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China is asshoe!
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theoakman says
Sanders and the rest seems to think if we do it by vote, that makes it better.

That's "Democratic Socialism"

theoakman says
Anyone who has grandparents from Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, or any of the Eastern European socialists places should know full well how awful socialism is. It's the reason they are here. Both of my grandparents were fairly wealthy in China and had everything seized from them almost immediately by soldiers.

Fun fact:
Even though the zzyzzx family farm was in Belarus (pretty much right at the western edge of it) between October 1939 and June 22, 1941, they still managed to keep it. Stalin never got around to taking it before Operation Barbarossa started. After the war that part of Poland was given back (one of the two small slices of Poland that the Soviets actually gave back). In Poland they only took your land if you had more then 100 acres, and even then you still got to keep 100 acres of it, so it's still there, right along the Narew river. They never had more than 100 acres either, but yes after the communism people did complain and try to get stuff back.
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clambo says
Re: the guy moving to Berkeley: he will soon see how many lonely females live in San Francisco.

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socal2 says
Ideally - millions of middle class and poor people stuck in shitty cities in California and Illinois with high crime and high taxes will tell their government and civil servants that they need to do better and to stop raising our taxes to pay for their ludicrously lavish pensions.

But right now we are handcuffed with the "California Rule" that basically says even if a city goes bankrupt, they can't cut pensions. All they can do is:

- Raise taxes
- Reduce services
- Shaft bondholders

How come civil servants don't have any skin in the game? Why does everyone else have to suffer except government employees?

The California Supreme Court is hearing a series of cases this year that will hopefully overturn the California Rule which will free up hundreds of cities to be able to negotiate with their unions and get their finances in order.

While I agree 100% above, how the fuck do shitty cities like these even have bonds?
Who the fuck is stupid enough to buy bonds in places like this (ref Puerto Rico as an example)?
If NOBODY loaned these municipalities money, they might be more fiscally responsible.
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