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Why does Jesus the shepherd leave his flock at the mercy of a Super Wolf?

By Greatest I am   2012 Dec 10, 3:25am   360 views   0 comments   watch (1)   quote      

Why does Jesus the shepherd leave his flock at the mercy of a Super Wolf?

Scriptures say that God gave Satan/Super Wolf dominion over the earth and the power to deceive all of us on this world.

Jesus often used the shepherd and sheep analogy in scriptures.

Following that analogy and the fact that Jesus has been gone for some time now, one must wonder why, if our souls are so important to Jesus, he has left us and past generations at Satan’s mercy.

No shepherd I ever heard of would be so irresponsible to his duty to his flock.
Especially since scriptures tell us that more sheep will be taken by Satan than protected by the shepherd.

Another breach of duty, FMPOV, is that Satan has been sentenced to hell by God, yet justice delayed is considered justice denied by most and God is denying mankind that justice.

I appreciate the free will argument that some might put but our free will was rescinded by God the moment he gave Satan the power to deceive us against our will. That situation is depicted somewhat in this clip which speaks to God letting Satan have his way with us.


This clip is just to show what some think of the shepherd analogy.


Can you shed some light on these two issues for me?


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