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Where's the Angst?

By EastCoastBubbleBoy   2012 Jan 23, 7:27pm   ↑ like   ↓ dislike   767 views   1 comment   watch (0)   share   quote  

Perhaps I’m waxing nostalgic, but it seems that back in the 60’s, there was a certain segment of the music industry that channeled the emotions of the time. Politically charged songs that spoke to the issues of the day.

I am still amazed that with all we have seen in the past 10+ years – there hasn’t been more decent music put out that tries to capture the essence and articulate the themes of discord that seem to be pervasive in this country right now.

Just a random thought.

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1   elliemae   2012 Jan 23, 11:30pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

My son wrote an awesome song about my daughter's neighbor, who screamed & threatened to kick her puppy in the teeth. We lovingly called this guy the "asshole neighbor."

In his song, he discussed burying the guy in the desert after torturing him for threatening both his sister and a defenseless dog. If I can ever find it, I'll post a link. But he's got alot of angst happening.!

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