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Romney's Father Collected Welfare!!!!

By rooemoore   2012 Sep 6, 9:51am   889 views   1 comment   watch (0)   quote      

Watch the video. Facts don't lie.

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1   rooemoore     2012 Sep 6, 3:39am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

You see, George Romney arrived in El Paso, Texas, as part of 4,000 other refugees fleeing the Mexican Revolution. Once they arrived, the United States did not just wave them by, to let them fend for themselves. Instead, it opened up its arms, welcoming them not only into the United States, but granted to them $250 each, equal to just under of $6,000 today. On top of that, the US provided food, clothing, and supplies. George Romney grew up with his food, housing, and schooling taken care of by the US Government. And he had a large sum of money granted to him, which the family had used to buy stocks and bonds, which George then used to pay for his college, and getting started in life.

Seems like Mitt is a hypocrite!

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