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A Republican meteorologist looks at climate change

By Patrick   2012 Apr 2, 12:14pm   694 views   1 comment   watch (0)   quote


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1   Dan8267   2661/2694 = 98% civil   2012 Apr 2, 2:11pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Acknowledging that the atmosphere is warming doesn't make you a liberal.

"Actions have consequences." We are accountable.

The only Republican that gets it. For all the talk about personal responsibility, Republicans never apply that to community property management, i.e., the environment.

If your goal it to be a parasite siphoning as much wealth as possible by destroying everything around you, the Republican philosophy of "screw the environment" makes perfect sense. For all other goals, protecting the environment makes sense.

1. Cost Efficiency
It's cheaper to prevent damage than to repair it.

2. Effort Efficiency
It's easy to not pollute the Earth than it will be to terraform the Earth back to it's previous state.

3. Resource Efficiency
Any environmental destruction is simply a failure of the free market to accurately access the true cost of a product. Cost shifting, including shifting the cost to society at large by destroying a public resource, is a misallocation of resources and a distortion of the free market.

4. Sustainability
Any economic system that is not sustainable will collapse.

5. Production
The development of better technologies always improves economics and the quality of life. This includes better, cleaner, and sustainable energy production

6. Duty
Every generation should, in the very least, give to the next generation a planet as clean and healthy as the one it got from the previous generation. Ideally, a generation should better the environment.

7. Religion
The fictitious god(s) you believe in allegedly created this planet. It's blasphemy to wreck it.

8. Health Costs
The less pollution and poison in the air, land, and water, the less health care costs will be and the longer the proletarian will be able to work.

9. Theft
To deprive people of a clean, rich environment is a form of theft of public property.

10. National Security
Global warming causes melting ice. When ice that's on land melts and flows into the ocean, the ocean level rises. Islands get submerged. Britain is an island. Britain has nukes. What is Britain going to do with its nukes when it become inevitable that the isle of Britain is going to be loss to the sea? Britain will use those nukes to secure other lands, perhaps in France. Global warming can lead to political instability and ultimately nuclear war.

Any Republican with a brain would be as concerned with pollution and uncontrolled climate change as any so-called liberal. It's not a left-right issue. It's a reality-fantasy issue.

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