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348 Heathcliff

By bg   2012 Nov 12, 1:34pm   640 views   0 comments   watch (1)   quote      

I toured the scariest house today.

It is big for the area. This house is set up as a boarding house. Something like 6 unwarranted bedrooms, two bizarre kitchens. There were at least 8 people living in it and they are not tidy. They tenant who opened it up for us today was upstairs getting high so it took him a while to come to the door.You could smell it. There was an alarm clock in the garage that was just beeping and beeping. It was such a hot mess that it was hard to even imagine how you would try to improve it if you were going to spend 100K on it. It is a short sale.

Really, it seems like a no-sale giving what a terrific mess it was. The rooms were half painted, molding missing, rooms "divided" with a sheet of ply wood hung from the ceiling. It is listed at 449,000. I could imagine offering 290K, but am not sure it would look right after I spent 100K on it. It was really messed up. Looking in the yards of the neighbors, it seems like they were also possible rented by 8-10 people each.


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