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432 Fremont, Pacifica, CA 94044

By bg   2012 Oct 13, 3:51pm   607 views   0 comments   watch (1)   quote

This was one of the nicer houses I have visited in Pacifica. Wood floors, reasonable sized rooms, large sky lights, attractive stone work on the front porch, nicely landscaped backyard.

The thing that stood out about it was that it was very pretentious. Baby grand piano in the front room. Silly giant urns by the fireplace. It was the nicest house in 5 blocks in any direction. It seemed like someone with OCD has been living there and maintaining it. That was a plus. I cannot imagine a world where someone who had over a million dollars to spend would spend it on that house. Super crappy neighborhood.

It boasts of an "ocean view", but it was more of a "crappy shopping center with the ocean behind it" view. The sunsets might be pretty, so I should give them credit for that.

The agent was a little creepy, following me around the house. I guess they have to do that when there is some of the person's stuff in there. I shut her conversation down with a my short, polite replies to her awkward questions.

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