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317 Magellan, Pacifica

By bg   2012 Nov 12, 1:42pm   720 views   0 comments   watch (1)   quote      

We went to this one after seeing the house on 378 Heathcliff, so by comparison it looked a little better.

There were a few notable things about the house. First, the floors upstairs didn't match. Some wood. Some laminate. They had replaced the counters in the kitchen, but not the 1965 electric stove. The counters they picked were UGLY. The house appeared larger than the 1220 sqft that were listed. There was a working sauna installed in the basement. Weird. There was a weird bathroom with pipes running through the top of the room. It you are tall, you are definitely going to be injured by those at some point, I would think.

It would be hard to imagine spending more than say 350, tops on this house. It needs work. The heater was original from like 1966. That expense will be coming. The stucco on the outside was spiderwebbed with cracks. Definitely needs an appraiser.

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