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Two-Tier Global Housing Market Could Lead to Bubble

By Patrick   2012 Nov 8, 9:57am   576 views   1 comment   watch (0)   quote

A two-tier housing market amongst developed economies has sprung up as some countries have rebounded faster from the global financial crisis than others, according to new research by Goldman Sachs, which warns the situation could lead to several bubbles.

In a report titled: “Just don’t look down some house markets are flying again” Goldman argues easy money policies by the world’s major central banks has had a ripple effect on countries which have avoided the worst of the global financial crisis, boosting their house prices.


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1   errc   468/475 = 98% civil   2012 Nov 8, 12:25pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

The future is here, were all just hoodwinked by asymetrical information

Some of us have been saying this is the new normal, a bifurcated market

Bottom end is everyone except for those atop the political privilegefood chain. There will probably be more common 40yr morts before this is over. Prices will align to incomes, but not to our desired nostalgic ratios that resemble affordability. All devouring rents here we come. People will merely shop to the monthly payment without disclosure of actual sales price. The norm will be 48% of net income goes to cover the shelter nut piti.

The high end shit will have no attachment to reality and the chazm between high end and low end will be 99:1 ratios. Gazillionaires buying up true fortress castles at prices that won't even be disclosed to the public. They will be tax exempt so not to hamper the job creating abilities of these gazillionaires

The high enders will own everything and to help the low enders they will use the tax revenue from the remaining few doing real work, to subsidized the poors rent, and double sec 8 funding. To save the taxpayer money, they will let us just direct deposit our paychecks in their bank accounts along with the sec 8 money and we all live happily ever after. THE END

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