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404 Inverness, Pacifica, CA 94044

By bg   2012 Oct 13, 4:02pm   660 views   0 comments   watch (1)   quote

This was a surprisingly cute house. I had never been in one of the Cape Cod style houses in Pacifica. I really liked it better than the cookie cutter ranch houses. Apparently it was for sold to the listing agent for 356K in Feb of 2012. I think 350 was a pretty reasonable price for it. Since then it has been "flipped" with new floors, new paint and some fairly crappy fixtures. The shower in the bath upstairs was not finished.

It was a pretty charming house. Laminate floors throughout. Cute little odd spaces in the rooms that might get on your nerves if you lived there. For example, there were little cut out spaces in the two bedrooms upstairs. Odd little 2 inch ledges in the floor of the upstairs closets. In the largest bedroom there was a little enclave thing under a window where I guess you could put your bed, but no larger than a queen, I think. If you tried to put your bed anywhere else, it would be hard to put that room together. There was a cute bench seat under a window upstairs. Unfortunately, it didn't look like you could store anything under the bench.

I was more interested in the house at 350K. Seems too optimistic to me that they can now turn those laminate floors and crappy fixtures into 550K.

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