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covid_shmovid says
zzyzzx says

Stocks surge as US economy unexpectedly adds 2.5M jobs in May


Trump effect! I start my new job in another week, at a greatly increased rate of pay.
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richwicks says
What are you trying to say? That police all over the world are just brutal thugs?

Blacks all over the world resist arrest.
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noobster says
If I can't fix it, I don't want it

You can't fix an automatic transmission??? My only real issue with that is getting it out of and back into the car...
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Doesn't mater in Baltimore city because the police aren't going to show up anyway. I assume that Baltimore City is not unique among big cities.
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Fake news. If this were true BLM protesters/rioters/looters would be dropping dead from Wuhan virus by the tens of thousands.
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Boris Johnson confirms singletons can have sex with people they don't live with from Saturday
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FuckCCP89 says
Pascal is on the list and Java is not? WTF?

I was wondering when someone was going to mention the obvious.
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WookieMan says
I hope to dear lord baby jesus something like this never passes, but I fear it might considering the tourism industry has been demolished.

I can see dramatic rises in hotel rates at the beach this summer already.
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Onvacation says
The point I was making is that understanding logic and algorithms is more important for a software engineer than any specific language. Just my educated opinion.

True, but try to convince any potential future employer of this.
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NoCoupForYou says

I was thinking more along the lines of someday moving to the Jacksonville area. My reasoning being the (in relative terms) lack of direct hits from hurricanes and lack of sinkholes.
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Perfect test case for cannibal anarchy!
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That's just the first step in turning San Francisco into Baltimore City, where the cops only show up if there is a homicide.
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BayArea says
Here are the unarmed individuals who will be dispatched to try to help talk through any disturbance:

When you call the police, I wonder how they will decide when to send cops and when to send the yellow jacket unarmed individuals?

Clearly physical fitness is not a requirement for this job. They can always threaten to sit on you if you do not cooperate.
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Chuck Norris.
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Tenpoundbass says
ThatGuy says

What are you using for version control?

In my 25 years of Programming, I have never once needed to go back to code I created weeks ago.
If I pushed something and it broke, which is rare, I just spend the few minutes to find the simple oversight missed while pushing the update.
I hate working with knee jerkers, have faith in your code, we'll get through this.
"While those around you are melting down and losing their shit over a 501, calling for a revert, the cooler heads are updating the web config. "
The only version control I ever liked and was almost painless, was Tortoise SVN.

To many people source control might be their only form of a backup though...
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I changed all my master/slave code references to pimp/ho years ago.
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Patrick says
We need MUCH bigger and more solid statues of Washington, Columbus, etc etc.

Frigging MASSIVE.

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GreaterNYCDude says
Women were less likely to say yes to a picture of a man holding a cat, the study found.

It worked for me.
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Just looked at the pics, those guys aren't holding the cat properly and it looks like the cat isn't particularly happy about it either.
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Shaman says
In blue states the water bills have gone up the most dramatically and that’s due to pensions of workers and hiring of too many people and also punitive pricing to try to save the fucking smelt or whales or whatever.

In Baltimore City it's like ~$80/month for water just for one person who conserves water. The overwhelming majority of it is nuisance fees.
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Erase history
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Is there a way out?
Import duties on imported oil should fix this pretty quickly.
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