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The Massada Option

By APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch   2012 Nov 7, 6:14am   405 views   0 comments   watch (0)   quote      

The psychoconservative right has it all figured out. America is in the grip of islamostalinism and will soon be enslaved to communistic sharia law, which will end in the murder of all white men and induction of all white women into islamic households' harems and brainwashing of their children to islam.

Obamacare is the Final Solution for White America. Islamic households will be paid to breed in unlimited numbers and provided with cheap imported arms from the godless Chinese to hunt and eat the flesh of white men.

Liberals who hate America, hate themselves, hate their wives and children and hate being Free and alive are eager to die in the name of islamostalinism and their patron demon, Obama. The liberal media are doubly complicit as the entire industry is controlled by homosexuals who fantasize about being raped by islamostalinist militants.

Conservatives alone know, however, God waits for them in heaven, sitting by rivers of Bud Light and enjoying blowjobs from immense, hirsute toothless meth addicts whom he has called home.

It is clear to conservatives, the only course left is the Massada Option.


Jump from someplace nice and high so everyone will have a chance to take a little target practice on you while you're hurtling toward your final reward.


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