows balls and goes back to allowing bankruptcy on student loans.
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Now he's claiming it was an online scam. I don't know what's worse...if he's a pedo...or he's dumb enough to talk to a fake security phishing scam and Post online about it. My senile mother falls for that shit. And liberals consider this guy intelligent.
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There is a movement to do this in some NJ towns as well. They are arguing it's a noise issue. From an environmental perspective, this is fucking stupid. My lawnmower uses less gas in 1 season than these assholes passing these bills use in a single day of commuting.
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marcus says
Just an observation, you Patrick and others on this forum sure do talk about race a lot.

Sure do...fighting against real racism practiced openly and publicly on the left.
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Fortwaynemobile says
Diversity hires are usually kids of the wealthy getting kickback no show job because parent got a big donation or contract from feds their way.

I disagree. I went to grad school with a lot of female or black people in Chemistry. It didn't matter if they were originally poor and from Nigeria...they filled a quota and were given the best off job offers far beyond the very best students coming out of the program. They weren't entitled kids by any means.

I worked in a lab where we had two undergrads, both female. Decent students. 3.6 GPA. Above average intelligence. One goes to Harvard for her PhD and other one MIT. At the same time, we had a brilliant male student who couldn't get into either. He did end up going to Berkeley. The two girls have been bouncing around jobs nonstop since they graduated about 10 years ago. Maybe every 18 months, they get a new position at some major science lab where they do no science with positions like "Chief fellow officer in diversity".
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I'm guessing we can't be too far from figuring that one out though , whatever the mix is of diet, probiotics, or gene therapy or whatever it takes to help fat people get it under control. Often it's a health problem that's much different than what people assume.

lol? Gene therapy? I bet if she took an hour a day to walk around the neighborhood, it would fly off.
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lol watching Warren trying to figure out mentally that 1990 was 30 years ago shows how slow her brain is.
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Do you know that when I was in grad school, 50% of the grad students were from China, getting paid off of U.S. Federal grants. So basically, we were paying them to get educated...then they move back there.
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There is nothing like a tax cut to buy votes?

You mean...letting people keep their own money?
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Economics is an RPG simulation. They think every economy is two islands, connected by a highway, and 5 guys living on the island named of whom is the government, but nobody knows it.
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socal2 says
HeadSet says
Why not just colonize the moon? A lot closer, and same issues.

I believe Mars is much closer to the earth's atmosphere and has many more minerals and potential of water compared to the moon. I think they say it is actually easier to land on Mars than the moon - other than the longer journey.

Closer? The pressure that exists on Mars is 2hat we refer to a vacuum by Earth standards. It's .006 atm.
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the funny thing is, the same group of people that insist that a one degree shift in temperature is going to cause mass migrations and ecosystem devastation somehow think we can colonize a planet that has no atmosphere, ultrafreezing temperatures, solar radiation, and poisonous soil.
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In my school, I work with a number of teachers that are covered all over their arms and necks with tattoos. They always choose to wear short sleeves. What ever happened to keeping them covered in the workplace?
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Climatology is a fledgling field that has hardly been developed. The problem with most science and other fields of academia is that they try to piggy back on the reputations of fields like Physics, where we can put together 20 textbooks on various fields within the subject, 1000 pages long, and it will never have to change...because we know the subject in and out. Climatology is not like that...and likely never will be.

The very few that are out there are suffering from massive groupthink and stepping beyond their bounds. This idea that warming creates substandard living conditions hardly has any basis in reality.

Here's some scientific facts:

1. More people die from extreme cold than extreme heat....a lot 17 times
2. Food production and industrial production has been positively correlated with warming the past 100 years.
3. Population growth has been positively correlated with warming the past 100 years.
4. The planet is actually greening due to climate change....which was confirmed by a group that studied satellites at the Liberal UC Berkeley.
5. People don't flee warmer climates...they flock to them.
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