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Two killed at church were members of Security Team

Bottom line: in the U.S you need to be armed to go to church, or the rabbi’s house for Hanukkah
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There are blacks who hate Jews and Jews who hate blacks but black antiSemitism is not a major problem in the U.S. Actually blacks in America are the main problem victims of violence by blacks, not Jews.

In no country have Jews lived more freely, indeed thrived, than in the U.S. which is why there are many more immigrants to the U.S. from Israel than the other way round. And yes the contributions of Jews to the U.S. have been far more than most other immigrant groups. The same is true of Asian immigrants.

Nor are Jews in Europe today endangered from terrorism anymore than any other Europeans.
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“Anti-semitism on some university campuses.”

Criticism of the Israeli government is not anti semitism. If it were than Israel would have to be considered the most anti Semitic country in the world.
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I want to recommend this product at

The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
Learn more:
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Patrick says
Trump was elected to a large degree because of the relentless and baseless accusations of "racism".

Or because too many people who would probably describe themselves as liberals didn’t bother to vote
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Why so many Californians go to Mexico to see a dentist
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Do you know how much nurse practitioners make? It's a lot.

Do you know how much physicians make? It’s a lot more.
  tovarichpeter   ignore (2)   2020 Jan 13, 8:35am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

And the thug’s (student’s)) father says he sent him to school for an education. How funny is that!
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If you are not pursuing a STEM major (and psychology and chiropractic are not STEM majors), the Return on Investment ROI for a college degree isn’t worth the time or money. Check out your local community college. Public community colleges are the best bargain in post secondary education in the U.S.
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Actually it was chiropractic and psychology students.
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So you’re saying they are not wearing the new official space force uniform!
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The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory
Learn more:
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Infectious diseases are a much bigger and much more immediate threat to humans than climate change
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Actually it’s Realtor SUPPORTED, not sponsored.

BTW the president of the U.S. is a Realtor. Do you support him?
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The_Weeping_Ayatollah says
tovarichpeter says
Actually it’s Realtor SUPPORTED, not sponsored.

So the article is fake news then?

No, it just means you never took high school civics and learned that only elected law makers can actually sponsor a bill.
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Investing in Real Estate does not make one a Realtor. Realtors sell other people's used houses.

Trump invests other people’s money. Same thing.
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So good news. Due to so much support for the home owners to keep the playscape, it was approved by the HOA and the plaintiffs Dropped their lawsuit!

But most homeowners still don’t know that if they are sued by a neighbor over some property related issue, their homeowners insurance will probably provide a legal defense and even pay for a settlement. This can save homeowners thousands of dollars in legal fees.
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Patrick says
But wait - I'm not Chinese, so I should be offended, right?

After all, you wouldn't just go around wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, would you?

And Merry Christmas
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Unfortunately China is not a credible source of information but what we do know suggests they are scared. We just put our trip to Taiwan off until further notice
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